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Prime Capital Source, Inc

8334 Clairemont Mesa Dr. #101
San Diego , 92111
United States

Health & Fitness

They are great people to do business with. I was fortunate to work with Bill who at first couldn't provide a cheaper loan for my business. However, he offered his advise even though I used one of their competitors. And you better believed I took his offer which he provided great advice having my best interest in mind. Few month later I was working on another project that required funding and I remembered Bill's kind heart and professionalism. I decided to give him a call and see if his services are as good as his advice. They didn't disappoint!  They will always have me as a client.

Gas & Oil Exploration

Bill Emery from Prime Capital was very easy to work with and made the process of securing a loan a pleasant experience.  It was quick and simple, rates are competitive.  He offered us what we were looking for and did not push anything further on us.

Wholesale / Retail

We are a 30+ year old retail/wholesale firm that has always showed a profit in out financials. In order to finish our construction we borrowed $300,000 from lenders who required daily repayments of their loan. These repayments were over $45,000 a month in high interest daily loans. We went to over eight local and national banks and several loan brokers in order to obtain just a normal five year loan to refinance these loans after construction was complete. The feeling I received from the banks was that because of all the new banking regulations anything under a $1,000,000 wasn’t worth their time nor effort. None of the loan brokers were able to help us because all their contacts were banks and other high interest companies. Finally we were referred to Mike at Prime Capital Source. Within 2 weeks they were able to obtain a 5 year loan for us that paid off those daily payment loans, gave us an additional $85,000 in working capital and saved us over $40,000 a month in payments. If your business is seeking working capital or needs to refinance several loans and you are tired of bank rejections then I highly recommend contacting Mike at Prime Capital Source.


We needed to finance several pieces of equipment for an expansion we are now completing. We chose Prime Capital Source because of their initial support for the financing. But, the relationship continued to developed positively as they focused on my needs. I was constantly informed of the process and their hand holding along the way helped secure the funding ASAP. Just great Customer Service!

Specialty Trade

This should be your first stop when needing working capital.  I highly recommend Prime Capital Source.  I cannot rate this company high enough.  It is a 10++++ rating.
A great experience. Gave us exactly what they offered.  Less paperwork than any other loan we have applied for and received.  Very professional, courtesy and helpful.


Prime Bill Emery was great to work with and made everything very simple. Banks have gotten to a point where they do not work with small businesses. While the money is more expensive than your traditional loans, it is available. It requires more planning and discipline for the payback, but it is available.In this financial climate thank goodness we have these guys to work with. Sincerely, Dr, Chris Zaepfel

Pest Control

I was able to take my business into the black after the first year, but after operating for 2 years, I realized my growth was being hindered by a lack of liquid funds. My personal credit was fair, so I was skeptical about getting approved for much (or anything) since I only had a few good years in the books with my company. Bill at Prime Capital assured me that my businesses track-record was more important, so I went for it. I'm happy to say that he is man of his word... Not that he promised me anything, but his hypothesis if you will was pretty accurate across the board. This group is definitely reliable. If you're running a profitable company, but need more operating capital like I did, PCS is a great choice.

Electrical Contractor

Prime Capital Source offered me a 36 month working capital program with one fixed monthly payment each month.  Prime Capital Source was able to secure and fund the exact terms

they offered me, a 36 month working capital loan with one fixed monthly payment each month. Thanks Prime Capital Source for following through and doing what you said you would do.

Child Care

I received a loan solicitation from Prime Capital Source offering my business a 3 year working capital term with a monthly payment and that is exactly what they provided me with!

Commercial & Residential Janitorial Services


Automotive Services

I own a car detailing company here in San Diego, moving to a new location we needed new equipment for our business. We contacted Prime Capital Source to see if we could get equipment financing.The guys over at Prime Capital Source were able to get our business the equipment we needed quickly with a low monthly payment. The process was seamless and   thanks to Prime Capital Source we have seen growth in our business.

Landscaping & Handyman Services

I recently had the opportunity to work with Bill  of Prime Capital Source. Bill was very professional and helped me achieve what I contacted him for. I was in the market for a fast capital loan. Bill explained to me what was required to get this loan done quickly. 

I followed exactly what he told me I needed to do. He told me what paperwork he needed and how the process would work. There were no surprises. I knew that I was getting a loan that a bank probably wouldn't approve. With that comes a higher rate of interest of course. I understood that. Bill came through and quickly. He told me all I needed to know,and my loan was completed

In 72 hours. Start to finish. I would recommend him and his company to anyone in need of fast capital.


Trying to find a good business finance funding person is like trying to find a good lawyer--you'll probably find a bunch of super smart people who know what they're doing, but the chances of finding a GOOD person is slim to none! After a lot of searching, Bill emerged from behind a dark and cloudy sky, lit by a beam as a chorus of angels sang. He said he could get the loan through. He promised he could get the loan through. I asked him like fifty times if he was sure he could do it, in the window we had. He said he could. Spoiler alert: he got the loan through. Bill gave us the personal touch, and by personal touch, I mean that he is a human who cares about his clients and making sure that he has provided the best capital funding solution possible.  We got our loan and I'd refer anyone needing liquid capital for their business to give Prime Capital Source a call. Ask for Bill, tell him a Bunny sent you!

Residential & Commercial Construction

This is my third loan with this company.  I have also leased equipment with them.  They don't try to hide fees and actually reimbursed me $200 because a fee was charged that they didn't know about.  It is more expensive then regular banks, but if you are self employed it is hard to get unsecured loans.  Bill Emery has always taken care of me.

Automotive Services

Prime Capital Source was able to get our business the equipment we needed quickly with a low monthly payment. Thanks to Prime Capital Source we can grow our business.