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TV Mounting

Jeremy is highly knowledgeable about all things concerning phone, satellite, cable, Internet. Hired him to do the trim out after another company botched the prewire. Got everything straightened out, procured and mounted three 4K tv's, installed new wifi service, and got my landline working. Outstanding technician; patient and personable! Wouldn't use anyone else in the future.

TV Mount & Computer Repair

Jeremy and his brother Cameron installed my TV wall system and repaired the haphazard installation of my cable installer. Wires are no longer hanging and everything is neat and compact, my sound bar is no longer in the box, it is connected and working, as is my Amazon Fire. In addition they upgraded my failing laptop to a new laptop, far superior to what I had initially asked about getting.  He went the extra step to get a better computer to handle my photography collection at a significantly better price. He transferred all of my data and documents without a problem. Reliable and thorough. 

Install Antenna & Wifi Access Point

We wanted to cut our cable bill for TV and establish sufficient wifi distributed internet connection to our home office and TVs in various rooms of the house. We were paying for broadcast TV on our cable bill so thought it might be a good path to try...cut the cable... but had no idea how to go about selecting and installing an antenna to capture the broadcast signals.  Also, our previous wifi router worked in the home office and reached part of the house but the signal was insufficient to reach all rooms of the house where we needed the wireless signal. We investigated various services and decided Polarity would be our starting point.  We scheduled for Jeremy to visit our home and inspect our circumstances.  He was right on with how to address our needs and installed an antenna and a tremendous wifi access point that have solved all our problems ... other than "user" issues!  I'm one who needs a bit of hand holding when it
comes to complexities of computing technologies including smart TVs and access points and internet available services...putting it all together and making it all work!  I view Jeremy's personal touch to understanding the clients needs and always being there to give guidance and address our challenges as attributes of a true service provider and a sincere businessman.  Top that with all the expertise provided and Polarity is my go to company and Jeremy the man of the year who keeps me operational!  

Install/Replace Antenna

We hired Jeremy...who did a GREAT JOB!!!! Saved us money on our WiFI and so much more. Would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone who needed work of this type.

Install/Replace Antenna

Jeremy will be coming out next Tuesday to take at look at issues we are having getting over the air local channels. I had cable guys originally do the install. But after three emails and two phone calls they never got back with me! Needless to say I'm more than done with them! I look forward to meeting Jeremy ! Update: Jeremy completely took care of my issue with the antenna! He was great and very professional. Jeremy will be my go to guy for all things related to networks, modem, routers and hanging my tv on the wall. Grateful for his wonderful professionalism !

Install Jacks and Wiring

Jeremy was very knowledgeable and great to work with. He explained the plan very well and even came to speak with me when he needed to deviate slightly from the original plan. Overall his crew did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his service.