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Piano Escapades Studio

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Parent Testimonial #16

My granddaughter has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Wendy Chan for just over a year and a half. We are extremely pleased with how far she has progressed under Mrs. Chan’s tutelage. This February, Mackenzie entered her first South Fraser Music Festival and received two gold certificates. This would not have been possible without Mrs. Chan’s patient and caring teaching while at the same time being rigorous in ensuring that Mackenzie’s technique was being perfected. We are thankful that we have been able to have Mrs. Chan teach Mackenzie and look forward to continued success with her in the future. Yours sincerely, Keith and Mary Rajala.

Student Testimonial #15

Wendy is the most creative, patient, encouraging and inspirational piano instructor there is. She has been my piano teacher since 2008 and she has helped me grow immensely as a pianist and a person. She has challenged me and pushed me to achieve more than I thought I could. I started with her when I was at a very childlike and basic level of piano. She has guided me to becoming a well accomplished Level 10 pianist. Wendy is such an incredible teacher because she believes in her students and she challenges them to reach their full potential. She leads by example, everything she instructs us to do, she also does herself. She is such an accomplished and graceful pianist and her skill is awe inspiring. She has shown me just how beautiful and exciting piano can be. I am pursing a minor in classical piano because of an instructor that took the time to mentor me and encourage me throughout my journey as a pianist. I am thankful that I have her as my piano teacher and role model. She has done so much for me by inspiring me to remain determined and focused in piano and in life. The investment she has made in my life is priceless, it goes beyond piano and translates into everyday life. Piano is going to be a vessel of self-expression and passion for me for the rest of my life and I’m thankful for that.

Parent Testimonial #14

Wendy is a wonderful and caring teacher. She will challenge students to work hard and do their very best but in a loving and supportive way. My daughter has done so well in her practical and theory studies, and has had many opportunities to play in local recitals. In fact, Wendy’s students are usually among the top performers! I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a great piano teacher!

Parent Testimonial #13

Ms. Wendy's attention to detail and exceptionally high quality standards demonstrate her passion for music . We first met Ms. Wendy when my daughter Neha was starting her piano journey in Grade One. Neha grew to love the beauty of playing through Ms. Wendy's careful guidance and attention. Ms. Wendy has been instrumental in my daughter's musical achievements and successes. We are truly thankful to have worked with Ms. Wendy and have learned so much from her. She is an exceptionally talented, vibrant and passionate master of instruction. Thank you Ms. Wendy for your commitment and support! Sincerely, Neha and Nina.

Parent Testimonial #12

感謝有這個機會可以讓我女兒進入Wendy老師的鋼琴園地!我女兒現年八歲多,在去年2016年九月下半開始接受Wendy老師的指導。在這之前,她有兩年多的及兩位老師的學琴經歷,並且在最後以高分榮譽榜通過RCM的二級考試,但是我們一直覺得那時女兒並不太識樂譜,甚至對於音符的前後關係還是懵懵懂懂的,而當時身為家長的我們總覺得她的鋼琴課裡缺少了甚麼、忽略了甚麼,所以她對於樂曲彈奏多是直白平舖、強記鍵位的,至於去上鋼琴課心理上是排斥的。之後,幸虧前位老師因故「放棄」了我們女兒,而我們也有幸透過女兒同學家長介紹,認識了Wendy老師,進入了溫馨的Piano Escapades Studio鋼琴大家庭。而在短短幾個月後,女兒已在彈奏四級樂譜,與同學參加了今年2017南菲沙河兩個較大的音樂節幼年鋼琴獨奏及雙人合奏評比,也都獲得每首樂曲演奏的金獎評比,與每項目前一、二名的獎章、獎金鼓勵,而且也在今個暑假八月中參加了RCM五級樂理考試。前面所說這些,並非我們要炫耀甚麼,而且這也不是我們讓女兒學琴的初衷。我要彰顯及說明的是Wendy老師專業的、有系統的、熱誠的、親切的教學,才能讓我女兒在這麼短的時間裡有如此之變化。 我記得女兒在上第一次課時,由於與老師有先溝通過當時問題與困難,老師要女兒除了已有的二級彈奏技巧外,一切音符樂理不怕繁瑣地從零開始教起,並不吝惜的拿出來各種教具、教材有系統的教導與練習,並免費的給予女兒教材、學習工具與獎勵。這些是我在前面其他老師那兒沒看到的。Wendy老師教學的熱忱在這時代已是不多見的了,她每週都提供一小時她自己私人的時間,集合所有學生在大家面前演奏當下學習的樂曲,來訓練學生演奏台上的臨場經驗與膽量,以及讓同學們互相交流切磋與認識,學期末老師還會以私人費用辦同樂會以增進老師同學們感情。她還會為即將參加考級的學生,免費的付出自己的時間與材料,來做極為多次的練習、模擬、更正,讓學生盡量達到應試最佳狀態。最值得一提的是Wendy老師每學年都會親自張羅安排學生兩次成果發表演奏會、以及兩個大型地區音樂節評比,讓她的學生們都可以有走上真正舞台的機會。Wendy老師上課時不僅親切認真,更是生動、有趣、易懂。使用兩台大型三角琴教學,學生在聽完樂曲彈奏重點後,練習右手部分或左手部分,老師則時常在適當時機給予相反手部分伴奏,若是雙手練習時,老師則時有在另架鋼琴上做背景樂曲伴奏,如此一來整個學習過程,老師、學生都全情投入,除了隨時糾正錯誤,也讓學習生動活潑有趣起來。對於學生的演奏技巧與姿態,老師隨時耳提面命,詳細教導。老師也總會根據每個學生已掌握的技巧、能力來配對學生,來指訂練習彈奏「雙人單琴」樂曲,如此一來,不僅可以增加學習的多樣化、活潑性,更可增加同學間合作感情,在表演台上也更能擄獲聽眾的心。至於樂理部分,我喜歡老師的在課堂上隨彈奏程度並進方式,讓學生學習時心裡有個譜,相得益彰。總之,這麼專業、這麼好的鋼琴老師,加上這麼好的教學方法,我總是迫不及待想要介紹給其他的家長,來到Wendy老師的鋼琴教室---Piano Escapades Studio.

