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Colorlicious Chameleon

225 30th Street
Sacramento California , 95819
United States


We got this sweet little guy from Colorlicious Chams the other day and he’s amazing! You can tell they cared for him and he was socialized. He’s the perfect addition to our crew!

Testimonial #17

We finally got the chameleon we wanted, a big colorful one like you see in the magazines. When we picked him up he was already calm and tame and responsive. When we got him home he began to climb and eat right away. We were lucky to learn the particulars of his diet and habits directly from the breeder so his transition home was easy.

Testimonial #16

Thanks colorliciouschams for my new amazing Beastie Baby. He's exactly what I was looking for at the right price. My family and I will be purchasing more Panther Chameleons from you guys for years to come!

Testimonial #15

We recently bought our first chameleon for our 9 year old daughter. Knowing nothing about chameleons, Vicki has been a godsend. She’s been very responsive to questions we have had and has provided tips to help us get acclimated to him. I would highly recommend her! Thanks so much Vicky.

Testimonial #14

We recently bought our first chameleon for our 9 year old daughter. Knowing nothing about chameleons, Vicky has been a godsend. She has answered all of our questions and has been quick to offer tips to help us get acclimated to the chameleon’s needs!

Testimonial #13

Here is my Colorlicious Chameleon that arrived March 31, 2017. I call him "Rex" (among many other names), he is a Blue Bar Ambilobe and has been happy and friendly since day one. He is the first Chameleon I've ever owned and I couldn't be happier with him or this entire process. I highly recommend Colorlicious Chameleons to any first-time buyers looking to experience ownership of these amazing creatures. I cannot stress enough how insightful, accommodating, and patient Vicky (Breeder) has been with me since day one! Thank you so very much, I greatly appreciate it!

Testimonial #12

Blue Boy arrived a couple days ago, healthy, gorgeous and quite "chilled." Working with Colorlicious has been a FANTASTIC experience; they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It's very clear they truly care about their chams, and it doesn't end with the sale.


Our New BBB Chameleon is doing great, he was eating same day, Vicki from Sacramento Chameleon great to deal with and helped me pick the right BBB...would deff Recomend to anyone....thank you!!!

Beautiful baby chameleon

I am so happy with my chameleon from you. He arrived healthy and has adjusted great. He is growing so fast and his colors are just amazing! Pictures just don't do him justice. 

Testimonial #9

It has been a month since I received Waldo and he is doing great and already showing some reds! I can not wait to get a second one from you. Great service and quick responses to questions.  

very nice

My Chameleon arrived healthy and happy and looks awesome! Great company to work with couldn't be happier. I purchased the 1 year old male called "Blue Steele":

Healthy male Ambilobe Panther!!

Our male panther arrived today and he is doing great! We have had him about 8hrs. He appears healthy and has eaten a few crickets and drank water droplets! I'm very happy with my overall experience with Colorliscious Chameleons and the chameleon we received!! I would recommend them!

Healthy Baby Boy

Got him home and he looks great! Thanks so much!

Testimonial #5

This is Rango my Ambilobe from Coloricious Chameleons. Had him For bout a year. Vicki has always been available to answer questions and give advice.

Great Breeder

I just got my chameleon two days ago and he's doing great. He was eating and drinking the same day he arrived and was not afraid of me. He's only a few months old and is already showing colors. The entire process was smooth and he was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with how everything went and the great price that I got him for. I would definitely recommend Colorlicious Chameleons for anyone looking into buying Panther Chameleons. This breeder really cares about their animals and will make sure that it arrives safe and sound.

Colorlicious chameleons are amazing!

I got my little guy from vikki at Colorlicious chameleons! My chameleon is healthy active and already showing colors! Vikki was very nice an adressed any questions or concerns i had quickly! I would highly recommend them!


I received my chameleon a couple of weeks ago. She is active, healthy, and quite cute. Vicki responded to all of my questions quickly and politely. I definitely recommend Colorlicious Chameleons.

Testimonial #1

Here's my Colorlicious Chameleon baby, picture taken today! His name is Ink. I received this boy a little while back and he's gorgeous!! Structurally beautiful and at a little over three months old his colors were already coming out! Thank you, Colorlicious Chameleons!