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Amazing Pregnancy Massage

I can’t recommend Terri enough. I had a wonderful pregnancy massage in the comfort of my own home. Terri helped me to feel nice and relaxed. Afterwards my body felt amazing and I slept really well.

I’ve already booked in for a second!

Pregnancy massage

I’ve just had my second pregnancy massage from the wonderful Terri and I feel so relaxed and ready to meet my baby now! I honestly can’t recommend these massages enough!

The room smelt amazing thanks to the lovely essential oils and I just felt so relaxed and connected to my baby.

As well as helping me to relax and feel closer to baby I do feel my latest one, at 37 weeks and 2 days has helped the baby wriggle down and I’ve definitely dropped again, so all good!

Thank you Terri! ♥️

Amazing pregnancy massage

I had a lovely relaxing pregnancy massage today by Terri, she was very friendly and professional. She was clearly very experienced in what she does. Highly recommended and will definitely be booking another.

Hypnobirthing Course

My partner and I loved the hypnobirthing course we did with
Terri. It was so informative and helped us feel more in control and relaxed about labour. We honestly feel so excited now and it helped us feel even more connected to our baby. Terri was super and so helpful and friendly.

Group Hypnobirthing Course at Calm

I have just completed my hypnobirthing course with TIME. Terri is so knowledgeable. You'll not regret doing this course. My husband and i learned so much and left feeling much calmer about childbirth. I was moved to tears of joy after one of the relaxation scripts my husband read to me.

Pregnancy Massage Bliss

I had my pregnancy massage this morning with Terri and I can honestly say it was the best massage I've ever had. She correctly identified my sore and achy parts. I nearly fell asleep. I'd love to have one once a week until I give birth.

Pregnancy Massage

I cannot recommend Terri highly enough. She has lots of great advice and tips on general pregnancy ailments and the essential oils used for the massage and in the diffuser leave you feeling calm and relaxed, not to mention smelling amazing!

As for the massage Terri was able to work wonders on my pelvic pain and also worked out lots of tension and knots I had been experiencing in my shoulders and hips.

I cannot wait for my next session! Thank you Terri

Would 100% Highly Recommend

Have just completed 121 hypnobirthing course with Terri and we are over the moon with the content and service of the course. The course was so informative, relaxed and really enjoyable. So many useful tips along the way too. We opted for in home course and it was wonderful and relaxing, a total safe space. Would very highly recommend.

Game Changer

I was extremely anxious about the birth of our first child and had read into the benefits of Hypnobirthing as a tool. Myself and my partner took part in one to one sessions with Terri at home over a course of four weeks. My partner was sceptical at first but soon appreciated the information we were learning and agreed the name Hypnobirthing just didn't do it justice. The course was so informative and we really enjoy practicing the relaxation techniques together in the run up to the birth. I feel completely different to how I did earlier on in my pregnancy and feel like I am prepared to bring my baby into the world, confidently and calmly.


My husband & I took part in the two day hypnobirthing course with Terri. Although she gave us the option of coming to our house to deliver the sessions, we chose to do them at Church Farm, which created a calm & engaging environment. Being first time parents, we didn’t know a lot about the birth process & so the sessions gave us a really informed overview about what to expect and how we could prepare. We used the relaxation scripts regularly in the lead up to the due date, which really helped me to feel calm & ready for having our baby. Terri helped us to be aware of our options & the choices we had open to us, which enabled us to choose the type of birth we wanted & which would be best for our baby. I was feeling really anxious about the birth throughout my pregnancy, but Terri enabled me to think about it positively & feel able to bring our baby into the world calmly & safely. She adapted the sessions to what I was wanting to include and I would fully recommend her to anyone considering hypnobirthing or just wanting to feel a bit more prepared physically & mentally for birth.

Pregnancy Massage

My lovely friends booked this for me as a gift and i had it at the most perfect time as my back had really started to ache. I was 35 weeks pregnant when Terri came to my house for my massage. She stayed for around 2 hours and I had the most relaxing massage ever. I was so comfortable with the pillows and blankets and she created such a calming experience with the music and candles. I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and my back pain had really eased so I had the best sleep that night.

