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EffortWise with Dave Wolovsky

396 5th Street
Brooklyn NY , 11215
United States

Next level negotiating!!!

Dave helped me crack the ceiling of negotiation. I had thought I was maxed out in terms of the compensation I could get on my consulting contracts, but working with Dave for only about 3 months showed me that I could get paid more, while creating even better relationships with my managers. In my first negotiation with Dave on my side, I got 3.5x the initial raise offer, plus a day off every week. This stuff really works!


Working with Dave was incredibly eye-opening. He really helped me recognize some old patterns and also the work we did helped me shift a very important relationship in my life for the better. Thank you Dave!!!

Helped me out of a professional rock bottom

I was having an extremely challenging time at work particularly with my supervisor. Dave’s coaching helped me to shift my own approach and beliefs towards the dynamic and I was really pleased to see things improve at work quite quickly. Especially in the day and age of remote work, having extra support from Dave to help me show up as my best self and armed with new tools to stay regulated has been invaluable.


Dave showed me how to explore some of my worst fears and then gave me the tools to rationalize and deal with those thoughts. I have used and practised his techniques since our session to help me through some difficult situations. It's stunning, life changing.

Dave is Great :)

Dave helped bring a fresh perspective and renewed optimism about my issue and gave me some great tools and action items on how to better approach a triggering person/situation. It was a very unique but tailored approach and he always made me feel comfortable, supported, and empowered. I highly recommend his services.

Instant Processing

I found the experience w Dave Wolovsky very helpful in giving me clarity in regards to a point of conflict I was feeling. I was already familiar with some of the Techniques Dave uses, However his eclectic approach is unique and has produced a shift in my perspective and a calming effect in a short period. I believe Dave's mixture of science based techniques are very helpful and effective and would definitely recommend it to others.

Co Worker

I am amazed at how the techniques really helped me with a difficult co worker. I am a coach/therapist myself and use techniques similar to Dave, but the way he structures it and the way he uses the techniques was another level. I felt completely at ease and he managed to build rapport and trust in minutes with his manor. Now going into work, I am able to put into practice what he taught me, and it has completely changed the situation, my co worker who was once hostile now couldn't be more friendlier towards me, it has completely changed the dynamics, I would thoroughly recommend Dave and would definitely use him again myself if the need arises.

Believing in myself

At first I was a bit skeptical and felt really vulnerable signing up, but I felt so calm and empowered today during a meeting with my boss, that I have to attribute to our last session. Our mantra, "I know what I am doing," has been playing in my head for the last 48 hours and I finally believe that I actually do know what I am doing.

What the world needs now... is Dave and love

A friend passed along Dave's information about a short coaching program. Since I had just started working remotely and was glad to have found something rather perfect for my new lifestyle, I was interested in participating in something that would help me reconnect with myself and goals. Even after the first session, I felt more alive and glad I had followed my intuition to sign up. It was exactly what I needed: a simple, straightforward way to become more aware and grounded while going through a very odd time. After completing the program, all I can say is, wow. He listened to me, in a way that made me feel comforted because I could feel I was being taken seriously and because he's completely tuned in and attentive to energy and connections, and he was able to hone in on what I was getting at, but couldn't identify myself, and come up with an action plan to make me feel more alive. It's one of those gifts from the universe I'll never forget and will always go back to and remember the wisdom I gained.

Compassionate guide

Every year I go through a cycle of feeling affirmed in my life choices to feeling like I should/could be doing something completely different and "grabbing my life by the horns." Dave helped me dig into my thoughts surrounding wanting to make a lateral career switch and realize that my desire to produce art was linked mostly to a desire to express myself freely, which can be accomplished no matter what career path I choose. With his help, I created and implemented a plan to keep my current job while expressing my creativity both within the bounds of that job as well as taking up creative writing on the side. I recognized that creativity is often not a marketable nor supported skill, therefore I was in a unique and great position to support myself through my creative efforts. If you are looking for a compassionate, highly intuitive, and personable coach with a tendency to dig deep, I recommend Dave and aliveness coaching.

