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Sacha Yoga Life

London , SE16 5NY
+44 (0) 7817972636

Our company Child Graddon Lewis Architects enlisted Sacha to provide early morning Yoga sessions to the staff across the summer months as an integral part of our Wellness programme. We were delighted with the professional, friendly and skilled service Sacha delivered. The classes were well-attended by staff who enjoyed the classed and felt more focused going into their working days as a result. We look forward to booking further classes with Sacha in the future!

I attended a 1-2-1 yoga lesson with Sacha and was really impressed. Sacha’s instruction was clear and went at a pace that suited me. She had a really calm manner and made me feel very comfortable throughout the session. I have done some yoga practice before and Sacha combined supporting my existing ability and challenging me to take some positions and parts of the sequence further. Sacha also used hands on at appropriate points to help me get further into certain positions. I would recommend Sacha’s 1-2-1 sessions wholeheartedly.

I work as a Midwife and after work I suffer from back pain and stiffness. When explaining to Sacha how stiff I felt she told me about yoga. I always thought yoga was not for me since I was not stretchy, I was so wrong! After a session with Sacha I felt FREE, so lightweight, as if I wasn't carrying a stone in my back anymore. I could feel my whole body again and move without discomfort :) Yoga with Sacha is the discovery of the year. She didn't make me feel like I was an ignorant duck. She listened to me, helped me with the positions and found the right yoga poses for my needs. Thanks Sacha for introducing me to the world of yoga.

I have just completed my first one to one lesson with Sacha. I’ve been going to yoga for the last 18 months and due to an injury had to stop attending classes. Sacha was able to tailor a sequence that worked for my ability and limitations and had a great knowledge and understanding of anatomy. Having not been able to do yoga for 3 months, she’s given me the confidence to get back on my mat.