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Holly Powers Matthews - Int'l Psychic Oracle

3120 Carefree Hwy. Ste. 1-777
Phoenix Arizona , 85086
United States

Amazing experience!

What an amazing experience it is in the crystal healing chamber! I absolutely loved it! I will be making another appointment soon. Just in Awe after my session. I showed up a tad bit nervous and left with the biggest smile on my face as I danced in my car all the way home. Thank you so much Holly, you are one of a kind and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! You always go above and beyond my expectations and I thank you so much! :))))))

Amazing medical intuitive session with Holly Powers Matthews!

Holly tuned into many facets of who I am that I had no idea about. She also knew what the causes were for many of my physical ailments and shared what I need to change to restore my health. That is very exciting! She also made me feel like a million bucks about myself! I am so very appreciative for all the positive feedback. And intuitively, I felt it was coming from her heart. I highly recommend Holly's medical intuitive sessions. She truly knows how to tap into what is going on with your body and spirit to help you become healthy both physically and emotionally.

Oracle Reading

Great to connect heart to heart with Holly! Her guides led us through a discovery that clarified for me what I needed to know. So much healing energy! Thank you so much!

Crystal Chamber

Wow! Just...Wow! My session in the Crystal Chamber was simultaneously subtle and sweet and powerful and profound. Between Holly, the beauty and charge of the Crystal Chamber, and the guides and energies that came forward to assist with clearing, healing, and upgrading I felt very Divinely connected and loved. While words seem to fall short of the experience I had, I can equate my session to a homecoming of the highest order. A beautiful, deep remembering of who I really am and my purpose on the planet at this important time. Holly....thank you for your love and stewardship! I am already looking forward to my next journey in the Crystal Chamber.

Tachyon Chamber Experience

Hi Holly I very much enjoyed the session in the portable chamber. Truthfully I could not tell much difference from the professional chamber. The pain in my leg is almost non-existent today. I have decided to go ahead with purchasing a portable chamber...

Always a pleasure

We are both thrilled our Holly is back in action helping all of us be the best we can be. Once insight is given, we can grow. Thank you, Holly, for all you do. Your generosity is limitless. We can hardly wait for our next special visit with you.

Amazing Reading as Always

Holly is an amazing individual and her readings are invaluable. I've had multiple sessions over the years, but the experience in the new crystal chamber was amazing. If you're considering a reading I highly recommend it, you won't regret it!

Incredible Experience

Holly is the most genuine, loving, and gifted being you will ever meet. Her channeling abilities are incredible. She helped me understand who I really am and answered so many questions I had. I would 1000% recommend her to anyone looking for assistance.

Definitely worth it!

I got a basic psychic reading and an advanced psychic reading from Holly and she was incredible! I am so glad I decided to visit her because I could tell that she gave me the most accurate reading possible. I look forward to meeting with her again!

Well worth the time and money...

Very thorough and pleasing: Holly touched on all the things I wanted to know about and more... she is very insightful and well worth the time and money. Very happy with the answers provided, as well as the reassurance in following the path I am on. Will be seeing her again!


My reading with you a couple of days ago was spectacular, and talking with you and hearing your insights is incredibly healing for me. Thank you!

Absolutely Incredible

Thank you so very much for today, it was absolutely incredible to finally connect with you. I will definitely be reviewing all the material, and moving forward with your suggestions. I've already re listened to part of our discussion tonight, absorbing the message.

Blessed me 100 times over...

I wanted to tell you that I've listened to the audio (of our session) over and over and it has behond blessed me a hundred times over and comforted my soul, and it has brought me great peace. Your gifts are priceless and you are truly a very special with a heart of gold. Thank you so much! Hugs...

Lost without Holly

Lost without Holly: I have known and worked with Holly for four years. As an empath it was very important to have a reiki master who understood the sensitivities of empaths - Holly exceeded all expectations. Over the years I have had multiple reiki treatments LaHoChi and 12D treatments. I have never had a psychic reading per se; however, Holly picks up on things that are bothering me and tells me all will be "well". She is my Dr., counselor, reiki master, and friend. Try her - she's for real.

