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So glad I chose this little shop. I ordered from them thinking its a bit cheap but will still try. I received my Iphone with 2 dents on the side and 1 scuff in the back. (big whoop lol) ill use a phone case! Works like new though Thanks!

 I recommend to anybody that needs an affordable phone. I just shared this store on my facebook. Its the future now i guess Phones are cheap finally! C:

Awesome site for sure!

I just received my phone and im so happy with my purchase!h Thanks it really was a peaceful purchase lol

Great Store!

I was a carful at first bc they are so affordable but my phone came in great condition! Just one scuff on the side. The battery worked like new i think they replace them all and screen looks new and works new. recommended

Great customer service! They worked with me exchanging my iphone for a samsung since i decided to switch. They both were in perfect working order with a few flaws on the back which i dont mind 5 Star

Nice little store. Good service. Good phone. Will be back. 👍

Awesome! Had to brag to all my friends about how much I saved. They all came by and the custumer service agent gave me a coupon for all the referrals