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Restorative Movement Training

Costa Mesa California , 92627
United States


The most difficult challenge about writing a testimonial to the exceptional work done by William Murtha, trainer at Equinox gym in Huntington Beach, is making it real and not sounding like a big puff piece.

For me, he has greatly improved flexibility, balance, and strength. But the greatest work he has done is with the lack of cartilage in both of my knees. I've seen two orthopedics in the past who pretty much offered no solutions to restoring cartilage and eliminating pain.

William has put me through a number of physical exercise routines that basically resulted in knees working normally with no pain.

If you want to gain physical activity -- turning back the years -- give yourself a boost: try William Murtha.

Testimonial #9

Will is the best! He was my personal trainer for a few months before he moved out of my area and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I trained with him. His workouts catered to me and the abilities I wanted to develop. I continue to use the techniques and skills he taught me and they've helped me reach goals, such as doing a handstand. I would recommend Will to anyone. :)

Testimonial #8

I've been training with William for almost 2 years now. He has never failed to motivate and support me in this weight loss journey. He tackles all aspects of your health and is always available for advice. He will push you to your limits because he knows exactly what you are capable of. Without question one of the best decisions I've made for my health and well-being.

Testimonial #6

I was a first time gym memeber. Will helped me gain knowledge and techniques to navagate the gym and nutritional intake. I had the tools to gain a healthy lifestyle. I became leaner and stronger, decreased my back pain and felt better. Thank you Will

Testimonial #7

I've been working with William for a few months now and I'm super happy with my results. When I first started training with him, I had really weak ankles that were prone to pain and tightness. He's worked with me to strengthen my ankles and balance, I've increased my hydration, decreased body fat, and increased muscle mass. I'm also very open with him about what I eat and drink during the week and he doesn't make me feel bad about it at all, but rather finds ways to balance it out. I'd recommend him to any of my friends and family!

Testimonial #5

William was an excellent trainer, he helped me focus on strengthening muscles to help relieve pain from old injuries. Thanks to him my quality of life has improved.

Testimonial #4

I had Will for a personal trainer for about a month and although it was a short period, I was able to see improvement in strength in the short amount of time. He really listened to me about the areas I wanted to focus on and I was happy with the results!

Testimonial #3

William has key insight into health and movement. If you’re looking to make a healthy move and direction toward bettering yourself then give him a try. He’s very communicative and an honest trainer who cares about your goals.

Testimonial #2

Absolutely LOVE William and the training/ advice he’s given me. The Restorative Movement has been such an amazing addition to my lifestyle and routine. I’ve been inspired to add more weight training to my routine, I’ve learned new ways to relax and stretch to gain more flexibility. I’ve also been encouraged to watch what I eat more, take charge of my portions and to try new foods/drinks and supplements.
Coming from someone who has had constant back pain and tight muscles...following William’s trainings, guidance and advice has helped me immensely. I will never go back to my old ways!
William takes his time to do his research and compile a list of workouts/diets to suit each person’s lifestyle and diet. I have had many times where I questioned certain supplements and proteins, and William has helped me understand all the thousands of options available and steer me into the right direction that best suits me..... Thank you!

Testimonial #1

This is great the blogs have some good information that can help you along you journey anything from sleep to alternative protein sources. It can help give you the knowledge to improve and stay focused on your fitness goal. Also a great trainer with lots o knowledge. I especially like how he encourages you to be consistent in your training, but at the same time won’t grill you if you miss a workout due to life events, work, etc. I have gained 10 lbs since working with the coach, 135-145, and know that I will be able to continue improving. I would also like to say that I have never had a trainer that tries to help his clients so much. He will adjust your nutritional goals to allow your body to run as best it can. Anyway great guy, great blogs.