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Andy Hornby Photography

Although I am an experienced photographer this genre of photography (Street Model Photography) is very much a new adventure for me. In view of this I have to say that Andy's course is first rate & covers everything that you need to know about shooting models out in any environment. I learnt one hell of a lot & got some really great shots. A big thank you must also go to Miss Nancy (the model) who was an excellent & very experienced model.

Had a really enjoyable and informative day with Andy on the level 2 course. I feel much more confident now. Thanks Andy.

Had a great day with Andy for the Level 2 photography course. Great tuition & practicals and really cleared up many queries I had. All so much clearer now and looking forward to putting it into practice.

Did my first photo walk on Monday with Andy and really enjoyed it. Andy is very knowledgeable and approachable. Look forward to the next one.

I've been on two photo walks and a workshop. They are fun, friendly and informative. Andy is professional, happy to share his considerable knowledge and easy to talk with. These are highly recommended and I'm looking forward to attending more.

A great walk again on Monday, thanks Andy. Explored a bit of Portsmouth I hardly knew existed and I've lived here all my life.

Hi andy your workshop was brilliant and well put together. You made it very easy to understand and I learnt a lot. I will definitely enroll on level 2 when I can. Thank you very much


I was recently on a beginner's photography level 1 course with Andy and would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it. I found it easy to understand thanks to the way Andy communicated with us and I am now using my camera without using the auto function.

Testimonial #34

I attended the Tipner shipwreck and Old Portsmouth photowalks, summer 2018. I had a great time on both events. The walks were fun, easy going and informative, with a nice bunch of people. Andy was very personable and approachable, offering friendly insight and advice when needed, without being pushy or pretentious. I had a great time, learned a lot, got a load of great shots, and have no hesitation on recommending Andy Hornby. Keep up the good work, sir! Hope to join you again next year!

Testimonial #17

Great walk yesterday evening Andy. Many thanks. Hope to do some more soon.


I’ve been on a few photo walks with Andy and undertaken the Glass Ball workshops. I’ve enjoyed all of the events and have picked up new learning from Andy and others in the group. Andy is very approachable and takes time to explain things and has good knowledge about photography and camera’s that he doesn’t mind sharing. The walks are particularly good fun

Great find

I stumbled across Andy by chance on mother insta post and messaged the person they told me how to find the website and now have been on 2 walks and really enjoyed them. I have always had this underlying issue of going out photographing in public on my own. But in the group “there’s safety in numbers” and the issue goes away. Next time I am free I hope to take my daughter with me as she has been bitten by the photography bug and I hope she can be better than me.


Great event with some really interesting people. Andy could not do enough to advise and help and is a definite for future event. Thank you for a great evening.

I would like to thank Andy For showing us and organising this Photowalk. He was very professional in his meet and greet and was always on hand for those that needed help. 

 Thanks Andy for showing me the way to the Wreck, I’ve always wanted to know how to get to it without climbing over barriers and hurdles. 

Andy led a group of about 12 photographers on a photowalk to the old shipwreck at Tipner, Portsmouth. Until I joined this photowalk I hadn't thought it was possible to get access to the wreck. Andy gave us plenty of information beforehand about the length of the walk and the terrain we would have to cross to get to the wreck. He looked after us very well. The wreck itself was well worth the visit, I got some great photos. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can only say positive things about Andy... He gives up his time for free to not only locate great places to photograph but also to invite people out for walk abouts .. I have been on a couple of work shops the latest being wedding photography.. Andy always makes himself available at any time to give you help and advise .. A++++ from me. Thanks Andy for your commitment 

Andy is very professional. His approach to teaching photography is very easy to follow and replicate. Since I attended his workshop last month, I have managed to get some outstanding pictures and I truly believe that it is all thanks to him and his workshop. I Can't believe they are so inexpensive. If you are planning to take one of Andy's workshop, I would tell you not to hesitate. It won't be long until he puts his prices up (as he should do).

I am always interested in attending photography events with like minded folk. A friend saw that Andy was offering a Photo walk to shoot a rotting wreck in Portsmouth Harbour, so I signed up too. The event was free. About 10 of us wandered along a path I was not aware of and finally got to a great location for water shots, sunset shots and so on. Andy was with us, not teaching but available for advice if needed. The fact a professional photographer was prepared to offer this kind of event free was impressive. I think I would like to have paid something and received some useful tips, but the evening was fun and a few good pictures resulted.