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I was very pleased with the PDS Centers…

I was very pleased with the PDS Centers service!
My documents were emailed and sent through the mail as well, in a timely manner.
I had questions that were always answered through email, and they were very accommodating. Top rate service!!
I am thankful for their support!

It was easy and fast to complete my…

It was easy and fast to complete my form. Very professional and the quality of the card and certificates is outstanding.😎

Great site

Great site. The letters came quick, they are more than I expect it. Every penny is worth it, I will recomend this sit 100%, thank you

They handled everything quickly and…

They handled everything quickly and efficiently, the process is super easy, and I got what I needed done with little hassle or stress. I’m only a little worried that not all fields were filled out even though the information was provided, in terms of animal type and weight, but I do have a parrot so it’s a little less common than a dog or cat and I can sort of understand the vacant areas. I just hop it doesn’t cause an issue in the future, but even if it does, I just have to ask them to fix it and all should be good!

Easy to use and very fast

Easy to use and very fast. I would recommend but you need to be honest in your answers.


Understanding doctors, faster service, and very helpful all arround

Great Setvice!

Such great quick service - he’s d about them from a friend and they were very responsive !
I would recommend this company for a hassle free experience!

So far so good got email on time just…

So far so good got email on time just waiting on usps letters all seen legit so far thank you

Exactly as advertised

Exactly as advertised. I received everything I asked for within 24 hrs of my application. Would highly recommend

I’m very pleased for this support pets

I’m very pleased for this support pets, they held up what they said will happen in a timely manner! It not take long to process all of the approved papers what was needed! This company is the best out of all the other support pets! I would recommend this for anyone that needs this service!

Great service!

Fast, thorough, attention to detail, very easy!!


I had an amazing experience, took very little time and I am now able to have my dog every I go absolutely happy with my experience and would highly recommend this company.

Very quick

Very quick. Complete paperwork available immediately, attention to detail in EVERY airline specific form provided. Signed certified docs sent quickly. Only negative would be mailed docs came in a padded envelope, meaning it was soft and flexible so documents were a bit wrinkled when I received them. Would have been nice in one of those document cardboard envelopes or at least a hard piece inside of the padded envelope. Either way, docs arrived and I'm happy. Thank you!

They responded really quickly to my…

They responded really quickly to my request. Easy to fill information out . Thank you 😊


I am so grateful that I was able to receive letters for ESA travel.
PDS was fantastic.. received emails right away and now looking forward to receive the original letter via mail soon.i have done research prior to purchasing and would recommend this company without hesitation....
the timeliness was the most important factor.
thank you so much.

PDS Center got back to me extremely…

PDS Center got back to me extremely quickly and I got my letter in the mail after a few days or so. Was a great experience flying JetBlue with my ESA dog (a 60lb pit!), due to her awesome behavior and the comprehensive letter. The gate agent at JFK breezed us through, while the baggage agent at Daytona really took her time looking it over- but I’m happy to say the letter had all qualifications needed to fly and it was a great experience overall!

Very fast and appreciate the…

Very fast and appreciate the professionalism as well as the ease of the process. It's hard enough dealing with anxiety so losing my cat would have been devastating. Thank You.

Great Service, True to their word

I received my letter by email promptly. Then the official letter arrived about a week later as I was told. This was a great letter, has references, a phone number to call, and even had fast customer service when I called with some questions. Great Job and Thank you so much for the letter!

Very professional

Very professional, no worries, efficient, and 100% satisfied

Relieved me of any worries I had of…

Relieved me of any worries I had of getting my emotional support animal approved and able to be with me in my apartment!

I love these guys and will continue to…

I love these guys and will continue to use them for my ESA letters if you have any questions or problems they are quick to respond and help you resolve any situation And or problem

Easy and reliable.

Thank you I feel so comfortable being…

Thank you I feel so comfortable being able to now bring my dog with me into places and back home with me when I travel. Not only does it make me feel safer for my safety but his safety as well. Thank you so much! Truly making my life better and more comfortable

PDS Center forms were easy to read

PDS Center forms were easy to read and understand, I had no problem filling them out and requesting the necessary validation and cards through their website.

I received my renewal documents in a…

I received my renewal documents in a timely manner. This time I added a photo ID of my support dog and the service dog vest as well.

I have not had a problem traveling on airlines with my dog. He has been allowed to board the plane on his leash and sit in my lap during the flight without issue.

I am very pleased with the PDS Center for providing me with the required documentation that has eased this process.

I just renewed my ESA letters

I just renewed my ESA letters. They have been wonderful for me. Thank you.


I am extremely pleased with the service, turn around time (doctor availability), as well as pricing.. Received my professional letter from the Doctor which was well worth it. Received the digital form of the letter just TWO HOURS after my payment had posted! Purchased at 6pm CST on a Friday Night! Received at 8pm CST. They also included a copy of my airline's required animal sanitation form that needed customer signature as well as provided the email address/deadline details of the service desk attendant that handles the data. Would highly recommend.

Easy to fill out forms

Easy to fill out forms. Quick service.

It was so fast ....

It was so fast ! I got the Dr. approved letter less than 1 day through email, then got the ESA id and original copy from Dr. in 5 days by mail. I would recommend this to my friends.

Simple, Fast and Effective what else do you need?

This is the easy and fastest way of certifying a animal that I have found they stay true to what they offer I fill the papers and next they I received my letter for my cat they didn't take the money out of my account until I got certified.

