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Cavachon Polly (Panse and Skippy offspring)

Thanks Ruthie for everything, Polly is absolutely adorable. She has been a wonderful addition to the family. You were a very special person when we picked her up. We will love her forever, she is great.

Bethel(Bella) Chocolate lab

Ruthie was great and her farm was beautiful, We drove in from Pittsburgh to pick up our chocolate lab Bella. Bella is a wonderful dog smart, fast, trainable and loves to snuggle. I would recommend anyone to Pond View Puppies and Ruthie who made the whole experience wonderful. Thank you for a beautiful and healthy pup. Pic is Bella at 6months

The best puppy ever!

We received our female Bich-poo puppy in December 2020. We were wanting to make sure she wasn’t coming from a puppy mill, So we decided to take a ride to meet the whole litter and the mom.

Ruthie was very welcoming and invited us to come visit their farm, so, we had a great adventure to beautiful Paxinos, PA during the terrible Covid times. We met all the puppies (7 of them!) and the super friendly mom. We were impressed with the farm and happy to see such a healthy and happy mom.

We went back to get her a few weeks later when she was 9 weeks old.
She has been the light of our lives ever since!

Dottie is a cute, funny, lovable pup. She is now a little more than a year old. She weighs 10.5 pounds. She has been pretty easy to train (poodles are smart!). We have recently flown with her, and she was such a champ! We take her everywhere (even to NYC regularly). She can be very timid, but we have worked hard to socialize her and she seems comfortable just about anywhere.

We have recommended Pond View Puppies to anyone who is interested. In a couple of weeks, my sister-in-law will be receiving her new Bich-poo pup from Pond View Puppies. She loved Dottie so, and recently lost her pup, so my husband is getting her her own puppy who, coincidentally, will be a half sister to our Dottie! We can’t wait for them to wait.

We will only get any future puppies from Pond View. It was wonderful working with Ruthie, the puppies come from a loving family, and they are definitely healthy, wonderful dogs.


I forgot to attach a picture of Cody to my last review! Here he is.

The favorite member of our family!

We got our puppy, Cody (formerly: Larkie)a cavapooshon in June 2020. He is now a year and a half and has brought so much joy to our family. He has a fun personality, without being naughty. fairly intelligent and friendly to all visitors and other dogs. He's learned a few tricks. His parents are Lila and Teddy. Cody, now fully grown is 20lbs. Ruthie and her family were wonderful to work with. We made a visit to see the puppies before we purchased. Their home and farm are picturesque and the family was so kind and helpful. Highly recommend!

The joy of our lives

Our puppy is now 2 years old. She was my Christmas present to my husband in 2019. We named her Joy because that is what she brought to our family. She is the sweetest little dog. She is very smart. She loves to play with our grandchildren. She has bursts of energy and runs around like a rabbit. We do not let her run loose because she likes to run away. She has gotten better at coming back when called. She does require Science diet Rx dog food because she had issues with diarrhea in the beginning. This food works great for her. She cannot have any people food or she has an adverse reaction. We love her so much and would highly recommend this breeder. She was raised in their home. She had no health issues when we bought her.

We love our Bichpoo sisters

Thank you Ruthie for bringing Willaby and Ivy into our lives!! We got Willaby in May 2021 and she brought so much laughter and joy to our family that we reached out to Ruthie to get another Bichpoo puppy! We brought her full sister, named Ivy, into our family Christmas Eve and couldn’t be happier. They love each other so much and play all the time!! Ruthie was a pleasure ro work with. Highly recommend Pondview Puppies.

Cavachon Izzy

Our Cavachon puppy just turned 2, but it seems like yesterday that we visited the Riehl Farm and selected Izzy. Ruthie was so accommodating and spent time telling us about her dogs. Her children were involved and the pups were friendly and lively. Our chosen boy, Izzy, is so loving and smart. He rings a bell hanging from our door to go out and knows by name all his toys. He is a joy. I believe the Riehl’s have good stock with their dogs and give excellent care to the pups. I highly recommend contacting them about their next arrival. Izzy was our first Cavachon and we just love this breed.


We got our Teddy on September 13, 2021. He was 10 weeks and the last of the litter. It was love at first site. He has been a great puppy and very affectionate and has been easy to train.. we are 77 years old and so his personality is good for older people.. This is our sixth dog in our life time. We are happy with our choice of a Cavachon.. As I write this he is sleeping at my feet. We called him Teddy because he looks like a Teddy Bear.


We could not be more thankful for the honest and attentive business experience we had with Ruthie. And because she has children who are involved in socializing the puppies, our puppy was so well socialized that he had absolutely no problem adjusting to our family. It was a relief to be able to visit the puppy before he was able to be brought home, and see that he was raised in a loving, clean home. I am also grateful that he was crate trained and sleeping through the night due to Ruthie’s attention and diligence.

Cavachon Damon

Thank you so much Ruthie for your amazing service and patience! She responded quickly to my inquiry about Damon and went above and beyond to take a video of him to make sure I felt secure in the transaction. She recommended My New Puppy for the delivery service because we live in MI and he flew in. They also did a great job! I would use them again if I found myself looking for another puppy and highly recommended them to anyone searching for a new member of their family! Thanks again!