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FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of MetroWest

251 W Central St, Ste 30
Natick MA , 01760


A stroke four years ago affected my balance and gait. Since that time I have been to a couple of rehabs with disappointing results.
My doctor suggested I try again.
When I saw balance on the FYZICAL sign, I thought maybe they could help me. After talking with Nancy the receptionist I decided to give it a try. Working with Alison has had a positive effect on my condition. She works me one on one concentrating on my balance and gait each session. My appointments are always on time and everything is very professional. I'm impressed,  James I.

Knee Pain/Patella Cartilage Defect

Alison helped me get back to my daily activities with ease. When I first came to FYZICAL, I was having a hard time moving around. My knee felt like it was going to explode! Week by week, Alison provided exercises that cut the pain and got me back to feeling me.
Thanks so much FYZICAL!


I came to FYZICAL because I had a problem with my balance. After 2 complete sessions I felt great. My balance is much better and I feel like I can walk without losing my balance. It is a great place to come to feel better. The staff could not be anymore accommodating & kind. Great people work here. I don't know what I would have done without Alison & Nancy.
Just a wonderful experience.

Shoulder Pain

Alison helped reduce my shoulder pain. When I first started, I could barely lift my arm without feeling excruciating pain. I couldn't participate in my boxing classes. Now I can participate
in a modified boxing class and complete all my daily activities.


I highly recommend FYZICAL Therapy in Southborough. Nancy at the front desk and Alison Cohen my therapist are very caring.
With the exercise sessions I've been doing I now have improvement in my balance and I no longer need a cane to
Thank you very much

Hip Pain/Gait/Balance

All of my experiences were very positive. My balance has improved immeasurably, as has my ability to control my leg muscles. My hip pain has disappeared completely.


I have Vertigo that occurs randomly. When I get dizzy it interferes with my daily activities, driving and general confidence navigating. This is the second time I have come in for PT to treat the symptoms. The PT helps the symptoms resolve. Within two weeks of treatment I am back to all of my activities including driving. Alison is very thorough, giving me exercises that allow me to progress in a manageable way. I am grateful to have found FYZICAL and Alison to return me to full activities.


My experience was great! Being pregnant I needed help with lower back pain! I was able to get stronger and learn how to keep my back pain away! It has made me much more comfortable and able to carry on with everyday life!
Thank you!

Abdominal/Groin Pain

I came to FYZICAL with a lower abdominal injury. It was bothering me so much that I was having trouble getting out of a sitting position.
With the stretches and exercises I was shown at FYZICAL, I was able to work on a lot of these at home. The therapists here are the best and are always listening and challenging you to work and improve your problem. Now, I feel back to normal thanks to the FYZICAL staff. Thanks!

Knee Surgery

Obviously not my first time here. Knee surgery was by far most difficult. Coming here on crutches & knee brace w/limited movement. Couldn't even drive. While taking baby steps. Three months later. Walking, driving, doing yard work and even playing golf. Yes this patient has to put in the work, But it is the therapists pointing you in the right direction. Although still limited due to the type of surgery, I am progressed way beyond expectation. Will be back in 3 months when cleared for more advance pt!!


I have never felt such immediate improvement in everyday functions, and absence of pain.
I recommend FYZICAL Therapy to all my friends. I am delighted with my results and the wonderful staff, and will be back to visit.  Bill R.

Knee Pain/Tendonitis

When I first began I had a lot of trouble running long distances and squatting due to pain in my knee. After about a month of PT and coming in 2 times a week, I am back to full activities. Thank you to all the drs and staff for helping me to a full recovery and making me feel at home!

Shoulder Pain

I started with pain in my right shoulder due to a pinch or a frozen shoulder.
I have improved so much from starting at FYZICAL.
Everybody I have met, have always been friendly and so helpful.
The shoulder has come a long way since, I first started, and made life a lot easier for work as well as my personnel life.
Thank you to everybody that has helped me along the way and given me tools to carry on in my own time at home.


I was a big mess when I first started. My balance was really off, I couldn't stand with my feet together eyes closed without swaying back and forth.
Today I am 100% better. I can walk much faster. I am able to walk up the stairs like a grown up & @ a normal speed. I love the ladies here at FYZICAL they have helped me tremendously.


Before Pt I had bad elbow pain, which prevented me from playing badminton. Playing badminton has been the only activity that has kept sane during this work from home situation. In the 6 weeks of PT I see great improvement to the point where I do not have any pain with playing badminton. This is just awesome and I would like to thank all the doctors here at FYZICAL who made this possible. 


Hip Pain

In December 2020 I had surgery for a labral tear and hip impingement. Prior, I had been running 20+ miles a week-"my time", that kept me sane! I was petrified of never being able to run again. The team here has helped me not only get the strength in my hip back but has gotten me through compensatory back pain. I am happy to report that I'm back to ~12 miles a week & feeling stronger every day! Thank you!!

Knee Surgery

When I started, I could not wait to walk without a limp after my knee surgery. I felt weak at that point after being on crutches for 2 1/2 months. You have all made such a difference in getting me back to a normal lifestyle in such a short period of time. I cannot thank you all enough! You are all wonderful personalities and very knowledgeable!
Thank you, Thank you!


A very difficult winter of serious infections left me with balance issues. After falling 2 times I started therapy at FYZICAL. The attention to my needs was excellent and I saw improvement after a few weeks. I feel so much better now and I am so happy I came here.

Shoulder/Joint Replacement

I had a shoulder replacement & prior to the surgery had difficulty reaching up & putting items on a shelf and taking them down off of the shelf. I had trouble hanging items in a closet and/or removing from the hanger. Regular movement was difficult, I couldn't reach my right hand to my left shoulder, use both hands to put body lotion on. Washing my hair was also difficult. Since doing my PT exercises, I have almost all my full range of motion again. I can wash my hair, brush my hair without having to flip my head upside down! I can put body lotion on, pull my socks up, things we easily take for granted in our day to day living. Thank to all the great Therapists & all your hard work that helped my hard work become so much easier. I tell people about you guys every chance I can! You're awesome!

Knee Pain

I came to pt originally in August of 2020 with a large amount of knee pain while do anything from the sports I play, to getting up and down the stairs. I have been coming here on and off, every week since then. Now I am able to go to all of my games without an ounce of pain, and participate in my everyday activities without worrying about my knee. All the staff here @ FYZICAL helped me so much.


I arrived confused, covered with fur & the named me Poncho.
:) on a serious wave.. Vestibular PT has become a known phrase in my vocabulary that's now associated w/healing & looking forward to feeling better with each visit to FYZICAL. Dr. Abelow & her team, their knowledge and skills, made each visit a great experience in spite of my multiple discomforts.
Thank you for your help & for your friendly professionalism.

Knee/Joint Replacement

My knee was not bendable but now it is. I did bends, did squats, the bike, ball, walking bends. My experience was good got me back to a normal routine. The therapy was great.


I had experienced a bout of dizziness lasting several weeks when the doctor sent me to FYZICAL in Southboro. After doing the exercises with Alison and at home the dizziness started to subside. At this time I get minor bouts occasionally. I found my therapist very helpful and competent. I plan to continue doing the exercises regularly to keep improving & prevent a return to the former condition.


My experience @ FYZICAL has been wonderful. Alison has been so caring and patient. I have learned to handle my tendonitis and exercise-so many different ways. My pain has so improved! I am grateful for such a positive experience and would recommend Alison and FYZICAL to anyone needing physical therapy.

Herniated Disc/Neck Surgery

I have been living with a herniated disc + severe sciatica for over 2 years and then finally had surgery in March, Alison has been so wonderful and instrumental on my getting stronger. She is so warm and enthusiastic. Her passion for helping others is very energizing!! :)
I now feel stronger overall and ready to continue the exercises on my own. I will miss my pt visits!

Hip Pain

Before arriving @ FYZICAL, I was experiencing hip/side pain. Long walks, often walking the next day was extremely painful w/pain shooting all the way down my leg. Sleeping (moving from side to side @ night), standing and even sitting was causing pain. The walking and not sleeping was the most troubling. After my 6 weeks I am no longer experiencing pain. I am able to sleep soundly, take walks again and go about my daily activities with little to no pain. I have also been able to start strength workouts again. I am feeling much stronger + able to do all exercises with no modifications.


I came to PT because I was experiencing dizziness & other vertigo related symptoms. After about 2 months of PT, my symptoms are 90% gone and I am no longer dizzy all the time.

Rotator Cuff Tear

It was a great experience. Before starting Pt I was dealing with a partial supraspinatus rotator cuff tear. It was painful throwing a baseball and doing many other activities. The pain would often wake me up several times a night. After several weeks of PT, strengthening and stretching the shoulder pain has been fully resolved, my strength is back to 100%, and have full range of motion. Many thanks to Alison and the entire FYZICAL team. I'm sure I'll be back when I have my next
injury- and I'm sure they will help.


Alison was such a huge help. I had some pretty tough symptoms I was dealing with and she really helped me work through them and encouraged me along the way. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Before coming to FYZICAL therapy I was having many vestibular illness and vision related problems. Even watching tv was a challenge. Now I am mostly symptom free and will likely get to complete a recovery from continuing the exercises prescribed.
Thank you so much!

Rotator Cuff Tear

I came here in so much pain and I could not move my shoulder or arm. Over the weeks @ FYZICAL, I gradually experienced less pain and increased mobility. Now I have both of those, but I'm working on increasing my strength. As much as I dislike "home work", doing the prescribed exercises at home have really made a difference. I thank all the
PT's I've worked with as they are a great group who not only know what they are doing, but are so nice and encouraging.

Hip Pain

Before physical therapy, walking normally was very uncomfortable and I started to fear I wouldn't be able to walk or exercise normally again. After having a rigid schedule of exercises and stretches, however, I started feeling like my old self and now I don't need to worry as much about hurting myself.

Neck Pain

I came into FYZICAL with neck pain that would bother me with bending and laying down. I have since noticed less pain bending, none laying down. I had limited range of motion, but now my range of motion is increased.

Low Back Pain

My experience here was just what I thought it would be-no more pain and more mobility!
I'm a quilter-which entails standing and cutting strips of cloth to sew into a quilt. It had become painful but now I am much more comfortable and know what I need to do to alleviate the pain.
I have been a patient several times for different ailments and all of my results have been the same-less pain and more knowledge for getting rid of it.

Shoulder Pain

When I came to FYZICAL therapy, I'd been suffering with shoulder pain for several years. I was having trouble reaching for things (putting away dishes overhead, reaching into the washer and dryer) and couldn't throw a ball with my kids. The final straw was not being able to take off my my shirt and sweater easily. Now after having PT, I am able to do all of these things. I wasn't sure how much mobility I would regain but I've been surprised that its almost back to normal.

