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Bioback is truly "an innovation that does work"! Simple to use and you get pain relieving results. Just follow the instructions and you can"t go wrong. In addition, by using this product, you will greatly reduce the need to use pain killers. A good product, with professional and personable customer support. Thank you Bioback!  

Life Changing Product!

The BioBack has completely changed the way I function on a day to day basis. The BioBack alleviated most of my pain, allowing me to resume daily activities such as lift weights, mow the lawn, play with my grandchildren, and continue working as a fitness attendant at the local rec center. I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing lower back problems!

Testimonial #7

Dr. Fred Graff introduced me to the Bioback about a year ago. I  suffer with  lower back pain. The Bioback is comfortable, keeps me in the proper posture and allows me to continue to keep moving & workout!

Testimonial #5

Being an athlete my entire life i was lucky enough to never experience back pain until I hit my 40's .  This past summer I hurt my back either lifting weights or coaching my daughters softball team. The next morning I woke up could barely walk, both my daughter and i worried that I wouldn't be able to coach her softball team in their big tournament that next day.  I put the BioBack on and the pain dulled which allowed me coach my daughters softball team while wearing the BioBack.  No one even new I had the BioBack on, I was able to do all the things i normally do when i coach, warm up the pitcher, pitch batting practice and hit balls to the girls.  I would recommend the BioBack to anyone!!!

Testimonial #5

I've had my Bioback for several years and wear it while doing extensive yard work. It is a lifesaver. Dr. Fred Graff introduced me to Bioback I'm forever grateful. 

Testimonial #3

The Bioback brace works great, I would recommend the Bioback brace to anyone suffering from lower pack pain or to people looking to prevent lower back pain. I found the Bioback brace to be very comfortable and extremely easy to use. The Bioback brace really does work!

Sal Bando & Dr. Fred Graff BioBack testimonials

Sal Bando (Oakland A's Allstar 3rd Baseman) and Dr. Fred Graff talking about how BioBack helps them continue to play and enjoy playing golf.