Magic Massage

I booked Terri for a massage and it was absolutely magic. She came to my home, and was with me for around 2 hours. I have been struggling for months with hip pain, to the extent that I haven’t been able to sleep for longer than 30 minutes at a time before needing to change sides. Last night, after my massage, I fell asleep on my left side (unheard of) and woke up this morning having barley moved (never in my life).

Really warm, engaging and reassuring - Terri was incredible and I can’t recommend her enough. We’re booked in for a Hypnobirthing course and I can’t wait!

Incredible massage!

My husband booked me this as a surprise and it was so so great!! I immediately booked another 2 massages! Terri brought candles and the most amazing smelling oils which made our lounge smell great for days!! I was instantly relaxed and would highly recommend!

Gorgeous massage and amazing oils

Gorgeous pregnancy massage. so relaxing. The oils smell wonderful and my house smelled fab after for days. The oils Terri used have left my skin feeling amazing.
Her presence and voice is so calming as well

My toddler woke up towards the end but I still felt super relaxed. (sods law)

Deffo gonna get another one!!!!

Big Thank you

I just want to say thank you so much for my pregnancy massage it was amazing from start to finish! You were so lovely and made the whole experience so special, thank you! I will highly be recommending you to all my mums to be.

Just amazing!

Had my first ever pregnancy massage and wow can't describe how amazing and relaxing it was all in the comfort of my own home. I was a little nervous as I'd never had one before but Terri made me feel so at ease. The whole of the massage was amazing and so relaxing! I have been suffering with bad cramp in my legs and since the massage I haven't suffered at all. Was so relaxing and will definitely be booking in for another! The perfect night for a mum to be! Thank you so much xx

We have learnt SO much more than we ever imagined we would!

We were clueless when it came to birth options but the hypnobirthing course has made us feel ready and really excited! My Husband doesn’t feel like a spare part anymore; he knows his role, how he can help and what questions to ask. He also learnt a few massage techniques to help me during labour. Terri is amazing and is clearly very knowledgeable! We asked so many questions and continue to do so even after the course. I’m feeling very calm now in the lead up to the birth of our baby girl. Thank you so much Terri!

Just to add, I also had a pregnancy massage which was amazing and very much needed. It felt like a spa in my own home!

Amazing pregnancy massage!

I had a Pregnancy Massage with Terri a few days ago, and it was absolutely gorgeous! The whole atmosphere she creates is so totally relaxing, and she's incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about alleviating common pregnancy aches and pains. I'll definitely be booking in for another one soon - highly recommended for any mamas-to-be.

If you’re pregnant, you need Terri.

I have just finished my second of three pregnancy massages and I cannot stress enough, how happy I am that I found, Terri.

Terri immediately knew what my body needed in order to relieve tension and stresses and the first massage I had was eye opening. To see someone be so in-tune with what my body needed, so quickly was amazing and I immediately felt the benefits.

In my second massage, I knew what to expect, and my body relaxed a lot more but also I could feel the progress that we had made from last week. Parts of my body that were really sore and tight last week, loosened a lot quicker.

I can’t wait for my massage next week and to see how my body responds over the next few days to today’s massage.

Pregnancy Massage

What a fabulous massage. I have never had someone come to the house before to do a massage but what a lovely thing to not have to leave your house.

Terri was fantastic, went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole massage. The massage was in no way rushed and extra time was spend on areas I was struggling with.

I would absolutely recommend Terri to anyone who is pregnant and I will definitely be booking in again when I’m having my next baby.

Pregnancy massage

For my last pregnancy as a treat my OH researched and came across Terri as a recommended pregnancy massage therapist.
She came to my house - and not only was she easy to talk to attentive and professional - she works absolute miracles - my 6 month pregnant self felt like a weight had been lifted after the experience - aches and pains vanished and some great tips to help keep mobile and healthy - I’ll be booking again for another massage before baby is due and also looking into her other services as I’m massively impressed and would definitely recommend her ! Cant actually thank you enough for the treatment - was so relaxed and had the best nights sleep I have had in a long while!