Changed my life!


What I needed to hear...

Psychic Reading: As usual, Holly was amazing. She does an excellent job of passing along the messages I needed to hear most.

Dual Past Life Reading:

This was my first time doing a dual past life reading with a dear friend of mine. Holly, it was truly great meeting you. The energy in the room was wonderful and your reading was spot on in regard to different aspects of our friendship. You were able to gather everything into one "big picture" for us and give us some amazing insight. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you! :)


Psychic Reading: The energy is great and it is always a pleasure to see Holly. Informative, pertinent and exclusive. Questions were answered that weren't asked only thought of. Inspirational.

First time with Holly

Holly, awakened something in that was buried for a very long time. The day after my reading I felt confident and renewed. I have never been to a reader that hadn't been recommended to me. I stumbled across Holly's web page and felt I needed her to read for me. Thank you Holly.

Just a great experience!

Reading: It is always a pleasure to have a reading with Holly as she is so gifted and great at providing uplifting information. Just a great experience!

She's got a beautiful gift...

Holly is a wonderful bright light. I've seen Holly twice and plan to do so again. She's got a beautiful gift and I am so thankful for it.

Highly recommend. Truly Amazing.

Truly amazing! Highly recommend. I took the time to write down all my questions and I left the appointment feeling so grateful for having all of my questions answered. These are the kind of questions that we often spend a lifetime asking ourselves. Wow! I left the appointment feeling light and lifted. With the additional knowledge I gained, it has provided me with reassuring confidence that I am on my path and should continue to follow my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Holly is well-connected, highly credible...

Holly is well-connected, highly credible & extremely loving & resourceful. Every encounter w/Holly over the last 4 yrs has been extremely transformative for me. She is a beautiful light w/much insight to offer!

Outstanding Reading...

Great reading: I'm so happy for the opportunity I had to meet Holly. She is so kind! She comforted my heart and soul with her outstanding reading. It was an unexpected experience and I hope to go back again. I feel so blessed for that reading, thank you so much, Holly!

...Just being in her presence is amazing.

A Pleasure: It is always a pleasure to spend time with Holly. I feel like she is a kindred spirit, and just being in her presence is amazing and feels like coming home. Holly, you are an amazing light in this world, and you are truly unique and special in every way. Thank you for all that you do! I hope that we will see each other again soon. Thank you.


This was my first reading by Holly and it was awesome. I had imagined our appointment going one way but went a complete different route. It was very encouraging the way Holly laid it all out for me. I left there feeling so empowered and excited about the direction of my life. The hour went by way too fast so I am booking for a longer appointment next time.

Spiritual Guidance...

I have been seeing Holly for over two years now (maybe three) and she is helping me on my spiritual journey and acceptance of my Empathic abilities. Her energy is positive and high, her reiki treatments will leave you in such a state of utter peace and joy. I have recommended Holly to family members who have reported back how wonderful Holly is and how much she helped.

So much information and love and guidance...

Amazing: We had an amazing session and we look forward to more. We received so much information and love and guidance. Thank you!

LaHoChi Energy Training

LaHoChi Energy Training: I really enjoyed the energy session with Holly. She is a warm and kind person and patient instructor. The energy kept me buzzing well throughout the next day!

Insightful! I thoroughly enjoyed my session...

Insightful! I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Holly. She reaffirmed what I had already been told by other psychics but also empowered me to believe in my own abilities and gut feelings. I can't wait to meet with Holly again!!

LaHoChi Energy Healing Session

La Ho Chi Session: I am so looking forward to my next session with Holly. The La Ho Chi session we had together left me feeling so amazingly empowered.

Healing Session

Holly took me through the most amazing and energetic LaHoChi Healing Session. The results I received were immediate and I look forward more to experience the gift of my spiritual path journey.

I could not have asked for a better experience...

Reiki Master Training: I cannot say in words how amazing this woman…No, this blessing of a person God has put on this earth is! I could not have asked for a better experience in my journey to heal others!!! I will treasure her friendship and her guidance in my life forever!!!

