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Psychic Harold


When I say he read me and mu life. Gave me key details to maneuver my life. All I said was my name and he gave details


Harold is by far the best psychic! He is very talented and gifted! During his sessions, Harold is always respectful and honest. He is also very funny, but yet has a calm aura. You will not be disappointed with a reading. God has truly blessed this man. Sending you so much love, light, and respect. Give this man a call, it’s worth it! :)

True godsend

I had a wonderful reading with Harold. He was spot on with everything that I was currently dealing with. Very detailed and accurate he truly gave me the clarity that I needed truly a blessing. I truly will comeback for more readings.

The Best of the Best

If you haven’t had a reading by Harold, you’ve never had a reading at all. Once you’ve worked with him, you won’t want anyone else. His guidance, coaching and counseling is incomparable and incredible. He not only offers the information you want to know, he sees what you need to know. He even calls names! Besides his clear God-given gift, he’s hilarious and is such a warm and wonderful spirit. Sometimes I call him because I just want to talk to him. He’s like the best friend you’ve always wanted. I can’t say enough about how fabulous he is and I appreciate his affordable rates. If you want to live a fulfilled, focused, purpose-driven life, call him today!!!


I love himmm ! He stated all the facts he was straight forward with me he’s also funny as well will be talking to him again!


He was very good


Great reading

Good reading

Almost scary how insightful my reading was


I didnt give him any info but he knew so much! I will be getting a session !


Harold was very great with everything I would recommend him


I would recommend Harold he very Accurate on his reading , is to talk with calm friendly etc ????

Everything was correct

He was right on the spot with everything

Phone Reading.

Harold is a accurate in current situations. He is kind and patient. And he is a hoot! We laughed out loud! I always like a psychic is accurate & fun!
He really cares about his clients.
He gives the truth , straight forward with not fluff or silly statements.
I am looking forward to my next reading!


Loved everything


A great teacher. PSYCHIC HAROLD keeps it real.

He knew me!

I really enjoyed speaking with him. He explained everything he saw in detail and it all made sense. I have so many questions now. I will use him again.

Was great!

He is gifted and great at what he does. Very diplomatic aswell.

Best Counselor and Reader Out There!!!

Been talking to Harold for the past 18 months. He's better than my actual counselor and is an amazing reader and life coach! Even when you don't want him to be right, he's right. He's right about 99.9% of the time. He gives it to you raw so be prepared.

Clear channel

Great clarity

Thank You

Thank you for the Reading the confirmation i was looking for ???????? will come back for another one HAPPY THANKS GIVING

Very accurate reading!

Very thorough reading and I was delighted by the precise details given.

I am just amazed.

He knew exactly what I was thinking and not only me but my husband too. He knew the details that only I would know. He even went beyond the time limit. That's how important i was to him. Now I have calmness and peace in my heart and will I know that my family is gonna raise above it and be ok.

Insiteful and accurate

Accurate reading and right to the point with no sugarcoating


Super friendly, take a the time to make you feel comfortable, I was super happy with reading as he told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear

Question need to be answered



His insight and energy was GREAT!

Good Energy

His reading was relevant to my life and he had a great energy!!


Was right on things that only I knew personally. You won't regret a reading, very accurate. Felt better after my reading!



If anyone needs a reading that will be very accurate and informative.  He nailed information about my love life that I didn't even tell him and other things. Very pleased with my reading. Please everyone should try him.


I really appreciate his help and he even called me back after our time was finished!

Very awesome reading

I really enjoyed my reading and you're the best ????


Good reading

Reading with Harold

Harrold helped me figure out some things that were heavy on my chest. He was fast and through.


This was such an amazing, spot in and quite emotional reading. I’ve never felt so understood in my life. I highly recommend a reading. He is just wonderfully accurate and so helpful. I will always turn to him in times of stress and just when I need answers.

Mind blowing

I want to start by saying his demeanor was very relaxing. He covered so many areas in depth! I’m shocked by the amount of information he provided, and the solutions he gave. He’s such a gifted individual and a true blessing. Thank you!! This meant so much to me!!


An amazing reading

So much clarity and confirmation. I know this is real and will get a reading every couple of months! I feel like I’ve known you for years Harold! Thanks you for making this experience enlightening and comforting!


Thank You for taking the time and providing me this awesome reading for free. WHO does that anymore?? Humbly, grateful.

My first reading.

Very intuitive and great advice

Truly Amazing!!!

Just had a reading with the wonderful, caring and genuine psychic Harold. He was able to put me at ease and give me instructions on how to deal with an issue I was going through. He genuinely cares and has been given a true blessing. He never rushed the conversation. We even went over the time limit but he never asked for anything extra. I will definitely be booking further readings with him very soon. Please dont hesitate to contact him you will not be sorry. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Put your mind at ease and find your answers. God Bless you Harold. Keep up your amazing gift...

Spot on!

I was very impressed with the reading, everything was right on target to what I was going through and how I was feeling. Very impressed.


The reading was very accurate


He was very honest and deep even if it hurts. He will not sugar coat. I think everyone should give him a try. He can connect with your angels

He was helpful!

He is the real deal! He was accurate! I didn’t say too much in the beginning. I only told him my name and my ex’s name. He was accurate with the description he gave me. I then told him my situation with my ex and he said things my ex has said to me before literally word for word. He told me everything that I knew to be true!