I would highly recommend to anyone

Thank you to @_time_uk for teaching me everything I know with breastfeeding and about pregnancy and birth in our hypnobirthing course, I would highly recommend to anyone.

Really looking forward to my next two massages

Hi Terri, Just to say thank you so much for the wonderful pregnancy massage on Friday night, it was brilliant and I felt so relaxed afterwards, lovely self-care for me and baby after a hectic few weeks! Really looking forward to my next two massages before my due date next month'.⁠

Hypnobirthing has changed my life

I first heard of Terri from a good friend Helena Grzesk - once I had fallen pregnant she asked me if I had thought about practicing hypnobirthing and that she knew a great person Terri from time bump and beyond. I searched the company up on Instagram, did my research and Terri instantly stood out from the crowd! I was so keen to learn more, I enquired through an email and Terri replied promptly with a follow up phone call. Once I had taken the call I just knew that Terri was the person that I wanted to help guide me through my birthing experience. (I was petrified) this soon changed with the help of Terri! When on the call I believed every word she said and felt an instant connection to wellness from the womb and that’s exactly what we practiced throughout my sessions was incorporating wellness techniques into a birthing experience. Thanks to Terri I had the most beautiful birthing experience and the fear soon melted away! Amazing! Hypnobirthing, has changed my life and so it has my daughters she is such a content and loving baby and I truly believe that this is down to the work I did with Terri in preparing me for labour. Darcie settles and sleeps listening to the soothing music played during my labour making hypnobirthing such a special and memorable experience for myself and my partner. Taking care of yourself and practicing wellness in everyday life is so important to me and with the help of Terri I was able to incorporate it into my birthing experience.

Our hypnobirthing experience

I would 100% recommended Terri and the hypnobirthing course. I was 22 weeks pregnant and we went into lockdown with everything cancelled. We did the zoom course with Terri. Her knowledge is invaluable. I was very nervous and felt totally under prepared until I did the course. Once I had completed it I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted, what would happen and how to tackle any problems that may crop up.
It was great to do the course over zoom, it was enjoyable to do from the comfort of our own home and we felt relaxed and happy. A great experience x

I would 100% recommend to any of my pregnant friends

I had the most amazing pregnancy massage in the comfort of my own home. Just what I needed after 3 tiring long days at work. Thank you @anthonycomer for organising it and thank you to @_time_uk, I would 100% recommend to any of my pregnant friends xxxxx

Great Massage, Advice and Support!

Terri came to my house and gave me a wonderful massage! She took the time that evening to speak to me about my worries and concerns and really helped to reassure me about the birth, as I didn’t have a good experience with my youngest. It was so interesting to gain some insight into hypnobirthing and how it can help! Thanks Terri!xxx

Pregnancy during COVID-19

Our 12 week scan was a few days after the UK went into lockdown which has meant my husband hasn’t been into any scans or appointments during this pregnancy with our first baby. Hypnobirthing was something I knew I wanted to do and was so pleased when I found out Terri was starting her face to face courses again in my final trimester. Finally something my husband could experience! I instantly took to Terri abs knew she was the right person to guide us through the course and teach us everything we needed to know. She was also so flexible with how many sessions we wanted to do, even our cat who isn’t that friendly was super zen during the sessions and enjoying them! I was so tense before the course with so many things being out of our control but this made us feel totally in the driving seat with how we want our birth to go and has given us the confidence to and do exactly what is best for us. It has also made my husband feel so important as my birth partner and given him the confidence as my main care provider to speak up and know exactly what I want. We are both really excited about the upcoming experience and have felt confident enough with what we have learnt to opt for a home birth. I can’t wait to put everything I have learnt from Terri into practise and meet our baby boy!

