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Optimised Buildings Ltd

Waterloo House, 9a-10a Huntingdon Court, North Street
Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire , LE65 1HS
0333 370 2021

Facilities & Environmental Manager

The technical expertise of Optimised Buildings has really helped us get our building to where we expected it to be when it was handed over to us. We have learned a lot since we took on this new facility and believe it is not until you take this journey that you appreciate the full extent of what you are signing off at completion stage. We are very pleased to report that we now have a building that we can manage effectively and one that operates efficiently.

Business Manager - Ivanhoe College

 The Optimised aM&T platform in conjunction with the expertise from the Optimised Buildings energy analysts has enabled us to focus on running our school while providing us with specific energy saving initiatives that we have been able to act upon. This has driven a range of operational changes throughout the school along with some capital projects being undertaken. The net result has been measurable and quantifiable business outcomes for Ivanhoe College. 

Chief Engineer - Hilton Hotel (Canary Wharf)

Optimised Buildings has provided further insights and energy saving measures that with new analytical tools, skills and resources that were not previously available to us. Through our working partnership we are now squeezing further energy savings from what was already a very efficient hotel.

Director of Facilities - Grosvenor House Hotel, London

Optimised Buildings have been instrumental in transforming the way we operatethe hotel from an engineering perspective while significantly reducing our energyspend and improving guest comfort.

Energy & Environment Manager - Supergroup PLC

Very interesting and innovative software and services, highlighting lots of issues I wasn’t even aware of and was unlikely to be, without Optimised Buildings. Even stores that I thought were working efficiently had scope for further savings, very enlightening. 

General Manager - Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport

Our two major challenges in taking this building on was one not knowing where the utility baseline should be set for such a unique new building and two whether our building services were actually running as designed. Optimised Buildings have helped us get through these challenges with their technical expertise, analytical solutions and managed services. We are now in a great place to run our hotel as efficiently as it can, ensuring our utility costs are operating as low as they can.