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Eugene Pet Nanny

Eugene OR , 97404
United States

Tasha is AMAZING with cats - and an awesome person as well!

Our experience with Tasha has been more than wonderful, and our babies all love her! We have three long haired cats that were desperately in need of a groomer, one of which cannot be transported due to confinement anxiety.
Tasha made them all feel very comfortable, and we think our boy Jasper (the one with confinement issues) might just have fallen in love with her... as have we all.
I cannot say strongly enough what a positive experience it has been for all of us, and we wholeheartedly recommend Tasha for her services, kindness, and level of consideration and care for the kitties.

The Very Best!!

Words cannot describe how wonderful it feels to come home from a trip and find our kitties so relaxed and content! I've always worried about them when we were away...but not since I found Tasha. I know that she loves them as much as we do. She truly has an "animal soul". This is her calling. She doesn't look at her critter homes as "just another job". So glad we found you...Tasha!!

Tasha is nothing short of amazing!

Tasha is nothing short of amazing! I have a Maine Coon that was in desperate need of grooming, thankfully I was referred to Tasha. Her calm demeanor and knowledge kept my fur baby as well as me calm throughout the entire process. Let me tell you, Tasha knows what she is doing! Her compassion for animals is over the top. From my first email to inquire about her services followed up by text messages as well as telephone calls show what a true professional she is. I had complete trust in her that the comfort of my fur baby was her number one priority and she did not let me down. I will be forever grateful that I found her and will never have to worry about my babies care again. We love you Tasha!!!

I've been honored to know Tasha for several years

I've been honored to know Tasha for several years, since my first donation to Life 9 Rescue, and noticed from the first moment we met that I was in the presence of someone with a truly golden heart for animals. She has been an inspiration to me in my own limited efforts to make life easier for the creatures I encounter in my life.

When she launched Eugene Pet Nanny, I instantly knew I wanted to partner with her in the care of my three indoor cats (Bud, China, and Chevy) and the two strays (Fifi and Coda) that have chosen to grace our backyard.

She is authentic, honest, respectful, compassionate, kind, reliable, detail-oriented, organized, flexible, dedicated, skilled, thoughtful, and completely trustworthy, When my husband and I needed to be out of town, she looked after the 'kids', made our home appear occupied, spent a great deal of time with the cats, sent us photos of their happy faces, stayed in touch, and a multitude of little things too numerous to mention.

Bud and China are seniors with chronic health issues that require twice-daily medication; we knew they were in caring, competent, devoted hands, and there are not adequate words to describe what a relief it was to us to know she was there.

She noticed some troubling symptoms one morning in my littlest cat, and promptly contacted me. Because of her quick response to what she observed, and her training as a vet tech, China was seen and treated for a painful UTI that day.

The cats love her, and so do we.

I have so many amazing things to say about Tasha

I have so many amazing things to say about Tasha but ill start with the fact that i am so incredibly happy i found her to watch my babies during the day!. From her initial visit she was so attentive and asked me so many questions about my fur babies to make sure that she knew everything possible! She came to visit my babies 3x a week and spent an hour snuggling, playing, and giving them lots of love! i always received pictures from her and she always gave me updates. I really felt that she cared a lot about my dogs and she always made sure that i knew my pups were safe! I would highly recommend to anyone because she is someone you can trust to take the best possible care of your pets!

The best feeling ever...

So we just went out of town for the first time in over a year and a half, and we used Tasha at Eugene pet nanny and it was the best! The best time because were able to relax and know that our cats were taken care of, she came twice a day gave them medicine and food, she talked and played with them she just took care of everything. She watered my fuchsias for me because was really hot this week. She checks the mail and keeps an eye on the house. We can’t wait until we go out of town again because we know we will have somebody to take care of our cats and that is just the best feeling ever.

Tasha took wonderful care of our two cats

Tasha took wonderful care of our two cats and home while my husband and I were out of town. We especially appreciated her experience and expertise because our guys are getting older, generally grumpy, and one is diabetic. She obviously loves and understands animals, and that is reflected in her care and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caring, dependable, and all around lovely person to help with pet care!

I cannot say enough good things about Tasha!!

I cannot say enough good things about Tasha!! Because of the history of health issues with our precious kitty we have been scared to have her cared for by anyone but family or close friends. After reading reviews we decided to try Eugene Pet Nanny and Tasha exceeded our expectations! She responds quickly, came out to do a meet and greet before caring for our precious girl, sent us pictures while we were away, and connected with our kitty who is not a fan of many people. Tasha is forward thinking, such a kind person, and truly cares our furry family members. I can not recommend her highly enough. So grateful to have found Eugene Pet Nanny!!