Harold is a very kind soul who is insightful, caring, and present. Very helpful!


I was sceptical. Harold is genuine



Enjoyed the reading. He knew so much about me. I was thinking of a word and he mentioned it. Like he knew what I was thinking.
Thank you! You are friendly and caring.

Wonderful and accurate

Harold's visions were beyond accurate. He took his time to understand the situation and relayed the messages that he received very clearly. Also, a funny guy ! I am very grateful for his services and I appreciate the extra time that he took.


He was right on target with my past and present situation. I can only hope the future is right too. He was kind and patient. Great reading.

Info on money and boyfriend

Very good. I wished he had more time but I am satisfied with the answers I received

Very fruitful

This was a very fruitful and plentiful and lovely reading for me it's like he has known me all my life and just talking to me as a sibling. He was able to connect with my dad and granddaddy and they have never been able to communicate with me until my reading with Harold it was very much appreciated and I thank you so much I will be booking again a.s.a.p. thank you so much and much love to you ❤️

Consultation regarding pain

You were 1000% spot on about everything, and insightful that I was doing the right things. My friend referred me, so I said I would give it a try. I wanted to know if there were connections with my pain to other areas in my life. Was pleased to learn it was just an improper movement of lower back, but I gained insights to my mom, guy friend, and moving forward in life overall. Thank you

Amazing sessions

I had a lot of readings with Harold. I suggested a healing to help me stop reliving or remembering negative and traumatic events from my past. It took so much of my brain space and was exhausting I knew I needed to somehow get rid of it. I asked for him to heal the pain and negativity from any of those past events. I didn’t realize it until just now. I am actually barely able to recall the events anymore. That’s when I realized that this is real and the healing actually works. It’s really amazing. It really healed me. It’s been going on for almost two weeks since the healing.


I was very well pleased with his service I highly recommend Harold.


He was really good and really spent a good amount of time with me I am very glad I contacted Harold. Highly recommend his services.

He's the real deal

I was at a low point in my life, and I can attest that he is the real deal. I would recommend and use him!

He's the real deal

I was at a low point in my life, and I can attest that he is the real deal. I would recommend and use him!


Awesome first reading ever!!!! Harold is on point loved it....clarity!!!!

Saw things exactly as they were!

I was a little surprised, and that doesn't happen to me very often. He knew everything, without me even telling him things. I was totally blown away. Definitely one of the best!


Very pleased! Will be getting another session.

Excellent Reading

Harold was very patient and gave me affirmation of the choices I had just literally made that morning without even telling him. He touched all the things that were important to me at the time in my life. So far the best guide I have had.



Psychic Harold was very accurate about my situation. I felt like he knew things before I could explain them. I recommend everyone to call or contact him for clarification.


Psychic Harold is the real deal!! Everything he told me was spot on. He gave me positive reassurances regarding a tough situation I’m going through, and he clarified aspects of my future relationship. Really satisfied and will be seeking his insights and guidance again.


Great work

He really took the time to break things down and let me know what was currently happening. I will call again soon

Great reading

This was a great reading. Very accurate. I will be coming back for another one soon.


Highly Recommended!

Harold was very helpful during my Reading. He spent extra time to ensure I came to a clear understanding of my situation. His energy is amazing nonjudgmental and bright. Harold is friendly, direct and very accurate. I highly recommend him for a Psychic Reading{=


Very easy to talk to & perceptive visions.


Very sincere and listened to everything ty very much hope to do this again blessed to be his customer

Awesome, one of the best experiences

He was like a counselor/therapist mixed in with the guidance that is needed for whatever situations you are dealing with. He said some stuff that only my angels/spirit guides would have known. Definitely gifted and much needed. You won't be disappointed.


Harold is very gifted. I know I will get accuaracy when I talk to him.

You are very gifted!

Thanks so much for the reading! I love your style of reading. I feel you connected with me perfectly. This is honestly the best reading I have ever had. Although there is a lot of gray area in my love life you were able to see through it so clearly and I am in shock. My mind is so clear now. You are an angel and have an amazing gift!

He read me like a book.

He Read Me Like A Book
OMG, the most, the best and accurate reads I've had because he was SPOT on with sooo many things. Would highly recommend with no hesitations or reservations if you want the real and will be back for further update readings. Thanks for giving me that much needed clarity in my life.



He was amazing! Very dead on accurate, and makes you feel very comfortable. He will surprise you with his reading . Helped me tremendously

Amazing reading

Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me and show me some insight.

Best Reading -- Ever!!!

I found Psychic Harold to the best reader I've ever experienced. He offers depth, insight and clarity, taking time to clarify the information he's receiving and expounding upon it. He even answered a question for me that I've had most of my life. If you're seeking an amazing psychic, choose Psychic Harold. You will not be disappointed. I'll come to him again and again.

On-Point with Everything

Highly recommend this in-depth psychic to anyone trying to see which path your life is going to take you next and what steps you need to take to achieve success!


He said something's that let me know he was a real psychic. I will be back

Very Good


I really enjoyed my reading with Mr.Harold. Everything he said really resonated with me and he gave me some information that really left me hopeful. He's very personable and clarified some things that I wasn't clear about, with no problem at all! Great communication.I definitely will be reading with him again

Awesome reading!