Ican resumed my experience saying

Simple, fast and effective what else do you need.

I panicked when I got to the airport…

I panicked when I got to the airport and realized my registration had expired. Fortunately, I was able to get Lola on the outbound flight with me. I emailed PDS upon landing and because of their quick response; I didn't have any trouble getting her back home. THANK YOU PDS!

Very straight forward and simple to…

Very straight forward and simple to complete. Fast and informative responses back! Thank you!

With in days My Lucy is now legally my…

With in days My Lucy is now legally my service cat. I can take her to visit my kids they know how much I need her, They are so happy for me. They know Lucy helps keep me calm and blood pressure down,.

My second time using their service

My second time using their service, as always such a pleasure. Very quick turn around.

Great service

Great service. Prompt response. Everything ok.

Recommend to anyone that is emotionally…

Recommend to anyone that is emotionally attached to there pet

Absolutely excellent

Absolutely excellent, everything was given within a timely matter as well :)


The service is unparalleled to any other.

Great assistance and quick as promised…

Great assistance and quick as promised results. Straightforward instructions and include all the documents needed for housing and travel, even more than I expected. This was also more affordable and didn't require or push additional options, not really needed. I will tell all my friends who need Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to go with PDA for great honest and thorough assistance


Everyone was very friendly and helpful! I had a discrepancy in my order that was politely and promptly fixed. The ID card for my pet rat is adorable, thank you for all your help!

The whole process was easy

The whole process of filling out the forms were so easy that I was done in less than 40 minutes with everything even though I’m a slow typer. Would recommend everyone to their company.

very prompt and excellent service

Amazing site and product!

Very straightforward site, clear-cut instructions, and a very smooth process. I received the approval/emailed letter within 24 hours and the official documentation within 3-4 days. The emailed letter was easily approved for a hotel room and by the leasing office for my apartment. I am so pleased and impressed!

The PDS Center is very professional

The PDS Center is very professional, compassionate to my needs and responded to in a very reasonable time. I highly recommend the PDS Center.

The ESA letter that they provided me…

The ESA letter that they provided me helped me a lot, and it was so fast and so truthful!! I really recommend it.

I am so incredibly happy with them and…

I am so incredibly happy with them and how fast they replied to me! I will definitely be referring to them to anyone I can

I am extremely satisfied with PDS…

I am extremely satisfied with PDS Center's service and documentation, it was quick, easy and thorough, in helping me to register my pet as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

These guys are awesome

These guys are awesome; they made it so easy getting my PTSD dog registered for service as my counsiler and I had been working on. A friend recommended them to me after using them to register hers. And the turn around time for them to respond was so fast and amazing, I couldn’t believe it. So much easier than I ever thought possible.

Very happy with the service that was…

Very happy with the service that was provided for me thank you very much

Thank you

Got help with something that I needed so badly. To have my little dog means everything to me. I got the certification and I’m so happy because now I can afford to stay in the apartment that I’m going to go to I’m so grateful thank you very much. I now have my little dog to keep me company and make me happy and I’m so sad.

Thank you so much for your help and…

Thank you so much for your help and understanding. Your service was prompt, courteous and non-intrusive.

I wasn’t sure that I would get what I…

I wasn’t sure that I would get what I wanted but this awesome center helped me in the best way possible. I can spend everyday with my lovely husky thanks to PDS center. 10 out of 10. Friendly and fast service.

Excellent and fast service

Excellent and fast service! I recommend this services to anyone. The questionaire is friendly and easy to explain your situation. They sent you a PDF format letter in just hours and just 3 days by mail.

Skip the Triggering of Your Trauma

Completing this process with other therapists is time consuming and very costly. Working with PDS Center was seamless. I would recommend this service to anyone needing a ESA without the upsetting triggering of the trauma.

Fear of flying

I haven't been on a plane in years and now am required to fly for my job. I appreciate the support letter I applied for and received. My dog makes it much easier for me to fly. The business trip came up quickly so I appreciate how quickly I received my letter.

I highly recommend PDS! So amazing!!

This was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had to date. What an amazing, friendly, knowledgeable team at PDS. I can honestly recommend them to anyone. They put their patients/clients before anything and go the extra mile to make sure we are 100% satisfied and taken care of.

Thank you for your continuous help.

I read a ton of reviews on this website…

I read a ton of reviews on this website to make sure it's what would help me get my ESA dog for my apartments which dont allow any animals unless certified by an ESA letter. I know there may be a ton of negative reviews but what stood out to me is the good ones. So I took a chance and I'm so glad I did! The letter came via email the next day after I filled everything out and although the actual printed out copy didnt come till the last day possible my apartment manager accepted it through email. Now I'm just waiting on getting approved by the shelter for the dog I want. I would say a really great experience overall!

Absolutely incredible. You deserve some sort of award!

The best company I’ve ever worked with. For anything. Blown away by them at every turn. I love you PDS Center! You have a big fan in New York City. Exceptional work.

Fast results

Fast results. Paper work looks good. Process my paperwork with my ailments. I love having my dog Chubby with me. Calms me . I’m in pain. Arthritis. Need shoulder replacement. Already had left knee replacement. Other ailments. Just gave the doctor my medical issues and health. FAST! Expedient. Very happy. Good card . Sealed raised stamped letter from a doctor. Thank you very much. Made my life happier. Dean

Incredible Company

Honestly, everything went so smoothly. I received the ESA letter and ID cards within a couple of days. My apartment requested to speak with the doctor, and they were able to do so within a couple days too! Great company!