We love that we can call on Tasha at any time

We love that we can call on Tasha at any time and she takes amazing care of our animals and our home. We have a variety of cats from crazy youngsters to a diabetic and an old lady with mild kidney failure. She is careful and compassionate and diligent with each and every one of them! We trust her personally and in her veterinary tech training to take great care of our sometimes medically complex fur babies. I would recommend her to any pet owner for care from the basic to the complicated.

By far the best pet sitter I have had

Tasha, Eugene Pet Nanny, is by far the best pet sitter I have had in the last 20 years. I have had a slew of different people caring for my pets: friends, coworkers, pet sitters from Craigslist, and from other on line groups.
She has veterinary medicine background, coupled with profound empathy. She is also very organized. I knew from our initial meeting that she has all the bases covered: attention to care of your home, the pet environment, keeping your home clean, and of course, immense love of your pets.

I had her for 4 visits a day and it was so worth it! I have 4 chihuahuas and one cat. My very senior dog had a medical emergency while I was in Hawaii. Her keen eye and good judgment saved him! She took him to the ER where I was later reunited with him.

Thanks to her, all my babies and my home was cared for impeccably. I could not have ask for a better person! This is not a side job for her this is her life’s work.

I am so grateful.

Tasha is a true blessing!

Tasha is a true blessing! Our feline fur baby is nearly 19 years young and has a few health issues that requires subcutaneous fluids 2x a week plus a B12 shot. My partner and I have various disabilities that doesn't give us the best option of administering what our boy needs. We called on Tasha to be his nurse and she has truly been wonderful.

Having the option of in-home care for our boy has changed our (and his) world for the better. The stress of the carrier, car rides and the vet every week is no longer necessary! Tasha comes to our apartment twice a week and brings a warm, soft blanket just for him. She really takes the time to connect to our fur baby and she takes the time to connect with us as well.

Tasha answers any questions to the best of her ability. She's intelligent, patient, incredibly caring and professional. You can tell that she has a deep passion for animals and a lot of training and experience that has given her the tools she needs to provide the very best care. She keeps in weekly contact, checking on our boy and reminding us of appointments as well as offering a different time for her to come in as her schedule allows.

Tasha has been my saving grace..

Tasha has been my saving grace during this ordeal with my sick kitty. I think what she does is brilliant and it's a real need for pet owners. She comes every 2 days to administer subcutaneous fluids as my cat is now too weak to endure such trips to the vet and she's more affordable too. Having her come to my home has really helped me preserve my relationship with my kitty because he doesn't connect me so much with the procedure and is calmed by Tasha's soothing and gentle manner.

She's great about texting to either confirm appointments or letting me know if she's ahead or behind which I really appreciate. She's come to my house at all hours, I don't think she ever takes a day off. I could tell in our first conversation how deeply she cares for animals and I really feel lucky to have found her. I highly recommend using Tasha to spare you and your best buddy from the stress and even trauma going to the vet when you can have someone like her provide in home care.


Tasha is the kindest pet lover you could hope to find! She has helped me out with tricky kitty issues like finding the right food and supplies to help save a baby with flea anemia. Just the fact that she knows which vet near me to go to for a dropper of a certain size makes her so much more than a pet sitter. She is a pet care professional. She has even coordinated care for an injured kitty who showed up on my door step when I had very little time to give. I trust her fully. She responds promptly to messages and offers advice freely once she knows your fur babies and what their needs are. I have no worries about planning a vacation knowing Tasha will feed and love on my fur kids while I am gone. And if my kitty were to get sick while I am away I could not hope for someone better to see the need and take my kitty to the vet in my absence.

What a delight!

Oh my gosh, what a delight! Tasha was fabulous with our "grand-dog" who is super cranky and know to bite! Clipped his nails, and shared with us information on nail health. What an aw some experience!

I had to update my review

I had to update my review: I had recently picked up a new foster kitty, and had taken her to two different vets, mentioning the same symptoms. It took Tasha two seconds to check the kitty after hearing what was wrong, and to realize what the issue was, something the vets hadn't bothered to check for. Thanks to Tasha's knowledge, the new kitty is much better, and she saved the rescue quite a bit in vet bills!

You can't go wrong with Tasha! She's great with all of my foster cats, and does a wonderful job from socializing to bathing and grooming. Working full time and taking care of everything at home doesn't leave me much time for anything else, but with Eugene Pet Nanny coming over once a week, life has gotten a little less stressful Her prices are very reasonable too!


I was super nervous about having my Willow's claws clipped. She's never had them done before and she can be a pretty nervous cat, especially around new people. Had to say, easiest experience EVER. Thank you for being so kind and efficient Tasha! Would definitely recommend her services to my friends and family.