My reading with him was awesome! One of the realest, gifted people out here. He told me the name of my “teammate” and it blew me away. Harold knew everything from what situation he was in, to the legal document I received that day in the mail. Can’t wait for him to read me again.

Testimonial #223

Testimonial #222


HAROLD IS AMAZING! His predictions are accurate & he even predicted when I will graduate from college! Would highly recommend if you have any questions in mind. 


I have had a few readings with Harold and the experiences have been really good. He is very kind and personable and I just feel at ease when I talk to him. He helped me gain insight and clarity on a difficult situation I'm facing with someone, and gave me advice on how to make this situation better also. I certainly believe the readings are accurate and I would rather go to him than any other psychic out there.

Testimonial #218

Genuine honest

Very genuine, honest and easy to talk to. Thank you.


He is truly a blessing! He's always accurate and right on point. Everything he's ever told me was either true or up and coming. He's my peace of mind and sanity. He's become such a wonderful friend and I will continue to trust him as my Life Coach.


He is the real deal.. you don’t have to say anything he will tell you everything.. he blew my mind he picked up on everything with me and was so detailed and he was so accurate with everything and he funny and so honest and respectful. He’s worth the money you will not be disappointed. I spoke to him for about almost 2 hours yesterday that’s how on point and great he was. 

My Life

I just couldn't believe how accurate my reading was. You are the real deal. There are so many fakes out there but what a God Sent. Thank You.

Psychic Reading

Psychic Harold was very easy to talk to and answered all questions accurately and was on point. He gave positive insight on my spirit guides and help clarify some situations in my life. I highly recommend Psychic Harold to anyone who is seeking the truth all areas of life.

Good stuff!

Harold was spot on.

Testimonial #210

Testimonial #213


He looked right into my history and told me what's going on. He definitely was able to contact my guides and within minutes he was filling me in from literally just asking me to repeat my name. Truly an awesome and gifted gentleman

Great reading

Psychic Harold answered a question regarding my love interest. The reading was accurate!

Great reading

Very accurate reading


Positive and accurate!


This was the best reading. Every time i talk to harold, he never lies about anything. I just talked to him and he cleared up alot. This is the only psychic i will ever trust. Thank u so much for the positive reading. I luv your work!!! Your the best!!! Thank u Harold...

Testimonial #206


Psychic Harold was very friendly, kind, understanding, comical and last but not least of all very accurate.

Testimonial #203

I was definitely lead to him.  And I am glad I found him.  I was surprised how much he knew about me and what I was going through and what I needed to know.  I will recommend him to my family and friends.  Im actually going to pay for my son and my dad to speak with him.  He was that awesome!

Testimonial #201

I just did a reading with Harold and all I can say is man is he great! He was able to pick up a lot just from my energy. He knew what areas of my life were bringing me down without me telling him. I definitely will be back. Thank you!

A must call

Read my energy and situations very well. He  was very soothing and calm. Very encouraging and I'm looking forward to things coming this year and 2018. I will call him again in the future!!!! 


I felt very relaxed with psychic Harold. He gave me insight on my situation and helped me understand what's really going on. I will definitely be calling him again real soon.


I was impressed by my reading and loved the style that Harold uses. I am experienced with speaking with psychics in my past and by far he is the real deal with fair prices. I will be booking my next appt very soon. Thank you Harold!

My first reading.

One of the best. Didn’t tell him much but he knew everything! I’m eager for another reading already. 

Testimonial #197

Very surprised, not to bad at all. 

So glad I found psychic Harold

The reading was straight to the point. Harold is very sincere when giving a reading. I had a great experince. He is really gifted. Harold knew things that are going on with me and I only gave him my name. He also gave me great advice. I will definitely be talking with him again soon. I am going to recommend my family and friends to talk with him as well.

Nothing short of amazing

I appreciate the words, the gift, and experience. I took notes. there were just so many things in the conversation that absolutely confirmed your gift. My heart was put a little more at ease then I was prior to the conversation. Many Blessings !!!

Nail on the head

I've had many psychics read for me but none like you! You literally touched basis on things I never told you. Thank you so much.

Nail on the head

Omg! You were so accurate! I kept saying that is true the whole time. You picked up on things I've never said. Thank you so much!!!

Testimonial #191


Very patient. Constantly making sure I understood and that it was relevant to my situation. Picked up on every detail of my relationship. 


You were right on the nose about everything... It makes me happy to know that I have my spirit guides that are in my corner, God bless you my friend


Always awesome!


Harold, thx for the reading! You are gifted! I’m telling you that Harold’s predictions are  very accurate. He’s very funny and friendly. You won’t be disappointed. 

A wonderful psychic

It's been a while since I contacted harold, the last reading he gave me was superb, the reading was accurate, and he was on point. I just paid him 20 dollars and he gave me the best reading, I was so happy to talk to psychic Harold because he is on point, very kind, funny and overall knows all.



Reading before my birth

Harold was so incredible! He knew about my pregnancy issues and connected with my grandmother and unborn daughter! He was very positive and relayed messages very well. I would recommend him for anyone!

Testimonial #183

Testimonial #182

Best Psychic ever

Testimonial #180

My "go to" Person!

I have been priviledge to have known Harold for about 6+ years and he is my "go to" psychic when I need answers! His readings are accurate and his predictions come to fruition, sometime within hours of his vision!  I have witnessed this many times! He's dependable and understanding.  Most of all he is very good at his craft and uses his gift for greater good!  That is why he is my " go to" person!