Moving Forward

Holly has truly helped me on my difficult path of recovery. There is so much uncertainty in my life right now and she has helped me with what is ahead.

Amazingly Eye Opening

My experience with Holly was amazing. I wish I scheduled a longer session. I scheduled 60 minutes and while I received so much information in that time there was still so much more I wanted to know. This may sound strange, but she helped me understand "me." She was so accurate with my life - what has happened, what is currently happening and the reason why. I will definitely be scheduling another session with Holly. Holly...THANK YOU!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

Wonderful Experience...truly gifted psychic medium

Were so blessed to meet Holly. She is an amazing person and a truly gifted psychic medium. She has helped us so much in giving clarity in our situation and protected us from the other psychic that we’re dealing with. Her psychic readings are full of information. I'm so thankful that she helped my husband to reconnect with his loved ones that passed away. We also had a wonderful experience with her Lahochi Healing Session. We can’t wait to see her again.

Loving Light: The most profound and awakening reading I have had…

My title is what aptly describes Holly and her sharing her gifts. The most profound and awakening reading I have had…was with her, and I am so grateful for the perfect timing of it all. If you are on the bench about going to see her, believe me, you will wish you had years ago! Definitely recommend her to anyone that is seeking her services! Love you Holly!!

Medical Intuitive

Healing: When I first reached out to Holly for a medical intuitive I had no idea what a journey I was starting. Holly has helped me with things the medical community would never have been able to accomplish. Along the way she has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and dealing with what this life has thrown my way. I am very grateful for the time I spend with her and hope to have her as part of my journey for years to come. It's been an amazing experience!

I do not know anyone who can compare with Holly's abilities...

I do not know anyone who can compare with Holly's abilities, and I am not new to this. She is a life changing person and I am honored to have the opportunity to spend time with her.

The best reading I've had.

Holly was amazing. She made me feel very welcome and I learned so much! The time went by too quickly and I tried to remember everything she said. The best reading I've had. I will definitely make another appointment

Spirit Guide Reading

I meet with Holly and the readings resonated with me as this was my first reading that was conclusive from beginning to the end of the reading. I had questions ready but found no need to ask as my questions were being answered. I'm mind is still trying to wrap it all up. Once I do, amazing things will happen. Thank you Holly!

Spirit Guide Reading

I saw Holly for a 2nd time in person and another reading over the phone. Each of these experiences were different and equally enlightening and authentic. I feel clearer about purpose and excited to have mentor on my journey. I highly recommend.

The experience was amazing, validating and very healing.

Amazing!: I met with Holly last week & the experience was amazing, validating and very healing. She helped clear road blocks keeping me from moving forward. I highly recommend Holly for an experience of a lifetime! Thank you Holly!

She is an expert when it comes to making certain steps...

Holly is amazing: I love Holly! She gave me great validation on my own experiences that I have had. or decisions when you feel you are at a crossroad. I have referred many to Holly and will continue. Thanks Holly, ur the best... See you soon.

Great Teaacher

Great Teacher: I lot of information was revealed to me... and I can’t stop thinking about it and how I can use the info to better myself and others. I learned a lot, but like the sponge I am I wanted more. I really look forward to another meeting with Holly soon :)

Spiritual growth I've attained in the last year.

Amazing: I've been working with Holly for over a year now - it is non-other than amazing the spiritual growth I've attained in the last year. I do know Holly is a Psychic; however, I receive reiki treatments from her. If you want to go deeper in to who you are - and what you are meant to be - make an appointment today - you will never regret it, I haven't.

Talking to an old friend

I had a lot of questions that Holly was so great with explaining & the wonderful insight she shared with me about the issues around me, the insight about myself, and things she found surprising about me. She was so easy to talk to like talking to an old friend very comfortable. I’m looking forward to the next session.

Insight and answers

Holly really explained a lot of different questions I had and helped guide me in the right direction. She was very open and honest and gave me direct answers on what I needed to do. I really enjoyed my time with Holly and am looking forward to our next time together.

Thanks for all the insight but especially the peace...