Words cannot express how amazing Tasha was

Words cannot express how amazing Tasha was, taking care of our pets while we were out of town. Our kitties got excellent care and attention, the house was spotless, and they didn't seem to mind too much that we were gone! I HIGHLY recommend the Eugene Pet Nanny. She also did nail trims and a routine vet visit while we were gone! We will use her for all pet care needs from now on.

I cannot recommend Tasha highly enough.

I cannot recommend Tasha highly enough. I found her through an advertisement she had up just when I was needing to get my cat's nails clipped. Instead of taking him in to our vet I gave her a call and she came over and did it right here, which was so awesome! No need to get him into the vet and traumatize him (and us) trying to get him in his carrier and in the car haha. He is never happy for nail clipping so we have to have our vet office do it. She handled him so well. I jumped every time he hissed and growled but she just kept working with the calm and quickness of an experienced technician and within just a few minutes it was all done. Her prices are just right and inline with what you'd pay at the vet yet with the convenience of having it done in your home. For reference we have a Maine Coon cat that's 16lbs and very mean and scary when he's getting nails clipped, but again, Tasha totally handled his bad behind so if you have such a pet, she's your gal! Thank you a million times over Tasha, from us and Charlie kitty!

If you need anything regarding your pets...

If you need anything regarding your pets, this is the place to come to. Tasha is an amazing person when it comes to animals. This pet nanny will go above and beyond with your pets needs. No worries!

We are already thrilled with Tasha, owner of Eugene Pet Nanny.

We are already thrilled with Tasha, owner of Eugene Pet Nanny. She started coming in 3 x's a week to spend time with our 2 Labradoodles while we are at work about 3-4 weeks ago. So far they have been walking, doing fun puzzles and games, getting brushed/combed and getting lots of love we're sure. Tasha is very conscientious, asks questions about the dogs, and shows a real interest in what is best for them. She leaves detailed notes about the time she spends with them which we look forward to seeing. I've seen my girls with Tasha and they both seem to adore her already. Tasha is a true animal lover, so fortunate to have taken a chance on a new business and that we now have Tasha in the lives of our girls. Thank you Eugene Pet Nanny!

Tasha is my #1 go t for anytime I need...

Tasha is my #1 go to for anytime I need or anyone else needs help with their furry loved one!!!! Passion + Love + Knowledge = her work! She has come over and given Vet prescribed subcutaneous fluid to our older kitty that is in kidney failure. It was the best loving support I could ever ask for in such a tough situation. Having someone come into your home saves the stress & the trauma on you AND your pet. THANK YOU TASHA- WE LOVE YOU!!!

I've known Tasha about 10yrs

I've known Tasha about 10yrs and she is the most compassionate, and dedicated person I have ever met. You won't have to worry when Tash is caring for your pets. She's the best there is.

She is truly the best!!

She is truly the best!! She attended to each and everyone of my pet's needs and even administered sub Q fluids to my blind elderly beloved cat. She went the extra mile on him and trimmed his nails while spoiling him with a heating pad and some extras! � She gave our dogs special attention as well..... It doesn't get any better than Tasha for our pets needs!! Thanks so much for watching and taking stellar care of the fur babies and providing a worry-free vaca!!

We used Eugene Pet Nanny services on...

We used Eugene Pet Nanny services on our last family out of state trip. Tasha's services were excellent. We have 7 sweet fur babies and she did well with every one of them, from the uber social to the quiet and shy ones. We also have a diabetic cat and Tasha's medical background enabled her to not only do blood sugars, injections and special food, but also to keep pristine records of everything that happened to share with our vet as we adjusted blood sugars. What a lifesaver! What a relief to know our cats were well cared for and to come home to a clean, peaceful home on our return! I recommend Tasha at Eugene Pet Nanny for any of your pet care needs! She will quickly become like a member of your pet family!

It is a privilege to write a review for Tasha...

It is a privilege to write a review for Tasha as she launches Eugene Pet Nanny. We met Tasha soon after we arrived in Oregon. I immediately could tell that she was passionate about animals...and their owners! I needed additional help since my husband had to go out of town for a death in his family. Lucy and Shelby had never been alone and I really needed someone to come and play and walk them daily. She was great. Arrived on time, played and walked with the dogs and sent me a text during their time together. My husband and I can finally take a trip together knowing that Tasha is here. I couldn't be happier for all of us that need a hand with our children-the four legged ones. Please message me if you want any other info on our experience with Tasha!

Tasha is a very caring passionate person

Tasha is a very caring passionate person She has a ton of experience with animals I highly recommend her

Tasha is amazing for any of your pets needs...

Tasha is amazing for any of your pets needs and as a person!!