Shoulder Pain

I dislocated my right shoulder for the second time, before joining FYZICAL. With the help of the PT Professional, I was able to recover quite well, restoring my range of motion, eliminating most pain (99%) and being able to resume day to day activities very quickly. The whole staff was extremely professional, courteous, and encouraging through the whole process. I would recommend FYZICAL to anyone out there and give them 10/10 for their services.


I had a wonderful experience with Alison. She was attentive and dedicated to helping me to improve my balance and leg strengthening. Much of the problem was do due to my sciatica which at this point is still bothering me. All the exercise's Alison gave me helped and I will continue to do them.

Shoulder Pain/Surgery

Following surgery on my shoulder for A/C joint impingement I could barely move my arm. Quickly I realized the benefits of physical therapy and of course FYZICAL was my first choice after having been been seen here previously for an ankle injury, neck/back problems. All of which have been resolved directly to the knowledgeable staff here and especially Alison who has always given 110%. And is friendly, knowledgeable and very caring.
My shoulder is now feeling 100% and I have regained my strength, have no pain and my life is back to normal again.
Thank you! FYZICAL!
Your establishment will Always be my first choice !!!!

Shoulder Pain

I came to get physical therapy at FYZICAL because of shoulder pain in daily tasks, especially driving with my left arm. With the therapists help and suggestions my shoulder pain has decreased. She even suggested a way to sit back more while I drive which it makes it better and will help me develop better habits.

Back Pain

Back in June I hurt my back carrying an air conditioner. My back would hurt when sitting as I work on a laptop 8-12 hours a day and would hurt when I stand up and took awhile for me to straighten out. That is when I came here at FYZICAL. Alison worked with me. She gave me different core exercises to do. After a few weeks I could feel less pain and eventually no pain.

Neck Pain

When I first came to FYZICAL, I had consistent neck pain and had resigned myself to always having a stiff neck. Within the first few sessions with Alison I felt significant change, and now I wake up with no pain at all. Alison was wonderful to work with-a constant source of support, positivity, and encouragement. I feel luck to have found her.
Thank you!

Hip/ Thigh Pain

When I first came to physical therapy (FYZICAL), I had problems shooting and passing a soccer ball up until a month after my injury. I decided I need to receive help for my injury and after a few weeks of PT with Alison I was able to play soccer games again with minimal pain/no pain at all.
I am happy I decided to get PT and now I am able to play the sport I love consistently.


The experience @ FYZICAL was great. I feel a lot better. The PT was very, very nice and took a lot of time with, compared to other physical therapy places. You helped me a lot. I would give people the name of this place. Thank you so much.

Shoulder Pain

I have never had an injury before, so when I got injured at work. I was extremely worried + didn't know what to expect. Before PT, I had trouble driving. I couldn't make my bed, or lift my laptop-my daily life was greatly impacted. Over the course of several weeks of meeting with Alison, I slowly + gradually made improvements + felt my daily life learning more normal once again. As my physical health improved + I began teaching my students again, I felt my mental health improve greatly. I am so thankful + appreciative of Alison and her team!
I am blessed to have had her help to feel 100% myself again :)


I had such a wonderful experience here. I went from having such a hard time moving my head before without feeling very dizzy to feeling much better now. I am truly grateful that I am able to get back to the things I loved doing before. Now that I have come here I am so amazed with the progress I have made.


I have found Alison very, very caring and helpful. This has been a good experience. I leave feeling stronger and much better- confident with balance. I wouldn't hesitate to return if need be.
Receptionist very welcoming-and helpful!

Hip Pain

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers have once again worked their magic and returned me to good health.
I came in for hip pain and ended up needing traction on my neck because of tingling in my right arm. I am so much better.
Thank you for excellent care.

Cervicalgia/Hand injury

Alison is a gem. She kindly assessed my physical issues and supported me throughout recovery. I made meaningful progress due to her thoughtful & client-centered approach.Big Shout out to Nancy, Lauren, & Slinky there's no better crew. 10/10 would come again!

Amputation Of Index Finger

On December 4th, 2020 I came across a work accident and unfortunately my left index finger had to be removed. When I first arrived @ FYZICAL I was a little sad due to my situation and thanks to Alison and her excellent staff I was able to get back on track as soon as possible. Thank you very much for all of your support and dedication, you guys made the difference.

Low Back Pain

Coming to PT I originally could not lift, bend or tie my own shoes. After my first appt I was skeptical about how much PT would help. But after my second and third appt my pain started to dissipate. After a few weeks I started to regain strength and eventually I felt confidence lifting and bending again. Today I feel great and there is no way I would have reached this point without my PT, Alison and FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. I will be forever grateful!

Shoulder Pain

To the entire staff, Thank you so much for helping me get my range of motion back and not being in so much pain. You all have been so understanding of my problem and have done an amazing job on my treatment. A special thank you to Alison for an amazing job on getting me to where I am now, the therapy and treatment she came up with was right On.
Thank you All

Hand/ Wrist

FYZICAL has been my place to find wellness. The staff model Dr. Abelow's excellence of service and attentive care for each patient. After my two hand/wrist surgeries they guide me with exercises that improve my hand motion.
I'm grateful for their knowledge, care and assistance.
Thank you Allison and Cheryl.

Hip Pain

I injured my right hip before the beginning of Covid. I was unable to do most activities like getting in and out of cars, bending forward, or even standing for more than 10 minutes. After following Dr's orders of staying off it icing it, heating it , stretching I was given a referral for pt from a new dr. By this time my hip had started to buckle and give out during any activity and I could not sleep! 4 months in PT while following exercises daily and I am able to hike, walk 4 miles, complete a full day as a teacher and enjoy yoga again without pain. Thank you for all your help! You guys rock!


I came because I fell after a sensation of tipping forward as I was walking fast, falling which I couldn't stop. My balance has never been good. Exercises have strengthened my core noticeably so I can hold myself upright in most conditions. Most recently I feel chin tucks are adding strength to my whole body and, correspondingly, have contributed to my stability even more.

Ankle/ Tendonitis

When I started I was in pain, now I am not! Dr. Tom explained everything very well.

Back Pain

Prior to physical therapy I had difficulty bending over, putting clothing on, sitting for long periods or standing long periods. I have been shown different exercises to increase the strength of my stomach muscles. I find it easier to bend over and able to sit for a medium amount of time. I plan on returning to FYZICAL for pt after surgery. As I have such wonderful success prior to surgery.

Frozen Shoulder

Never thought I'd do physical therapy.
But believe me it helps.
Hope to come back for balance later.

Total Knee Replacement

I had a total left knee replacement in Oct of 2020. I started therapy a couple weeks later. My progress was slow but steady. Alison was patient, encouraging + wonderful as were everyone in the practice.
I basically had to learn to walk again bending my left knee,. After 7 months I am walking fine.
This was a very good experience + I enjoyed working with Alison and Cheryl.
I would send anyone To FYZICAL.
Thanks for all your help

Neck Pain

Alison and the entire staff at FYZICAL are excellent and extremely welcoming. I was having trouble with neck pain + headaches and after my time here I have really improved. I was able to learn exercises I can continue after I leave PT that are easy and even fun! Thanks so much for caring and your patience and really taking an interest in each and every one of us.
Thank you!

Foot & Ankle Pain

The staff was great
They really helped with my foot and listened to what I said.


I came to FYZICAL after a year of pain after a fall. The therapists were terrific assessing my needs and evaluating the problems I experienced. I felt the wholistic approach so that my treatment was integrated into my daily movements. I've been able to see the improvements in flexibility and balance through my time at FYZICAL. Exercise regimens were tailored to me and my ability to continue them at home.
This treatment was also caring and provided me in a way that made my treatments more enjoyable! My thanks to Amanda along with Alison and Dr. Cheryl!

Hip Pain

I came in with R hip pain. I had started PT in Alaska. Where I live, I wanted to continue during my 3-week visit in Massachusetts. I experienced some increased range of motion and decreased pain during the 3 weeks.

Back Pain

Nice people. Nice place to go for therapy.

Back Pain

I will have to say, I was struggling to get more than an hour of sleep, and that has improved greatly. I could not roll over to get out of bed without causing pain and with the help here I can get up from a lying position without restriction 90% of the time. There is still some things that come and go, and some activities I still have to do with care, but the day to day limits have expanded a lot compared to when I started treatment. Sleep improving has given me energy to get out more and do activities I love (like walking the dog!) and has improved my recovery time to continue the next day.
Thank you to all of you who work with me!
Very charmed to have met you all.

Knee Pain

-My right knee was extremely tight and painful. Through stretching, massaging, & strengthening we were able to rehabilitate it.
-We then moved to work on both knees to get in shape for more prolonged walking (golf) and tennis. Both knees are now in working shape for both tennis and golf.
-Next steps are on-going stretching and strengthening work.

Foot Pain

I had pain in my left food while running or playing badminton in the backyard. The pain was bad in the morning stepping off the bed. I have been trying things on my own first without any success. My doctor recommended FYZICAL & I am glad I came over even though it is 20 mts drive for me. Amanda did the diagnosis & then Alison did an excellent job in getting me slowly increase my activity through various strengthening exercises, which has greatly improved the pain level. I am more comfortable now with running, playing in the backyard. And, most importantly I don't have pain while running and playing badminton. Also, I feel like my ankle that I twisted about 20 years ago, is stronger now with all the strength exercises. Alison is caring & made me comfortable always. Thank you Alison and FYZICAL!

Ankle Pain/Sprain

When I hurt my ankle roller skating I was nervous my new hobby would be over so quickly, but with Alison and Cheryl's help I truly feel I have recovered from my sprain stronger than before, and with more tools and exercises to stay strong and agile. Now I am looking forward to gardening, returning to work and roller skating this summer, and I couldn't be more thankful. If you have hurt yourself, teaming up with the therapists at FYZICAL will change your life. I'm so excited with what my body can do again :)

Wrist Pain

My first visit was due to wrist pain when using a twisting motion. Now 6 weeks later so pain and wrist feels better and stronger than before. The key thing about FYZICAL is the staff. At all times they are welcoming and friendly. They remember key information about you and seem to really care about their clients. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Thank you to all!

Back Pain

Before physical therapy, I was having trouble walking without excruciating hip pain. There were a few moments where I paused walking down a hallway in my home and just cried because of the pain. With my husband's encouragement I started PT and started to feel hoping the pain would get better, and it did! Working with Dr. Amanda, we did exercises each session to help my outer and inner hip pain. After just a few sessions I saw a dramatic improvement in the pain in my hip. We took measurements of my strength and movement to see the progress made, and I was always made to feel comfortable during exercises. Each session began with a gentle massage, then exercises, then heat applied to the area.
Now I'm able to walk with my son husband and son to keep active at 33 weeks pregnant and I am so thankful for having such great care here! Thank you for helping to make this pregnancy so much more comfortable and less painful. You guys are the best!


