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My Swim Buddy

14271 Jeffrey Rd #419
Irvine CA , 92620

We will continue with her (Tiffany) each year...

After trying so many different swim instructors, we really were so lucky to be referred to Coach Tiffany. She really knows how to work with kids and help them reach their goals. We love her and the kids have learned so much from her. We will definitely continue with her each year to continue improving on technique.

My Swim Buddy taught me how to be safe and have fun!

Coach Tiffany is so patient with me.  I love being in the water, doing somersaults, and jumping in.  My Swim Buddy taught me how to be safe and have fun.

Took charge of the lesson

Kenny took charge of the lesson, was instructive, and offered corrective techniques

Good technique

Julia taught good technique, was positive, and my daughter responded well to her

Fantastic Instructor

Andrew was very engaging and enthusiastic.  Makes it fun for kids..shows patience, and kids were easily comfortable with him.

Good Technique

Kristie is very sweet and encouraging and overall a good teacher

A gift for teaching children

All three of my children made amazing progress while working with her. She seems to have a knack for understanding how to motivate kids, and she pushes kids to the next level at just the right pace for them.  Tiffany always shows respect to and commands respect from her students. She never seems frustrated or impatient but rather shows a true joy in her work.

She works wonders

I’ve seen her (Tiffany) work wonders with my kids as she taught them both how to swim. [...age 4 and 6].  They both learned to be completely pool safe in 1 summer of lessons... I’ve also seen her work with special needs kids and again, taught them to be completely pool safe in 1 summer of lessons.

Builds rapport

Tiffany is great at quickly building a positive rapport with my sons and daughter of different ages.  My children are comfortable and continue to develop skills and confidence under her instruction.

Exceeded expectations!

Exceeded my expectations!  I signed my son up for private swim lessons with My Swim Buddy so he could enjoy pool parties without hanging out on the steps.  Now, I got a kid who loves the water and jumps into the deep end.  

Great Instructor!

Tiffany is such a great person and a great instructor!!