This was the best service I have ever…

This was the best service I have ever received. Definitely would use again. Thank you very much for all your help.

I recommend PDSC!!! They are awesome!!👏🏽✊🏽😁

About 8 months ago I registered my dog and immediately got an email with the information the next day .. our apartment complex was gonna charge us over 600$ for my dog but PDSC came to the rescue. My apartment complex was being difficult about it and asked for the physician to sign a second form so they faxed it to them in within minutes PDSC replied. You guys are life savers, my emotional support dog is everything I needed thanks to you guys. We recently moved to a house and with our papers we had no problems. Pdsc has done everything right, I recommended PDSC to over 10 different people and I always will recommend PDSC. I can’t thank you guys enough, your awesome. Thank you for the awesome service PDSC you guys rock!!! 😁

Thank You from Dorothy and Sherman

Thank Tou for helping Me with My mental state from what I can’t eat. Sherman My Furbaby has been a savior to My Peace of Mind. Bless All Your Hearts for Caring about People and Furbabies to! Dorothy L Roberts

Take their business seriously

This company has it together and I couldn't be more pleased. They were sure to send MORE than enough, and indeed airline specific letters of approval. More than that, however, the Dr. actually asked all the right questions and verified with my personal vet. I had all verification within hours. CHOOSE THIS COMPANY, you will not be disappointed or surprised with any hidden charges.

Excellent service I received all…

Excellent service I received all paperwork that was needed for my dog for travel and housing. All of it was filled out by a Dr. I just have to bring the Medical/ mental health form to my Dr. To be filled out. Also the form for my Vet. To sign. I had called my Psychiatrist before going online to order this and he was going to sign a form for me because I am permanently Disabled. But I looked this company up and it it saved me a lot of time finding the forms I need. Because my Dr did not have the forms needed. I would differently recommend this service.

Great service and quick.

Great service and quick. Also an Easy to fill out application.

Very legit it took me a lot of time to…

Very legit it took me a lot of time to look and find a site that isn’t a scam the process is also fairly quick if you are just patient it should take more than a day for you to find out if you got approved and if you did they send the pdf of all the paperwork within 24 hour of your approval it’s only 98$ of course there is extra stuff you can pay for but it’s not mandatory I highly recommend this to anyone looking to service there animal

Great experience

Great company! Very efficient and quick in getting all the papers needed. Would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you so much for making the experience stress free!

Great experience

Great company! Very efficient and quick in getting all the papers needed. Would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you so much for making the experience stress free!

The services was excellent and timely.

The services was excellent and very easy to navigate. The professionalism was exceptional. The diligence of documentation generation super timely. The cost of The service is adequate to the service provided. Thank you for your service.

Very professional

Very professional, I recieved my letter in just about 24 hours. Highly recommend for quality and legit service at a low price

These guys offer a great service...

These guys offer a great service that is simple, affordable, and transparent. For me, the fact that all applications are medically/professionally evaluated adds to PDA's credibility. Thank you for making it easy.

Very pleased customer

I'm so happy I received all of my letters through email and hard copies to prove that my animal is ESA. Now I am able to travel with my animal without any worry. Thank you! I am very pleased with this service

Great company, definatley recommend

This place is fast efficient and don’t charge you for every letter. Also don’t charge you per year to renew. Great service. Thank you

Responded in under 24 hours!

I rarely review a service; however, PDS Center exceeded my expectations for the delivery of the electronic versions of an ESA Letter and all airline forms with 24 hours.

I will withhold review of receipt of hard copies and the ID card. I did note it was not possible to determine of the photo of my service animal was successfully uploaded even though the correct file name was displayed. So I will withhold my review of the ID card until it is received.

Your quick service response was…

Your quick service response was extremely appreciated. Thank you for your help in keeping our animals in our home so they can comfort our love one!!!

I was so scared to try this because i…

I was so scared to try this because i have heard horror stories. But i decided to give it a try so that I could have my dog with me at school. PDSC did not let me down. i got my letters in my email within 24 hours and got the hard copies as well as ID card in the mail. I have depression and anxiety, meaning I have every right to have my dog as an ESA. I go to therapy regularly and have a letter that way as well. for anyone that is scared, this works! My housing accepted it and now I can live more comfortable.

The process was quick and easy

The process was quick and easy. Responded in real time and my papers came in just in time.

I would absolutely tell people if they…

I would absolutely tell people if they need emotional support to go to PDS. They were very fast about everything I needed.
Thanks PDS for your services and definitely your help
Deborah Pelletier

The website is user friendly

The website is user friendly. The response time is amazing. The customer service office was very helpful. My letter was sent to me the next day. Thank you for top notch service.

Totally worth it!

My esa letter was approved by my landlord! My dog (in a no dogs allowed complex) has been accepted! This place is the real deal. (I waited to give a review until I heard from my landlord) I had my esa letter approved and sent to me within three days and hardcopy in less than a week. The money spent for this service is worth every penny! Thank you!

this cite saved my dog and me from…

this cite saved my dog and me from being evicted from my home because my lease said no pets allowed but because he is a registered service dog the land lord said that I can keep him

I'm super happy with this service

I'm super happy with this service. A friend recommended them a couple of years ago. All the documents I need to fly on so many airlines are included. PDS keeps up with all the changes in the industry and will give you what you need.