I recently discharged from PT at the Natick location for my shoulder. Everyone in the staff from the front office, the technicians and the physical therapists are so warm, professional, and caring. I had apprehension about face to face care during COVID but after being there for the 1st time all those concerns vanished. Everything is disinfected after every client and there was enough space to keep social distancing. I had the opportunity to work with all three therapist which was super helpful as they all have their on style and suggested exercises and strategies that complemented the overall treatment plan, so it always felt like smooth continuum. Personality wise they are the nicest bunch and their care concern for clients comes across every time. I hope I don't need to get PT again but if I do FYZICAL in Natick will be my 1st call. Thank you so much!! Sandra

Neck Pain

I found Fyzical on Google after I was recommended to see a physical therapist by my doctor. My most recent neck injury had me so stiff I needed to turn my entire torso to look left or right.

After my first few visits I could tell that the daily exercises the staff recommended, coupled with the 1-on-1 therapy was really making a difference. Fyzical's staff was attentive to my every movement and provided the right corrective instruction to help get me on the path to being 100%.

The staff is compassionate and knowledgeable. They are thorough with each client and you get a real sense of community once you enter their doors.


When I came for PT 4 months ago, I was a "physical wreck." Pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, soreness, restricted movements, and impaired wellbeing. My deteriorated physical condition was caused by a seriously deteriorated right knee, afflicted by rheumatoid arthritis for many years. Now after several PT sessions, e-stim, laser, and thoughtfully planned exercises for me here and at home, my wellbeing has greatly improved. The benefits of PT and exercises have enabled me to function more naturally and normally. I am having surgery for the unrepaired knee soon. Thanks to Alison, Joe, Cheryl, and Amanda, PT is really life changing.

Balance & Neck

I was sent to P.T. at Fyzical for my balance & neck issues. I feel that the effort they put out to help me paid off. I do have more movement in my neck and I do feel I am steadier walking and going from sitting to standing. Thank you Alison for your patience and expertise.


I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very professional. My therapist was very helpful in getting me to achieve some balance goals. She made it challenging but I was very comfortable knowing she had great experience. I’d come back if needed and I would highly recommend Fyzical.


After many falls at home and feeling old and feeble. I know I needed to do something before I fell and really hurt myself. Amanda, Alison, and Cheryl have been wonderful and caring. So much so, I have decided to do my shoulder PT here after my total shoulder surgery. Even though its a 40 min drive for me. Thank you.


My experience at Fyzical Therapy was wonderful. The start of my trouble contained not being able to stand on my leg for long or being able to straighten my leg. I started my PT with Alison, she was great. Very polite and professional. I spent the rest of my PT with Amanda. She was very determined to get me well as fast and safe as possible. She was very kind and understanding. Rebecca at the front desk was very courteous and helpful. I would like to thank these 3 young ladies for their hospitality. Thanks, Shawn.


Low Back Pain

Before my first time here, I had very bad pain. Now I am feeling so great. Really a very nice job they did. Thank you so much.


Before PT I would get dizzy when walking in hallways. I didn’t have great balance at all. Now I barely get dizzy anymore and am confident when walking. I see so much of an improvement since coming here! Thank you so much Fyzical!


When I first came here for PT I could not move my shoulder and was in a lot of pain. Both Amanda and Alison helped me with providing simple but effective exercises. Within just two weeks, I have no pain and my shoulder is back to normal. Highly recommend PT.


I've been in physical therapy more often than most people and my last series of appointments at FYZICAL was great! The opportunity to work with three different therapists was perfect. They all agreed on the therapy, but had different perspectives about exercises and I learned from all of them.


Dr. Cheryl and her team of therapists are awesome and thorough in their treatment!! Dr Alicia was my main therapist but I also saw Dr. Amanda and Alison a couple times. I went in a few weeks after a full knee replacement in much pain. We started with conversation about the surgery, then a very soothing massage of the surgical area, stretches followed by exercises then ending with electro stimulation of the area which also was very soothing. I was always sent home with exercises on paper to follow. They are good listeners and kept record of my comments to refer to. After completing about 6 weeks of therapy I feel great! It is a well run practice. It is covid clean totally. Anything touched or used was sanitized right away. Everyone is masked. I would highly recommend Fyzical!


When I arrived at Fyzical I was in rough shape. I was only bending my knee at 55 degrees and didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately Alison stuck by my side and pushed me even when I was in excruciating pain. Now I can happily say I can bend my knee to 135 degrees and definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn't be where I am today without Alison's determination and positive encouragement. Thank you Alison!


I suffered for years with my left knee pain. I finally decided to have the total knee replacement I needed. I could not get through my daily activity of life without severe pain. About 3 weeks after surgery, P.T. started. It has been a huge help in my recovery. Prior to surgery I limped, could not do stairs easily, or get in/out of the car and shower and was in constant pain. Now I can do all of that with ease and no pain. The massages of the surgery area were always very soothing. The staff are fantastic and pay close attention to the recovery progress as well as anything I have to say.

Knee Repair

Much more range of motion and no pain after therapy. Excellent care and compassion. Will be coming back after other knee is repaired and will recommend to friends who may need your services.


The day I came into therapy I could hardly move my shoulder. It was really stiff and sore. But when Amanda, Alicia & Alison started to work on my shoulder it started feeling better as the weeks went by. Joe was great too with the E-stim machine in making my shoulder feel great at the end of my session. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me. Thank you all so much!


Outstanding team of physical therapists and ancillary staff. Care is well coordinated from visit to visit. Excellent results!!

Neck Pain

I came into PT after I started having pain associated with my neck. I was concerned because I already had surgery on my neck. I didn't want to go through that again. Alison was so helpful and the treatments made a difference right away. It only took a few visits for me to realize I wouldn't need surgery again. My pain went away and the strength came back. As a side benefit, my archery shot got better.

Elbow Pain

I am a firm believer in Pt. I was here before when I hurt my shoulder and we got it back on track. When I hurt my elbow lifting weights, I knew I had to come see Cheryl and her team again! Alison did a great job working with me to get my mobility and reduce the pain in my elbow! Thanks team!


Came in for broken shoulder. It was an amazing experience. I came in worried I would be in more pain, but it was the opposite and quickly got much better. The PTs were very informative throughout the process, explaining everything in depth and detail. The team at Fyzical I feel have almost become family to me.


When I started PT here in early December 2020 I didn't think I'd ever walk normally again. I had fractured my foot and had surgery in mid October. With a great team approach, a realistic recovery plan & exercises to do at home I feel I have made a great recovery.

Previously to coming here (pre foot break) I had concentrated on my health and well-being...lost 75 lbs by good healthy eating & lots of walking. I feel like this is now a goal I will be resuming in the near future thanks to these dedicated professionals.

Frozen Shoulder

The quality of care was the best I have experienced at any PT center. My improvement in just 10 sessions was amazing! Every therapist was patient and well prepared for every meeting. I would recommend this facility to everyone.

Back Pain

My journey started September 2020. I was grocery shopping and slipped on a food substance. I was in agonizing pain. When I discovered FYZICAL I called them and they took me to do an evaluation within three hours of my panicked phone call, (no other place did this). In the first intake visit I couldn’t walk, and move normally. Alison or Cheryl couldn’t even touch me without me crying out in pain. Now, 4 months later with the help and constant support of the staff I slowly recovered. I never thought I would get better. Now look at me in graduation day. Now I feel like dancing and rejoicing that I have my life and independence back. Thank you everyone at Fyzical for giving my life back.


This is my second time I have been here for PT. I have healed and was helped by the staff to do this.

I feel great and was very happy to come to PT. The environment here is cheerful, clean and safe. The staff is wonderful and I will recommend you to all I know. My friend went here and insisted I come here for my PT. Thank you!

Vestibular Weakness

Before starting @ Fyzical I was very hesitant to do activities for fear that I would relapse. Amanda was a great listener and setup exercises that have improved my situation. I feel confident leaving Fyzical knowing that Amanda gave me the tools to keep improving.

Upper Back Pain

I came to physical therapy for upper back pain that had been limiting me for over 4 years. When I told my friend I needed physical therapy, she said, "You have to go to Fyzical. They are the best." She was right. I had been in physical therapy before without any improvement but now, after working with Alison for a few months, the pain is much better. I can more easily do daily activities like type at work, drive, and sit in a variety of chairs. For the first time I feel hopeful about living without daily pain. On top of the improvement, the staff have been wonderful, warm, and supportive. Thank you!

Severe Knee Pain

When I first started PT, I had severe knee pain. I couldn’t walk up the stairs and I found myself limping a lot. I also couldn’t play basketball, the sport that I love. Alison has helped me so much. She gave me exercises to do at home and now I can run, walk, go up stairs, and play basketball. She is so kind and patient, and I owe my recovery to her. I have my first basketball game of the season tomorrow and because of her, I am playing. I am so grateful that I chose FYZICAL for my recovery. 

Lower Back & Hips

PT here gave me simple exercises to help loosen up my tight muscles. I will continue to do these after I stop PT. Everyone is pleasant and helpful.


I have been going to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center in Natick for four different issues (knee, ankle, hip ) over the last few years. In all cases, I was up and back to my normal activities in less than a 6-week period. They provided their undivided attention and switching between the PT doctors for my appointments has been seamless. My experience with the entire staff has been superb. They are always friendly and attentive. The facility is clean and all COVID precautions were abided by. I felt totally safe. I highly recommend them.


I was diagnosed with a disc disorder in my left jaw-TMJ-which made it painful and difficult to eat, drink and brush my teeth, among other things. My dentist referred me to FYZICAL Therapy where over time, I worked with 3 different therapists, both in the Natick facility and remotely. All three therapists were very knowledgeable about the condition, and specifically about me. From the very first appointment when they explained what was going on in my jaw, they provided me with a strategy and an exercise plan...all with an attitude that gave me confidence I would be able to correct the disorder. The exercise plan was very reasonable, not long and involved exercises that can be a disincentive to doing them. At the time of my discharge, they provided me with a clear strategy and an ongoing, practical exercise plan to help keep me healthy.  Also, during this time of the pandemic, when I came to the Natick facility, I never felt concerned about the sanitary conditions. And working remotely was very efficient to schedule and connect.

Hip & Knee

Dr. Alicia, my physical therapy doctor, was a knowledgeable caring person. She took great pains in my individual needs for my hip & knee therapy - giving me exercises to fit my goals and get me back on my feet.

I have been a patient several times and know Cheryl Abelow & her staff will give me the best they can for any physical therapy problems.


I was very impressed with the whole staff - from the check-in to the PT. Very friendly & welcoming. The appointment reminders by text were helpful. The PT staff is very knowledgeable and work well together.