PS her massages are also incredible and I would have one every day if I could!

Her knowledge is unreal

My partner booked me a surprise pregnancy massage. When Terri came I was even more surprised. The massage included hypnobirthing, which was amazing and all in the comfort of our own home. I also didn't realise Terri was a pregnancy wellness expert until she answered every query I had about my body, birth and the baby. Her knowledge is so unreal, I am so glad Lee found her now, she has already made me feel at ease about giving birth and I cannot wait for another session. Literally Highly Recommend to ALL mum & dads to be, whether it is your first time or not..

Prior to Hypnobirthing I was incredibly nervous

We really cannot thank Terri enough. Prior to the Hypnobirthing course I was incredibly nervous and worried about the thought of giving birth.
From the first session I felt empowered and that we could be in control of the process rather than feeling like being on a conveyor belt.
Towards the end of my pregnancy I started to encounter some hurdles however Terri continued to support and provide us with additional information and ensure we were aware of what our options were.

Our Hypnobirthing experience

Being pregnant in the middle of a Pandemic meant most of our antenatal support was withdrawn. Having already booked hypnobirthing, our classes were switched to Zoom meetings and continued as normal.
Terri made the classes fun and relaxing and in addition to the hypnobirthing practice we were able to learn so much about the birth process generally making us both feel prepared and ready!

Thanks Terri

It was the best decision for us!

We chose to do the one to one hypnobirthing course in our own home with Terri and it was the best decision for us!
Terri came when our son was in bed so that we could concentrate (and learn in peace). I didn’t want to go to a group class because I had suffered two previous miscarriages and our son was born at 31 weeks.
I didn’t want to be around excited couples or scare them with my horror stories. It wasn’t until we started working with Terri, that I began to feel excited about the pregnancy as I was far too anxious. We knew there was a high chance that I would have another premature baby so Terri helped us to understand how hypnobirthing can be used in any type of birth. Terri was instrumental in helping us write our birth preferences for any eventuality. Seeing our preferences written down helped ease my anxiety and became invaluable as I was admitted to hospital at 35 weeks pregnant. Our little girl arrived at 36 weeks and because our consultant had been given our preferences and understood them, we were able to have some of our choices given the emergency situation. Terri continued to support me on my breastfeeding journey both in person and on the phone. She has become a wonderful friend. We would highly recommend Terri if you are looking for a hypnobirthing teacher.

Amazing one-to-one hypnobirthing

My husband and I had one to one hypnobirthing sessions with Terri and she was absolutely wonderful! As new parents, before the classes we felt very nervous and anxious of giving birth and now we feel excited about it, prepared and in control of our choices. I would definitely recommend to any new mum...thank you!

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

We have just had our hypnobirthing refresher with Terri. She is so lovely and it was great to be able to ask questions specific to us and our situation and get such knowledgeable answers to help us consider our choices for this birth.

The most amazing pregnancy massage

I wish I'd known about Terri earlier on in my pregnancy. Terri came to my house the week of my due date and I had the most amazing massage, the attention to detail and the time Terri spent made the experience so relaxing. Terri's knowledge about hypnobirthing / labour was amazing. I've had a few pregnancy massages in various places but Terri was by far the best. I would 100% recommend to any new mum to be, Thank you.

I couldn’t have done it without Terri.

Without the love, support, and incredible knowledge Terri was able to empower me with, I would not have had such a calm and natural birthing experience with my precious daughter. After 2 previous traumatic labours I was able to control the situation with confidence and trust my body to do what it was made to do. I couldn’t have done it without Terri.

Loved the Champneys spa retreat!

The most relaxing weekend at Champneys with the lovely Terri. I feel like I have learned so much and I am leaving with a much calmer mindset and feeling very empowered. I loved learning about breastfeeding and also about our rights during labour. I would definitely recommend this course! Thank you! x

Hypnobirthing at Champneys

After hypnobirthing with Terri, I view labour so differently. I am so excited to give birth now and so completely amazed by the knowledge I have learned about the female body and how relaxed I feel about giving birth. I loved learning about the breastfeeding process and finding out more about induction as I had no knowledge on this. It has been so relaxed and such a treat. Thank you Terri x

Utter relaxation!

