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HR Revolution

United Kingdom
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Ops Manager

#Greatwork team!


Great solutions to our HR issues. We now have happy, re-engaged people!  Thanks HR Revolution your HR outsourcing solution did what it says on the tin. We would highly recommend you and look forward to a long working relationship together. 


I love these guys!  They have a fantastic attitude to HR and really care - great for my business and its long term survival. 

HR Consultant

We've found our HR people!! I'm an HR Consultant, looking for an outsourced HR company with the same spirit as me to help support the clients I work with. HR Revolution fits everything I need. #atlast

Set up in the UK

In 2008 our founder decided to expand his business operations into the UK and was introduced to a number of Government sponsored facilitation companies, one of these (among others) was HR Revolution.The team was tasked with running the recruitment drive and providing all the necessary contracts to establish the business in the UK.  Alongside this the HR Revolution team assisted with finding property, engaging an IT support company and many other useful introductions.Our recruitment requirement was for specialist operators with extensive knowledge and experience in the UK equipment leasing market who could bring business immediately to us.  Recruitment commenced in July 2008 and by January 2009 we were open for business in the City of London.Since then Wendy and her team at HR Revolution have been an integral member of our Team providing advice and assistance throughout our term.  As we have grown so have the provision of services from HR Revolution.They remain professional, flexible and responsive to our demands and we cannot see our relationship with them changing.As such we are very happy to recommend HR Revolution and trust you enjoy the same support and commitment we have enjoyed to date.

VP, London & Partners

As Vice President, North America for London and Partners, the Mayor of London's economic development agency, we have helped hundreds of US and Canadian companies expand their business into London. HR support was always a critical need- from talent recruitment to regulation and salary and benefits. I called on HR Revolution innumerable times to assist with brilliant results. They add value upfront with useful and relevant information that could be delivered quickly to the client. They were always ready to engage in exploratory calls with the clients and provide guidance and help right away. The structure of their services was spot on- providing expert and current talent mapping as well as all HR needs across the board. We received so many compliments about their support that showed they really understand the needs of companies setting up in London. Their support allowed our clients to quickly get down to business secure in the knowledge that they have a partner to locate the best talent and manage the HR needs. 


Great services, I especially love your online shop - really useful! 

A pleasure to work with.

They deliver every time! Highly effective professional and obliging consultants who are an absolute pleasure to work with. Support when I need, back up how I need it. Highly recommended.

HRREV are part of our global team...

We happily use the team for all of our HR and staffing needs (they are part of our global team....) Always spot on with their project advice and have recommended and on-boarded a number of fantastic staff for us. Great work. Highly recommended.

Proactive & Professional

The team have been brilliant.  Proactive, professional and demonstrate really good understanding and judgement for our business; they seem to be totally energized to get the job done! It's been a fantastic journey so far! 

Great approach to outsourcing

HRREV have a fantastic approach in managing our requirements.  The planning process is seamless and the delivery and onsite presence has been a breath of fresh air.The HR team is second to none.

Great Account Management

We have had a fantastic experience with HRREV, our delivery consultant is amazing and always available. They have been invaluable in our growth planning and the work they have done has helped us be one step ahead!  

Professionals who get results

Projects were conducted alongside us in a professional manner and usable results immediately conveyed to us. We look forward to our continued and ongoing successful association! 

Invaluable Service

Wendy and her team have continued to provide invaluable services to our business covering all aspects of our HR services including recruitment, reviews and appraisals, executive coaching, personal development and both internal and external relationship management.  Fantastic! Thanks Team.

First Class Team!

We have worked with the team for a number of years and they have always provided us first class support, guidance and valued industry knowledge. 

Best Solutions in the most effective way!

Great team totally focused on helping our people and business achieve the best solutions in the most effective way. Well Done!

Thank You

I want to thank you for the way you handled us.  It's been a tough process but your honesty, openness and support throughout it all has been invaluable.  I truly appreciate your support.

Great Partners

It is not only important to have the right partners on-board but the best, those that do what they say they will and these guys do exactly that - deliver

Heartly recommend the team

We heartily recommend the team and will gladly discuss the merits with anyone who wishes to contact us. 

Professional & Knowledgeable

The HRREV team are a great bunch of highly professional and knowledgeable people.  This made the process of completing contracts painless.  It was my pleasure to work with them and i would not hesitate to use them again (in fact I'm backing on it!) 

the team at HRREV are amazing

The team at HRREV are amazing, they have developed a great network of companies that trust them, which was hugely valuable as it means they can source all the services we need, when we need them. Working with them has been a breeze.

Friendly, professional and flexible

Great service, does what it says on the tin.  Friendly and personable team who make a difference and take initiative to get the job done - I would highly recommend HR Revolution.

Exactly the solution we needed

Precise, professional and exactly the solution we needed.  A great team with a really commercially focused approach to HR which is something I've note experienced before. Highly recommended.

A breath of fresh air

I've been so pleased with the work that the team continue to do for our business. I can honestly say that I would be happy for the team to take on anything that they recommend as they have the business goals and growth milestones in mind at all times.  They have reignited our faith in people! 

Tech Start Up - HR with ease..

In the sometime murky world of human resources HR Revolution stand out like a shining light.   they helped to get me set up in the UK and the process was a dream. Always available, offered great advice and I would recommend to any business really looking to outsource their HR functions.

Our Pleasure

It has been a true pleasure working with HR Revolution as our HR Business Partners.  They have helped us prep and source our team for the UK Office, set us up with all the required documentation, policies and procedures and trained our team on how to hire, engage and manage.  its been a crazy but fantastic journey. 

HR Revolution fills the solutions gap

The team provide people solutions for new companies with emerging presences in the UK.  We found that not only were they able to source the right staff for our internal positions but their HR support services have saved us time and money as we focus on what we are good at and can build our business. 

Pulled out all the stops.

Our business has grown rapidly and the team have pulled our all the stops to ensure we get what we need.  They deliver every time!  

Great team, great solution.

Working with the team, I felt that they were able to get to the bottom of what I wanted in my company. They asked pointed and thoughtful questions throughout the entire experience and provided support through the outsourcing process.

Highly recommended

I have business connections that I know are struggling with the time they have available to build their businesses. I will be recommending HR Revolution to get stuck in and really help them.  They've been unbelievable.

HRREV are amazing

HRREV they are amazing at what they do - highly recommended.

Collaboration Rocks!

As a cloud tech business we are all about collaboration and the team at HR Revolution don't disappoint. We have collaborated with the team on a number of projects and its been fantastic!  They are a pleasure to work with and have always delivered.

We couldn't have done it without you!

We have worked with the team at HR Revolution since their inception and they have always been extremely helpful and super quick to respond to all of our needs! I would highly recommend them without any reservations. Ours is a specialized industry and they have been able to help with key decisions throughout the set up and growth to support us.  We regards the team as highly professional and a pleasure to work with and part of our family to!