Shoulder Pain

I started having issues with my right arm a few years ago. I was playing catch and found myself unable to throw properly. Over time the right shoulder got worse with sporadic pain. This winter when the pain prevented me from doing household chores (e.g. carrying grocery bags, using the lead blower etc.), I decided that it was time for me to get it looked into. II am glad that I did! After PT, I no longer have any pain on my shoulder and I feel I can easily do common household chores. I look forward to continuing with my exercise regime & playing sports once summer comes. 


When I came here several months ago I had difficulty when cooking & playing guitar. Now, because the exercises shown to me @ Fyzical, my arm & shoulder feel stronger & I have noticeably less discomfort. Also, I have exercise that I do to help remove the discomfort when it does occur. The experience @ Fyzical has helped me considerably with my shoulder pain.


Hip Pain

After recuperating from two knee replacements, my back and hip were a bit out of alignment and causing pain. Alison's plan of stretching, strengthening and heat improved my condition significantly. It's a novelty to be able to run around doing errands pain free!

Frozen Shoulder

My experience with Fyzical Therapy and Alison Cohen have been great. I had shoulder pain, which led to a frozen shoulder. Through education, and all the treatments, I feel strong and capable to use my shoulder fully. I loved my time coming and feel confident that I can continue on my own. Great experience!


This has been by far the best experience in rehab I've ever had; been to several. I couldn't walk straight, was dizzy, had fear of falling, and have fallen at times. Standing I'd feel like I'd fall forwards or backwards, and I would have to touch something to get my balance. Alison has been the best! I can do so much more & am more confident in doing so. I have enjoyed my days here at Fyzical during my appointments. Everyone is so nice, friendly, and know their job. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much!

Vertigo & Balance

I came to Fyzical in 2020 as a frequent flyer, as it were. I first sought Fyzical's services after a concussion in an icy parking lot in 2017 led to pretty stubborn vertigo. Dr. Cheryl and crew fixed me up, although several folks noted my balance was, well, pretty lousy. I have been hard of hearing since birth and my balance was never particularly strong. I didn't think much of it, and certainly didn't think there was much I could do to address it, so I declined their offers of help (a brief word: I tend to be rather stubborn).

Fast forward to 2020, and my vertigo decided to come back with a vengeance, along with worsening balance and occasional falls.

A few times with the Epley maneuver (which, for the record, I don't like, but it works) took care of the vertigo. I thought I was on the verge of "graduating" until I saw a gleam in Dr. Cheryl's eyes and (maybe?) an excited rubbing of her hands. When she heard about my balance - and saw how impaired it was - she decided that she was going to take it on. Well...never challenge a woman of half-Polish descent...I figured if she thought she could address it, I would meet her halfway and do the exercises. Mind you, some exercises were, dare I say, fun(?), and our dogs and cats enjoyed getting involved. I didn't need the pets' help, but they were rather insistent. Some of the exercises were harder. Some continue to be difficult. However, they work. Problems I had for some 50 years were greatly minimized!

I owe a huge thanks to Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Rachel, and the others at Fyzical. Something I thought could never be addressed? They addressed it, and working together, we increased my stability on my feet by so much. I am continuing the exercises, and yes, the animals continue to "help." However, if I can maintain my balance with their "help," I'm in good shape!

Lower Back Pain

I had lower back pain and hip pain because of sitting too many hours during a couple of months. My doctor suggested I have some physical therapy. I found Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers on Google without anyone to recommend the place. I was totally surprised when I started my therapy in this center. Alison was amazing. She helped me to learn so many exercises that helped me a lot to get back to normal. She is super nice and fully experienced. If I need any physical therapy in the future I will definitely come back to this center and will continue with her. 


Before coming to PT I could barely walk normally following a knee injury. Now after a few months I am back to functioning the way I was before my injury. Alison is a wonder Physical Therapist who truly cares for her patients. The entire staff at FYZICAL is just amazing. Thank you all so much! ????

Bicep Tear

In September, I partially tore my right bicep. I was not able to do some of the simplest everyday things, like drive with both hands, write, turn a key, carry or pick up anything. Having to do PT during the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic was nerve wracking. Everyone at Fyzical Southborough made sure I was comfortable and took every precaution to make the environment as safe as possible. After eight weeks of PT, I am back to my normal, independent self. I will keep up with my exercises and bring myself to be stronger on both arms. Thank you for fixing me! Until my next stunt! ????


I came into Fyzical after injuring my knee falling during a trail run. I was unable to bend my knee at all and had lost muscle strength in my leg. The Fyzical PT team helped me to regain my strength, mobility, and confidence to get back to running! Thank you so much!!

I.T. Band

I was very impressed with the care and knowledge of the staff at FYZICAL. The individual attention was excellent and I would recommend FYZICAL for anybody who needs physical therapy.

Shin Pain

Before I came here I couldn’t run without my shins hurting. All the exercises I learned helped me get better to the point where I could run 2 miles and play soccer without pain. After 3 months here, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better.

Broken Knee Cap

I started P.T. at Fyzical approximately 5 weeks ago after sustaining a broken knee cap. I had been in a full leg brace for 8 weeks prior and my knee was extremely sore, weak, unstable and lacked range of motion. After 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks my knee has shown significant improvement in all phases. I worked with Dr. Alicia who was fantastic. I am confident I would not have improved as quickly or successfully without Dr. Alicia’s work. She is awesome! Joe did a great job with the STIM as well. Thank you!


This is my second round of PT for my TMJ. My pain decided to reappear and some days I could barely open my mouth or chew. After coming to PT again I now have a lot less super painful days and better range of motion. I am also able to eat whatever I want and keeping up with my at home exercises they taught me really helps keep my jaw loose.

Back Pain

Great experience with all therapists. Before treatment, I had a lot of back pain with various movements. Now I only experience pain, minimal pain at that, when I lean forward to load dishes or prepare dinner. 

Improved Range of Motion

Alison & Dr. Cheryl were very conscientious and genuinely concerned. By doing my “homework”, I felt improvement in range of motion and decreased pain. One example of improvement is going downstairs, I can take them now one step at a time. I anticipate improvement by doing the exercises at home. I appreciate the print out of the exercises. Yes, I would recommend this practice.


This is my second set of sessions at Fyzical. When I hurt my back again this time around, I couldn’t get out of bed without tremendous pain down my sciatic nerve. With the PT’s help and advice, we came up with some exercises and therapeutic routines to get me back to shape. I now have a set of exercises to keep my core and back strong. I can now get out of bed without pain. With the PT and the rest of the staff at Fyzical’s help, I feel so much better.

Neck Pain

I came in for PT because of neck and shoulder pain and headaches. The exercises helped my posture a lot and now I’m able to do more activities without neck pain. All of the doctors and staff have been so kind and helpful, and they have taken all the precautions for COVID-19 so I feel safe. Thank you so much!

Ankle Sprain

I had sprained my ankle and the staff was terrific. Every person that I worked with was courteous and professional. I would highly recommend Fyzical Therapy to anyone and everyone who needs great care. Thank you! ????


I had a severe bout of vertigo which landed me in the hospital but I when I came home I was still very dizzy. I was immediately able to get an appointment here at Fyzical Therapy. I came in nauseous and dizzy. Alison was so kind and helpful and talked me through what I was experiencing. She did the Epley Maneuver on me and sent me home with a few exercises. Within 24 hours I was feeling 90% better. Then I came back and she did more exercises with me and I have been 100% better since. I cannot thank her enough. She has been wonderful to me. I will be back if needed.

Herniate Neck Disc

I came to Fyzical for severe pain and numbness in my hand due to a herniated disc in my neck. I had been experiencing weakness and pain and trouble grasping things, like my keys, for weeks. After a month of strengthening exercises and general posture correction, my strength had improved and my pain had gotten much better. I worked with most of the docs in the office during my 8 weeks here and they are all awesome. If I need help with this issue again, I won't hesitate to come back. At the 8 week mark my strength had improved dramatically and my pain is gone completely. Fyzical is the best! Thank you all!


Very positive and professional approach guiding me through a 9 month ordeal of pre-hab with COVID delayed surgery and then rehab. The staff is caring, engaging and dedicated. They tailored the treatments to my pace, needs and together we reached the desired outcomes. This is a patient focused, highly proficient group of truly good folk . I can recommend this group and facility without reservation.

Hip Pain

Before coming, I was having trouble with sleeping, walking great distances or hiking. After coming and having great advice and instruction I’m much better and am back to all activities. I am most grateful this was an option. A happy and caring, thoughtful group. Very professional and clean. Thank you all!

Back Pain

I've had a great experience coming here. Everyone has been so professional and nice to me. Thank you. I feel the therapy has helped me and if I feel I need more in the future, I would certainly come back.


I had a terrible bout of vertigo. I was so discouraged! Called my P.C.P. and he told me to try Fyzical! Well, I’m so happy I did. Dr Alicia was so awesome with me. She gave me great head and balance exercises to do. I wasn’t able to turn my head side to side without terrible spin, or even up and down. I actually didn’t feel safe enough to drive my car. Well, today I’m finished because everything worked. I’m so thankful. And I have to add every single person here is so friendly and kind. Thank you all!


After nearly 9 months since the injury and pre-hab during the COVID-19 delay for surgery and 4 months of rehab works. I can’t imagine a better place, people or practice of PT to guide this journey. The support, motivation, and attention to detail has been wonderful and highly beneficial to my recovery. From a point of not being able to lift my arm above my belt without discomfort to now be able to fully wave goodbye is amazing. Thanks to you all.

Achilles Tendon

I came to Fyzical because of an Achilles tendon pull that was causing me daily issues with walking and standing for short periods of time. With Alison’s help and exercises, I can now walk & stand for long periods of time. I have daily exercises I can do to prevent future pulls. I am very thankful I have a place to go for future issues.

Post-Op Knee

I came in after knee surgery pretty tender & in a lot of pain. I've enjoyed the team approach as it's been great to build camaraderie with everyone. The whole experience has been worthwhile & the benefits are amazing! Highly recommend Fyzical. 

Hip Pain

The docs were awesome, caring, and knowledgeable. They picked the perfect exercises. I'm looking forward to my continued improvement with what I've learned.

Knee Prehab

Before having both of my knees replaced, I came to Fyzical for pre-therapy. I was well-prepared for my surgeries and their therapy both before and after helped me return to some activities I hadn’t done in years. They really know their stuff at Fyzical.


Had pre-therapy at Fyzical Southborough before two knee replacements and also therapy following both surgeries. Great atmosphere and caring, knowledgeable therapists. They know their stuff, recommend them highly!

Hip Pain

I am so glad I picked FYZICAL. It has changed my life. I can do so much more than when I started. I no longer park in handicap spots and have retired my cane. I will recommend the entire staff to all and although I hope I never have to come back, if necessary it is the only place I would come.

