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Paul Premack, The Premack Law Office

8031 Broadway
San Antonio Texas , 78209
United States

Excerpts from the Nice Things People Say archives

Over the years, starting late 2005, when I had time to write them, before there were even public "reviews" or formal "testimonials" I kept a file of "Nice Things People Say". I am going to start copy/pasting some of them to our new website... (I use our client’s initials.) - Mrs. Premack, Office Manager 11/28/05 said she likes working with Paul Premack because he is straightforward and trustworthy. DB 11/28/05 They were moving to CA. Told them they needed to get a CA attny and sent to naela website w/CELA instructions. She said - does that mean Paul Premack will no longer be our attny? told her Paul Premack licensed in TX. She said they will miss working with him for he is so nice and so helpful and, well, thank you so much for the help over the years. BV and AS

Every step along the way, working with Paul Premack, was a deal.

More excerpts from my records of "Nice Things People Say"
6-3-15 The daughter/niece of clients and her aunt, now a client, were so pleased with how much we are willing to help and share information. They said they like when they walk out of our office knowing details of their legal documents. JO & EL
6/4/15 Daughter of client said she appreciated how thorough I was on the phone making the appointment for her mom GUM. MB
6-10-2015 Long time client said “You and mr. premack have always been so helpful”. EA
6-12-15 $350 for the initial consult? I knew I was getting a deal since that’s what I used to charge when I worked as a PI for a law firm in Dallas, 20 years ago. Every step along the way, working with Paul Premack, was a deal.
6-19-2015 parents lived in TX – died in Colorado. Colorado son called pp and said “Thank you. Your Living Trust and support documents were very helpful” son of GF&HF