Immediate Results

I started working with Dave because I was feeling overwhelmed with my school work. I am currently in high school, and I've been thinking a lot about college, where I want to go, and if I'll be able to get in. I have also been taking advanced courses, and it has all been causing me a lot of stress. Working with Dave, I have been seeing that my happiness is not 100% dependent on my career, but that happiness comes from balancing all the parts of my whole self. Dave has helped me take action with effective techniques to find more balance and reduce my inner conflict. I have seen immediate results, and things just keep getting better as we continue to work together.

Incredible Support!

Dave has been an amazingly thoughtful resource for my daughter in helping her navigate school pressures without losing her mind. He has supported her in cultivating greater self-awareness and she is learning how to handle the normal bumps in the road with greater equanimity. I'm so grateful she's getting these tools at such a young age.

Thoughtful Sessions with Dave!

My sessions with Dave have been really helpful! He has a framework that he is working from, but he is not afraid to deviate and take on the issues I bring to him. We meet virtually, and I always feel very safe and comfortable. I can really open up. We get to the heart of issues I want to work on. He has been especially great in helping me with my relationships, habits, and dealing with transitions. I've been noticing changes slowly happening in my life. I'm now able to see through issues more easily and approach them in a more balanced way. To be transparent, I know Dave personally, but I imagine it would be less complicated and even easier to talk with him if I didn't know him before coaching. I'd recommend meeting with him to see if his style of coaching is right for you.

Refreshing and Insightful

As a person who likes to have a specific type of support team available for the moments in life when you need some guidance, when things feel a bit sticky or unclear of purpose, Dave has been a great addition. Using techniques that have safely allowed me to locate my passions and aliveness, I highly recommend his coaching program because of its holistic focus. He doesn't just help you achieve your goals. It's like he helps you become your own coach. I've found that my goals are easier to pursue through his framework. Dave has also been coaching my teenage son, who really loves having sessions with him. It is refreshing and insightful to work with Dave and his style of coaching.

Finding aliveness

Coaching with Dave was an enlightening and energizing experience. Through his guidance I was able to process what my personal avenue to aliveness would be. We worked to together to find out what aliveness meant to me and what aspects of my life already contribute to that feeling.

Something that struck me almost immediately from the first few minutes of conversation was being able to self reflect and understand what in my life truly gave me the feeling of aliveness. I didn't have to tools previously to reach this point on my own. However now, through activities done during the session and Dave's guidance, I have some tangible and cognitive resources to work with that are already helping me move toward fulfilling that which makes me feel alive.

In fact, something I value deeply was how I was able to realize I had a goal I'm trying to achieve and then identify, in real world terms, what that goal is and how to move closer to it. I also came to the realization that reaching full aliveness and achieving my goals are entangled processes. Working on the former naturally leads to the later. I had previous beliefs about what my life *should* be and Dave helped me understand not only potential pitfalls in my old ways of thinking but also suss out those parts of my personal history that did contribute to the sensation of aliveness.

One specific issue that was extremely helpful to address is my sense of having divergent sources of motivation that combined to annihilate each other. He helped me identify the part of myself that was striving to "live up to my potential" and the other part that mistakenly took my creative energies as antagonistic to my potential. What was surprising to me was the realization that that is a false dichotomy and that my creative energies power my feeling of aliveness which is, in fact, the real manifestation of my potential.

Dave is an excellent coach, and had an immediate impact on the way I think about my life, my goals and the feeling of aliveness. I'm better off from having met him.

I love it!

Dave is very sweet, and he makes you feel very safe. I wouldn't be where I am today without working with him. He helped me find a new job after I got laid off. What's more amazing is how he helped me stop suffering even before I got the new job. He helped me see that my relationship with myself was most important, and that I didn't have to kill myself looking for a job and take whatever came. He taught me to trust myself, and soon enough the perfect job just showed up. It was kind of amazing!

Help with my journey

I've known Dave for 4 years, and in that time, he has always been helpful on my personal development journey. Firstly, he is trustworthy, inspiring, and empathetic. Something that really makes him stand out is the way he listens to understand, extends empathy and recommends action steps that actually works. Secondly, he is passionate and believes in my growth. I highly recommend him as a coach.