Hip Pain

I had trouble walking upstairs and down. I had a hard time with sleeping and turning in bed. The hip is more flexible with the P.T. I have had. The exercises have helped.

Leg & Back Pain

All the staff at Fyzical have been professional and caring. Each week they listen to adjust treatment according to what is giving pain. I have improved my strength because of the core exercises I have been given. The level of pain has diminished. Walking, bending, doing gardening, and lifting were painful and now I can do all these things with much less pain. Their support and expertise has meant everything during this difficult time. I will actually miss seeing everyone here!

Broken Ankle

After breaking my ankle, I wasn't sure I'd have the same functionality again. I had no range of motion and could only barely flex my toes. Fast forward 3 months and I'm back to running with almost normal range of motion. I can hike, get back to rigorous workouts, and even trail run - which is how I broke the ankle in the first place. I wouldn't have seen any of this progress without the attentive care of the Fyzical team. I wasn't the easiest patient as I always wanted to push it, but they helped me push myself in a productive, while still safe way. 


Glad I chose Fyzical. Good improvement in strength & balance. Much better than Whittier.


I’ve spent many hours undergoing various forms of PT, after knee replacement, for balance issues, and two rounds after, I fell and broke my shoulder. No one really looks forward to PT (pain & torture) but I truly appreciate all the efforts the staff has made to ease my pain & discomfort to get me to the highest level of recovery. I’m not always in the mood for a PT session but I do walk out knowing everyone has made the effort to help. Dr. Cheryl and her staff (including Slinky) are warm, welcoming, and caring. Can’t ask for more than that. While I hope to never need PT again, it’s a good feeling to know they are here, for treatment, kindness, and friendship!

Bell's Palsy

I was referred to Cheryl after suffering a Bell’s Palsy in June 2020. In a series of virtual visits Cheryl gave me exercises and guidance that brought my face back to its old appearance in the expected time. My therapy with Cheryl was more valuable in aiding my recovery than anything I received from my physicians.

Back Pain

I was seriously injured at work in June 2020. My upper back sustained a puncture wound approximately 2” long x 2” deep. When I began PT with Alison, I was experiencing substantial pain and limited movement in the upper and lower back area. Alison was amazing! Her thoughtful plan of exercises combined with massage and electrical stimulation had me back on my feet within a couple of months! Alison, along with the entire Fyzical team, truly helped me achieve the results I definitely needed. I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you!

Frozen Shoulder

What a wonderful experience, as with every experience here at Fyzical. Alison has helped to relieve my frozen shoulder to allow me to perform everyday activities that this condition has robbed me of. Alison patiently and methodically helped me regain the motion in my arm. I am so grateful. I can’t recommend Fyzical and Alison enough for their knowledge and professionalism. If needed in the future, I’ll be back.

Knee Pain

Considering knee replacement surgery. Fyzical doctors have recommended exercises to strengthen muscles around the knee area. This has helped to postpone surgery until a later date. All staff knowledgeable and friendly and scheduling appointments is easy.

Knee Pain

I came here with little confidence. After about a week my confidence got so much better. I started to look forward to coming and looking forward to getting stronger each week, and feeling better each week. I will continue to work with my workouts. Thank you for being a great help to me.

Neck & Back

Before I came to Fyzical I was in chronic neck pain. It was affecting my life in all areas. I could barely get through the day. After coming here for the last 2 months my pain lead has dropped to where some days I hardly notice it at all. It’s been such a relief and help coming here.


I came in for a treatment when the work from home situation took a toll on my shoulder muscles which was impacting my everyday activities including my work. Just within a recommended 6 weeks of specific & customized stretches, exercises, & treatments from Alison, I was able to recover and add strength to my shoulder muscles. Alison has been really good in understanding & explaining the cause & provide the suitable exercises for my body to regain the strength. The treatment also helped me understand the importance of maintaining the right posture as part of our life & everyday activities. Thank you for everything!

Foot Pain

This is an amazing place! All staff members are kind, caring and compassionate! I cam in with right foot/arch pain and extremely tight muscles. The doctors worked hard to ensure that I progressed each and every week. I haven't had any extreme pain and feel great when going on hikes or long walks. This wasn't possible before coming here! Thank you so much for your guidance!

Knee Pain

Fyzical is a gem. I feel fortunate to have them nearby. I first came and saw Dr. Cheryl a year or so ago after some nasty heel spurs & plantar fasciitis made my workouts painful. I had already seen an ortho. doc whose solutions were either 1) do nothing or 2) invasive surgery. Not an option with kids, dogs, etc. Fyzical got my ship righted and I was a new woman. More recently, I exacerbated an old knee hyperextension stepping (slipping!) on a wet tile floor. I tried to take it easy, but it wasn’t improving. Driving was becoming painful. I knew right where to go. The PT was able to help me to strengthen the area leading to my knee, as well as the joint itself. I am so glad to feel stronger in my affected knee, and am forever grateful to you all!

Shoulder Pain

I came in for my left shoulder. i had a hard time doing things like cooking, sewing, and even teaching group exercise classes. I learned how to get my shoulder stronger so that I could do these activities. I'm actually able to incorporate these exercises in my work out routines. I can sew and cook and other activities with virtually no pain. Yeah that feels great. I found that all the doctors I met with are great and kept me on task with the proper exercises to do when I'm at home. I thank everyone for their help as well as my own hard work of keeping up with the exercises when I'm not here.


I have gone to Fyzical several times over a long period of time. Cheryl and her team have restored me to great working condition. I recommend her and David to everyone. This injury was a puncture wound from a carpentry accident. I wasn’t able to type or use the mouse on the computer. My work requires I use the mouse on the computer. My work requires I use a computer all day! I have completed my PT! I have no pain. I can type for a full day of work. Thank you again!

Hip Pain

When I started, I had a problem getting in my car. Now I can enter and exit the car without any problems. I feel my walking and all of my leg maneuvers are pain-free. My confidence in total is excellent.

Back and Shoulder Pain

I came in with a sore back limiting me to not bend over to pick things up and all the doctors helped me so much with stretching and exercises. To make it feel better I decided to have them check my shoulder that has been bother me for years, limiting the range of motions, stopping myself from doing things. All the stretching & exercises helped. I really want to thank all the doctors and techs for all their help.


My experience has been wonderful. The staff from the front desk to the therapists are so friendly and cordial. When I first came I could hardly walk, squat, and climb stairs up and down. As the time went on, the improvement was noticed. My doctor said I could stop PT, but the therapist said I should continue. I was skeptical but I continued. I am very happy that I did. I would recommend this facility to all. 

Shoulder Pain

My name is Stephen Whiting. I was referred to Fyzical by a neurologist because of balance issues that I was experiencing. I was very happy with the PT I worked with. She was patient and very professional. My balance is much better now, and I have not fallen once since our work together. She also worked with me on my lower back, neck, and left shoulder, with good results all around. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to Fyzical, and want to thank the staff for the good results.


I have been at Fyzical for 2 months now for knee and back arthritis with decreased/limitations in range of motion and some activities of daily living. With patience and teaching from Drs. Rachel, Alison, and Alicia, I have improved function and range of motion. My back has been a >20 year problem and I have experience and learned with a daily regimen of stretching exercises, my functioning & mobility has improved. Thank you to all at Fyzical for your hard work and teaching.

Knee & Back

I’ve been coming to Fyzical on & off for about a year. First for my left knee that I had a meniscus tear in, and then my back after I had disc surgery. My Fyzical doctors have been extremely helpful with the recoveries from both operations. I’m now able to walk for miles and play with my grandkids without any pain. I’m also planning to get back on the trail to do some hiking soon. So, thank you for getting me to do the stretching and exercises to accomplish this. 

Ankle & Knee Pain

Thank you Alison and everyone else of FYZICAL! I came in with pain in both ankles and knees and could not enjoy my favorite activities. Now I am back to hiking, bike riding, and horseback riding.
I appreciate how well my exercises were explained. It made it much easier to do them at home, which helped in my recovery. I started the summer barely able to walk and finished being able to walk on the beach, hike, bicycle, go on trail rides. I am very grateful for the care I received at FYZICAL and everyone's enthusiasm to help the patients here.

Hip Pain

I had a great experience with all the staff! Hip pain was making running very painful. But after PT I am feeling great and ready for my next race. Thank you!


I came back to FYZICAL after some recurring problems from TMJ surgery. Dr. Cheryl was wonderful the first time around, but this time I found her in a shoulder sling!! What a GREAT addition Allison is to the team. I could not be happier with how therapy has gone. Dr. Cheryl and her team's commitment to the safety of her staff + the patients in these crazy times is clear from the moment you come in to the moment you leave. I already miss you!!

Hand Arthritis

My had was so sore I couldn't stand it! Arthritis was causing swelling + soreness. I came to FYZICAL + got almost instant relief. I've stretched and built up my strength over the last 2 months + feel much better.

Back Pain

I underwent spinal fusion surgery in April 2019 and completed successful PT with FYZICAL post op. In July 2020 I began experiencing pain and was concerned that I may have done structural damage to the fused vertibres. Prior to scheduling an appointment with my surgeon, I made an appointment with FYZICAL. Alison was incredible. She diagnosed muscular issues and put me back together again in short time. We worked on some important areas and I'm now in no pain!!

Lower Back Pain

I was in a car accident back in May. My PCP referred me here and I'm so glad she did. Alison is great!! When I first got here I wasn't able to bend down to tie my shoes. Even sitting was a problem. I was very uncomfortable. After only a few weeks of PT I felt better. Now I"m better than ever. I can't thank you enough!


I was in a car accident in April and injured my neck and back. I was in extreme pain and could barely stand up. I chose FYZICAL Therapy because it was close to home and I could come right after work for my appointments. Alison and Cheryl are great to work with. They are very caring. I knew I was in good hands here. All the exercises they gave me helped me recover. Right after the accident I had trouble getting dressed, had a hard time getting out of bed because I was in so much pain. I wasn't able to pick up a gallon of milk or pick up a bag of groceries. I have come a long way with their help. I am fully recovered.

Knee Pain

My experience at FYZICAL has been incredible. Prior to physical therapy, I had a lot of difficulty going up and down stairs without immense knee pain. Most disappointing was needing to limit myself during my barre classes, as many "core" moves were causing knee pain. Over the past six weeks, Alison and the team at FYZICAL individualized a plan for me to work on strengthening core muscle groups and stretching to increase my mobility. What a difference! After FYZICAL, I am now running 3-4 miles a day consistently and no longer need to modify my barre classes.Thanks to my team at FYZICAL, I feel healthier, stronger, more flexible, and most importantly, pain free! Thank you Alison for treating me as if I was your only patient. And lastly, thanks for making it a safe and clean environment for me to heal in - especially given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bell's Palsy

When I first started PT, my face was paralyzed and I couldn't smile :( Now because of PT, I can smile and my face is no longer paralyzed.