Who I am, where I come from: My first visit with Holly was very interesting. I feel more centered, more grounded, and my purpose has been brought to light. I feel like I am getting my voice back now and it may take baby steps but she put me on the right path. She showed me that I have work to do here and now I can start to do it. Thanks for all the insight but especially the peace Holly!!

Unexplainable...mind blowing

Unexplainable... The knowledge and teaching I receive at every appointment is mind blowing. There is so much more than knowing the future... It is learning how to connect and live in our spiritual and earthly body as one by removing the veil that separates us... Thank you Holly for all you do!

The information she brings thru will simply amaze you.

Always amazing: If you haven't had a reading yet with Holly, I encourage you to do so. Holly is so kind and loving, and the information she brings thru will simply amaze you! Be prepared to be gifted with specific information regarding your souls origin, and spot on psychic guidance for the present as well as the future. I always leave Holly's office feeling so connected to my higher self. She amazes me and I love our time together!

I only told her my first name...

Very compassionate: Holly helped me with some major decisions I had been struggling with. I only told her my first name and she was able to describe basically my whole life right now. I appreciate her compassion and gentle spirit. I hope I get to see her again soon.

She knew things that she could not possibly know.

Holly is Awesome: Once again, she hit the nail on the head. She truly has a gift. She provided me a great deal of assistance with what I am struggling with right now. Again, money well spent.

Wow!!! Thank you so much for the LaHoChi Workshop Holly.

LaHoCHi Workshop: Wow!!! Thank you so much for the LaHoChi Workshop Holly. This energy is amazing and so powerful. I feel so empowered after this workshop. I just want to run this energy and heal. This truly has open the doors for a future in energy work.

Always an amazing experience when I meet with Holly.

Thank You, Holly!!!: Always an amazing experience when I meet with Holly. I am very grateful for the guidance. Thank you for support and advice.

I went in seeking purpose for why I am here...

Amazing info: I went in seeking purpose for why I am here, and that's the first thing we discussed, without me even mentioning it. Also, we went over where I'm from, something I've been struggling with for a while. I left with answers I needed and I feel so much better! I have so much to work on now! Thank you!

Uplifting Experience:

My reading with Holly is nothing I expected in life. I was truly touched by the emotional and physical feeling it has brought me. It has definitely given me insight to the kind of person I am and what I can give to others. There are always more questions to be answered, but I was blessed to be given the opportunity to meet her.

Holly was spot on with so many things...

A pleasure to find Holly Matthews: My experience was one of the best I have ever had. I have gone to many different clairvoyants in Illinois and have been searching and so glad I met her. Holly was spot on with so many things that brought me a sense of awareness. I enjoy my time with Holly very much and look forward to seeing her in a few months. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a true spiritual person. I will be bringing a family member next time. It was an enlightening experience.



I highly recommend Holly and can't wait for my next session.

Brilliant Experience: Thank you Holly for the awesome session. You always amaze me. You new technique blew me away (100 times stronger) and it couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Thank you for everything Holly.

Wonderful experience

I had never been to a psychic before and I found everything Holly had to say very helpful. Holly has a very sweet spirit and is very warm. I will definitely be back to see her.


I've never been to a psychic before, (and honestly I don't think I was looking for a psychic) but when I came across Holly's site I was immediately drawn to her. Her reading was very insightful. I'm not sure how to explain it, but I felt like she revealed things she couldn't have known about me, yet were things I really needed to hear! The experience with Holly has sent me in a different, yet wonderful, new direction!

I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Simply Amazing: I walked into my reading with zero expectations, I had no idea how the reading would work. I absolutely appreciated the fact that Holly explained how the reading would work and what specific things were going to happen. I had such a beautiful and amazing experience. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

A Soul Soothing Experience:

After my Spirit Guide reading, I felt such peace and purpose for my life. All the things that came thru Holly were so right on with the deep issues in my soul. There was no way she could have known these on her own. The love I felt for her, and she for me, was so large it couldn’t be contained in the room.

I had the most beautiful ready with Holly.

I had the most beautiful ready with Holly. She is genuine and I look forward in having another reading with her. I did the 60 minute reading and just did not have enough time to go through everything. She gave me answers to some questions I had and I would recommend her to everyone.