Parent Testimonial #11

You need to be part of Wendy's studio to truly appreciate what an amazing teacher she is. She cares about each student and does her utmost to ensure your child plays to the best of their ability and enjoys the learning experience. She is a patient and encouraging teacher. We have been amazed at my son's progress over the last 2 years with Wendy. She has shown him various techniques regarding how to get the best sound out of the piano for a given piece. My son enjoys going to his lesson and can hear the progress he makes each time. I enjoy sitting in on my son's lessons because I learn how to play better too. Wendy also encourages the students to perform and the benefits to my son of the various festivals and recitals has been tremendous. Wendy prepares the students well so each performance is a positive experience. Wendy's studio is unique in the breadth of music each student is exposed to. In addition to the RCM curriculum, Wendy gives the students pieces from other books as well. The performance classes make learning piano a group activity and further expose students to more pieces as they listen to each other. Students also have the opportunity to play duets which require her to spend extra time with the duo in order to prepare them properly for the performance. Through her studio, my son has learned more than just the piano. He has learned life skills like the ability to perform under pressure, the how to play music with others, how to listen to others, etc. I would highly recommend Wendy's studio for your child.

Parent Testimonial #10

Wendy Chan has been our daughter's piano teacher since 2009. She is an outstanding piano teacher who has passion for music and for working with children. We are absolutely amazed with how well our daughter is learning to play the piano, musically and to understand piano theory. Wendy has high expectations for her students and with much dedication and patience she motivates children to enjoy playing the piano with confidence and skill. Wendy has a fabulous way of creating a positive rapport with her students. She is patient, kind, encouraging, knowledgeable, and dedicated! Wendy spends countless hours choosing pieces that fit each child and then patiently teaches the child how to love the pieces. She has performance classes where her students meet and play their pieces for each other. The atmosphere at her studio makes one feel like a part of the music family. The students respect her and each other! The recitals feel more like professional concerts and are always something that we love attending. Wendy, you are a stellar teacher and we are blessed to have you in our lives!