Bicep Pain

I came to FYZICAL after injuring my bicep tendon. Before therapy with Alison and Dr. Cheryl I had very limited use of my right arm and now I can do almost everything I need to do. Thanks for sticking with me through lockdown and social distancing to help me get functional again!


I came to the office with a case of vertigo. I felt dizziness while doing any regular activity. After the exercises on our first two sessions, the improvement was noticeable. I have slowly get used to my daily routine.
The team is very professional and knowledgeable. I am happy that I crossed paths with the FYZICAL team.

Knee Bone Bruise

I had the best experience here. I have been to a lot of PT places and this has them all beat. They have been very professional and show that they care. The exercises they had me do were very difficult at first. The more I could do, the happier we all were. If it was not for them, I don't think I would be able to keep doing the job I love.

Shoulder Pain

When I injured my shoulder I had a lot of pain and very impaired range of motion. When I started PT it had improved a little but I still had limitations. After 6 weeks of PT I no longer have limitations, the shoulder is stronger, and I am pain free. The PT doctors here are very knowledgeable. They are also very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this group of PT doctors and all the staff here. My shoulder improved so much that I do not have to consider surgery now. What a relief! Thank you to all the staff here. P.S. I can golf again!

Wrist Injury

Been coming 5 months with wrist injury. Had alot of pain to start but over time was alot better. Everyone here is great. Very good at what they do. Very happy with results. Alison was great to work with.

Neck Pain & Headaches

I came here after an injury at work and being in quite a bit of pain for about 2 months. The injury was to my neck, I had headaches every day and very limited mobility in my neck, along with sharp pain. I had trouble working at my job which was very physical, and trouble lifting, bending, sitting, standing, and lying down. After working with Alison and doing a series of exercises at home, I am able to perform tasks and regular every day things like normal. My pain is gone, headaches are gone, and I'm able to sleep throughout the night again. I feel like new!

Ankle & Foot Pain

The day I started PT I had previously had an injury to my ankle (L), my big toe (L), and my right shoulder. I had a bad trip and fell which put an enourmous amount of pressure on myself. After have been coming to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance and to have Alison work with me toward my goal of becoming back to strong she had me doing planks, therabands, electrical stimulation, and most of all the power walks to build up my strength. I have accomplished a great deal of improvement thanks to FYZICAL Therapy.


I came here unable to lie down without room spinning. After just one visit I was able to return to sleeping in my bed and feeling 100% normal. A miracle in my book.

Back Pain

After injuring my back at work I was so worried I would no longer be able to do the job I love so much - as a food recuse coordinator you have to be able to spend your whole day driving store to store picking up excess food to deliver to non-profits in the community in order to ensure food security for everyone. Over my journey with FYZICAL Therapy I regained the strength I needed to get back out on the road and make sure no one has to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Thanks Dr. Cheryl and Alison - I couldn't have done it alone!


I was injured while coaching squash. It's funny that I wasn't even on a count when I was hit by a ball to the side of the head. I was first referred to Dr. Cheryl and her staff with dizziness, balance issues, and a very sore neck. We worked as a team to identify exercises and treatment that have given me back my ability to enjoy my life as it was pre-injury. All through virtual PT, we were able to continue making progress. And I'm so pleased that they re-opened the practice as soon as they were able to; they took excellent precautions to insure that everyone was safe and healthy. I am thrilled with my treatment, care, and outcome!

Foot Tendon Repair

My COVID-19 PT was quite interesting. I was so limited with my foot injury. I did telehealth PT which was new to all of us. Being home, I was able to spend a lot of time following direction on PT. I was so weak but was taught lots of great exercises. Now able to come in and meet both Alison and Dr. Cheryl was awesome. The massages really loosened up my foot and now I am off to work. Thank you so much.

Knee Pain

Before I came to PT, I was in bad shape. I had two injuries due to an accident and had spent months recovering. The staff at Fyzical have been absolutely amazing. Everyone that worked with me have been wonderful. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! You are all angels. You don't think of physical therapy as fun but here, it is. Much laugher and excellent service. Thank you all so much. 

Shoulder & Elbow Pain

I used Fyzical 3-4 years ago to rehab from a rotator cuff surgery and the staff did a great job then. Well is started to feel severe pain in my other shoulder recently so I decided to have preventative work done to avoid another surgical procedure. And again, the Fyzical staff did an amazing jo and both shoulders feel significantly better. Special thanks to Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Alicia, Dr. Rachel, and Tech Ally. Good job!

Rotator Cuff Injury

I fell on my left shoulder and tore my rotator cuff/biceps. The doctor suggested I try physical therapy. My experience with Dr. Alicia has been fantastic.. My range of motion and strength of my left arm/shoulder have improved dramatically with a few weeks of P.T. Alicia DeGiso knew exactly where to focus! I am now able to do many activities I could not do a few weeks ago and the pain has subsided. Alicia is fantastic!

Lower Back Pain

I had lower back pain due to a fall. I was in a lot of pain. Now I feel much better. My back is much more loose. Thanks to the stretches that I learned. I now do them daily. Thank you.

Shoulder Pain

This is my third time here and I notice nothing has changed! The
team is awesome - from the moment you walk in!

They challenge me to do my PT exercises – boy what a difference
from day 1!

Thank you everyone!

Meniscus Tear

I “knee”ded to recover from mt meniscus tear.  Several treatments and I was good to go!  We also fixed my back – the stretching and
exercises worked great!  I am now
standing straighter than ever before.

Good team & Good results


On my first few visits, I was still using a walker.  I progressed to a cane and now I can almost
walk without assistance.

I could not have achieved so much without everyone’s guidance and
support. Thank you so very much!

Knee Pain and Balance

My knees began to hurt and my doctor suggested Physical therapy. I
was also concerned about my balance.

Within a few visits I was able to understand what I could do for
myself to end my pain.  I have continued
my exercises at home and noticed maximum benefits!  I can also notice differences when I don’t do
the exercises.

I am feeling very much
better, and I’m grateful!

Auto Accident

I love Fyzical! 

When I came in after a minor car accident, I was so uncomfortable.
I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and my life felt upside down.  With the help of everyone at Fyzical, I feel
better than ever!

Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to bring me
back to life!


I looked forward to coming twice a week, and once a week at the end
of my treatment. The women who helped me were very friendly and patient.  They showed me how to do all of the exercises
and had me demonstrate them before I left.

I could tell my balance was improving and I now feel much more
confident with my walking! I have recommended Fyzical to many friends when they
have complimented me on my progress and I am grateful for the experience!

Torn Meniscus

When climbing the stairs became a dreaded part of each day, I knew
I needed medical guidance.  I consider
choosing Fyzical and the amazing staff here the best choice I have made for my
torn meniscus!  The patient, caring, and
knowledgeable professionals have been tremendous!  From the beginning, as I struggled to even
bend my knee, to now bending and walking pain free!

I have been watched over and guided by great people. I enjoy
sharing my progress story with friends and singing the praises of Fyzical!

Ankle Injury

I hurt my ankle while I was doing gymnastics and I wanted to become
stronger so I wouldn’t re-injure it in the future.  So, I came to Fyzical for PT.  Now I am able to do a lot of things without
any pain! My ankle has become a lot less swollen and a lot stronger.

I am very happy!!

Ankle Injury

Following an injury, I developed shooting pain in my ankle and the
back of my leg.  I had previously come to
Fyzical therapy center following two knee replacements – so I knew exactly
where to come for help!  Prior to PT I
wasn’t able to stand or walk without pain. 

The therapists at Fyzical are knowledgeable and patient. They not
only provided me with graduated exercise routines to strengthen my foot, but
also gave me advice and exercises to build my core. I know this will all assist
me greatly in maintaining my strength and preventing repeat injuries!

Thank you!

Hip Replacement Post-Op

My experience here at Fyzical has been very positive. After surgery
for a hip replacement on 12/12/2019, I had three weeks of PT at home before
starting PT here at Fyzical.  When I
began here, I was using 2 crutches – then 1 crutch – then a crane and now am
waking unassisted. 

      I have enjoyed working
with each of the therapists and have appreciated all the help during my

Thank you to all!


One again I am fixed by the Physical Therapists at Fyzical.  I am a frequent flyer here – since 2010.  I have come for my back, arms, knees, and now
my hips and sciatica.  It is amazing what
a little physical therapy does.  I hope I
don’t have to come back but I’m happy to know I can when I need to!

Bilateral Knee Pain

I came with two semi-hopeless knees and leave with much improved
ones along with a varied set of “exercises” which will hopefully help me
continue the progress set in motion by Fyzical!

Thank you Fyzical!


I was referred to PT for severe vertigo that had lasted a solid
month. Dr. Rachel did my assessment and initial visit.  I improved slowly and it was hard work to get
through the vertigo that PT induced – but it was worth it.  On my final visit I saw my buddy Dr. Cheryl  and was told that the vertigo was ALL GONE!
If I ever have vertigo again, I won’t hesitate to come and see my friends @
Fyzical, because it’s worth it to be able to stand up without the room spinning
again! ????

Stiff Neck and Back

I got exactly what I expected out of my visits! I received
stretches that addressed my problem areas. 
I had issues just turning my head to the left. The routine I was given
helped my constant stiff neck and back issues!

L Medical Pilca Repair

I had an excellent experience here at Fyzical Therapy. Five stars
across the board!  All of the PT’s and
staff are kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. 
After going to Physical Therapy for several months I was able to get
back to running again! Can’t thank you ENOUGH Dr. Rachel!

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I came here with neck and shoulder issues. The staff here is very
skilled and patient.  My range of motion
has improved considerable and the pain is negligible.

Piriformis Syndrome

I originally came to Fyzical for a piriformis issue.  My hamstrings were also very tight!  All of the therapists I worked with were
great and helped me resolve the piriformis issue and loosen my hamstrings.  The tightness also caused some issues with my
knees which I got physical therapy – I highly recommend Fyzical!


Everyone here was super! Friendly and very approachable.

I had trouble bending and doing several activities – now I can do a
lot more!  I will be back when I have my
other knee done and will certainly recommend others.

Thank you for everything

Shoulder Surgery Post-Op

When my surgeon prescribed physical therapy for my shoulder, I was
eager to return to Fyzical because they had been so helpful with a previous
ankle issue.  Over a series of visits –
working with many of the staff, primarily Dr. Alicia, I have experienced
greater flexibility and range, as well as A LOT less pain.  This is a well-organized and well managed
practice.  The work they do is critically
important to the healing process. They are thoughtful, analytical, and
concerned with teaching their clients as well as treating them.

Their approach is varied and imaginative – each session gave me
something new and reinforced past gains I had made.  Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Rachel, and Dr. Alicia are

Many thanks for the difference you make!