I did have a little bit of a problem as there was an error on one of the pages (wrong checkbox was marked) but I just emailed them, under a different subject heading telling them that I needed the document to be edited for a flight that was happening in the next couple of days (Marked urgent) and they responded within 24 hours, fixing the problem.
Thanks PDS!

Thanks so much! What a great service.


My experience with PDS Center was great. The application process was simple and only took 20-30 minutes to complete. If I ever need this type of service again, I wouldn't hesitate to use PDS Center. If someone asks me about this type of service, I would definitely recommend.

successful documents & extremely fast

So thankful for this website and doctor! I have been struggling for quite sometime on whether I can afford going to see a psychiatrist & then to get this approved in the future. With PDS Center, I was able to get approved, get my dog approved with the airlines, & to live at my apartment. My holidays are now planned with even more love then before because I’ll be able to bring my dog with me every where. Super happy with this website. I even had to email about United’s paperwork because they selected she needs to be crated and she’s too big so they responded and updated the paperwork in 48 hours! Outstanding! Would highly recommend this website for anyone in need of help.

The entire process was fast

The entire process was fast, efficient and flawless. Thank you

Best place to get your ESA and Airline certificate

Excellent service! I applied for ESA certificate for my dog as my emotional support this morning. In less done 24 hours. I got the PDF copy of my certificate right away. Amazingly fast and effecient service. I didn’t have to wait that long for it and the paper copy is on its way in the mail already for about 2-3 days. PDS comes highly recommended and It doesn’t disappoint. Thanks PDS Center!

Do yourself a favor and go with this company!

This process was amazingly easy and straight forward. From the rep I first spoke with, to filling out forms. I received the requested form within a couple days even after the rep said it may be several because of the up coming weekend. Very satisfied! Thank you so much!

Excellent service and product

Excellent service and product. PDS supplied me with everything I needed to travel with my pets.
I received more than expected by email quickly and much appreciated. I expected a just a letter, I received the letter plus all completed forms for most airlines, plus a landlord letter.

I can’t say enough about the PDS…

I can’t say enough about the PDS Center. Their care and follow up was truly a godsend. For those in need, this organization is for you. Thank You for helping me get back on my feet.

Breathe of relief after my old…

Breathe of relief after my old therapist office refused to give me copies of my records since I'm no longer their patient.

The process to register was simple and…

The process to register was simple and easy to navigate. There were plenty of opportunities to ask for help if needed. The response time was quick and very informed through every step of the process. Overall very please.

Quick and timely diagnosis.

Very efficient and thorough

Very efficient and thorough. I spent a few days on the internet researching which ESA web page would be the best option and not scam me for my money. I chose this ESA service as it came recommended through other online reviews. I paid and received my email documentation about 20 hrs later! My only question is the legitimacy of hotel/motel/temporary stay locations allowing ESA to be accommodated - I had read online that temporary housing did not cover ESA - and this service’s paperwork showed that it did

Hello to all,

My name is Ann. I really needed help getting on a train and into an apartment with my to Emotional support pets and I looked over a lot of options but the best place that was not only for all that I needed and more , but the price is wonderful also. PDS Center are not like any others that I told to contact, because PDS kept.e informed each step of the way.
I'm not trying to tell you what to do and I don't work for them but just to tell all of you who are seeking for the best help for you and your family best friend (PET)s. To make the right decision.
Really fast, and the best.
You'll See. See For Yourself.
Take care of yourself and your family 🤗💞

I was skeptical to do this online but I…

I was skeptical to do this online but I had no other choice. This site is legit and actually sends you a letter within 24 hours to your email. Actual copies come in the mail within a few days. My apartment complex manager said the letter was more than good!

Minnie can stay!!

I requested my letters on Friday afternoon and had them in my inbox Monday morning. The doctor is the best and really understanding of the need for an Emotional Support Animal. I am very pleased with the service I have received 😊 thank you PDS center!!

Excellent company!

PDS Center was extremely responsive and thorough. They provided me with a lot of information I didn't know I needed ....and so appreciate.. Their application process is easy, response quick, and very professional. I highly recommend them...and that comes from a nurse practitioner who knows quality!

All of the documents arrived on time…

All of the documents arrived on time and no problem with the airline - definitely the best way to go. My cat loves to travel - he is more like a Golden Retriever - docile - the passengers around me never knew he was there and I felt more at ease knowing he was at my feet. Thank you

Best ESA service out there handsdown 5⭐👍

Well let's be honest I didn't know what to expect. My landlord has been on my case about my 2 year old Rottweiler. Hes like my kid. I was faced with either having to move, ( witch I cannot afford ) or at worst possibly having to give up my best friend, as my landlord found out I had him. I was desperate and vulnerable I went online searching. I had 2 weeks to come up with a solution. I needed documentation for my 2 year old Rottie. I found PDS Center. There was a $ back gaurentee, so in the event that I do not qualify, for the E.S.A, I would be fully refunded. I filled out the online info (Took all of 5 min) payed the small fee of 98$ and within a day No B.S. -- A DAY. My E.S.A paperwork was in my email. Still waiting on the hard copies but it's only been 2 days I fully trust they will be here soon. People need to be patient. I was saved just in time. The air-lines paper-work for all major airlines was also there. I forwarded my newly acquired E.S.A paperwork to my landlord the same day I received it and he never mentioned it to me again. I was soooooo freaking stoked NO Hassel - NO Pet deposit. 🤪 This company is the REAL-DEAL. DO-NOT be scammed by going somewhere else. This is where you need to go if your in need of an E.S.A. I will tell everyone I know about this awesome life saving company. 5⭐ All the way! I even found out in the paperwork that I can take my dog with me to any hotel or temporary housing even if they dont allow pets. NO-CHARGE!!
Best 98$ iv'e ever spent Thank you so much PDS Center. You guys rock👊

