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Potter's House Los Angeles

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Bellflower CA , 90003

I Used to Be Atheist

From Gangbanging to Living for Jesus

Leo Serna talks about going from the darkness of gangbanging, drugs, alcohol and the chaos that was his life, to the real freedom he discovered once he gave his life to Christ.

Lost and Found

Now Jesus is the Center...

Before Christ, my priority was to satisfy my selfish desires.  I looked for satisfaction in dating, relationships and job success. I was unforgiving, prideful, and quick to anger... Real quick. Butt in reality I lived brokenhearted, empty, and alone. My focus was on everything else but being a mom. Jesus Christ loved me, healed me, gave me a purpose, and changed my life perspective; especially when it came to my children. In seeking my fulfillment I had turned away from giving them Jesus - love, hope, light, and faith. Now Jesus Christ is at the center of our family and anything I lost was and is worth the inheritance my family has in Christ.

Living for Jesus Christ Now!

33 Years Old and Broken

Hi I'm 33 years old and I was broken and beaten, looking for love in all the wrong places.  I had low self-esteem.  I grew up in church, but didn't care about my life or daughter.  It wasn't until I met a young woman from  the Potter's House South Central church that I was told about the love of Jesus and that I didn't have to go through what I was going through.  She prayed with me and invited me out to church. I went the next Sunday night in my pjs, with my daughter and the man that was abusing me.  The pastor seemed to preach directly to me about everything I was going through, without me even saying anything.  I knew it had to be God.  That night I went to the altar, prayed and gave my life to Jesus.  At first I was hardheaded, still feeding my flesh.  But as I surrendered everything to God everything began to change.  Now I am free from my abuser and able to raise my daughter in a godly home.  God has truly changed my life.  I have joy and strength that I've never had before!

Clean and Sober!

At the age of 8 years old, I was introduced to drugs and alcohol by my older brothers and from then on I was hooked.  I was the only kid in elementary school that went to high school ditching parties.  I chased  parties, drugs, women, alcohol.  But I got tired of my life and tried to commit suicide.  I also tried self-mutilation, burning myself all over my body.  I felt empty inside and nothing helped.  One night I prayed, “If you’re real God, give me a chance and I’ll change my life.” The very next day someone came to my house and invited me to a Potter’s House concert.   That one concert changed my life forever.  I gave my life to Christ 14 years ago and was set free from ALL my addictions and suicidal thoughts.  I’ve never gone back!

I'm Free

God has delivered me from a life of loneliness and alcoholism. I had so much self-pity and self resentment that it led me to suicidal thoughts. Now I have God and I'm married, happy, serving God and raising our daughter to love the Lord.


God moves in this place for real!!!


Remember it's beginning in the city of Pico Rivera. If you are looking for a church that is preaching the truth, look no further. Awesome church and faithful people of God!

So Blessed!

I started sniffing glue at the age of 11 and that’s where my trouble began.  I tricked my parents into thinking I was a good boy while I was sneaking and stealing money from my mother and grandmother’s purses.  By the time I was 21 years old, I was partying, drinking and doing speed.  But even though I was doing everything I wanted to do, I was becoming more and more depressed.  I almost had a nervous breakdown.  My daughter kept telling me to come to Potter’s House and surrender my life and problems to God. I’ve quit drugs, alcohol and even cigarettes!  I have never regretted all the positive changes God has made in my life and the way I’m being blessed in my marriage and family.

Stable and Secure

My family used to party hard!  Around 10 years old I started doing drugs.  All of us used to get high all the time.  At one point we became homeless and bounced from motel to motel.  We experienced continual hardship in one form or another. I got to the point where I was fed-up with the roller coaster of the life that I was living. One day I met some people from the Potter’s House who were outreaching in the community.  I made a real change in my life.  That was 8 years ago.  Now I have a stable job, married with 3 kids and I gained peace of mind for the first time.

I used to Gangbang then I found out about God's Love...

Testimonial #15

Ex gang member turns to Jesus.

Real Love with Christ

I was lost and desperate, searching for love in all the wrong places.  I wanted to fill a void in my life that I couldn’t quite understand.  I just wanted to close the gap in my heart and I thought could fill it with having lots of boyfriends to find that one that loved and supported me.  It wasn’t until a friend of mine invited me to Potter’s House and I found Jesus that I finally gained fulfillment, satisfaction and an understanding of what true love means.  It’s more than just being with guys.  Now, no matter what trials or situations come in my life, the hole in my heart has been filled and will continue to be filled by God.