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Great parent communication

Excellent school with great parent communication. Both my kids study here, I would definitely recommend this school. The teaching is outstanding.

Happy and satisfied parent!

Happy and satisfied parent! As both of my kids study here, I know so much care and efforts are being done by the healthy planet team! I wish them good luck!

Wonderful Teachers

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the time, care and effort you have put into my son's teaching and well-being this year.  Your kindness, hard work and dedication have ensured that my son has enjoyed a fantastic and very positive school year, for which I will always be grateful to Healthy Planet Team and NWS should be proud to have such  wonderful teachers!

Once again Thank you so much for making my child  confident and eager to learn new things in life. 

Brilliant school with fantastic facilities

Healthy Planet is a brilliant school, with fantastic facilities. The most adorable fact is that the head teacher and deputies know all the children throughout the school by their names, so I am rest assured that the children are well cared for. The school itself has a great English conversation department, several picture compositions, including speaking activities and show and tell activities some of it is with a stage performance, Sky field, Basketball court as well as lots more besides. The standard of teaching is high, and teachers are always aware of their pupil's individual needs and requirements. Staff of the specialized teachers regularly visits pupils in the primary to teach them in subjects such as English and Maths and the children are encouraged to take on other interests such as learning to play an instrument, or join in the school teams. The nursery is well run and has the modern facilities you would expect from the rest of the school. They regularly use the library within the school, and the staff work hard to ensure the children are happy and learning while playing. Parents are regularly invited into the nursery to partake in activities with their kids, creating things together etc., and staff enjoys showing parents how to make use of everyday things in the home to encourage their child to play and learn, and demonstrate what skills it is teaching their child. And in short once again I would like to say that we have taken a very good decision to admit our child in Healthy Planet School. No regrets…

Been a wonderful experience

Healthy Planet has been a wonderful experience for Sakshaat in every way. Having our older one already in the school, we knew that this is the place for our little one too. The variety of learning experiences available is amazing. The thoughtful curriculum is perfect for a bright, curious child like ours. Yet, the best part of the school is definitely its staff which is caring and kind towards every child and parent, and the warmth can be felt the very moment you walk inside the glass doors and interact with just anyone from top to bottom. The school definitely goes out of its way to help out the parents and the child. Glad to be here. Thank you!"

Praiseworthy and unforgettable

Before getting my child admitted to Healthy Planet, I had done an extensive survey of the most popular and reputed schools of the city. Later on the basis my own observations and the feedback of my neighbours, I zeroed in for Healthy Planet.Initially I thought that this is the specialty of my child Adhrit that he does not cry while going to school but soon I could notice that actually no child is ever seen crying while going or returning from Healthy Planet.The way the teachers, the coordinators and other staff members attend the child, the parents and the countless queries is really praiseworthy and unforgettable. The curricular and co-curricular activities at the school are systematic, complete and impeccable. And the emotional thread that runs right from the top management, through teachers and staff members, and reaches the child in the same strength, makes Healthy Planet unique.