He is someone I always trust before I make any decision. I have been taking his help since many months and I am grateful for everything that he has done for me. He is a REAL psychic and he will tell you the TRUTH even if that is not what you wanted to hear. Always goes above and beyond to make sure you understand what they want you to know. He has always been accurate in his readings and he just knows what is going on like he is reading every thought. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I shall be back soon once I have more updates. Many thanks :)

Testimonial #177

Harold is spot on with many of his predictions and the person I go to when really needing answers. Most recent is when he told me months ago my daughter would have another child which would be a little girl right around the time my grandson turns 3...well my daughter is pregnant but has not yet confirmed the sex just yet because it is early on. I believe it will be just as he stated a little girl because when I told my daughter about having another child she told me they would wait until my grandson was at least 5, But another one is on the way. I'm excited and hoping I will be able to move and relocate by the time she arrives or shortly after.

Testimonial #176

Such an amazing reading... look forward to my next one 

Always Accurate and Amazing!

Thank you so much for my reading. I would continue for hours if possible. You were 100% accurate. It gave me goosebumps when you spoke. Your style of your reading is incredible. You're a spiritual Guide and true psychic. Will speak again!

Testimonial #174

Testimonial #173

Right and Accurate

Harold does not tell you what you just want to hear, he is going to tell you what is right and accurate. That's pretty much all I can state. Harold is accurate and right on things. TOP NOTCH!

Just chatting..

Relaxed reading that leaves you feeling informed & actually gaining clarity. He's accurate & it's so easy to forget how stressful a situation makes you feel while talking! Worth trying (;

Just chatting..

The most relaxed reading ever! Just like having a conversation with a friend , just a friend that makes sense of everything that is unclear to you! This doesn't steer away from the point he is accurate & definitely gifted. Give him a try (;

Spiritual and Business Advice

 Excellent reading Harold, you really picked up on his thoughts and feelings towards me. FAST connection, I am truly grateful. I will be in touch. Blessings. Diana in the UK.

Mr Harold providing wonderful information

He was awesome he was right on point and did an amazing job thanks again Mr Harold you will be hearing from me soon..

Testimonial #167

Thank u for the honest answers. I knew shes always with me,I will make her proud.

Business Advice

Harold was right on. I'm following my music dream despite that my business is struggling.   I believe the Angels of almighty God will do his will in ensuring my well being and using my gift of music for good and joy in my life.     Glory to God.  Thank you Harold 

You are appreciated.

A very straightforward genuine reader, I really understood the points of the message received, it all added up for the most part. I wish I could give you all my money. I say this because I was very comfortable speaking with you and I look forward to doing it again.

Harold the BEST!

Harold is the best psychic reader there is! He mentioned things about me that I did not have to tell him. He took his time and didn't once pass judgement! If you are looking for a 'real' psychic/spiritual guider, Harold is your guy!!! I forgot to mention how honest and 'straight to the point' he is.

Harold the BEST!

Harold is the best psychic reader there is! He mentioned things about me that I did not have to tell him. He took his time and didn't once pass judgement! If you are looking for a 'real' psychic/spiritual guider, Harold is your guy!!! I forgot to mention how honest and 'straight to the point' he is.

Real help

you help me clear some things  up thank you...... 100% real


100% Real deal 

Very good

He's always available to talk... Really laid back doesn't sugar coat anything... It's unreal the things he can do... I will always contact him he has real answers.. I finally found a psychic I trust and connect with thank you Harold 

Psychic reading

Such a very kind and compassionate individual. Quite intuitive. I didn't want to end our call. I highly recommend him.

Bonnie Koyi

Where do I start??? WOW! I paid for a half hour session and from the beginining I felt safe and validated.  He knew things that only I would know.  He was warm and easy to talk to.  I would suggest trying it, if you feel it go more. Thats what I did and happy i did


Goosebumps....from the moment he started he knew my thoughts. He verified my suspicions. It was a real intense feeling and correct. No fishing for things, no generalizations, just ME. and what my guids see and want me to know.


Besides that he was a nice man. Very warming and felt his caring at points. 


I recommend a try. People with the real sense dont come around often.



Love, Money, Energy

I didnt even have to say a word to him. Hes the best psychic i have ever talked to.

Love and relationship

great and accurate

thank you so much for the reading ,harold picked on my situation and on the person i was calling for spot on .he is awesome give him a try you will be amazed!!!

Harold is always spot on!

I have been speaking to Harold for about 4 years now. He predicted the man that I am dating now, he knew his job and details he couldn't have predicted as they were very specific...3 years later we had a baby together. He also predicted a few jobs I've had in the past as well down to the detail.

So accurate its scary

Had my 3rd reading today, not only what I was told was shown to me, but something that could happen, happened exactly like he said it would. Ive dealt with many psychics over the years, NO one comes close to Harold, he really cares for your wellbeing.

A freaking mazing!!!!

has such a dope personality!!!! And is funny!! But as far as his gifts he is truly something amazing! Hit everything dead on and I didn't even tell him anything!!! I'm a VERY tough person to gain trust with! And he gained ALL of mine!!! Worth every last minute of your life to talk to him!! I'm amazed!!

