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The Fesique Lab

43 Middle Road,Boon Sing Building, #06-00
Singapore Singapore , 188952

I joined Fesique Lab coz my sister wanted me to follow her. But after the first trial session i didnt think twice and immediately we signed up. The trainers here are well trained, certified & friendly guys with best equipments and clean environment. Its location is as such you will never go wrong finding it. The best part is you will pay for what you gonna do and what you wanna gain out of it. No additional charges such as membership fee, admin fee, etc...i must say each session is tough but its worth it. Jay being my personal trainer, he pushes and encourages me everytime i wanna give up and thats what keeps me going. Thank you Jay! Keep up you good work and i would strongly recommend whoever wants to seriously lose weight and look good The Fesique lab is the place for you..:)

Jay is a no nonsense trainer. He plans out your work-out routine and makes sure you follow-through on it. While the work-outs may be gruelling to someone like me cause I have never been a physically active guy, overtime I truly appreciate Jay’s approach. Thanks Jay and Fesique Lab.

I recently had slight slouching problem due to my long hours at work. I raised my concern to Jay from The Fesique Lab and 3 months from then, my posture has definitely improved. The equipments in this gym is advanced and is suitable for beginners to advanced trainees. I really like that about here A very big Thank You to Jay for constantly pushing me further despite my constant whining

I had an injury on my left shoulder and trainer Jay has helped to strengthen it throughout the period I was training with him. Saw results and he always motivates me to go further. I still have a lot more to go but I was very satisfied with the training and the results I saw. He will definitely help achieve your fitness goals!

Personalised training, quiet and love the facilities. Jay is a motivator, patient and committed to helping his students grow. =D

Jay belongs to a rare breed of trainers who combine a strong (pun intended!) knowledge of machines and muscles, with high EQ & motivational skills to push clients towards their fitness goals. Highly recommend TheFesiqueLab!

Everything I needed to know on building muscles and the importance of it. I'm a regular threadmill user. It was truly enlightening to learn some critical steps to take great care of my body and health, within in and out. Jay is the best! 5

Firstly... a big THANK YOU to The Fesique Lab! Before I chanced upon this gym, I tried to gym at one of those membership gyms, struggled with commitment and had no idea what I was doing. I said goodbye to my fruitless membership and decided to give TFL's personal training a shot. The 3 months with my trainer, Sebastian, were awesome!!! I felt motivated (and more accountable), safe, guided (even for my diet), educated in what's right, and best of all - I felt that the entire experience was very personalised and relevant to my lifestyle. Naturally, the results (the numbers don't lie) I saw within those few months were more than anything I've ever seen in my life and for a long time coming, I can finally say that I'm achieving my fitness goals! I have to add that the gym feels very welcoming and although hard work is definitely needed, I never felt I had to suffer in order to get results; I had fun every session! For those who feel stuck in an empty or futile gym relationship like I was, I really encourage you to make the switch and give TFL a chance to bring out a better version of you!

Had my first PT session .. Trainer Sebastian gave me a great workout!

Fantastic trainers make me feel at home every time I train here. But they never compromise on their training regime. They will squeeze the fat out of you for sure! You have to come down to check this gym out for sure!

This gym is the best ! With 36 sessions and in 7 sessions I am only 0.5kg away from my target. Seriously I haven't excercised in the 5 years I've been in sg and I feel fantastic no matter how tired I am from surgery. Fully fully recommend and I can eat whatever I want with no guilt ! Worth every second of my time thanks to the fantastic team at fesique and thanks to my trainer and my only brother Alex !

Stan the man was patient with me, telling me exactly what I need to do to strengthen those quads and glutes. I had a PCL total tear a year back and the man was able to go thru step by step training that goes in line with my physiotherapy. Highly recommended.

The Fesique Lab is a new gym recently opened ! A Gym with a few Personal Trainers. My Favourite Trainer would be Jay Devaraj. His training programme tailors to suit his client needs. Weekly targets were set to track his client progress and they were used to adjust the intensity of the workouts based on how well his client body was conditioned. Each session is tough, but his words of encouragement is what keeps his clients going when they are on the brink of giving up. He will also patiently explain and demonstrate before each exercise, so as to prevent injuries and to attain the desired outcome from it. Coupled with his diet advice, the training was made more effective. I Strongly recommend giving the Fesique Lab a shot !