Just had my pregnancy massage with Terri in my own home. It was incredible. Utter relaxation in an environment that I’m completely comfortable in, relaxing music, bespoke oils and lavender scented diffuser by candle light. Terri is a complete professional who guided me through the whole Process. She was able to work out all my aches and pains that come with pregnancy. She answered all the questions I had and we even had a great chat about pregnancy, labour and motherhood. Can not recommend her more!


Just had my pregnancy massage with Terri in my own home. It was incredible. Utter relaxation in an environment that I’m completely comfortable in, relaxing music, bespoke oils and lavender scented diffuser by candle light. Terri is a complete professional who guided me through the whole process. She was able to work out all my aches and pains that come with pregnancy. She answered all the questions I had and we even had a great chat about pregnancy, labour and motherhood. Cannot recommend her more!

Feeling very relaxed

I have just had THE best pregnancy message from Terri, she is so lovely and made me feel so comfortable. I am used to spa-like treatments and massages as I attend spas quite frequently, however, even though this was a pregnancy message, it was one of the best I’ve had!! Feeling very relaxed ✨

The most relaxed I have EVER felt!

I recently had a pregnancy massage from Terri and would 100% highly recommend her! She created a warm and calm atmosphere which allowed me to totally switch off and it was the most relaxed I have ever felt, never mind whilst pregnant. Terri has a huge wealth of knowledge and tailored my massage to ease symptoms I had been suffering during my pregnancy.  I left feeling like I was walking on air and had the most amazing sleep that night.  Thank you!

Extremely informative: highly recommend the course

My husband and I recently completed a twelve hour 121 Hypnobirthing course with Terri. Terri was really accommodating, coming to our home across two weekends. We found the course to be extremely informative, giving us more information and helpful advice than we expected. My husband was particularly impressed and now feels more confident about the birth and what he can do to help. With it being a 121 session, Terri was able to address any specific questions we had relating to our own personal circumstances. Terri was also great at putting us in touch with other pregnancy related people and I now feel I have built up a great support network for advice I may need during the rest of my pregnancy and when baby arrives. Highly recommend the course.

My midwife found it hard to judge when I was having contractions as I was so calm

My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing course in preparation for the birth of our second child. Terri was incredibly accommodating with organising the course around our availability. Due to limited childcare options Terri came to our house when we had managed to get our toddler to bed over a number of evenings. Her flexibility around this was greatly appreciated and meant that we were able to fully focus on the course and it’s content without worrying about our toddler.

The course itself took us both by surprise as we went into the course not anticipating that we would learn a huge amount particularly around birth options etc as this was our second child. In fact we were very wrong we were able to go through our first birth story and understand how the birth went the way it did and how hypnobirthing could have helped us. This really helped my husband to understand why I was so keen to have a home birth and do hypnobirthing.

Terri’s support after the course was also incredible, she went out of her way to ensure we had everything we needed and was always on hand to chat through any concerns we had regarding the impending birth and helping us to keep on track!

The birth itself was also an amazing experience. The home delivery was everything we wanted it to be and I managed to reach full dilation using hypnobirthing. Gas and air gave me a little boost to bring him into the world but the classes and practising all the scripts and visualisations undoubtedly helped me to remain calm and relaxed throughout. The midwives were really impressed and found it hard to judge when I was having a contraction as I was so calm.

In summary, I would wholeheartedly recommend Terri. Her support and words of encouragement meant that second time round it was a magical experience for our little family and even better than what I hoped it would be! I would also highly recommend hypnobirthing although practising the scripts and visualisations is vital.

A wonderful environment for learning and growing together with my partner.