Always amazing.

Holly is, as always, warm, understanding, and completely forthright. It is a pleasure to work with her!

Intriguing and Powerful!

If you are familiar with Edgar Cayce, Holly Matthews readings reaffirm his many recorded work. I felt that I was reading a chapter of Edgar Cayce's work on the life of Jesus Christ. My reading delved into my previous reincarnations and took me back to ancient times and the immaculate conception of mother Mary. Simply amazing!

Exactly what I needed...

I recently found myself in need of overall clearing and looking for a fresh perspective on my life after some recent health and personal struggles. In Holly's care, I was able to connect with the Angels and receive their messages for me as I never thought possible. In Divine timing - and through Holly - I received exactly what I needed. We were both truly blessed by the experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The first time I had a reiki treatment...

Reiki Treatment: Holly is so awesome and so warm and comforting. I started seeing Holly for a Reiki treatment for my foot and lower back. The first time I had a treatment I could barely walk in and my ankle was very swollen. I have seen doctors for a year and 6 months with no reduction in pain or swelling. It is unbelievable!! I am so looking forward to my next treatment and I am so uplifted when I leave. I have never felt so spiritual with anyone before. A true gift from God

Amazingly Insightful

Holly reassured me on many areas of my life. She touched on every question I had on my mind. Holly gave me insight on a path I really need to focus on. I am very pleased that I chose to see her an recommend my friends to make an appointment, they definitely will grow from. She is truly spiritual and caring.

I always leave feeling strong and better....

Great appointment, as always. I look forward to seeing Holly again in the future. I always leave feeling stronger and better than before. Thank you Holly!

Different direction

I went to see Holly about which direction to take about a physical problem. She very kindly and warmly pointed me to a different direction, which IS working out well. I would like to see her again.

I was amazed about the information I received.

Amazing: I was amazed about the information I received. I can see things clearer now and know how to address things that I judged in my life differently. I am enjoying life with a better purpose. I am thankful for her help and support!

Extremely Insightful!

My session with Holly was truly astounding! She helped me to understand my life purpose and recognize my abilities and talents. I now feel that I can move forward in pursuing my goals. I am also very appreciative of her understanding, kindness and support. She is a gift!

I can't wait to go back!

Left wanting more!! All I can say is that I wish I had more time! I felt like I didn't put a dent in the questions I had! This was a very special time for me, I can't wait to go back:)

I can't wait to go back!

Left wanting more!!: All I can say is that I wish I had more time! I felt like I didn't put a dent in the questions I had! This was a very special time for me, I can't wait to go back:)

Confirmations and Soul's Work

Soul's work: Thank you Holly for the amazing appointment! My husband and I both felt you were right on about us and left feeling really good about everything. We have been busy with life and have short changed ourselves in our soul work and we are excited about getting back to what makes us happy. It is refreshing to get the confirmations on what I already believed about myself and my husband. I tend to doubt myself and the confirmation just proved that I should listen to my inner guidance more.

Unique and Special

Unlike any other of the dozens of readings/channelings/energy sessions that I have had. I now feel much more inspired and energized like I can personally save the world (or at least make a major difference) ha! What an amazing lady!


Holly thank you so much, as always you are right on target and I walk out re-energized, refreshed, and so enlightened. I can’t wait to see you again…


i recently had a reading with Holly. I found her to be very engaging and loving. Within the first few minutes I was overcome with emotion. I learned from Holly how to direct my prayers. I now have less stress and worry. That in itself was worth my visit. I look forward to another reading and possibly classes. How fortunate for us that Holly shares her gifts. She is a blessing. Thank you again Holly.

Wonderful Experience

Holly is such a genuine, uplifting, and gifted person. I felt lucky to have spent time with her and look forward to my next visit. She definitely made a difference in my whole outlook on my life and future. Thank you Holly.

I feel like I walked away with a wealth of knowledge...

Munay-Ki 9 Rites: I felt so blessed to be a part of this class. I feel like I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I can now pass onto others. Holly is a special lady, and is truly gifted. If you feel drawn to taking her classes, like I was, then you too will learn, and see how special she is.

