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Mantis Tours & Travel

Marina Eilat
Eilat , 88000

One of a kind Visit

Mantis tours did a fabulous job of organizing our 1.5 day trip to Petra from Eilat. Lior did a great job communicating with me prior to arrival via e-mail, and would respond same day. He met us at our hotel and brought us to the border, where he gave us specifics, a wonderful arrangement of fruits, and handed us off to Omar (the Jordanian border expert). Omar got us through with ease. He seemed to know everyone there! We piled into a van, driven by Mohammed. It was clean and spacious for the 4 of us. Mohammed answered what questions he could for us, was super friendly, and a great driver! We arrived to our hotel, which was called the Edom Hotel. It is a solid 3 1/2 * hotel. Their dinner and breakfast food was fine. The rooms were also fine. And staff was friendly.
We were lucky to be there on a night when Petra by night was available. I highly recommend it! Lior had our tickets pre-arranged. The next morning, we were met by our guide, Muin. Now he was out of this world AMAZING. What a treasure of a man. He was on time, respectful, and super informative on so many different topics (including Petra of course). His knowledge is above and beyond what you'd expect from a guide. He made our trip extra special, and we will always remember him and the donkey 474 express jokes he'd make. He took us up to the Monastery, which is totally worth the extra 3 hours you need in Petra. We were met by Lior again on the Israeli side of the border and he presented us with a little gift. Very sweet!

Overall, I highly recommend Mantis tours. It may seem sketchy because you have to hand over in cash your prearranged cost to Lior before crossing the border. But it is completely legitimate and you get what you pay for. We were a little worried about having so much cash on us, but Lior is trustworthy and you will get your once in a lifetime trip to Petra.
We went April 20, 2016.

3D2N in petra and wadi rum

Had a great tour with Mantis to Jordan from eilat. Lior was really patient with answering all our questions and doing his best to make sure we had a good time and got our money's worth. Also gave us many tips to avoid getting "BIG CHEQUE" from Jordanian. Lior gave us a lovely souvenir and our only regret is not getting a photo with Lior.

Great value for the tour, the hotel in petra was really nice and Petra was amazing. Worth the trip. Made border crossing easy on both sides. Recommend a 3D2N because you save money on a visa and get to explore all of petra (it's huge). Remember to get water on the bus to petra though!!

Thanks again Lior and I hope your business does well!!

Enjoyable one-day Petra Tour by MantisTours

We really enjoyed our one-day tour to Petra. Mr. Lior Lev was really helpfull and friendly. We were well informed about the timetable, arrangements and other important things. It was so sweet that Mr. Lior Lev gave us even little surprises!

The group was small and our guide was excellent too. We had a nice lunch together. The one-day trip was a long enough for us.

I made a trip to Jerusalem with a different tour operator and that trip was terrible. Too big group, no one explained properly what would happend next, we didn't even have a time for a lunch.

Trust us, if you want to go to Petra, this is an excellent choice!

Well run tour with small group sizes

My wife and I hired Mantis for a two-day tour of Petra and Wadi Rum (from Eilat) in March 2016. To save on Jordan visa costs, we stayed in Aqaba a second night after the tour was over. I believe the people who wrote bad reviews had tours booked for days when Lior was unconscious in the hospital. We had no difficulties getting in touch with Lior.

We generally don't like hiring professional tour companies since we find them limiting. Despite being tough customers, we were generally happy with Mantis.

1) Excellent Jordanian guides

2) Unbelievable location for the overnight stay in Wadi Rum - the Bedouin camp they arrange for you is amazing

3) Small group sizes - most people doing tours in Jordan from Eilat join one of the large groups like Fun-Time. We didn't want to be hostage to a big group and enjoyed the relative freedom and personal attention of Mantis. We visited Petra with 3 other couples and were completely alone at Wadi Rum.

4) Easy to work with - Lior is always available by phone and is very responsive. He was willing to accommodate our request to stay in Aqaba an extra night and helped us arrange to cross the border back to Eilat in the morning.

5) Cost - we shopped around and Mantis' prices were on the low end compared to other operators. There were other operators with similar prices, but no one else was cheaper and a number of operators were a lot more expensive.

We felt like the tour didn't leave us enough time in Petra. Lior suggested we stay an extra day, but we just didn't have the time. There are easy ways to give people more time in Petra on the two day trip, and I don't understand why Mantis doesn't adopt them:

1) On the first day of the tour, they have you leave Petra for a late lunch nearby at around 3:30. There is then a dinner when you arrive at Wadi Rum at around 7:00. It seems unnecessary to do two meals so close to each other. Instead, you could provide tourists with a boxed lunch or go to a restaurant when you arrive in Petra. You would then be able to stay in Petra until the park closes.