Parent Testimonial #9

我有二個小孩(兒子和女兒)跟Ms.Wendy學鋼琴已經快4年了!每次上課時Ms.Wendy總是帶著親切的笑容和無比的耐心來教導小孩們。 她會針對小孩們的能力、個性及不同的程度給予適時的技巧指導、要求。當小孩們有良好表現時也常常會給予讚美、 鼓勵,小孩們從中獲得肯定跟信心。Ms.Wendy 也常鼓勵並指導學生們參與Piano festival 及Duets的表演,培養學生們從中訓練出可以從容、大方、有禮的上台演奏且不畏懼面對群眾,可以自信的分享著自己的學習成果!尤其是在Piano Duets的表演學習中,小孩們學習到要與夥伴彼此互相傾聽、配合及包容的重要! 我們很幸運也很感謝Ms.Wendy在孩子們學習音樂的過程中有她一路的相伴、努力指導跟鼓勵。

Student Testimonial #8

Being Ms. Wendy’s student for 7 years, I can confidently say that she is a very rare and exceptional piano teacher. She shows strong commitment and passion in her teaching career and is friendly towards her students. During her lessons, she is patient when her students are slow to learn, and provides feedback that is positive, easy to understand, and informative. If her students are struggling, she knows how to properly guide them towards success. She is also an extremely well-organized teacher who plans her lessons carefully so that all her students are learning at a consistent and proper pace and would be well prepared before their examinations. Ms. Wendy is truly an inspiring, competent, and approachable teacher who sets herself apart from other teachers I’ve had.

Parent Testimonial #7

I remember taking my eldest daughter to Wendy’s studio 7 or 8 years ago and it was a decision that brought fruition years later. I have seen my daughter transform into a responsible young adult and I firmly believe that a part of that transformation was because of Wendy’s passion in teaching piano and her high standard. Wendy also stays up to date with piano curriculums and she uses methods that encourage children to do their best. Aside from a private class, what makes her stand out is that she also has performance classes which is a group class that meets every 2 weeks and those are great for getting the kids feel more comfortable performing in front of a group. It also helps in creating a camaraderie with other children and fostering relationships/friendships. I would highly recommend Wendy.

Parent Testimonial #6

My son has been taking piano lessons with Wendy for the past 7 years. Wendy is amazing with children and she creates an environment that is positive, nurturing and inspiring. Her distinct teaching technique keeps her students interested during her piano classes. Her lessons are very well structured and organized beyond my expectations. I love Wendy’s energy, her kindness, her spirit, her patience and her up-to-date online materials. Wendy is a true commitment to excellence for her students. I highly recommend her studio.

Parent Testimonial #5

Our daughters, Zahra and Nayla, have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Wendy for about 1.5 years now. Ms. Wendy has a very effective way of improving my kids' skill, concentration, and emotion when playing the piano. Her teaching is well structured and she always pushes my kids to do better to cultivate their fullest potential. Zahra and Nayla really enjoy being taught by Ms Wendy. We are very lucky and blessed to have Ms. Wendy as their piano teacher.

Parent Testimonial #4

We brought our kids to Piano Escapades Studio a few years back and it’s been the best decision we’ve made for their piano journey. Wendy is an outstanding teacher. She encourages her students to be the best pianists they can be. She is up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques, which helps her students make practicing piano not a chore, but a natural routine. It is evident that her methods work because most of her students get gold certificates at the piano festivals and some even get scholarships. I highly recommend Wendy for your child’s piano journey.

Student Testimonial #3

The past seven years of piano study with Ms.Wendy was very enjoyable; she had taught me so much throughout the years and I feel that I have grown and learned a great amount. Ms.Wendy cares about all her students and she would always try to help each and everyone of us to the best of her ability. Although there have been some struggles for me, no matter how small the problem was, Ms.Wendy always provided me with guidance which encouraged me to keep going. When it comes to festivals and exams, Ms.Wendy would do whatever she can for us to receive the best results; and I was never disappointed with any of the marks I received because it's impossible, when you have a teacher who prepares you well:)

Student Testimonial #2

I have been taking lessons with Wendy for the past few years and I love it. She is very focused on making her students bring out their best abilities and her method of teaching is always easy to follow. She cares greatly about her students and always wants them to enjoy themselves while pursuing their passion in music. One thing that I really like is that aside from our private lessons she likes to bring us students together as a group for extra practice and teachings outside of lesson times just so we are able to better ourselves. It really shows how much she cares for our learning and improvement. I couldn't be happier anywhere else and I am so thankful to Wendy for making me the musician I am today.

Student Testimonial #1

I have been taking lessons for 3 years and it’s been really fun having lessons with Wendy. Wendy always greets you with a smile, and you feel welcomed in her piano studio. I love how she is always so ready to teach and honest with her comments. She would not hesitate to tell you if you were not practicing the right way. She always wants to make you better. Wendy encourages and helps me set goals each week to improve my playing. I'm really glad that I met Wendy, she is a wonderful teacher and person.