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Ordered, LLC

Organizing that takes your breath away!

Jayna did a phenomenal job in decluttering and organizing my closet. I have always thought that I did not have enough space but Jayna allowed me to see that that possibilities were endless when you get things organized! When everything was done it literally took my breath away. I never thought I could have this much space. Hire her and you will not be disappointed!

Jayna is absolutely amazing!

Jayna is absolutely amazing!! She organized by pantry, baby's closet, and my closet. That feeling of a super organized and beautiful closet/pantry is priceless. She is super sweet, know what she is doing, and always on time. We will definitely call her again!

It was great!

It was great! I am in love with what you did to my daughter's room. It was transformed into a new living space. Thank you soo much.

I am super excited about this new closet!

It was extremely easy to work with Jayna! She asked me my preferences every step of the way to make it easier for me to maintain. I am super excited about this new closet!

She gets the job done!!!

A huge thank you to Jayna for helping me organize my home!! She was absolutely wonderful, pleasant, and very efficient!! She did an awesome job organizing my home. I will definitely call again as seasons change and recommend her to everyone!! She gets the job done!!!