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Fearsome Fitness

Flat 65 Heathcroft, Hampstead Way
LONDON London , NW11 7HL
United Kingdom

Varied and challenging work outs

No two sessions are the same. They work on different areas of the body and makes sure that you are hitting the areas that you want to target. This keeps this interesting, never boring and always challenging

I'd be lying if I said I always look forward to his classes because I don't - they push me to the max and they are tough but the feeling after is one of elation.

If I don't have time for anything else that week, I know that I have had a super tough work out and I always feel great for it. I also like how he takes the time to research things that I ask him about like exercises to improve posture or other random fitness things I quizz him on. I might yell 'I HATE YOU' about 50 times during my session but in truth he is also a thoroughly lovely chap.

Triathlon Coaching

Tom is a great accountability coach. He took me from zero to my first IRONMAN this year. I like working with Tom because he also takes part in events so has firsthand experience of the highs and lows of training. Because of my schedule, online training is the best way for me to stay on top of my training. Looking forward to a big season in 2018!

Get you race ready

Tom literally saved my race. A busy schedule meant the training time for my first triathlon was limited. Tom he was able to design a programme that worked for me and my busy schedule. He literally help me cross the finish line in a respectable time! You would be mad not to train with him!

Ironman coaching

Tom coached me to the start line of Ironman Barcelona in Sept this year, I know without a doubt that working with Tom was the best decision I could make in my training and preparation for this challenge. Tom's approach to training ensured I built up my fitness and preparation for the race in a considered and progressive way that enabled me to stay injury free and complete the race, and most of all to enjoy the experience. I'm looking forward to working with Tom into next season where I'm confident that, with his help, I will continue to smash my goals!

Pushing you beyond your limits

With weekly sessions and a scientific training plan, Be Fearsome has managed to get me within about 18 months from no sports (at all, really) to competing in triathlons and running for distance as well as speed. He is an extremely good sparring partner, who knows how to both support and challenge you.

Marathon Training!

I can't thank Tom enough for all the support (both physically and mentally) he gave me in the run up to my marathon. He put together an excellent training programme, and took the time to explain exactly why we were doing certain sessions and how they would benefit me on race day. Communication was great throughout and he was always able to put my mind at ease. When I was running with Tom he pushed me harder than I ever would on my own and seeing my pace speed up every week was a great feeling. The sessions were varied, challenging, but most importantly, enjoyable!

Highly recommended

Tom is highly motivated, always well prepared, and very knowledgeable. My fitness has improved dramatically since we started working together a year ago. I’d recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness.

The best there is

The sessions are one of the highlights of my week - the training plan is effective, you see results, a plan designed completely around you and what your goals are and really maximizes the plan based on your abilities. The sessions are both challenging and fun. And on top of all of of that, just a great person to spend some time with. I recommend him in every sense.

Want to get fit..then talk to Frearson..

It’s so tricky to work out who is really good in the over saturated PT space, but Tom has made it easy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom for the past yr+, and im so pleased I took the step to sign up. Creative thoughtful sessions based not around fads or latest trends but based on getting to know you as a person, your motivations and your realistic goals. He’ll push you hard, won’t take any weakness, but offers great support and insight along the way. You’ll feel supported, invigorated and bloody tired after every session but it’s always worth it. I dread to think what he has planned for me every week, but never feel better after the hour is up, I’m on the floor drenched in sweat, and looking forward to doing it all again next week! Sessions are a mix of body weight, pads, bags, runs and boxing, and 100% adapted to your specific set of goals. Whether it’s to get stronger or build some definition, lose weight or attempt your first 5k, Tom has the ability and adaptability to help you along the way.