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Healing Touch Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Hillside Avenue,1605
New Hyde Park New York , 11040
United States

Physical therapy

I found this physical therapist from my health insurance. My first visit here , the therapists knew how to treat my symptoms. While I was, I would feel confident in my mobility of my left arm. They worked with me as needed. I would definitely recommend this place for healing. Plus, their hours of operations is great too! Most places would open Monday-Friday. God Bles you all and keep up the good work!

Thank you Nisha

Nisha has been taking care of me and my wife for the last 7 years. While on vacation in Houston Texas I got strong pains in my lower back and upper part of my legs. The pain was so strong that I hardly could stand up. I called my physician in New York and he said: "I can't tell you anything without examination. My advice go to the local ER". My wife then said call Nisha from Healing Touch may be she can help. So I called Nisha and she said: "there is nothing wrong with you" and she recommended a few exercises. I started doing the exercises but was impatient and went to the ER anyway. In the ER after a thorough examination they told me also that there is nothing wrong with me. So I continued to do the exercises and after a few days the pain was gone and me and my wife could enjoy our vacation. Thank you Nisha

1 on 1 Therapy

1-1 therapy with Mr. Gilles was extremely helpful. Thank you each and everybody for your help!

I am so grateful to have all of them to help me.

I am so grateful to have all of them to help me. Specially, my number one is Akriti. She is a very good PT and works with passion. I thank god every day for her because she helped me a lot. She comforts me, encourages me every day. Bless her.

I invite anybody to come and join the club of being pain free!

I call my friends and family, telling about healing touch physical therapy – me as an example. When I came in and explained my pain all over my body, they all paid attention and helped me go through with a lot of patience. So I invite anybody to come and join the club of being pain free.

I will continue to recommend friends and relatives to this facility.

I was here due to severe pain in the upper part of my left foot. I was limping while walking. Orthopedist’s suggestions didn’t help much. I was privileged to get therapy services from Nisha & Akriti. They both are friendly, as well as professional. They were able to explain the cause, the rationale of doing each exercise and how each exercise is going to help me. Also, carryover exercises to do at home and what to be careful about. Aides and receptionists were friendly. I will continue to recommend friends and relatives to this facility

I would highly recommend this place as one of the best physical therapy/ Rehab center.

I had a great experience after my knee replacement at healing touch. The staff is excellent in providing best care as per your need. My physical therapist worked very hard on each therapy session and finally I am walking independently at the need of my approved visits. I would highly recommend.

Very comfortable here and best part is my favorite ride availability..

Convenient location for therapy and the transportation service was very helpful for me. If there was no transportation I would not have been able to attend therapy. Here they have educated, professional and concerned staff, always and always ready for help. Good care. Felt like home, must join!

Physical Therapy Becomes Fun!

Dr. Mathew works well with   special needs population. He demonstrates a passion for his profession, seems dedicated to patient care, very knowledgeable, has an excellent way with children and manages them expertly so that Physical therapy becomes fun. Arun is extremely patient, empathetic and gracious.

Exceptional care and treatment

This is the second time that I have come to this office for a session of treatment. Being a medical health provider myself, I was very impressed with the exceptional care and treatment from the receptionist to the therapist. They were very accommodating… I highly recommend this rehabilitation office.

I am speechless and I can’t find an adjective to say..

I am speechless and I can’t find an adjective to say. I came here with back pain and my therapist immediately evaluated my condition. I was in agony at that time and the pain was unbearable. With the help of my therapist it eased down & alleviated the pain in my short experience in this facility. I will surely recommend them to my friends & family.

I am very grateful

There are some people who are excellent at what they do. And then there are people who are sincere, caring and kind hearted. You happen to be both, and for that I am very grateful

A very personal care

A very personal care from Nisha (PT) who cares very much and gives excellent treatments to us. Healing Touch is an excellent physical therapy that has excellent therapists and very friendly staff.

Experience healing touch from caring hands

Before receiving therapy here, I was experiencing a lot of pain on my neck and upper back. From day one, I was given the confidence and help I needed, and it really made a difference. I did receive the healing touch from caring hands! After several sessions, my pain is much less and limited to a small area. The therapists here are very caring, knowledgeable and skilled. With some improvements to the rooms and physical set up, Healing Touch may become a center of excellence in Physical Therapy.