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Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery

1131 Boyce Rd. STE A
Upper St. Clair PA , 15241

Excellent treatment

Had a tooth extracted and returning for an implant consult in the future. The office is lovely, very happy, everything is fine!

Dr.Barroner and staff

I had a memorable experience at Elevated Oral Care Surgery. Dr Barroner and her staff were professional and friendly and made me feel welcome. They took time to explain my treatment and follow up care. The office was inviting and relaxing...just what I needed to calm my anxiety. The procedure was painless!! This certainly was gentle surgery. Thank you Dr. Barroner😁

Absolutely Phenomenal

I put off getting my wisdom teeth out for 10 years because I thought I had to go under to do it. I had lots of questions and concerns and Dr. Barroner and her staff patiently and kindly answered them all. She was direct and honest with me and didn't load me up with drugs afterwards. She took everything I told her into account and didn't treat me like some generic patient. During the actual procedure, she was gentle and consistently checked in with me to make sure I was doing okay. Her and her staff followed up with me several times after the procedure and I recovered quickly. I was so apprehensive about the procedure, but her and her staff made it as easy as possible! Also, if you're having a mad debate about whether to do laughing gas or anesthesia, just do the laughing gas and avoid the anesthesia aftermath. Laughing gas makes you feel sleepy and drunk without any hangover effects and you're numbed with local anesthesia anyways.

Elevate your care ...

Dr. Meghan Barroner will exceed your expectations in every way. Her impressive credentials are amazing ... she will provide the excellent care you deserve. I can't say enough about the comfortable, trusting, at ease feeling I had throughout the procedure. Communicated with me every step of the way to make sure I was OK then personally made a follow-up call. Dr. Barroner is simply the best Oral Surgeon you can see ... I strongly recommend her services for any Oral or Implant Surgery you require -

Excellent all the way around

My son had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Barroner. Rose kindly scheduled his evaluation one day and the surgery the next because he lives out of town. The doctor, Rose and the rest of the staff were extremely accommodating, friendly, and made what could have been an overwhelming procedure go smoothly and without complication. I am very thankful to have chosen such a professional and skilled office. Highly recommend.

No Pain! Excellent Care!

Had a tooth pulled and had a full mouth x-ray...that showed all my teeth....They answered every question while I watch on the big screen of every tooth I had a question about. The tooth came out very easy...I never had pain after the extraction...NONE...didn't even need an aspirin. Maybe that was just me but why look elsewhere, she is the best as well as her staff. Finally a dentist who walks you thru the procedure and a dentist I CAN TRUST for all my dental needs.

No Drama

This passed March, I had a surgery done by Dr. Barroner at Elevated Oral Surgery. The procedure envolved the removal of 2 wisdom teeth, bone implants and endosteal implants to house two new teeth on the back of my lower jaw. Of course I was expecting to suffer but for my surprise, there was no drama at all. It has been an unbelievable experience. I’m still amazed with the degree of professionalism and craftsmanship of the service it was provided to me. Everything about my experience under her care it’s been absolutely awesome! The clinic is beautiful and very clean!! The professionals, the personalize attention , the cleanliness, precision and care was beyond believe. The pain was to a minimum and the discomfort last 3 days ( eating time ). Also I didn’t even needed pain medication after all! It was the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist. I absolutely recommend her clinic and expertise!!! She is THE BEST!

Outstanding service

I don't know how to express how awesome this doctor/office is! The office staff is so caring, the office is pristine clean and the surgery from Dr. Barroner has always been excellent! I highly recommend this doctor!

Thanks for the great care and allieviating the pain!

Anyone looking for a great oral surgeon need look no further. This is a team that truly cares for people, provides great service and does all this at a great price. My brother was in need of immediate care for a badly infected tooth. We had no connection with Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery except a friend recommended that we give them a call. They stayed late to help the day we called to make sure that his pain was dealt with immediately. Of course the follow up care was outstanding, but it was simply a continuation of their care for people. I am truly grateful for their help and highly recommend them to anyone in need

Wisdom teeth removal

I was referred to Dr Barroner by my dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I had been nervous for months about getting the procedure done. After my initial consultation I felt 100% ready to get the surgery done. Dr Barroner thourouly addressed any concerns that I had. The staff is very friendly and caring. I received excellent care and would highly recommend this practice.

I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous about having the procedure done, but after my initial consultation I felt very confident that I would have a good experience. The staff is very friendly and caring. Dr. Barroner will thourouly address any concern that you may have. My surgery went well as well as the recovery. I highly recommend this practice.

Excellent care

I was referred to Dr. Barroner by my personal dentist for an extraction and possible implant. The support staff and Dr. Barroner were very kind and helpful with information concerning my procedure and aftercare. Everything was fully explained to me, and all my questions were answered. I would certainly recommend this practice.

wonderful experience at Elevated

I was really nervous coming into this but the people here calmed me down greatly and gave a general since of comfort. They also know a great deal what they talk about. Dr. Barroner was amazing in her help and I appreciated her explaining to me what was going to happen and the treatment options. Thanks for a great expirence

Excellent experience

The entire experience of getting implants couldn’t have been more positive and painless. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and professional. Rose is a great asset to the office always helpful and kind whenever I called. Dr. Barroner spent as much time as I needed to explain the procedure and answer questions. She is gentle and soft spoken and truly took away so much of my anxiety.
I would highly recommend her.


Let me start off by saying I waited an hour and when I finally was seen i was numbed and then the dr left and attended to another patient then after another hour she finally removed my tooth I was walked out and the dr showed where to put my follow up(which I didn’t go to) but the dr didn’t even let the staff member make the app she told her where I should go and my thought was if she is hired for this and you think she can’t do the job why is she working here. Then to top it off some man with a fussy baby who was talking right in front of my to someone very loudly. Not happy.

Extractions and Implants

Recently had two tooth extractions and one implant. Second implant will come later this year. All three procedures have been fantastic with little or no pain and Dr. Barroner follows up the day of the procedure. Her and her staff are very professional and the culture at Elevated makes you feel like family. Two thumbs up to everyone at Elevated.

Son's tooth extraction

My young teen was having extractions related to orthodontist recommendations. Dr. Barroner thoroughly explained exactly what would happen and gave him opportunities for questions. He did not feel well following anesthesia and the doctor and her staff could not have been more amazing. This practice did an outstanding job for us.


Very nice staff. Dr Barroner is an incredible person and very accommodating. I’ve been to elevated for several procedures and it has been a very good experience every time.