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Reach Fitness Training

2440 Main Street
Vancouver British Columbia , V5T 3E2

Reaching My Goals

I've been training with Reach Fitness Training on Main St since October. It's a simple facility that's able to trim the fat of a conventional gym setting and focus on what really matters - each individual client. Paul is a great motivator who provides fantastic explanations, demonstrations, and builds comprehensive programs based on client needs. We've been rehabbing a knee injury and in three short months my quality of life has greatly improved and I'm able to be active again - safely. In addition, he's very knowledgeable about nutrition and has helped me get my diet in check to be able to maximize results.

Results and a Great Experience

I started working out with Reach Fitness Training when I crossed the 200lb line in 2013. I had been a fit athlete all my life, and had a gym membership at the time, but the corporate life and work travel had taken over and I needed more structure to my fitness. It took me three weeks to get used to the mornings, about 6 months to get back to a fit and stronger 180lbs; and I continued attending the Mon/Wed/Fri mornings group sessions for another 2.5 years. It’s a nice mixed crowd of positive people every day. Myself and a colleague now work out with Paul privately two days/week, while attending the odd group class. Thanks for the help and support Paul!

Paul's The Best!

Paul knows the film industry demands that I be fit and healthy in order to look good on camera and perform well for extensive shoots. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work has provided me with the perfect scenario for success.

So Much Stronger

What a great experience! Certainly everything I could have asked for. The atmosphere of the gym is friendly and incredibly welcoming. Paul is professional, courteous and a genuinely great guy. He worked with me to develop and program and a meal plan and is always focused on helping me achieve my goal. I always look forward to our sessions (despite the pain that tends to follow haha) and I would absolutely recommend Paul to anyone looking for a great personal trainer.

Healthy and Loving Life

I've seen Paul for six years now. He keeps me motivated and working hard even when I'm not in the gym with him. Before deciding to get a personal trainer I was doing minimal exercise and didn't know where to begin. With Paul's guidance I gradually became stronger and more confident in myself and this helped me see how much I could really do. I went from doing almost nothing to having four half marathons under my belt and hopefully a full marathon in the near future!