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Lisamarie’s massages helped me through my first 3 weeks (my friend gifted me a daily massage!) of post partum. She is super gifted and does her work through grace, presence and positive intention. Lisamarie is your choice if you are looking to feel lighter, more joyful and peaceful.


Lisamarie is simply amazing!! I have experienced her treatments for over 6 years both for Ayurvedic treatments and postpartum doula support.

Lisamarie's Ayurvedic treatments/massages are truly life-changing. Her treatments help rebalance me, allow me to sleep better, and feel more at peace. They have helped me with both my physical and mental health. She has a deep knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with decades of meditation practices - receiving a treatment from her feels like a little peace of heaven. I go into a deep peaceful trance within minutes and feel completely restored afterward..

I've also experienced Lisamarie as a postpartum doula. She has a magic touch both with babies and postpartum moms (myself and my best friend whom she helped). She has a way of making baby and mama feel more at peace. She can put a baby to sleep in minutes and is great at making them laugh too. She happily and generously helps around the house to support postpartum parents. Lisamarie is both a soothing presence and a really joyful presence at the same time - exactly what is needed postpartum.

Lisamarie is a wonderful combination of wise, peaceful and fun. Just being around her is uplifting! I recommend her to all of my friends. When my best friend had her first baby at 52, we were all worrying about what her postpartum health would be like. She did the full treatment with LisaMarie (21 days of abhyanga massage and Energy healing) and she sailed through the postpartum period like it was nothing and has been so physically strong and mentally stable since. I cannot recommend Lisamarie's services highly enough!



Lisamarie saved my life!! The experience of healing is not a one step process... Nor is finding balance in your life a one size fits all cure. This is the magic of the work done by Lisamarie.

As I struggled to emerge from a foreboding darkness-seeking to regain light and hope in my life ,the decision to utilize Lisamarie's special talents was easy. Nothing else had worked. Traditional talk therapy had long ago lost its allure .I needed new and powerful tools. I would never have been open to trying the less conventional had the darkness not so fully engulfed me.

Lisamarie gently but fervently guided-mentored-taught me that a peaceful place of balance was not only possible but was where the universe wanted me to be . It was the place that nature had designed for me.

She began by explaining her practice. She showed tremendous compassionate insight into the way my own mind was creating my own pain. As I became more comfortable, she presented me with powerful spiritual counseling far deeper then therapists that I had wasted so much time with. Those insights resonated with profound truths time after time that I just could not ignore.

From the guidance of her words we transitioned into the teaching of breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Deep proper breathing had an immediate effect. It calmed the mind and moved the body into a balancing process. Meditation took a bit longer but once I made it a short daily practice , my outlook on life opened to a new form of hope. She then personalized a seven session experience of soft massage and an amazing treatment called Shirodhara. This ancient practice of warm soothing oil to the forehead puts you in a relaxed state akin to being lost in a dream. It not only restores your body but opens your mind to a deeper place of awareness. Additionally, she ordered special natural medicine directly from India that taken daily complimented the Shirodhara sessions.

I would still be lost and hopeless had I not had the great fortune of finding Lisamarie's comprehensive healing services. She is without question connected to a higher power!! She brings that higher spirit connection to each and every client. We benefit from not only her expertise but also from her more highly evolved awareness and connection to the spirit world that I now believe is waiting for us all to find. She knew things about me that I wasn't even aware of or able to see.

I cannot more highly recommend her services. Your body, your mind and your life deserve the attention that Lisamarie gives to you. She will lead your journey to the balance that the universe has made open to all willing to seek.

As a  teacher of over thirty years , I wish my students could learn and know all I have learned from this wonderful teacher and healer.


 After several major stressful events in my life, I fell into a deep depression...I was despondent, crying all the time.. and unable to get out of bed and had relentless fatigue. A friend highly recommended Lisamarie because she had great results with her and told me she would be the one to HEAL me. I met Lisamarie and instantly knew i was guided to the right place! She was so kind, compassionate and caring and I felt instantly comfortable with her....I felt "drawn" to her for some reason I couldn't explain. She assured me that my journey would change with some Ayurvedic treatments and meditation techniques. She did 7 days of the Shirodhara treatment and Ayurvedic massage and her Energy Healing. After the first treatment I could feel the darkness lift and I was finally able to get a restful sleep! On the 7th day I was back to myself again..a re-found energy, peace of mind, and happiness! I owe Lisamarie my life! she also spent many hours spiritually counselling me which gave me HOPE to move forward. I've also been to her 2 times for a painful knee and hip problem..she just healed the pain in 1 session with her hands. She has miracle hands! I highly recommend her to anyone having the same issues. Marylou T.