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Piano Studio of Janisse Foresti

4313 Big Tree Court
Denair CA , 95316


Music has been such a wonderful avenue for our boys to grow and develop, and we cannot imagine a better place for them to do it than with Janisse and her studio. The curriculum she has crafted exceeds anything else available in the region, and draws on a strong foundation of both music theory and piano performance. But more important than the technique and pedagogy her students learn is Janisse herself. Every young person needs an advocate who believes in them and encourages them to push themselves to new heights, and who will inspire them to new greatness. This is what Janisse has been for our children and for that we will always be grateful.


I first met Mrs. Foresti when I was in third grade with completely having no knowledge in music theory or music in general. Now I am a Junior in highschool and now everything is different. Playing piano has completely changed my life and I thank Mrs. Foresti for never giving up on me when I felt unmotivated and for opening doors to opportunities I would never have if I didn't play piano. Mrs. Foresti is an excellent piano teacher and one of the best people. She is strict because she want to best for her students and she pushes us in order to practice more because she believes in us and she wants our performances to reflect our talents. Every student in Mrs. Foresti's studio is talented, having being in the studio 9 years I have seen what playing with Mrs. Foresti can do. If you are looking for a piano teacher and you want one who is dedicated to her students, will challenge them, is passionate and the best at what she does, Mrs. Foresti is the perfect pick. I type this with full sincerity because she has completely changed my life for the better, she is a mentor and I look up to her. She is amazing.


Mrs. Foresti is a great piano teacher with expertise and experience in teaching piano to kids from the young beginners to advanced ones. She strives for excellence in teaching. She communicates well with students and parents.

My older son started learning piano with Mrs. Foresti more than 2 years ago at the age of 6, while my younger one started last year at the age of 5. Mrs. Foresti is patient with my sons and engages my sons well in her lessons. At first my younger son found piano lessons demanding, but had his eyes on Mrs. Foresti’s cat. Mrs. Foresti called the cat to sit with my son, which got my son excited. When my son plays the pieces well, he gets the chance to feed the cat. He has made a lot of progress as well as had a lot of fun ever since. Mrs. Foresti has built good relationship with my sons. My sons listen to her. They would gladly receive her negative feedbacks and suggestions. And she encourages and reinforces their positive behavior too.

Mrs. Foresti could be entertaining sometimes, yet don’t mistake it with being loose--she holds a high standard and always challenge the students to be their best. Her expertise helps her set good goals for each kid in their musical development. I’m so glad to see how my kids are growing musically with her guidance.

Mrs. Foresti is open to new technologies—she uses various apps to facilitate piano learning and practice for the students, furthermore, she makes her studio website on her own.

Mrs. Foresti is dedicated to her family, friends and community. In her life, she is upbeat and energetic, kind and compassionate. I also love her sense of style and elegance.

We are very grateful that we have Mrs. Foresti in our kids’ formative years!


My 9-years-old daughter have been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Foresti for 3 years. We feel so fortunate to have her as our piano teacher! Mrs. Foresti is an extremely talented musician and is very experienced in teaching young kids. She holds her students to a very high standard that sets them up for success in the piano world. She has very effective teaching methods to systematically develop her students. Mrs. Foresti not only teach her students skills and techniques but also help them develop interests and a passion for learning piano. The weekend Musicianship classes, the Piano club, the regular recitals she organized and dedicated to have been very appreciated by the students and parents. We are always impressed how her students have progressed tremendously over a short period of time. I give Mrs. Foresti my highest recommendation to any level piano student.


Mrs. Foresti is a great piano teacher! She is very experienced and passionate at what she is doing. She provides resources such as the ear training lab to enhance student's sight reading and ear training skills.
Several times a year, some families will host fun gatherings for students and families to get together to know each other better. It is just like a big family. Younger students look up older ones and learn from them. Not to mention, all the students at Mrs. Foresti's studio are all very talented. Often they will be given opportunities to perform at different occasions, especially competitions. So many of the students had won impressive prizes. As a parent, I am very happy that I found my daughter a great teacher who not only teaches her piano but life lessons. Thank you, Mrs. Foresti!