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Peace Advocacy Group

Very knowledgeable

Claudia is one of the best pharmacists I have ever worked with!  She is very kind, friendly, hard working and very knowledgeable in the medical/pharmaceutical field. (And super efficient!!)  She always goes above and beyond to help patients and co-workers!

We didn't know what we didn't know

When my mother was recently hospitalized, I felt that I had it all together and was very diligent with talking to the doctors and nurses.  After a few days, with diagnosis changing again along with prescriptions and doctors from several different specialties, it became apparent that the communication was breaking down.   Claudia with Peace Advocacy Group became such a godsend to us as we journeyed through the rest of her stay and following rehab. She came to the hospital to check on her and listen to the doctors, carefully looked at her med list and helped formulate questions that we needed to ask. She was so available with any question we had and didn’t make us feel like we were incapable.  Claudia not only is extremely dedicated and thorough but stands by your side with a lot of compassion.  Her experience as both a pharmacist and caregiver makes her invaluable.   She will be on our “automatic call list” for all of our medical needs in the future!

Very dedicated and compassionate

Claudia puts 110% into what she does.  She asks questions and gets answers.  Along with being very dedicated and driven, she is also very compassionate and caring.  In the years that I worked with her I saw patient after patient leave feeling more confident, at ease and taken care of after speaking with her.

Priceless guidance

This journey has been extremely long and painful but I can not imagine how much worse it could have been without Claudia's care, concern and guidance.  I highly recommend using Peace Advocacy to assist you or your loved one on any medical journey.