Emotional support dog

Emotional support dog
I’m very happy that I found you I need to make my Siberian husky and emotional support dog but I think I’m only trading it for other psychological evaluation thank you and I hope that this works for me I appreciate your association


Perfect and excellent

I appreciate the service i recieved as…

I appreciate the service i recieved as well as the fast experience! This company has made our families lives easier fast! My son has experienced many emotional roads and this company made it very easy to certify our dog for him so he can get the emotional need that he needs without our family experiencing more difficult situations in which his dog was not allowed. i would highly reccomend this company when certifying your animal! We the Klassens thank you very much!

Great site to use for getting your ESA Documents Great site to use for getting your ESA documents in a swift manner.

The online paperwork was technically not received within the 24 hour window, but this was mostly likely due to the timing of my submission. It was received in less than 48 hours, and I am very satisfied with the results. The paperwork included forms directed to housing authorities and airline/transportation authorities. This is a trustworthy site to use. I say that because I was hesitant initially, but my worries have been put to rest now that I have seen the quality of the paperwork.


I loved my experience with ESA support through this company. Very professional and quick to get what I needed.

Highly Recommend, Professional, Complete papers

The documents I have received thru email are very professional. They accounted for all airlines with forms. I have not received my hard copies but know they will be of the same quality. I already had a Dr note for my disability but wanted more official looking paperwork and a ID card for travel and lodging. Thank you for your professionalism and prompt delivery!

Death of my roommate

Trying to adopt a dog for companionship. My roommate and I were always rejected! He passed away and needed a dog regardless off and I bought Max and my life changed 100% in any aspect

right on

right on, very happy....very nice people

Death of my Roommate - special friend

We together tried to adopt a dog and never approved, then Steve ( roommate) passed away December 12 2020 leaving me a very deep emptiness in my lot I went through a lot! And I did bought a dog and my life turned into a very happy life ! Can’t see myself without the dog !

Death of my Roommate - special friend

We together tried to adopt a dog and never approved, then Steve ( roommate) passed away December 12 2020 leaving me a very deep emptiness in my lot I went through a lot! And I did bought a dog and my life turned into a very happy life ! Can’t see myself without the dog !

My daughter has suffered from anxiety…

My daughter has suffered from anxiety her whole life. Getting an emotional support animal was the best thing I could have done for her. She is now sleeping in her own room for the first time in 10 years. The process was so easy and now we can keep her dog no matter where we live, or where we travel to. Thank you!

Love them I'm very Happy with them and…

Love them I'm very Happy with them and VERY fast i Would recommend to everyone and a Very Fair Price Keep Up The Great Work

Awesome Job!

You get all the letters in an email for housing and a letter to all the major airlines signed by a real licensed physiatrist.

Molly as our support

We had lost 3 babies already. As a result Molly had became as our daughter. She has been an incredible emotional support for us to go thru our 3 lost.

This is just awesome!

I am giving PDSCenter a 5 (and I wish I…

I am giving PDSCenter a 5 (and I wish I could give them a 10) because they CAME THROUGH for me today. I must say that after reading all the reviews, I wasn't so sure I would get my digital copy within 24hours as stated. In fact, I didn't think I would get it at all with so many people making bad and negative comments about the business. "Its fraud" or "don't fall for this scam" are a lot of the comments. But I am a real person and I applied and paid for my letter yesterday morning 3/5 at 7:00am CST and today 3/6 about 9:00AM CST, I already have my letters for my apartments and for travel. I am highly impressed. Now I would like to add that I do believe the 3 urgent messages that I left with the answering service regarding me being evicted today if I did not supply this letter helped tremendously with the expedited service. When I originally applied I got a receipt via email immediately. Also, I applied for the ID card with the names and photos of my two dogs and I did not get that yet but my letter states "for multiple dogs" so I am thinking it will come in the mail with the hard copy. I am glad to have gotten the email letter so fast because that is what I so desperately needed. I just wanted to share my experience and I think they deserve a 10 for the speedy service especially when I know they are processing thousands of applications. Just to add, I also sent a few emails to the "info" email address and didn't get anything back. The finally responded with my letter apologizing for not responding sooner as they have been extremely busy trying to process all applications. I would like to note that the application does state that if you do not write your qualifying reasons for needing an ESA that a doctor might have to call you back. I believe it is very important and will speed up your process if you list your issues specifically or explain them to the best of your ability and explain clearly to the best of your ability how your emotional support animal helps you with those issues. This is important info that a doctor has to have in order to diagnose you. This is just my personal opinion and I am beyond thankful for you all. Thank you so much and thanks for reading my review.

Overall pleased

Quick response. Very professional. Still waiting on my official ID card with dogs photo via mail, but other than that I’m very pleased.

This process was amazing and…

This process was amazing and empowering. The turnaround time was less than 24 hours. I believe this ESA will enable my life to be enriched and mental health issues will improve significantly. Very thankful to this service and the doctor who provided the documentation!