Myself and my partner recently attended Terri’s hypnobirthing course at church farm on the Wirral.  We loved the course and were blown away by Terri’s knowledge and support. The course was beautifully put together, the atmosphere was calm, open, non-judgemental, and from entering the room I instantly felt at ease. A wonderful environment for learning and growing together with my partner. The group was small and personal which helped too, as we all developed a report with one another and felt comfortable to share experiences, concerns and questions. Terri delivered the content of the course brilliantly, I felt that there was nothing she couldn’t explain or help with and that no question was too big or too small.  We learnt everything from what is actually happening inside your body in pregnancy and in every part of labour and delivery- and how we as mothers could help our body’s to facilitate birthing our baby’s. Learned to trust our body’s to do this wonderful job we were so perfectly created to perform. We learned more about ourselves and unpicked what it was we wanted and didn’t want for our birth.  We practiced many beautiful scripts for letting go of fear and encouraging feelings of calm and relaxation, for use both in pregnancy and in birth. My partner was taught how to read scripts to me and different massage and stroking techniques in order for us to be able to practice relaxation at home, which was a part of the course I really loved as it made me feel so close to him, doing exactly what it was meant to do- flooding my body with oxytocin! I loved attending this course, and feel that it has hugely enhanced my pregnancy experience. It has encouraged my partner to feel he has more of an active roll in growing and birthing our baby, and generally made us feel that this is a journey we are on together. I now have a detailed birth plan which outlines all my wishes for birth (including things like delayed cord clamping, immediate and prolonged skin to skin etc which are all things I am only aware of because of the course). At first I felt really nervous to do a birth plan and worried about sharing it with my caregivers. But since attending Terri's course I have gained a voice that I feel confident to use in the presence of medical professionals. I now look forward to the birth of my baby, confident that my anxieties will be well under control and I will welcome my baby into the world feeling calm and ready to love and cherish her forever.  Thank you so much Terri you are a star!

The Hypnobirthing Course was Amazing.

We attended Terri's hypnobirthing course recently and it was amazing. I didn't know what to expect from it as I didn't know much about this technique for birth.
It gave us all of the tools and techniques we need to have our baby in the best way for mum, baby and me. It was really useful to find out things that the hospitals and professionals don't tell you. Gave us so much information and questions to ask to make our birth a positive experience for our new family. 
Also, the relaxation techniques and meditations you learn are really relaxing for mum and opened the birthing process up to me to feel more involved in the weeks leading up to the birth, so mum isn't left to feel like she's on her own.  The course is really relaxed and we didn't feel any problems with asking any questions we had for Terri.
Thank you so much and we can't recommend this course enough to new parents to be.

Terri is a Wonder!

Terri is a wonder - her classes are so positive and empowering. I went in feeling I had little choice or control over my pregnancy and birth experience but I came out feeling full of knowledge and empowered enough to make my own decisions about, and challenge, the interventions I was told I would need by consultants. I am now looking forward to the beautifully calm home birth I always hoped I would have and I feel equipped with the mental tools and techniques to birth my baby confidently and naturally. Terri has so much knowledge and experience, her classes have been a high point of my pregnancy and I feel so much more assured and knowledgeable about pregnancy, labour and beyond. I'd recommend her classes to any expectant parents, they have proven invaluable to me.

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended, Terri has a wealth of knowledge that all expectant parents should have access to

Terri was Incredible

Blown away be the incredible support Terri has offered our Antenatal group. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Terri, from the team here at Home-Start Wirral.

A great talk about wellness

Great to hear you speak at the event Terri, and I couldn’t agree more - a focus on wellness could have huge long term effects on society and health and wellbeing.

Fascinating and extremely knowledgable

I found Terri's talk so fascinating and found that it really helped me to understand my second pregnancy! I know that if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again I will be taking her advice! ????

Terri gave a fantastic talk

Your talk was the perfect balance of reassuring, positive and educational. Your words really helped so many mums and expectant mums and I wish I'd have met you years ago. Thank you for all you do x

Highly Recommended !

Terri is very knowledgeable and she is passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her to any expectant mums who would like to treat themselves with a lovely massage.

