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Prisoner Rescue Group


Journeys like being with someone who is incarcerated is already a lot to take in, so imagine actually being incarcerated having a chance to see the parole board and knowing your chances are 50/50. The moment Prisoner Rescue Group reached out to my partner, he was very iffy about it, normal right? Anyone would be. Are they in it for the money? Are they in it to really help? This group has changed mine & my partners life! We were looking at 10 years and with the amazing help of Phillip T, he listened and guided the both of us on what to say, how to say it and how to be presentable! Because of Phillip and the hard work of my partner, he will be home any day now! Words will never and can never explain, even wont ever be able to express my gratitude towards all the help we received! My outcome won't be the same as everyone's outcome but if you just believe and take that chance and have faith anything is possible! Thank you Phillip and the rest of the team! You made my partners and my miracle come true!


When I first spoke over the phone to Phillip Teplen of Prisoner Rescue Group, I was unsure how much help he would be. Well, if it wasn't for his perseverance, determination and unforgiving persistence I wouldn't be here in the living room next to my loving girlfriend and surrounded by my supportive family. Philip was truly driven to coach me through my parole board ordeal. He was kind with his choice of words and went above and beyond expectations to get me in the correct frame of mind to succeed at the parole board.
He had me call him daily and coached me as we went back and forth as to how I should speak, behave and how to word what would successfully get me an approval letter. He has a vast knowledge of the prison environment and a great understanding of what inmates go through on a daily basis. He's very helpful in how to word the inmate and support statements. When he mailed the copy of my own inmate statement to me it was very well written and professional looking. He's helpful with the family support letters as well. Even after the approval, he stayed in touch and arranged necessary court, facility and counsel coordination to expedite my release above and beyond any performance of my legal counsel. All in all if you really want to get your loved one home, Philip is and very supportive. I liked working with him so much that we still keep in contact.  I have been home for over a month and he even helped me with settling back in to the home life.
Hire him and you won't be disappointed.
He's worth every penny and really does work in the inmate's and family's best interests.
Thank you Sir, you've definitely had a positive impact on me and my family and we won't forget your hard work and dedication.
We all appreciate how much effort you put in to getting me home.


Phillip coached our inmate son, in how to say what he meant, and show he meant what he said. Philip fought for a second parole board hearing because of a mistake in medication. Philip also heard the fear and anger I was hiding, talking me through it. We happily paid for Phillip to work through the typical sloth's pace of a giant bureaucracy, cajole and gently shame a diffident defense lawyer and then there was the CoVid19-infested prison short on office workers.
We're a retired couple who have never been in the criminal justice world. We'd still be adrift in it if not for Prisoner Rescue Group.


Philip was very helpful with everything we needed to get my boyfriend out of prison and we greatly appreciate everything he did for us. Thanks again Phillip


I was sentenced to 2-6 years in New York State Prison and just got released in April 2020 on early Parole. I would never have been released if it wasn’t for the knowledge, guidance and experience of Philip Teplen at The Prisoner Rescue Group! He coached me on all aspects of prison and personally made sure I was prepared for my parole board hearing. I absolutely would not have been able to do this alone, as I saw many men I was incarcerated with try to do just that and sadly they just end up doing more time behind bars away from family and friends. Philip was not only a professional towards me and my family during the hardest time of my life but a guardian angel as well looking over me. I am blessed to have met him and honored to now call him my friend. So thank you Philip for all you have done for me during this journey, I’m forever greatful!!


Getting my good friend ready for a parole hearing and a early parole has certainly been a "labor of love". Prisoner Rescue Group and Philip Teplen provided me with the insight of what my friend was going through while serving time, as an inmate in protective custody. He has the Head and Heart to effectively communicate to the inmate and support circle of family and friends. Philip knows what to say, and when to say it. He prepares the inmates that he works with in the same manner. You will not be disappointed with the knowledge, assistance, and results that you will receive, when working with Philip Teplen and the Prisoner Rescue Group. Many THANKS and KUDOS for a job WELL DONE!


Philip Teplen and Prisoner Rescue aided me in preparing a summary packet of information submitted prior to being sentenced a DUI arrest that I was assured would have amounted to many moths (up to a year) in prison. In addition, Philip's coaching enabled me to verbally impress the judge so much that he granted me house arrest (for 30 days), rather than barbed wire. I will always be thankful for Philip's professional knowledge, dedication and availability. Thank you


I have recently worked with Philip through the parole process for my fiance. The parole process is an emotional rollercoaster for the inmate and the loved ones involved. Not only did he coach my fiance through this stressful ordeal, he also guided his supporters. Philip is there not only for the inmates, but for the family and friends too. He calmed my worries, walked me through the process, and helped me with writing my support letter. Philip is very knowledgeable and experienced to help with all prisoner's needs. I highly recommend Philip.


Over 30 years, assisting inmates as Chaplain for NYS DOCCS, I have never experienced a more important and needed support service as Prisoner Rescue. Philip Teplen provides extraordinary knowledge, dedication and compassion to inmate issues. A true value for the inmate and their family.


I recently made my Merit Board for Parole. I had already accepted the fact that I was not going to be approved. Then I was introduced to PhilipTeplen by a friend of mine who had just made Parole. Just make the call, I did. After speaking with Philip I realized I Could do it with his guidance and coaching . The best choice for preparing for your Board! The coaching was unbelievable, and is why I made my Board. Would have responded all the wrong ways. Thank You Prisoner Rescue!


I recently told 2 friends about Prisoner Rescue. Both of them were doubtful that they would make their merit board. Phil Teplen helped them prepare a detailed inmate statement, coached them through the whole process and performed a mock interview. They both got approved! Phil is the man! Don’t just listen to your counselor at the jail. Listen to Phil.


I recently worked with Philip Teplen on a successful effort to obtain an early release parole. I am very impressed with Mr. Teplen's professionalism and his knowledge of the system. There is no doubt that Philip Teplen was instrumental in gaining a release for this family friend. As an experienced attorney, I highly endorse and recommend Prisoner Rescue. 


Philip’s knowledge and professionalism was extraordinarily helpful in my successful Parole Board appearance. I could always rely upon obtaining his prompt thoughtful help. I hugely recommend Prisoner Rescue.