Great Customer Service

Upon learning that I did not receive my letters after paying for them they got me a digital copy within 24 hours and I now have my official letters and pet ID :)

I’m overly happy and I thank you for…

I’m overly happy and I thank you for…
I’m overly happy and I thank you for working on a very fast paced as well as taking in consideration of my health needs I highly recommend that anyone with a pet do the very same thing I did it’s beneficial.
Thank you Mrs.Brown

This process was amazing and…

This process was amazing and empowering. The turnaround time was less than 24 hours. I believe this ESA will enable my life to be enriched and mental health issues will improve significantly. Very thankful to this service and the doctor who provided the documentation!

Very easy process

Handle my request quickly and…

Handle my request quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much!

Best service I've ever seen

Just super easy to answer the questions and love the immediate response.

Great customer service very professional

Great customer service very professional got all my questions and everything I asked for it within 24 hours

This letter is perfect

This letter is perfect. This is what I asked for when I went with another company previously. A general letter covering any and all animals that I may have now and in the future. They wanted me to pay separately for each and every animal that I may have. And the letter reviewed and signed by a psychologist gives me a great deal of satisfaction as well. Thank you so much.


Quick and to the point

Being a retired Marine and going…

Being a retired Marine and going through what I have been through it is awesome to get things done with out any problem THANK YOU!!!!!

Very reasonable rate for a GREAT service!

Got exactly what was stated on the site. During these difficult times, I cannot express how thankful I am for this service. I had an issue with a rental and received my ESA letters immediately within 24 Hrs .. Truly happy I found PDS Center to help keep my dog Kana at my side.

Stress free and welcoming…

Such a stress free and welcoming experience. Made me feel comfortable with why I need my companion bye my side and didnt feel judged. Thank you.

Thank you so much!

This was fast and easy and I'm so happy to be able to have my girl with me wherever I go now. She is such a big part of my life and is the only one that calms me. Thank you guys so much for everything! ❤

Staff is very friendly and helpful

Staff is very friendly and helpful. And they really listen to your needs & concerns, and suggest the best plan to get you feeling better again.

So far so good


From beginning to end the process was simple and fast. Other company's had weird questions that didnt pertaon to me or askes to be renewed yearly but pds is upfront and ready to support you even after your letters have been sent out.

effortless and convenient

It was effortless and convenient. I have two emotional support dogs and I only had to make one application

You Guys are Awesome

You Guys are Awesome!!! Very Professional & Prompt!! Thank You on Sally and My Behalf!!!

Got my letter in less than 24 hours and…

Got my letter in less than 24 hours and I call customer service and they responded very quickly. Great to know that there are honest businesses out there in the web not making a quick buck.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! So professional and quick. I recommend their services.

The service was very expeditions and…

The service was very expeditions and informative

you guy were absolutely amazing

you guy were absolutely amazing, kind, understanding and extremely quick on this letter. thank you guys i owe you so much more than your fee, you allowed me to have my sunshine.

My experience with PDS Center has been exactly what I needed!

My experience with PDS Center has been absolutely great! I filled out the forms, answered a few questions and got my packet within 24 hours.
My apartment management accepted the paperwork without any questions but I still greatly appreciate the support PDS offers, if there should be any issues. I haven’t yet used my ESA for travel but I don’t really expect any trouble there either.
Scheduling an appointment with local therapist during COVID-19 times isn’t easy, PDS Center provided exactly what I needed.

My letter came in quickly with no…

My letter came in quickly with no problem. I am just waiting on my ID card.

Response was fast

Response was fast, and informative.

Easy and quick

Easy and quick! No issues, and received exactly what we needed and more in our email in a day!

Great Service

I honestly love this website. They were able to give me exactly what I needed for my animal to be covered and not need to pay an animal deposit. I couldn't have asked for better.

PDSC was recommended by a friend and I… (p24)

PDSC was recommended by a friend and I am extremely happy with their service this is a wonderful site and live up to everything they say they will do, their response was very timely and is very easy to navigate the site. I would recommend this site to anyone needing t have their service animal certified in a timely manner thank you very much
V/R Dave H

Day 2 and I am still patiently waiting…

Day 2 and I am still patiently waiting for my digital copy. ! Probably because of Covid . But still hopeful! I will get it by the end of the day
UPDATE: we’re good thank you for the fast service they are legit ! It just takes some time cause of Covid . THANK YOU

Quick papers!

Service was Great & Efficient.

Service was Great & Efficient.. Highly recommend for anyone looking to Support their dog

They do what they say they will

They do what they say they will. My credit card wasn't charged until they made a decision on whether or not they could help me. They were prompt in responding to let me know. 24 hours as promised. Thank you PDS Center.

It was easy!

It was easy and fast!

Efficient and timely

Efficient and timely! Professional!

Awesome customer service and delivery

Update! I received my papers and ID card swiftly! Customer service was speedy and delivery wasn’t a problem. The first ID card I received came without a picture of my dog, but PDS took care of it the same day. I recommend to anyone trying to make their best friend an ESA.

Just flat out awesome

It is truly a Blessing To Go With PDS Center

It is truly a Blessing, I thank PDS Center for all they do. It's so hard to find a legit Service to help you register your pet and so many scams out there. With me being on SSDI and with health problems we can't afford to be scammed. But I do Know you can trust the PDS Center. Thank you PDS Center

Quick papers!