Reassuring, Comforting and Passionate

I honestly wish I'd have met Terri before having my children. Her knowledge and nature surrounding the entire pregnancy and birthing journey is reassuring, comforting and passionate. Terri is a beautiful person and I have loved working on projects with her xx

Thank you so much

Thank you so much Terri @_time_uk for your talk at our World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week Event. We hope to continue working with you to increase wellness within our community.

I love this woman!

What is not to love about Terri! The first time we met I hugged her! Terri is amazing at her job, she is incredibly knowledgeable about all things birth and breastfeeding and beyond! Terri is now the first person I go to for advice about any projects I’m working on as I can always rely on her advice and help. She gives so much to others she deserves this praise!

She's so good!

Terri at Time: Bump & Beyond is so knowledgeable about everything pregnancy and new baby, especially breastfeeding. She is kind and gives advice in a non-judgemental way! I always recommend Terri in my pregnancy yoga classes and hope if I have another pregnancy to be booked in for a pregnancy massage with Terri!

I'm now ready to embrace birth.

I had an amazing massage with Terri on Thursday and it really made me feel relaxed and ready to embrace birth. Terri is very knowledgeable, speaks slowly and ensures you understand everything. She made me feel comfortable, I would highly recommend her. Thanks so much xx

Most relaxed I've ever felt

I met Terri at a Mothercare event and had been looking for a good pregnancy massage. I am very fussy with massage and I train a lot so have plenty of knots. Terri was amazing! She paid attention to all the areas that really needed working into, she helped me to fully relax with a breathing technique and made me feel super comfortable. It's the most relaxed I've ever felt after a massage and I will definitely be going back. I also got lots of extra tips for throughout my pregnancy and birth which was a bonus! Highly recommended!!

Friendly, Cozy, Informative and Inspiring

I was honoured to be chosen by a friend to accompany her to the Hypnobirthing course with Time Bump & Beyond. From the minute we arrived for our sessions Terri put us at ease and made us feel so welcome. The room was so cosy and really calming with the beautiful fragrance of aromatherapy oils and a roaring fire warming the room. The sessions were broken down into easy-to-listen-to and take in sections. The resources Terri provides are top quality and she delivers the sessions with absolute professionalism but retains the warmth and kindness of a good friend. The way Terri teaches is inspiring, with so much positivity and passion. The new skills have led to a heightened sense of enlightenment and this will certainly change the course of my friends birthing experience and actually the way my friend will go forward as a new mother. I for one feel so empowered to support my friend and be an excellent birthing partner. Thank you so much, Terri, for the knowledge you have provided and thank you, Kate ,for choosing me to be there with you, to watch you grow with confidence has been so inspiring. I wish Terri every success and I would recommend the hypnobirthing course to anyone (not just birthing partners) supporting a pregnant mamma.

Amazing Hypnobirthing Course

I attended the amazing Hypnobirthing course this weekend. Admittedly being a bit naive, I assumed when I went into labour the midwives would just tell me what to do and I’d just go along with everything. After attending the course I realised everything is totally up to me and how being in control will make for a much easier delivery.

Terri taught me so much about how understanding your body and what it’s doing makes for such a better birth and how you can use your mind to control your body.

I feel so much more prepared, and able to make choices on what I want. I’ve realised the fear of birth is not needed, because really it was a fear of the unknown. Big thanks to Terri, and if there’s any other expectant mums out there, I’d really recommend this course x

Perfect gift for mum-to-be

I had the Bloom & Blossom pregnancy heroes kit shipped to a friend in Ireland as a gift, arrived within two weeks as promised and they were delighted with the set. Reports back are the products feel and smell amazing! Perfect gift for mums to be.