Shoulder Surgery Post-Op

I had shoulder surgery to repair damage. After, I was in constant
pain and could barely move! The people at Fyzical got me on a program of
strength stretching and now, 3 months later, the pain is gone and thanks to a
great routine – my range of motion is normal and I’m getting stronger!

I really can’t say enough about the people here and the fantastic
work they do.  To say the staff is
friendly and knowledgeable is an understatement for sure!  Thank you all for everything.

Hip Surgery Post-Op

As an exercise person and previous left hip surgical recipient – I
was concerned when pain began to wrap itself around my right hip.  Doctor Shah indicated “not to worry and the
to seek treatment…. Inflammation is treatable!” 
Happy to hear no more surgery.

My treatment here, my third series of visits, makes me continuously
smile! The small intimate movements alone with the wonderful larger exercises
have made the pain almost completely disappear. 
I am back to the gym, in classes, and feeling like my old (younger!)
self again!

Care at Fyzical is thorough, careful, knowledgeable, &
perfectly explained. Cheryl & her staff are professional & fun &
have helped me back to a normal active life.

Thank you!

Torn Bicep Tendon

I’ve been coming to Fyzical for many years and the doctors are
always able to get me back to my normal routines.  This time around I had a partially torn bicep
tendon.  Dr. Alicia worked closely with
me to build my strength to the point where I’m able to go back to my regular
workouts!  The staff are very helpful and
patient with everyone.

I’ve still got some more surgeries to go to repair old sports
injuries, and I know I’ll be back to work with the staff again!

Foot Fracture

It was a very good experience to get physical treatments here.  Everybody was so nice to me and very
professional!  I feel so much better.

Thank you everyone very much. 
If I have some problems in the future, I will always come back!

Shoulder Pain

I’m so grateful for the team at Fyzical! Before starting PT I had
chronic shoulder pain and struggled with just about everything.  Sometimes my pain was so bad that I couldn’t
even sleep at night!  When I came to
Fyzical, I had just had surgery and was unable to move my arm.  I was very nervous about my road to recovery.
Dr. Alicia put my mind to ease during my very first visit. 

The entire staff here is warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable.  I knew early on that I was in good hands!  During my time in PT I’ve made so much
progress and I’m now getting back to my normal life and routine.  I want to thank the Fyzical team for their
thoroughness, patience, and guidance throughout my recovery – it’s great to be
pain free again!

Shoulder Blade Injury

I hurt my shoulder blade muscle at work which in turn, pinched the
nerves and caused great pain.  After
working through the workman’s compensation system, I was able to get an
appointment with Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers!  Best choice I made and have been extremely
happy with the results. 

Not only is my shoulder stronger and pain free, but my core and
back muscles are better than ever!  No
matter whom I’ve worked with, everyone is friendly and helpful with a strong
focus on getting you better!

R Shoulder Injury

Following an injury in my right shoulder I came to Fyzical unable
to lift my right hand above the shoulder level. 
I was unable to do the things I adore like playing basketball and other
sports.  I met with the wonderful staff
here who took my step by step in helping me recover my ability o move.  Following the exercises given to me by the
team I got strength back in my shoulder and started to feel strong enough to
get back to the things I love!  I am able
to play basketball again, lift my hands above my head, and more!


Wrist Pain

My experience at Fyzical was great! Everyone was so helpful with my
wrist.  Thought I was going to give up
some of my activities – not the case! 
Thanks to the crew at Fyzical I’m back at it.

I would recommend Fyzical to everyone – keep up the great work!

Calf Pain

I recently began jogging to help maintain and improve my fitness
into middle age.  After a couple of
months, one of my calves let me know that it didn’t approve of this plan!  Cheryl, Rachel, Alicia, and all of the staff
here were exceptionally friendly & helpful in showing me the stretches and
exercises to do in order to get back to running.  The deep-tissue massages were a great help

Thank you Fyzical!


You guys did a very good job. I couldn’t walk well before and have
had a few falls.  I feel stronger and
more comfortable now than I did then. 

Thanks to everyone here!

Knee Injury

I injured myself in dance by doing a
complex move that hurt my knee.  After
injuring it, I couldn’t really move it and whenever I tried to it was really
painful!  When I came to physical therapy
I didn’t really know if it would work but, thankfully, it got better with the
help of the therapists here!

Leg Pain

Everyone here is the best!

Thanks, as always, for everything!


I came to physical therapy with the goal of improving my balance
and movement – wanting to experience both without the fear of falling.  Sessions were totally user-friendly and
pleasant with take home exercises to help me reach my goals!  Assessments were positive and encouraging.
Both my balance and movement have improved! I still have a way to go, but I
leave with exercises and a person-trainer to follow up with and help monitor my

Torn Meniscus

I tore my meniscus back in September and came to Fyzical in October
2018.  The physical therapy helped but,
as 2019 rolled by, certain activities would aggravate it and I decided to get
surgery.  I came back to Fyzical after to
follow up.

When I started coming back, I was using crutches but after 3 weeks
I could walk without assistance! It’s important to keep up with exercises at
home.  I can now walk with very little
problems or pain – unless I make sharp or abrupt turns!

L Hip Pain

Before physical therapy my hip hurt all the time.  When I was active it got worse!  Through PT I learned how to stretch and
strengthen my core, hamstrings, hip, lower back, glutes, etc.  This has not only eased the hip pain, but
helped me feel stronger and become more active.

The practitioners were all smart, kind, friendly, and professional!
It was a pleasure to receive these healing services from such a fine group of
women and at a woman owned business!


When I started I had problems with walking without a cane, I
improved my balance without a cane in my house. 
My balance has improved and I only use the cane when walking
outside.  I hope to be able to walk
without a cane in the next couple of weeks.

I had trouble getting up from the couch and now I can do it without
any trouble at all! I need to continue to do my exercises if I want to continue
to improve.  I will be in Florida the
next 3 months and I will be walking on a daily basis to continue my progress.

Frozen Shoulder

It can be very frustrating to wake up and not have your arm perform
the way it is supposed to.  Medical work
up showed that I had a frozen shoulder. 
Physical therapy was ordered. The physical therapists are knowledgeable,
professional, and caring.  Through
diligent therapy I am now able to use my arm without any pain!  Although I have a long way to go to get back
to “normal” I have a good base to get me started

I can’t thank these professionals enough!


I have been very impressed with Dr. Alicia.  She had many exercises for me which improves
my balance issues.

Thank you very much for the improved balance!


Sudden vertigo one day came and went them came and stayed.  I spent days unable to move – walking was
dangerous!  Physical therapy eliminated
the vertigo and over the following weeks helped return my balance. The
exercises definitely helped.

Shoulder Pain

I came with shoulder pain and stiffness.  My range of motion was poor and I was having
difficult with normal tasks. I have improved greatly thanks to my physical
therapy treatment here!

Sprained Ankle

I fell and sprained my ankle at cheer. I came back to Fyzical for
the second time because they helped me so much with my shoulders! Now I’m back
jumping, stunting, and tumbling at practice

Collarbone Injury

My experience here at Fyzical was great. Every time I came to PT I
could feel my collarbone getting better. At first everything we were doing was
a little hard and now everything is much easier and I am also back to playing
hockey – finally!

Thanks, Fyzical for a great time and I highly think people should
come here in the future!


Baby P would not look or sleep to the left and now she is an ambi-turner!  She is much better at keeping her head straight and hopefully can stay our of a helmet now. Thanks Dr Rachel and Dr Cheryl!!

Bilat Knee Pain

My experience at FYZICAL in Natick has been a good one. I've been trying to put off a knee replacement and although we've done some good things here I know I have to say "uncle" and give in to surgery.I have gained a lot of strength and mobility in my visits here so I thank you for that.I will return after my knee replacement for your guidance in my recovery.Thank you to all!


Dr Rachel was great. She helped me a lot. The staff was very friendly, with made coming to PT a great experience.

R Shoulder

When I came here to PT my shoulder was weak and in pain.  Since beginning PT my shoulder has become much stronger and I am no longer in pain. I have also returned to sports.

Tennis Elbow

The staff here is always very professional and welcoming. Before starting my treatment this time, I couldn't even lift a tea cup.  After treatment I'm back to full range of motion .I have come here over the years for all my PT treatments and would highly recommend them, and I have!

ACL Surgery Post-Op

I want to start by saying thank you to Fyzical and a few of their
wonderful physical therapists like Dr. Rachel and Dr. Alicia!  I started off in so much pain and could
barely walk. I had knee surgery and just got my ACL and meniscus repaired in
August 2019.  I remember having a peg leg
but with the help of Fyzical I was able to get my knee better much sooner than I
thought possible! I can do squats again and my knee has hardly had any
pain.  I can also run again at full
speed, with no pain!  I couldn’t be any
happier with my overall results.

Thank you again!

Bilateral Patella Tendinitis

Before PT, I had trouble running, walking, and doing daily
activities.  It became a daily
problem.  With PT, I now am able to do
everything I couldn’t before!  I have barely
any pain now, the therapists at Fyzical all helped me so much.  They always gave me helpful exercises and
advice.  If it wasn’t for Fyzical, I
couldn’t be able to do all of the hobbies that I love.

R Shoulder Impingement

I made about 10 visits, and it was very useful with a nice
experienced team.  I’m very thankful for
all the staff and I hope to visit them in the future.

My regards to all on the team.


I came to Fyzical with TMJ. 
My jaw had been hurting me for over 6 months when I ate anything or even
yawned!  I’m a chef and a tired mom – so
these were things that are hard to avoid! 
With 6 weeks of sessions and exercises, my jaw function has improved
tremendously! Little to no pain and I can enjoy my favorite activity again –

Grateful for all of the wonderful therapists that I worked with
during my time here.  Your compassion and
expertise made this a great experience.


I came to Fyzical with vertigo issues and I have made great strides
in recovery! I also work on center and core exercises which have helped to stop
my waking up with headaches in the morning!

This treatment was very helpful! Thank you!

Rotator Cuff Tear

I came to Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers for shoulder pain.
I was determined that it came from a torn rotary cuff, so I returned following
my surgery for further PT.  It was
extremely helpful and now my shoulder is 100% healed!

Every time I came for therapy it was helpful and the therapists
were kind and patient.  I’ve seen all of
the therapists in the Natick office and have been very happy with everyone!

I’ve since returned with hip pain due to my arthritis.  The exercises have greatly helped with
strengthening my hips and making my walking less painful.  It gives me hope and encourages me that I can
“manage” my arthritis.

All treatments here are excellent!

Arthritis and Shoulder Pain

I came to Fyzical for arthritis in my left shoulder.  I had pain when reaching behind and above my
body, Fortunately, the therapists here have the same team goal to get you back
to functional “normal” again!

They guide you through a series o exercises that focus on your
issue.  Before you realize it, you are
experiencing more range of motion, less pain, and gaining strength. 