Relationship and Career

I have to say I LOVE HAROLD!!!!  He was very easy to talk with and put a lot of things into perspective for me. I will be talking with him alot in the future. All I can say if anyone is sitting on the fence about contacting him to DO IT. 


*Thank you Harold again and speak to you soon!


Harold is an amazing psychic, very easy to talk to and picked up on the questions in my mind before I had a chance to ask.Gave me insights and warnings about future business dealings, to prevent a betrayal by a colleague. Highly Recommended

Testimonial #147

Very genuine, told me about my guides and energy, accurate.

Testimonial #148

I do have to give him kudos he was spot on with my current relationship issues with my boyfriend. I would recommend him again.

Made my day alot better

Harold spoke with me on a very bad day for me, I was really down. He picked up on my current situation and most importantly on the relationship matter at hand, gave me clarity and eased my mind, gave me hope. And the info was very accurate. Fast, honest, clear reading. I felt relieved....

just what i needed to hear

Master Psychic Harold's reading provided great confirmation to many things that had already been on my mind for awhil.


He hit right on some things that were going on in my life without me mentioning it.


He is well worth it!

Amazing psychic reading

Thank you Harold, very precise ,detailed and accurate with my situation. I got some good information from you about the person I was asking about . Very good reading. Would definitely contact you again!!

Life Coach and Friend

My reading felt like a good conversation with an old friend. Very clear and in tuned with my situation. Informative and detailed with complete accuracy as advertised. I would be more than comfortable to use him again. Thank you Harold.


Nice reading..I will get another reading soon..

Good advice

Was great did not ask very many questions everything was told to me that was relative, thx

Hit a home run

i spoke with Psychic Harold today with out me saying anything he pick up on 3 things that is currently going on with my life. I would highly recommend him and would speak with him again in the future.  Thank you so much.

Testimonial #138

Very sincere and generous man; truly wants to help and not just make a buck. Clarified for me that I made the right decision in breaking up with my ex-boyfriend. Told me some information about a problem neighbor that shocked me and is likely correct, but I am not sure yet.  I will post again about this if prediction and info is correct.  Definitely picked up accurate information on both situations, but too soon to know if prediction will happen.  Grateful for the insightful input.

my reading

I just had a reading with this man, he is down right the best psychic and always is so nice.. I had a reading with this guy before but I needed one again.. I thank u so so much for being nice and understanding!!! he is always so accurate with his readings..thank u so much Harold..

Been reading for me 3 years

Harold has been reading for me 3 years.  2 weeks ago he read for me concerning a business matter. He told me to make a phone call and after the phone call that my paperwork would go through.  I made the call and the next day my paperwork was approved for my business.  He is hands down the best go to prophet I know.

my first session

I had my first paid session with this man yesterday.. i cant believe he is the only psychic that does not need your birthday.. he is so wonderful.. i am glad that he is a psychic, he was so accurate and now my confusion has went away about so may things.. thank you so much Harold.. i will definatley call u again and recomed you to others!! your the best!!!

Life questions

Very insightful.

An absolute delight to talk to!

I happened upon Harold and would've never guessed I could get so much out of a conversation. Not only is Harold absolutely hilarious but SO SO gifted and kind. He told me what I needed to hear with nothing but a few glimpses into my life.


Harold, thank you for an overwhelmingly amazing conversation. I am very grateful.

Love and Relationships

Very accurate and very nice and understanding.. thank u so much.

Want the Real Truth?

When issues come up and there's a need for clarity the person I call is Harold. I've known him for a few years now and sooo...Happy I found him. He's been very accurate regarding employment opportunites and very descriptive with issues I've had on the job.

Great read



Great energy. Straight to the point and head on. Positive attitude and truthful. Haven't had a reader like him...ever. 50 stars!


Fabulous. Great energy. Straight to the point and head on. Positive attitude and truthful! Eye cannot make this up!


Harold was accurate and detailed. I felt he connected very well with me. He will be my go to psychic

Very Detailed and highly accurate reading!!

I highly recommend Harold he is a great psychic and gives a very detailed and accurate reading he brought all the reasons of the problems I'm having to light I will definitely be returning!! :) Thank you Harold 

He looks so much like Tyrese, just better!

He did an excellent job. Harold is very descriptive and always helpful. He's gives the most detailed and accurate readings I've ever had. Harold has helped me through the hardest times in my life. He is incredible!!!! 10 stars isn't enough.

Loved my reading

Fantastic reading. Thank you, Harold. You're the best!

Career and Love life

Excellent reader! Very accurate and to the point. I have done few readings with Harold before also and almost all of his predictions have come to pass. Thank you so much for helping me and guiding me in the right direction. Talk to you soon Harold


Harold saved my life twice from abusive men in my life. He warned me both times days ahead. One person took my car was planning to harm me and was caught by police and the other an ex who confessed to me that he wanted to kill me. Harold pre warned and successfully guided me out of situations.


Harold saved my life twice from abusive men in my life. He warned me both times days ahead. One person took my car was planning to harm me and was caught by police and the other an ex who confessed to me that he wanted to kill me. Harold pre warned and successfully guided me out of situations.

Love & Relationships

 Harold was on point very kind and honest he picked up on so much that I am going through with my current situation   I will definitely call him again he is so easy to talk to and genuinely really cares about his clients 

Best Psychic Ever!