Reiki and reading...

Thank you! Holly - thank you for another great reading. The Reiki you did helped me sleep the entire night without waking up. That hasn't happened in a very long time.

Each Visit Renews My Being:

Holly has a genuine love light and energy that every visit with her enlightens me to new levels. I have the utmost respect for her gift and gentle being to share with all who wish to awaken their purpose.

Like sitting with angels!

Holly is awesome! She's a busy gal, but well worth the wait! Holly is definitely right on track, she sees and hears with clarity and truly a magnificent healer. It is an honor to bask in her energy.

Holly is your key!

Awesome!: Holly was able to assist with my spiritual growth on a such a high level, lightworkers out there needing to "grow" to that next level can be assured Holly is your key!

Blessed Holly:

I was truly guided on meeting with Holly and my session was the upmost relaxing and pleasant guidance on which I needed confirmation. I'm so happy Holly has opened her teachings unto us all. Sincerely: Love, Peace, Light and Blessings.

Really Impressed!:

This was my first time going to see a psychic and I was blown away by Holly. She truly has a gift and is passionate about what she does. I can't wait until my next appointment!


I can't say enough about Holly. She is a warm, genuine person who gave me so much insight into myself and my future possibilities. I can't wait to go back and keep learning and growing. Thank you!

I've already booked my next session.

At peace: When I first went into Holly's "office" I could feel the energy surrounding us. We talked for awhile, mainly she was explaining Reiki and what could happen feelings that may come out and other general information. She also gave me time to ask questions. When the treatment began I was there, but not there. The Reiki treatment has brought such a tremendous sense of peace; something I have never felt before. She is truly amazing and I've already booked my next session.

Very well spent

Very Helpful: I recommend Holly. She was on target, very much so. She was able to assist me and see things as they really are. The information she gave me was very helpful and I feel that this was money well spent.

I was impressed!

Holly was amazing; immediately I was put to ease with her charm and radiating positive energy. I felt like I was getting the insights I needed to push my life forward in a more positive direction. Instead of a “reading”, I felt our time together was more like Mom and daughter sitting in the kitchen having a good heart-to-heart. Who doesn’t want more of that?!!!

Medical Intuitive

The experience I had with Holly was right on. God has given her a great gift with helping others heal. She really cleared up some personal issues I was carrying now I understand why I manifested my health issues. I am truly impressed with her gifts. Hope to see her soon again.

Thank you!!!

Holly was awesome!! It helps me motivated and see clearly about myself. Thank you for your positive guidance. Would love to come again for more reading.

Very Empowering!

Holly gave me real life skills to deal with longstanding issues in my life. This will enable me to move forward on my spiritual path. I am so grateful for the insight from her. Thank you, Holly.

What a gift....

Holly is amazing - I have a great sense of relief after spending time with her. It was the first time we met and also the first anyone every truly understood my point of view... I no longer feel alone and I will see Holly again as I continue along my journey. It was a privilege to meet her...

Wish I had done this years ago...

Amazing, Wonderful! What a wonderful experience. It is another dimension in finding truth in my life. Holly is very kind and calm and easy to communicate with. I wish I had done this years ago. I hope to take her Reiki class and many more classes that she offers.

I Learned so Much!

Holly has such a wonderful way of making you feel absolutely comfortable; she answered all of my questions and then some. Her skills and the reading were spot-on, and all together the catalyst I could use to help me understand past hardships. I feel empowered about the future now. Thank you!

Holly is by far the most accurate Psychic I have ever met.

Unbelievable! I thought how can I wait three months before I can see Holly, but I realized the timing could not have come at a better time. All the planets were aligned to perfection. Holly gave me information that blew me out of the water. Holly is by far the most accurate Psychic I have ever met. I can't wait to speak with her again.

Her reading was dead on accurate...

Amazing! Holly is an amazing person with special gifts. She is genuine and radiates positive energy. Her reading was dead on accurate about all she shared about people in my life and me. I am very pleased with the clarity she helped me put in my life. If you’re looking for the real deal, she is it!