It is then that you realize how much of those things you had
lost!  Everyone here will get you
back to where you were before the pain. 
They are all excellent at what they do from the front desk to the

Right Leg Weakness

When I first came here, I had a very weak right leg – likely due to
a fall while walking the dog.  Truth be
told, the left wasn’t that great either due to age.

Now I feel 100% - thanks to the excellent physical
therapists here at Fyzical!  I’ll definitely
come back (if I have to) and recommend it to everyone.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

I can’t express my gratitude enough for Dr. Cheryl and her team!

I have had to deal with arthritis and joint issues my entire life –
13 surgeries on multiple body parts! Every time the team at Fyzical has gotten
me back to my normal life in record time – including getting me back to my
favorite thing, wearing heels!

I know I have more surgeries in my future, but knowing that I have
Cheryl and the team (including Slinky!) to get me through – makes all of the

Vertigo and Balance

I came into Fyzical with two problems: one being light-headedness
and the other being vertigo.  The vertigo
was re-created here on the first visit. 
The light headedness went away without my awareness of it! I am sure
it’s improvement was due to the therapy I received here from the capable

I finished today without either of the two symptoms!

My most difficult task (before therapy here) was to reach up while
on a step ladder to change a smoke detector in my house.  I feel I can do this now without symptoms of
dizziness, or fear of losing my balance.

I do hold onto the railings of the ladder, but I feel much more
secure now.

Lower Back

I have had to use the services of Fyzical several times since 2015
due to a fusion in my lower back.  At the
end of every 6 weeks or so, the pain I was experiencing was greatly reduced. I
learned valuable life-long exercises that I use to continue strengthening my
core and relieve pain!

There were times the pain was so excruciating that I almost lost
all hope of ever being pain free again. The dedication of the MD’s working with
me helped me be more educated about what I can do to relieve pain through
exercises every day.

I would (and have) highly recommended everyone I know, requiring
Physical Therapy, to employ the services at Fyzical!

Thank you!

Back Pain

I always feel better one I’ve completed an appointment at
Fyzical.  The procedures that I’m
directed through always make my feel well!

Knee Pain

I was in pain and you all were very helpful.  After all the visits I am pain free.

Shoulder Pain

I was having shoulder pain that made it really cumbersome to get
through my day, and it wasn’t going away. 
My PCP referred me to Fyzical.

Once I came, not only did the team figure out what was wrong with
my left shoulder, they also helped me deal with intermittent issues that
cropped up on my right side and lower back. 
Ultimately, the team helped me learn about lifestyle changes that will
keep my pain-free (or at least experience it less) in the long run. 

It was really awesome working with everyone here, and I sincerely
appreciate all of the help!

Thank you!!

Fractured Ankle

I’ve always had ankle problems, and have had trouble playing
football in the fall without hurting them more.

This season I had fractured my right ankle and have to be out of
sports for over a month!  Going to
physical therapy helped my get back to playing at my best ability and not
having to worry about rolling my ankles all over again.

Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve been with Fyzical since July of 2019 for two bad ankles and
plantar fasciitis.  Before starting PT, I
suffered from ankle and foot pain and had difficulty sleeping, walking, driving,
and performing daily activities without pain. 

The therapists here are very experienced, pleasant, and care about
you and your specific needs, treatment plan, and progress.

With the effective treatments and exercises, I am now able to sleep
at night without pain!  I am able to walk
further, and am slowly getting back to my daily activities. 

Thank you to all of the staff at Fyzical! I’m going to miss you

L Knee

My injury is still with me but definitely better and I feel like I have a solid plan to go forward.I came here after several other treatments - wish I had started here first :)Highly recommend PT here. They care and will work with you - even when you're crazy enough to do a half marathon in the middle of it all.Overall, I am very hopeful that I'll be back to running by Spring and will be stronger then before my injury.


I was very happy with the PT experience at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center.  Experience was helpful for easing neck stress.

Dizziness & Imbalance

I have had a good session with Dr. Cheryl in helping a lot for my balance problem. I feel feel good with the excises she put me there. Thank you. Gabe.

Torn Rotator Cuff

I was horseback riding and when I finished I was dismounting the horse when my left foot got caught in the stirrup and I fell backwards on my both shoulders but my left shoulder took the brunt of the fall and I tore my rotator cuff. I then went to physical therapy and after ten weeks of therapy I feel great.

Lower Back and Hamstrings

I came here with a tight back and hamstrings, and not being able to
sit for long periods in a chair.  The
physical therapists here really helped me strengthen my core and back muscles s
that I don’t get tight anymore. 

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions on stretches to
do and all the great suggestions!

Piriformis Pain

The people I met are nice. They help with my pain. I feel good.

Ankle Injury and Balance

 I came in for
dizziness and a sprained ankle. The dizziness was resolved after just the first
visit! My ankle is now much stronger and pain free.

I have been here before for visits and other issues, and I am
always glad to come back because of the professional and kind care I receive.

Back Pain

Before I came here, if I dropped something I would just leave it
where it was – can you picture objects scattered all over the house?! This
seems like a small thing but think how often in a a day you need to bend over!

I am now able to bend and move in many other ways without pain! The
frequency, duration, and intensity of pain has greatly decreased – I am SO MUCH
better!  I cannot describe my experience
here without saying an enormous thank you to all of the fabulous physical
therapists here.  They are kind, supportive
and really very smart!

Lower Back Spasms

I arrived with acute lower back pain and spasms, especially when
bending or twisting.  Over several weeks,
my spasms disappeared and the pain lessened greatly.  I can now resume my regular activities!

The Fyzical team has provided me the tools to continue
strengthening and improving on my own. 
Thanks to all for the friendly, accurate, and timely advice and

Bilat Shoulder Pain

My experience here has been very helpful with learned exercises and massage. My range of motion and strength has increased and pain has decreased.  Dr Alicia and Dr Rachel were very helpful to me. Thank you. 

Diastasis Recti

Excellent experience towards regaining my core strength and some every needed flexibility.  I never had to wait for an appointment and the sessions were focused and crisply done with I believe has a significant impact as well hugely considerate of people's time.  Dr Alicia was my primary caregiver and did so with enthusiasm and a smile not to mention with utmost professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend FYZICAL to anyone needing such care.

Left Knee

My experience at FYZICAL was great! All positives for this place. When I started PT I had multiple issues with my left knee.  After 5 weeks/2 times per week the improvement is walking was incredible.  The PT exercises given to me have really strengthened my knee. Thanks FYZICAL!!

Hip Surgery

I had a very fulfilling experience with my PT at FYZICAL therapy.  I was in a new and scary experience with my first injury of my life as a broken hip. The staff here are patient, reassuring and very helpful.  My daughter needs PT for her back and I feel thankful that I am so comfortable knowing this is the right place for her that will give her the help she needs.

Achilles Pain

I came into
FYZICAL with an injured achilles tendon. I could barely walk. After a few weeks
I was active again, upon completion my ankle was better than before my injury.
Dr. Alicia, Dr. Cheryl and Dr. Rachel all helped solve the injury as a team. I
strongly recommend the BodyQ which has helped fix chronic injuries I have had
for years and thought were unsolvable. I really enjoyed this experience and
highly recommend. Thanks!

Paul C

Dislocated toe

I somehow managed to dislocate my great toe on my right food while plying sand volleyball.  Apparently, that toe is important for just about everything!  Having never had PT before, I was a little skeptical and not sure what to expect.  Alicia and the team immediately put me at ease and t work!  Now that my six weeks are up, I've made huge strides toward healing & mobility.  The opportunity and experience also helped my wife become a patient to help her out as well. Thanks to everyone at FYZICAL Natick!!

Achilles injury

I came into Fyzical with an injured Achilles tendon. I could barely
walk! After a few weeks I was active again. Upon completing my PT, my ankle was
even better than before! Dr. Alicia, Dr. Cheryl, and Dr. Rachel all helped
solve the injury as a team.  I strongly
recommend the Body-Q.  It helped fix my
chronic injuries that I have had for years and thought were unsolvable!


Back Pain

I've had a great experience with FYZICAL. My back was bothering me to the point that I could not work or sleep or lift my infant son (said son was also the reason for the pain - I pulled my back putting him down when he was 3 months old). The twice weekly sessions were like a mini vacation from my hectic life and I started feeling better from session 1. Today I am back up to functional and ready to go all-in with my very mobile pre-toddler! Thank you Dr. Abelow, Dr. Rachel, and Alison!

L Hip Pain

I had sudden onset of pain associated with arthritis in my left
hip, causing me to stop playing golf.  While I still have some pain, it is
significantly reduced and I am more in control over my body!

I have begun to play golf again, poorly, but with very little pain.

Lower Back Pain

My experience at Fyzical has been very positive! My lower back pain
has improved and I seem to have tightened my core.  My stability has gotten better and sleeping
has improved as well! My range of motion has gone up and my problem area is no
longer a problem.

The staff was excellent and great at addressing the specific

Bilateral Knee Pain

Dear Fyzical Theapists,

What an excellent PT experience I had!

All of my therapists were so professional and attentive to all of
my therapy needs.  My knee range of
motion, strength, and mobility has improved greatly - Thanks to the diligence
and education of my therapists.

I shall work hard to continue with the guidance photos to stay
fit.  Thank you, Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Alicia,
Dr. Rachel, and Allison!

Now I can climb stairs without pain!

Back Fusion Recovery

The doctors and staff were wonderful to work with throughout my
recovery from a multi-level back fusion. My recovery time exceeded my
expectations! I had no idea that I would feel this great so soon after the

My quality of life has returned to where it was pre-surgery thanks
to the exercises and encouragement of everyone at Fyzical!


I came in for TMJ issues, causing jaw pain and clenching problems.
Since I started coming, my previously frequent headaches have gotten so much
less frequent!  They went from multiple
times a month, sometimes on and off for days, to maybe once a month!  I find myself clenching way less frequently,
that my facial muscles have gone back to normal an I am able to say words

All of the women who I’ve seen each time have been wonderful! They
all are super helpful at explaining exercises, and even giving me quick
recommendations for other issues I’ve mentioned in passing.

I’m very happy I decided to try PT for my issues, finally!  It was definitely worth it.


When I first came here, I was unable to stop myself from falling
sideways or walk without a cane. 

I can honestly say that I was helped tremendously and can now walk
without falling and my balance is improving back to the way it used to be!

Many thanks to everyone here who made it possible to be like I used
to be!

Knee Pain

Four months ago, the knee cap on my left knee decided to go west –
off the joint while climbing stairs! 
Started with a leg brace and crutches.  Thanks to Dr. Cheryl and Dr. Alicia – I am on
the mend! Even doing stairs like a “Big Girl!” 

These workers know their stuff and are kind and compassionate.  The office staff are great – friendly and
attentive to insurance issues.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!