Also very kind and compassionate. It's nice to see a psychic that isn't out to nickle and dime you to death or just try to take advantage of you. He's a genuinely good person.

Great Reading! Very Accurate!

I don't bother with psychics anymore because so many are just scammers trying to steal money from people. Not only was Harold honest but he was one hundred percent accurate. I was really surprised. He's totally worth every penny!

Psychic Reading

This is one of the best readings I've ever had. Well worth it. Harold is truly a psychic. With all the scammers in the psychic world it was a breath of fresh air to have someone genuine who can actually see thing as they are. I will return. Thank you, Harold!

Good vibes

So our session was great. Like I really felt connected to Harold, like I was talking to my BFF. If I could bug Harold everyday I would that's how cool and comforting he was shedding light on my situation and gave me advice. Not to mention told me things verbatim, I had heard in conversations with the person I inquired about. lol like really. At times he seemed to somehow "become" the person I inquired about which was mad cool for me. Scary as hell, but cool. I greatly appreciate your EXTENDED time and guidance. Xoxooxxoxo Felisha

Blown Away!

It's better to hear what you need instead of what you want. Harold was excellent in giving me insight to issues that I am currently being faced with. He even offered solutions from my guides that would be able to help me in my issues. He is a bright light and an extremely positive individual who genuinely cares about the people he helps. I would recommend having a reading with him, you will not regret your choice to do so. And to Harold thanks a ton for your support, it's been tremendous. And I will get those Lucky charms later :D Keep it up!

Thank You so Much for the reading and your time..Hope it all comes to past

It was a great reading!!!! I'll stay in touch and hope it all comes to pass..

Happy New Year and God Bless.

Amazing Gift!

I have been blessed with the amazing gift and talent of Psychic Harold and his guides.  He has guided me through several life changing situations in my life.  His predictions always come to pass and I have deemed as my spiritual guide in this life.  He's awesome!

Great Reading

Harold was such a pleasure to talk to.  He is truely an amazing, gifted, spiritual and patient man who I am so blessed to have met today.  I am so grateful to God for this divine meeting and look forward to future connections with Harold.  I don't think I'll be seeking help for any other psychic as he satified my needs and expectations.  I am very happy with my reading.  Thank you Harold for helping me through this dark time to shed some light on my situation and give me hope...

Great reading

I had the most amazing reading with Harold today. He was not only an excellent psychic but a wonderful person to talk to you. I appreciate him and his work and what he's doing to help people. Harold is truly a gifted spiritual insightful Intuitive Who I am so blessed to have met today. Thank you Harold

Life choices.


 Thank you for your direct anwser.

 You help me to understand what should be the way to go.

Thank you again. I will keep in touch.


Wish I could keep him all to myself

Truly gifted! I have had a couple of sessions with Harold, and I am never disappointed! He has the most amazing way of helping to keep me grounded and find that security that everything is going to be okay. His voice is very soothing and his words are both encouraging and direct. Harold's light seems to shine just a little brighter than most, and I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Always Appreciated! 

Healing/Energy work.

All I can say is wow! Everything this guy told me was exactly what I needed to hear. He told me the truth, even though I didn't want to hear it. Because of his healing and  spiritual energy work, I was brought back in contact with a person I had found impossible to find or contact in over 10 years. Exactly 1 week after I started working with Master Psychic Harold, I was reunited with my old friend. Not only did I find him genuinely concerned for my well-being, he offered to help me without charging me full price. That's how I know that he is real and that he cared for real. Thank you Mr. Harold.

Career, Love and Relationships

Harold was hands down the most accurate psychic I've spoken to. He knew what went wrong in my relationship without me having to say a word. I've never been more happy after a phone call than I was after talking to him. I wish I could keep him all to myself as my personal advisor but the world needs him lol. I'll defintely be calling back and recommending him to everyone I know. If you're for answers and the truth you've come to the right place. Thank You again!

Love relationship

simply amazing I know that the love of my life is mines there's no way he could have known what he told me please what ever you do come to him  if u want to know the truth and want real help call him he's a good guy and the best part he listens I'm only in my 20s and now a believer in God love and gifts be bless happy holidays 

Psychic Business Consultation

Thanks for the reading Harold is very honest and sincere to help me and guide me in the right direction.He gave me insight and advice to my situation. I will be a returning customer Highly Recommended

My first reading with Harold

Two things he is accurate and makes you think. I'm still walking away like how did he know that?! But he gave me some support for the future and reassured me I was on the right path. Thank you Harold from Nykki

Very Helpful

I called psychic Harold Rose about an issue concerning me, but he immediately picked up on that and another situation that apparently seemed to be more important to my Angels.  I was going through such a situation as he picked up on, but I had not planned on talking about it.   He did give me very helpful information on this situation and spent more time on it than originally planned.  He seemed empathetic and compassionate and was very soothing to talk to.  He was generous with his time.   He seemed sincere in his wishes to help and definitely did not seem like one of those scam psychics that are so common on the internet.  As to some things he predicted, it remains to be seen in the future if they will happen.  I did feel much better after talking to him and appreciate the time he spent with me answering my questions


Our conversation was very enlightening, tuned into me and my situation from the very beginning. Gave great advice on how to deal with everything that I have been wondering about. Excellent, insightful, heartfelt, generous personality who takes his time to explain all. Thank you.

