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R.O.A.R Music Studio

Long Bay, Box 7
West End, Tortola , VG1130
British Virgin Islands

Brings out the best in her students.

My first encounter with Ms. Stoutt wasn’t personal: I was the student and she was the teacher, far before our relationship actually developed. I was in my school’s choir where Ms. Stoutt directed the ensemble into exceptional performances every fall and spring, moments of my high school career I have grown to cherish for a lifetime, might I add.

At the tender age of 12, I discovered my love for the performing arts, specifically highlighting my vocal ability, which, by the way Ms. Stoutt later aided in cultivating, but I’m jumping the gun (lol). At that same age, I participated in my first pageant, where singing was my talent, which then led me to join the school choir. I was very shy, so Ms. Stoutt hadn’t discovered me as yet. In my senior year, I took part in the senior pageant where I was successful, with singing being my talent for that competition. It was then our relationship began to brew. She realised and recognised my talent, and presented me with solo opportunities for concerts that the school's Music Department conducted.

Upon graduation, I decided to participate in yet another pageant and a local talent show, both of which I was tirelessly prepared for by Ms. Stoutt. Of course, I won the pageant and did extremely well in the talent show.

To highlight this period in my vocal career, I must acknowledge the depths in which Ms. Stoutt has gone to prove to me how wide my vocal ability can stretch. Although I cannot remember the range I began at and where she stretched it, she has honed my abilities far beyond my imagination. In practice, I’ve even shocked myself a few times! It has been my personal goal to be able to comfortably sing from Tenor (knocking on bass) all the way up to 1st soprano. Ms. Stoutt helped me achieve that and more!

Although I sometimes regret that I haven’t maintained regular vocal training, I thank Ms. Stoutt for her contributions to my vocal capabilities, even now. I hope that when I break out of my shell (yet again), she is still willing and able to guide me further than we’ve ever been before.

Thank you Ms. Stoutt!

Twice is nice.

Ms Stoutt is 2nd to none!  When they're great you recommend them twice.  I watched her work with my daughter, Sasha, and was in awe at how she brought out the best in her.  Her intense training related to voice, which my daughter did, was superb and I've seen exceptional results.  Get your child registered early and at a young age.  Holistic Development is key and music plays a great role in this.  Thanks again for working with my daughter.

Second to none!

Get your child registered to start music classes. You won't regret it. It would be worth every penny. Ms. Stoutt worked with my daughter and I know that she's second to none.

Well-rounded & amazing!

Ms. Stoutt is a well-rounded and an amazing teacher!  I’ve learned so much from her, musically, over the years, especially in my high school years. With the help of Ms. Stoutt, I received a passing goal of 2 distinctions in Royal School of Music, Grade 4 & 5 Singing exams!  She also helped me in my further musical endeavors with vocal training for TOP 7@7, which allowed me to showcase my talent on BET.  In addition, she vocally trained me in the Miss World BVI competition, allowing me to showcase my talent in China.  I highly recommend Ms.Stoutt!  She is determined and very focused in what she does and I am truly grateful to have such a music teacher.