2) If you did Wadi Rum the first day and Petra the second day, there would be plenty of time in both places (since the planned activities at Wadi Rum last only half a day).

3) We lost a fair bit of time getting across the border on the morning of the first day. Partly it was because pickup was at 8:00 AM while other tours start at 7:30, so we were one of the last people to get in line at the border. Lior told us that we went on a day with unusually long lines. I would have been willing to pay a little extra for an earlier pickup so we could have been the first at the border.

Still, even with the negatives (inevitable with a professional tour company), we were both very happy. Mantis did a great job and we had a wonderful trip!

amazing trip to Petra by Mantis

I visited Petra on March 2016 with my boyfriend. It was amazing! Petra is so beautiful! Most important I want to say the great service that we got from Lior from Mantis Tourism. He explained to us everything. We also got fresh fruits and very nice souvenir when we returned.

Great tour to Petra by Mantis Tour

Great experience in Petra. Two days tour in the beginning of March 2016 was organized good, pick up on time, maybe longer time took place crossing a border to Jordan... but that , probably, is normal there... !
Petra is amazing and tour Local guy was very informative, stay in hotel next to Petra monument entrance... very convenient ! Great local food and friendly people, amazingly almost all of them spoke english !
Experience of live time ! Thank you Lior Mantis !

trip to petra- thank you so much

i would like to tjank to mr lior from mantis tourizm for the wonderfull trip to petra
the trip was on 8.3.16
the trip was very good ' the guide that mr lior arrange for me was excellent
the problem that i back in same day lior offerd me overnight in petra but i didnt take the offer and this was my mistake ..anyway thanks lior and hope to see you soon

Thank you for a great Jerusalem tour!

Очень хороший тур в Иерусалим

Very good tour to Jerusalem

Great Scuba Diving Experience!

Super Excursion to Jerusalem!

Sunny Eilat and magic Petra with Mantis Tours & Lior :)

Unforgettable experiences in Eilat and Petra thanks Mantis Tour and especially to Lior personally! Thanks Lior we visited many nice places in Eilat and tasted special Israel food. With Lior we visited botanical garden, dolphin reef, Timna park and Aqua Beach special place for diving and just for good relax. In Aqua Beach you will find very cosy bar with vegetarian food. We took two days tour to Petra and we had really nice time. Everything was very well organized - transport, tour guides in Jordan, hotel and meals. Once again thank you Lior and Mantis tour for nice trip:)!!!

An enjoyable Petra Tour from Eilat, Israel by Mantis Tours

We could not find any faults in this very enjoyable tours, we were given clear instructions from Lior before crossing over to Jordan . The tour guides were very professional. Value for money. We had a very enjoyable lunch of fish and chips ( hot from the kitchen) as they forgot that we are vegetarians that eat only fish . Happy with that special gesture of making some food for us on the sport.

Very good trip to Petra

Tour Was very good, Leor Was very Kind, explained every step of the trip and had a Little atention With fruits and a picture from us at the end. Jordanian guide and driver Were nice too. The only thing I dont like is STOPING in shopping places in the Way to Petra, but this is they business . Trank you Leor. ...


Everything was done according to the plan ☺ were picked up from the hostel and Bringing the border where the one and the other side at the check had continuous support. Only our group (just buying a tour of the Lord) was on the path a packet of fruit as a gift (three kinds of apples, mandarin and pear). Guide to Petra sympathetic ☺ after visiting Jordanian ate a delicious dinner ☺ After returning was already waiting for us, our lovable Lord, who sold us the tour with a surprise gift

Excellent tour & service for a memorable Petra trip from Eilat!

From pick-up to drop-off and all in between were done with great care. Very good guide in Petra. Scrumptious lunch after an active day. Considering that Petra is one of the most expensive places to visit, Mantis tours provides value for money - considering they are one of the less expensive tour operators. Highly recommended.

Maantis Tours, Eilat, Israel

Tour company is trustworthy, sticks to promises and times and are amongst lower end priced. English is great, Leor Lev had been our initial contact, came to hotel on set time and is great guy to spend time before and after crossing Jordanian border.
Company they work with had been very reliable, punctual, and tour guide Quisim is a knowledge treasure trove about many Jordan/Petra trips.