Kind and understanding

Harold was understanding and kind unlike any other. His readings are insightful and real. He makes a strong connection that is spiritual and personal. You will not be disappointed.

kind and understanding

Harold was gracious and kind. He knew about my situation and was able to read from another point of view which made it more insightful.


My god you are such a blessing from God sweetie if somebody hasn't told you lately that it's a very special person thank you

Love and Relationships

It was very great talking with Harold. Hit home and spoke honestly. Very on point with all things discussed. Thank you will call again!

Love and Relationships

Thank you!

Love and Relationships

On Point!!!!!!!!!! Must Call!!!!!!!!!

Psychic Mediums

You are very good on point. Thank you

Psychic Medium

I enjoyed my reading mr Harold you nailed just about everything !!!!great psychic god gifted talent you have .im very picky on who I choose im glad I found u .plus your prediction came true on time frame given.will call you soon love ya !!! and ty so much for the free minutes I didn't even ask for them !! god bless =)

Clairvoyants Mediums


Love and Relationships sorry to run out of were so right on and surprised me so much! Wish i could hear more!

Love and Relationships

Awesome! I'm still shaking my head. I can't believe he was able to pick up so many things about my situation. This is a truly gifted psychic. 

Psychic Mediums

Hey Harold thanks for the reading, you are right on point! He told me I make him happy and he hasn't felt like this in a while. My money ran out I will have to call you later. thanks again.

Otherworld Connections

The wonderful Harold! I'm sorry we ran out of time, I couldn't add more because I'm at work at the moment but felt the need to call you.. Amazing and upfront just like the first time! I'll be calling you very soon! Thank you so so much and talk soon! A very upfront and accurate reader! Blessings!

Otherworld connections

Thank you!! the convo was soooo good! 

Psychic Mediums

Harold is fantastic--very helpful and unique in the aspect he is more than a "fortune teller" type of psychic. There seems to be an imprint from his guides which focus on the question of concern in which his own interpretation is also part of a mutuality of exchange that moves us all forward in understanding.

Love and Relationships

Thank you so much Harold. Will be back to finish reading 

Psychic Mediums 

Great guy! Sees in depth! Crazy. You knock everyone out the box! I can talk to you all day! Im like, how did you know that??!! I want to laugh sometimes because i know exactly what you are talking about but its embarrassing! Its like you had another phone talking to the person I spoke of! Like he was answering my questions himself! Wow! All i can do is cry n smile! Thank you Harold. Thank God for you!

Love and Relationships

Will call back ty so much

Love and Relationships 



Thank you! Amazing! Will call again very soon.

Love and Relationships

i hope you're right. All i have to do is wait and see. You'll be hearing from me.

Spiritual Readings

5* are not enough. Harold is truly gifted and such a pure heart and spirit. There is not an ounce of negativity in this man's presence or words. Truly felt that he was channeling the reading directly from my guides and angels. Thank you Harold. Will call back.

Love and Relationships

awesome and honest. TY. talk soon, blessings.

Love and Relationships

lol i will definitely call again! I give him a stupidkatrillion stars Btw, i think i know what the secret is. Funny you would mention that. He doesn't think i know but i do. I hope everything works out for the BEST. i will be calling you back sooner than later!! Thanks Harold. You have a pleasant voice and you are very easy to talk to!! Wow, if I'm right about this secret let me know ok. i know it will be a little hard to present if u did pick up on it. I love him the same. This is stuff u only see on TV!! 

Psychic Mediums

Thank you! I have no words for how accurate you always are.

Love and Relationships


Psychic Mediums

Ty for excepting the call I know it's late I can tell you care bout your clients not many do. Hopefully predictions come true. Even if they didn't I would still call cause u knew. A lot of people are just chasing a dollar, Harold I can tell you really care about your clients. You really are here to help. Thank you so much!


I've been chatting with Harold for over a year now and all his predictions have come to fruition. He's the real deal and I feel privileged to have his insight. He is truly a spiritual blessing. 

Love and Relationships

Thank you for your right on reading. Sorry we got cut off at then end, wanted to hear the answer :)

Love and Relationships

Wow so very honest, real, and insightful.wish I had more funds thank you so much.

Love and Relationships


Otherworldly Connections

Thanks Harold man! good reading as always. the disconnect was on my end. Just got a new phone that is acting up. will call again 

Love and Relationships 

Ty Mr Harold your very gifted and blessed genuinely !!!! Your feedback from your other clients is REAL!!!! I didn't want to believe it at first, but now I am. You hit so many things right on the head. Thank u so much love ya!!!! Calling back definitely!!! 

Love and Relationships

You were right about everything, Harold!! God bless you!

Love and Relationships

Thank you, wish I could've continued longer. You were accurate and provocative; things I need badly right now. God bless!


Amazing!! Words can not even explain how well he nailed it!!!


I've been chatting with Harold for over a year now and all his predictions have come to fruition. He's the real deal and I feel privileged to have his insight. He is truly a spiritual blessing. 

Finance great to catch up with u...ty for all the great keep u posted!! xo

Psychic Medium

Psychic Harold is great! Shares helpful information sourced by spiritual guides and discusses its potential relevance to your specific situation. Excellent!!! I love talking with him.


Thanks Harold! Sorry I had to cut our call off. The doc is about to call me in. I appreciate your honesty and letting me know about the job and the guy. Your readings are always so in depth and helps me to see things clearly!!!