I spent perhaps the most amazing hour of my life last week with Holly.

Absolutely amazing! I spent perhaps the most amazing hour of my life last week with Holly. I spent an hour with not only Holly, but with my spirit guide and angels, all of whom I feel like I "know" . For the first time, i think I fully understand that we are NOT alone, we have plenty of help and that "they" are assisting us, pulling for us, and guiding, every step of the way. I am now connected! And sitting with Holly is like sitting with a friend that you haven't seen in a while.

Letting me know what could be!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly has opened my mind to what my life could be and the light I carry inside me. She has showed me the potential I have as well as how to access it and use it to benefit me and the people around me. Holly has a special way of delivering the information you need and want without judgment, blame, criticism, or making you feel uncomfortable. I truly can’t thank her enough for the gifts she has given me. I give holly an A++

I highly recommend her.

Spreading peace of mind. Holly has the great ability to mix her Psychic skills with her Spiritual intuition in a soft and positive manner. You leave the session inspired! I highly recommend her.

She is a gentle and sweet soul!

Holly, is wonderful! She is kind and sweet. She has the most gentle vibe about her. She is absolutely right on with her information, knowledge and advice. I look forward to learning so much more from Holly. I suggest to whomever is going to visit Holly, take a pen and paper as she is full of a lot of amazing information and you will not want to forget it. I hold the upmost respect for Holly and the information she provides. I really appreciate her!

Spot on, very reliable through and through again.

Excellent Holly is truly amazing. Spot on, very reliable through and through again. Highly recommended. I never have to ask her questions, she always seems to know just where to go with the reading!

A true gift!

The information Holly is able to provide is truly amazing! Its so exciting to sit for a reading with her because I never know what to expect. She is able to tap into so many different levels of consciousness and provide information thats most important for me and my path and purpose. She presents the information in such a loving and caring way too. I consider Holly a true gift in my life and am so grateful to know her.

Not the Message I expected to hear.

Many questions were answered; however, her insight brought out the need to ask more questions and expand my spirit. I would suggest to the person going for the first time to be open to anything

So much makes sense now!!!!!

Holly is truly amazing...what a kind and gentle soul to give each of us our path to higher understanding of journey past, present and future. I can only express my bond with her encompasses the universe and all beings we connect with. I hope others have peace with what they are seeking.

Oh My Goodness

Holly is such a genuine soul. She went out of her way to help me when I showed up at the wrong time, even the wrong day! She began reading immediately (after she rearranged her schedule for me), connecting with an entity or two who gave her information on what I had been doing and on what was to come. I was so excited by what she had to say. This visit was probably a life changing event for me. I can't wait to see her again.

The reading was very accurate and detailed.

What a beautiful experience! First of all, Holly is such a gentle and peaceful soul. She really makes you very at ease. Her connections with the universe are very strong and the reading was very accurate and detailed. I cant wait to have another reading to further explore!

All my questions were answered

All my questions were answered, concerns of who I am & what will come. Holly you're awesome. I can't wait for my CD of the reading to come, so I can listen, thank you so much Holly....


I got the best vibes from Holly the second I saw her. I have had many readings in my life and this was definitely one of the most enlightening ones I have ever had. This was not a typical reading about our physical world that we are in, but it was a spiritual experience that left me feeling safe, comforted, and extremely supported. Thank you Holly.


Thank you Holly for our wonderful time together yesterday. I am still processing so much of what happened... Wow, what an amazing amount of beautiful information. I am looking forward to the expansion your readings and other teachings will offer, especially the Reiki workshop. Thank you again for all that you do. My mother left a different person yesterday after meeting with helped her so much and it was so beautiful to watch because you had also helped me so much as well.

Life changing

Holly is a truly gifted and loving soul. My session with her was life changing and created many shifts for me. I felt things that have been holding me back from my spiritual growth were easily lifted and transformed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and healing. I am so grateful to her for sharing her gifts and love with the world.

One reiki session with Holly did more for me than years of antidepressants...