Very informative and thorough!

Very informative and thorough. Thank you for making this daunting process so much easier and affordable than others!

Fast and worth it!

Fast, easy, and definitely worth the money!

I was having the hardest time after I…

I was having the hardest time after I returned from Afghanistan. My therapist recommended an animal for emotional support. A few years of having my ESAs I found that I’m able to relax again. Thank you PDS for helping me with my letter. This allows my ESAs to live with me wherever I move. The weight has been lifted and your helped in such a significant way.

i was worried that this company wasn't…

i was worried that this company wasn't legitimate but I just gave it to GOD and they came through! I received all of my documents and my dogs ID card within a few days! Thank you so much!

Very pleased with my experience

Very pleased with my experience! It took about two days to receive my forms, but after reading the reviews I expected longer than 24 hours. Such a good price for so much. Best on the market. My airline paperwork was included and I love that they have all the other major airlines as well. Would 100 percent recommend! Don’t waste your time on other sites.

Good quality work

This company delivers but takes a bit longer than promised. However, the quality of work is very good

Very fast everything came in for my 3…

Very fast everything came in for my 3 dogs very happy now my dogs can go with me that makes me fell so good thank you

My forms were emailed within 3 days…

My forms were emailed within 3 days with forms for most airlines. I highly recommend this site.

I really need my pets and this is how I…

I really need my pets and this is how I can make everyone respect the importance of having an emotional support pet.

I was very pleased with the service I…

I was very pleased with the service I received from PDS Center. There are many companies to choose from but PDS proved to be quick, efficent, professional and affordable.
Thank you.

I have been trying to get my letters…

I have been trying to get my letters for my medical service dog. They went above and beyond to get me certified. I appreciate and can't thank them enough.

Excellent, Speedy, and Professional ESA.

PDS has an easy and efficient process that you may be eligible to complete from the comfort of your own home. If you are currently having difficulties getting into a doctors office, but have supporting details for a preexisting condition, getting an ESA is easy and affordable.

The process is simple, fast, and professional -from the first click to the last click.

I would absolutely recommend PDS’s service to all.

Everything was a smooth and prompt…

Everything was a smooth and prompt process.
Great service and would recommend to anyone in need. Thank you!

this company saves me a lot of money…

this company saves me a lot of money traveling with my pet also being able to house my pets anywhere that I go going to my me and my pet is safe so you guys are fast with delivery great on response I have no complaints great job keep doing what you guys are doing guys are awesome if you love your pet this is the way to go

This was so fast and easy to get all…

This was so fast and easy to get all paperwork done on my Layla. Less than 24 hours it took to get my email certificate for housing and all forms needed for airlines that I may have to travel on. This was lest costly than other sites that I looked at for the same certificates and paperwork. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who should need this certification for their animals.

Very Helpful !

The process was very easy and simple. Didn't take too long to get back to me. Totally awesome company!

You guys are amazing thank you !

I am soooo thankful for you guys ! You guys are amazing ! I was able to keep my cat & and now I can travel and take her anywhere thanks to you all. I can’t thank you enough !

THEY are so proffetional the letters…

THEY are so proffetional the letters explain everything exactly I recommend them highly


I received the package today and was very impressed with the paperwork and the harness . I will recommend your service to anyone who need your help . I received it in a timely manner and had the email copies the day after I applied. I appreciate the help.

Love their service

Love their service, I was able to have my two dogs in my new apartment for free.

Would definitely recommend 👌 👍 🙂

The process was fast and easy 🙌
Answer some questions and your finished. They do the rest! Couldn't be happier. 😃

My experience was great

My experience was great! Extremely fast turnaround time

Quick, affordable, SO THOROUGH.

Quick, affordable, SO THOROUGH. Unlike me, who didn't read through everything before purchase and was in totally (happy) shock that we were sent customized letters for several airlines according to that airline's policy and requirements. I was in a tight spot after losing documentation in a house fire and PDS really really were so fast and helpful. I would be in my new beautiful apartment now without this service. I am very grateful!

Such a quick and easy plus affordable…

Such a quick and easy plus affordable process with PDS Center. I will be recommending PDS to everyone I know who needs an ESA letter.
Thank you all so much,
Lynn Rito

Would definitely recommend 👌 👍 🙂

The process was fast and easy 🙌
Answer some questions and your finished. They do the rest! Couldn't be happier. 😃


placed my order last week got the 24 hr digital one the next day super fast and easy today I took letter and the LETTER GOT APPROVED IN MY APARTMENTS! just waiting on IDcard in mail with original copy!! I highly recommend this !!

Very fast with the orders

Very fast with the orders. My letters were emailed within 24 hours and the service was good and clear. I would recommend this website to anyone. Good service and fast!♥️
Now I could take my baby with me any where..


Amazing! Quick response even over the weekend! I thought I had to wait till next week! Very much recommend it! Made me and my now emotional support best friend life way easier! Thank you so much!

Easy and stress free

I was skeptical of this site but i was in a sticky living situation where my dog exceeded the size limit to live in my apartment. My dog is already trained to perform as a service dog so this easy and quick application was perfect for me. The document was sent as a pdf to my email wishing 24 hours as promised. My expectations have been exceeded

I am really great full for your quick…

I am really great full for your quick response and professionalism. My only question is about hotel and train rides. Will my if card be enough to suffice for those accommodations as you guys only sent the letters for airline travel. Thank you again and I will wait for your response.