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships



Thank you so much for the great reading. Wish I had more funds, but you were very insightful, thanks again!


Harold was on point with his prediction.. We got the house!! Even though they told us that the other people ahead of us were signing the lease this morning.. They called this evening saying we can get it because the other people fell through.. Whoa!! I can't believe it!! Thanks Harold!! He's one of the best I’ve ever seen!!! 

Love and Relationshipos

It is astonishing how accurate Harold is. I can't comprehend how this is happening, but it is definitely happening. He is able to give me verbal playback of my interactions with people, verbatim. Astonishing!

Love and Relationships



100 stars!!!!! He's a million year ahead of his time!!.

Love and Relationships

Thank you Harold! I don't know what I would have done with out all of your help!

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships

Thanks Harold. He is great and my favorite psychic. Very genuine and insightful.

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships

Very informative. Will definitely call back.


Speechless! You are amazing!

Love and Relationships

Incredible reading. I was a skeptic and didn't really believe in all of this psychic stuff. Harold had me crying tears of joy after I heard him speak to my mother who recently passed away. Thank God for you Harold!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Relationships

my call dropped (sorry) but as always one of the best on in the world.

Love and Relationships

All I can say is wow! Everytime, you leave me with my mouth on the floor!

Love and Relationships

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!! Always a great help and assistance.

Psychic Medium

 It is amazing how one psychic in one session can answer all of the questions that you have in your head for the longest of time...Harold is sooooo very gifted in ALL kinds of ways...PLEASE CALL HIM!!! You will be totally impressed and helped!  10 Stars!!

Love and Relationships

So right on!...I will be calling back, thank you.

Psychic Mediums

Wonderful...always extremely helpful information.... Many thanks! 

Psychic Mediums

Harold had me in tears most of the call. I recently lost my father and Harold was able to communicate with him to let him know how much I loved him. Thank God for you Harold! You are truly a Gift from God!

Psychic Mediums

Harold your always the best. 

Psychic Mediums

I really like Harold he really sees the man I mentioned his feeling and what he thinks of me. Harold thank you very much, you are really gifted.

Psychic Mediums

Extremely accurate. Well aware of my circumstances and the predictions were right on. I can depend on him.

Psychic Mediums

Thanks for the free minutes, it was very enlightening. Just didn't hear the last sentence, cause my phone service cut us off

Otherworldly Connections

Excellent Advisor!

Love and Relationships

Easy to talk to. My mind is a ease. Thanks!

Psychic Mediums

Thank you! Did not deposit more

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships

Harold definitely is a true Prophet that hears from the spiritual guides. He provided me with valuable information that will be of benefit now, and the near future. He's very passionate about helping his clients understand life circumstances. If you are interested in the truth and need total clarification in your situation, don't hesitate because you will not be disappointed. Starting this day forward, I will be calling often and also refer him to my friends. He's the most qualified prophetic prophet in his field. God bless you!!!



Psychic Mediums

Very helpful!

Psychic Mediums

Excellent Excellent Reading !!!!!!!!!! 10 Stars ************

Dream Interpretation

Thank you!

Love and Relationships


Psychic Medium

Always the best!

Love and Relationships 

I'm supposed to meet someone related around the work I do which may lead to marriage within a year's time. See us spending hours on the phone getting to know each other and believes we have a great connection. Looking forward to this coming to fruition. Harold is the best and has always been on point with work related concerns and the person I go to when I need answers.

Love and Relationships

All I can say is AWESOME!!! Harold picked up on everything regarding my situation without me saying anything. I can't wait for things to unfold. I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing and just go with the flow. Harold you are amazing!! Thanks!

Psychic Mediums 

he is great. please call him. you won't be disappointed.. 

Psychic Mediums

                Harold you are fantastic and honest like always. I can't believe all the things you told me tonight. I am so happy that I will get that money next week like you mentioned to me tonight. I will let you know for sure. Thanks again! And you do deserve billions of stars and more. Your friend from Canada

Love and Relationships

Grr, I accidentally pushed the "end" button on the phone. I'm sorry, it was getting so good. But thank you for answering my question, so he is interested in me. You helped me see into his thought process. I will definitely come back when I have some more funds to have a thorough reading.

Financial Outlook

Harold is always right on the money! I trust him 100% and most of all I believe in his gift! Amazing reader and nice gentleman.

Love and Relationships

In addition to his strong intuition, Harold has a wonderful sense of humor. I love talking to him, he gives such a great perspective. Call him, you won't be disappointed.

Love and Relationships 

Love me some Harold.....check him out you won't regret you did. Fun in the sun....


Simply amazing!

Psychic Mediums


Love and Relationships 

Awesome! I've never experienced accuracy like this! I believe this guy is NOT human!!!!!

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships

One of the best I've ever seen. Funny as hell!

Otherworldy Connections

I spoke with Harold for the first time in a few months two days ago. He had asked me about a situation in particular that I couldn't put my finger on. Sure enough, the exact scenario that he describe happened yesterday. Today, he also saw that the man I really like see's himself as my protector and me as his wife. I had just had a conversation with my love interest a week prior and he asked me how I felt about marriage and family. I never mentioned anything about it to Harold, but picked up on it instantly!. Amazing!! 1000 stars are not enough to describe you Harold! Very sweet. Call him, you will never be disappointed.