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Ojas Yoga Center

707 El Cerrito Plaza
El Cerrito CA , 94530
United States

A place to rest and rejuvenate

I had a very physically and emotionally challenging summer. My body, mind, and nervous system needed to rest. Nicole held space for me to do that and I'm very grateful.

Nicole understands the challenges of being a spiritual being and a human being. She leads her classes with with honesty, clarity, and humor. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to recover their vitality and deepen their inner knowing.

Ojas is a great resource!

A wonderful place for yoga and I'm grateful for the trauma release workshop that was offered there. Very helpful. I highly recommend it.

I love it!

I'm so grateful to have found this beautiful and peaceful yoga space. It is such a blessed source for me and one of the pillars which I rely on for my self-love and self-care process. Even when my schedule is tight and can't go on regular basis but knowing it is there for me, feels supportive! Nicole is such a beautiful teacher with her softness and she excels with her unique gentle approach to the breath through yoga. It is a space to nourish the heart. Blessings and thank you teachers and staff. Happy Birthday Ojas

A very special place!

I always love coming for a yoga class to Ojas Center - it cleanses my senses, calms my mind, lifts my spirit, and energizes me body! Nicole Becker is a master teacher, but I much enjoy classes also with other teachers.
Many thanks for offering us this wonderfully healing place!!


Have you ever had a love that BAM! You know she/he is the one? That's what I felt when I walked into Ojas Studio, nearly 8 years ago. How fortunate we are to have classes in such a nurturing and beautiful environment with Nicole and all the wonderful teachers she carefully selects. (How fortunate too that we're surrounded by open-hearted students, reflecting Ojas' energy) Deep bow of gratitude and love.

great appreciation!

there are so many wonderful aspects of ojas yoga center! it really is such a gem- and not enough people know of it's treasures. Tucked up above the plaza, it's a bit of secret, but you are lucky to have found it. i've been both a teacher and student at ojas, and every time i am grateful for and inspired by the sanctuary space, the authenticity of the practices and the dedication of the students. founder and owner, nicole becker has cultivated something very wonderful.

the real thing

I studied Integral yoga in its many forms and expressions for almost 50 years. I have watched the popularity of yoga grow over the years however until I discovered Ojas I was always disappointed at what passed for yoga. It was merely taught as a form of exercise with no substantive background or context, without any attempt to delve deeper into meanings or to help reveal the heart center of it all. Nicole so lovingly and with deep joy and passion brings together all forms of yoga with the most important ingredient of all - love! With complete lack of judgement, with open arms to all, she has created a beautiful sacred space which is also fun. Congratulations Nicole and Ojas - may this be just the beginning!! Om shanti shanti shanti, Love, Janaki

A special place for peace and health

I really look forward to class every week, it is very special ...the place pristine and peaceful! I feel peaceful and serene when I walk out the door.
AND Making new friends is wonderful !

A jewel in El Cerrito

I had been coming to Ojas Yoga Center since its opening in 2010, including variety of wonderful events that takes place here. It's hard to find a better yoga instructor than Nicole, but other instructors are good as well. It's a real jewel here in El Cerrito, thank you so much, Nicole, for creating this sanctuary!