Amazing!!! One reiki session with Holly did more for me than years of antidepressants and therapy. I walked out with a sense of love and wellbeing that I had not felt in quite some time.

All stress and tension went away...including the migraine

Heart warming...Holly makes you feel wonderful about yourself. All stress and tension went away, including the migraine headache I had for 3 weeks. I would recommend her to everyone in need of spiritual growth, and better understanding.

Worth every penny

Holly is so warm and comforting. I enjoyed my reading very much and look forward to another one in the future. I left feeling so relieved and uplifted. Fortunately I had a wonderful reading and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Very Interesting

Holly was spot on in her psychic reading. She makes you feel completely comfortable. I highly recommend bringing a tape recorder or someone to take notes for you as she will get alot of information quickly.

Great Experience

I loved Holly's energy throughout the reading. I felt relaxed and at home from the beginning. She is a very warm person and answered any and all questions that I had. I would definitely get another reading from her.


I had an incredible reading with Holly. I have had several past readings with others but Holly has been the only one that answered all my questions which has left me feeling so lifted and a feeling of true purpose. She is blessed and truly high spirited. Thank you so much Holly!

Amazing Insights!

Holly is truly a very gifted reader and psychic. I learned so much about my spiritual connections, my health, life patterns, relationships. No matter what you have read or what you have learned in other groups, you will add to your knowledge in significant ways. She is great!

I have never met an individual with such talent and goodness.

Holly is a gift to all of us! I have attended several classes in the past couple of months and thoroughly enjoyed and have grown from them. I finally got the chance to meet with Holly on an individual basis and I can't express in words, how profound and meaningful it was. I have never met an individual with such talent and goodness. She brought me to a place that I have never been before. Thank you Holly!

First Time

I have never had a reading with a psychic, and was a bit hesitant, but Holly immediately made me feel very comfortable. Even though we were on the phone, her warmth was evident. I am now looking forward to our next meeting in person! Thank you Holly.


My time with Holly was awesome! She is kind, loving and spiritually gifted beyond words. Her reading was more than I could have ever expected truth, honesty, integrity and more....

Awesome Experience

Time and time again Holly gives great guidance and support. I would recommended her to anyone. She makes you feel so refreshed after her readings. Thanks again Holly :)

Another great reading!!!!

Another great reading by Holly. I'm more amazed every time we talk. She makes you so warm and welcome and gives you great tools to grow.

"Psychic Therapist"

I just wanted to thank you for this most recent reading. You've been like my "psychic therapist"! Since first contacting you a few years ago I feel like I’ve healed and grown so much. You have such a gift and I'm just grateful you’re willing to use it for good. You always offer encouragement and comfort in such a loving positive way.

I am still in awe of everything and the experience.

The reading from Holly was so amazing and touching. I am still in awe of everything and the experience. Thank you so much Holly for a truly wonderful experience!!

Genuine and True

Holly is a beautiful person, aside from being a very gifted psychic medium. Her abilities to connect and communicate with spirit are profound. I have attended some of her classes and found them to be very insightful. If you are in need of guidance she is a God send. It's truly a blessing to know someone as special as Holly!

I am still smiling!

Thank you!! I am still SMILING!!!!!!! I had so much fun. The experience was amazing - the energy so sweet - smoothing hard edges - A lot of positive confirmations - A special thanks to Sheldon for his intuitive inputs and wonderful loving energy. Thank you so much! BIG LOVE

An angel of light against the dark we owe our life to Holly

My partner Kris was at the three year mark of battling demons that had taken over on him. He had already been in and out of the mental hospital and to jail a few time for violent out rages. I was desperate for help as he was suffering severely and attempted suicide and was telling me he didn’t feel alone within himself which I didn’t doubt having heard voices come out of him that scared the crap out of me. Holly worked with him for a month and brought the angels. He is now Free and saved!

Holly is the first psychic in a very long time...

Amazing Holly is the first psychic in a very long time that does not begin her session with personal background questions. She simply sits there and begins to concentrate and answer questions that she feels are important. Amazingly she was right on. Add to that, she his genuine, warm hearted and truly empathetic. There is no doubt that i will be seeing her again.