Terri is a fountain of knowledge

I had my massage with Terri a few days ago. I'm in my third trimester, so I'm extremely achy and very sensitive. I was amazed by how Terri knew the correct amount of pressure to apply. Terri made me so comfortable. Terri is a fountain of knowledge and delivers a really outstanding service. She is such a kind, warm and friendly lady. I would highly recommend Terri. Hands down, best experience

100% Recommended

I came into the salon on Tuesday for a pregnancy massage as a surprise from my bf. I am 34 weeks pregnant & have been experiencing a lot of lower back and leg pain throughout my pregnancy, so this pregnancy massage was absolutely perfect! Terri has so much experience with pregnancy and caesareans, as well as massage techniques. I've not had any pain since. I 100% recommend this service!

Excellent Customer Service

I recently bought a massage as a gift my sister in law. Excellent customer service and fantastic massage!! Very professional and friendly all at the same time

Fabulous Pregnancy Massage!

What a fabulous massage I had his evening. Terri explained everything she would do and why, helping me understand more about our bodies whilst pregnant. I feel fully relaxed and calm and did throughout the whole session. Terri is knowledgable and lovely so made the whole experience calm, chilled and relaxing!
Thank you very much!

The massage was exquisite!

I've been struggling with things through my pregnancy and Terri at 'Time' was recommended to me for a pregnancy massage.  I went this morning and all I can say is Thank you! The massage was exquisite, but not only that, Terri gave me advice and made me feel relaxed and important.  Highly recommended xx

Can't wait for my next appointment

I had the most amazing pregnancy massage today with Terri. Her knowledge and explanation of the massage were outstanding, as was her care and understanding. I simply floated afterwards.Can't wait for my next appointment!Thank you x

Best massage I've ever had!

I’ve just been to see Terri for a pregnancy massage, hands down it was the best massage I’ve ever had. She’s a very skilled and experienced masseuse and has all the knowledge of how pregnancy changes our bodies and how massage can support us to grow healthy babies. It’s unusual to find someone with expertise in both areas so I instantly felt at ease. If all that wasn’t enough, she’s a really nice lady too. I’ll definitely be back for more and will be signing up to the hypo birthing classes.

My Rock!

Terri was my absolute rock when it came to breastfeeding. Not only did she encourage and lift my spirits when I was feeling down and alone, she was also my guru on the positioning of the baby, how to increase milk supply, nipple creams and much more. I couldn’t have carried on breastfeeding for as long as I did without Terri’s constant support and telling me what an amazing job I was doing.

Terri is a wealth of knowledge

Any of my pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends, don't while away your pregnancy using social media groups, on apps or googling everything and anything about your little bean... it won't prepare you  Take time to prepare, to feel better and to look after yourself... enjoy it! Take a look at this page, mark it for later or whatever... Honestly, Terri's a wealth of knowledge and able to offer bespoke, qualified care throughout pregnancy and in the early haze of new born 'bliss' x

A true professional

Terri is a true pro with a real warmth in the way she works. She is a dear friend and always focused on achieving whatever she sets out to do. Innovative and determined I find her to have always been a great source of inspiration!

Endless support and understanding through my pregnancy

Time supported me endlessly during pregnancy and throughout my feeding journey with my little one. Some may say I'm a little bit of a worrier, so I knew I had to get this pregnancy malarkey sussed in my head, so I could stay positive. Terri was so knowledgable and with the use of her hypnobirthing advice, gave me the skills to stay positive and focussed during my labour. I was so overwhelmed by the amount information and conflicting advice you get given during pregnancy. Terri always gave great advice and the pros/cons for each treatment, this empowered me to make my own decisions. She gave evidence based advice on everything from growing pains, stretch marks right down to essential oils and pregnancy massages.

Breastfeeding wasn't an easy journey for myself to begin with. I very nearly gave up before I even left hospital. Terri supported me at a low point where I felt like I was failing my son. I never felt like I was being judged, she gave practical and easy advice in such a positive way that made me feel like I could carry on. Great advice was given on skin to skin, eating the right foods, milk production, correct positioning of baby and myself and different feeding positions.

I could write reems and reems but the main point is that Terri was absolutely amazing during pregnancy and way way beyond and I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you so much TIME x x