Great service

Great service, prompt response.

10/10 would recommend

Very easy and fast process. You’ll get everything you pay for in a timely manner.

Back to the days when a business…

Back to the days when a business delivered on their word. A first for me (😔) in far too long. Impressive. Quite a treat. Thank you.

Very easy

Very easy, they delivered electronically within 24 hours. Just great

Great turnaround and no problem with…

Great turnaround and no problem with correcting errors.

There are many sites to choose

There are many sites to choose. This was an easy process. I have no complaints.

Wonderful Service to Avoid Housing Fees

I used this service in order to avoid pet housing fees associated with my apartment complex. I submitted my order and the next day received my official documents. Everything looks great and each document is signed by the provider! Would highly recommend it.

They are super fast and reliable

They are super fast and reliable! I got approved within 24 hours and got my paper work a couple days later. Highly recommend this to anyone!!

Very quick and easy to understand…

Very quick and easy to understand process. Everything that I would need was provided to me by the website and the addition of the signed forms for flights was something I was not expecting but greatly appreciate. Has made it a lot easier for me to keep my best friend around with less worry.

I had a really good experience with…

I had a really good experience with this company. They were very professional and efficient. I would definitely recommend PDS to others.

Fully recommended

Fully recommended. Very responsible and efficient people. I received my letter digitally and in a few days by mail. Although at first I felt doubts, they took care to show that they are very reliable.

You were able for me to have a great…

You were able for me to have a great companion. You made it easy and efficient. Thank you very much

Five stars

PDS he was extremely helpful, the service they provide is exactly as described on their website, I already received my digital copies of my housing and airline letters, I anticipate that the ID card and service dog vest will be here within this week. Thank you for your help without you guys, We would be homeless.

I received the paperwork right away

I received the paperwork right away. Thank you! Everything looks great! I’ll have to check back with you on using it, as we are getting ready to use it for our new home we hope to rent. Thank you!

Excellent and very simple and very…

Excellent and very simple and very helpful with everything. Got everything quickly and assisted us on everything we needed enabling us to move in our new home

Great Service

They provided everything I needed and more and responded quickly to my emails.

I’m very happy

I’m very happy. I received my documents via email ahead of promised time. Now I’m just waiting for my pets card to come in the mail. Thank you


Very quick and efficient. I love that they sent me a PDF and a real copy this was perfect! I’d recommend them 100% all the time

Very helpful!

They were great and expedited my order when I needed it!

I'm delighted with the reasonable…

I'm delighted with the reasonable response time from PDS. I'm impressed with how thorough they have been with the letters I received via email. Its all very detailed and official. I'm still waiting on my physical copies and ID card. I received tracking # for my package, which should arrive soon. Thank you so much for helping Reginald and me.

Highly Recommend!

Was having such a difficult time obtaining an ESA letter because my medical group doesn't write them and I kept getting bounced around. Finally, someone within my medical organization sent me the link to PDS and within 2 days i got my letter via email and in less than 1 week I received the originals in the mail! I am now able to have a dog with me! Very satisfied!

Thanks so much dont know what I would…

Thanks so much dont know what I would do without my dogs

The letter was well detailed and…

The letter was well detailed and covered every aspect of all that was needed to make sure my Emotional Support Animal was accommodated and fairly treated. 10/10 would recommend

I love this agency

I love this agency. Renewing my card was so easy and way more affordable then anything else out there. They are Amazing! Thank you PDS centerr for making this process easy and affordable! You are a life saver!

Great company!

PDS Center is such an amazing company! My sister-in-law recommended you guys and you guys lived up to my expectations and more! I will be definitely be registering my other dog through you guys!

Emotional support Say no more

Was able to get my emotion support letters quickly. Neighbors are not the best and this letter stops everyone in their tracks

Super quick and easy

Super quick and easy! Thank you so much for getting me my baby's papers in time before I travel this weekend. I literally had 4 days to get his papers and they were in my email in less than 36 hours. Im just waiting on the card but right now this will definitely due! Again thank yall so much

Awesome to work with

Awesome to work with, Very easy to fill out information, low cost, and extremely fast turn around time.

The website was easy to follow it…

The website was easy to follow it wasn’t complicated to fill out the paperwork. I appreciate that they are professional and experts in this area as I am not. I received my paperwork fast. I recommend this service!

Provided information for review and 24…

Provided information for review and 24 hours later received my letters. Thank you for helping me in such a difficult time. Having my condition confirmed and getting a certified letter brings me peace of mind in that my support dog will be allowed to continue to Luce with me.

I was dealing with delays from my…

I was dealing with delays from my doctor... decided to check out other options to get my emotional support pet prescription. I found this place and was skeptical, but reviewing the reviews helped me out and i decided to move forward. Services was very straight forward and they respond in a timely manner. I received my information within 24 hours and I received my paper form via mail within 5 days. I would recommend anyone to use PDS center.

Fast,punctual and highly professional

Fast,punctual and highly professional. It means a lot to me. Thank you!

Thanks Doc.

Fast & efficient customer service. Put in a request just before the weekend and for it and received the verification the following Monday.

Great experience and hugely valuable…

Great experience and hugely valuable service

Amazing and super fast

5 stars! Response from doctor took no time at all & they understood the reasoning why I needed ESA.

This was a great, quick and simple process and I appreciate the efficiency of it.