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Deeply Insightful Readings

The second reading with Angelique is just as deeply insightful as was the first. She got to the very soul essence of the questions and brought clarity and hope to the situations that were discussed. Angelique has a beautiful, calming voice and I will listen to the audio several times throughout the coming months.

Highly recommended!

Angelique is amazing. I've been her client for over a year. Thanks to her messages and guidance, I can always keep moving forward and stay positive. I have a reading with her whenever I need some guidance.

Gained lots of insight and clarity !

I first found Angelique and White Lotus Tarot on Youtube, I love what she does on there and decided to come to her for a personal coaching and I am very happy that I did! She is very sweet and the messages she had for me from spirit were exactly what I needed, I would for sure come to her again for another coaching ! She is awsome!


Angelique is just the most wonderful person that always gives guidance and clarity with kindness and genuine care. I have found all my readings with her so helpful and have given me the advice and direction I've needed.

Perfect for International Clients

6 stars! I've had readings with Angelique several times. She is very insightful and spot on. That's why I always come back to her when I need to make important decisions. Her MP3-style reading works perfect for me who lives outside of the United States. No need to calculate time differences;)

Reading with Angelique

Everything in my reading was exactly right on and reenforced what i already knew to be true. For this reason it has given me renewed energy to pursue the path i am already on and to embrace the changes that are coming.

When reading through the website I was encouraged with the opportunity to work on personal growth, discovery and self empowerment. My session went above and beyond any expectations I had. This was a true spirited enlightenment. Looking forward to our next session.

Thank you!

I've had the pleasure to receive four readings from Angelique in less than a year. The guidance has always been accurate, but more importantly encouraging. The messages that come through her are not only about the energies that are present with respect to the situation, rather how you can move through the situation in the best way possible and shape your life in a better way. The readings are like a road map to lead yourself to a better life, a better you. Angelique has a warmth in her that reflects in her readings. The messages always come from a space of love and light. She's my favorite! Thank you for your heart-warming service, Angelique. 

Beautiful Energy

My reading with Angelique was a lovely experience. Her energy is very calm and nurturing. The messages that came through were exactly what I HAD to hear. Wonderful personal break through. Thank you Angelique.

Angelique is an incredibly gifted, beautiful person. She is very accurate and her guidance has given me the strength I need to move forward in an important stage of my life. She has a beautiful, calming energy and I look forward to more readings with her in the future. Thank you again, Angelique.

"Angelique was very accurate with her reading and gave me insight to what my issue was and how to resolve it. Sometimes we feel deep down inside something isn't right,we don't know exactly what it is and it blocks us from moving forward in life. She helped me to organize a plan of action to tear down that block and really live a happy life!! It's in the works!" Thank You Angelique!

Testimonial #102

When we open our energy to others, trust is absolute. You feel this immediately with Angelique. My readings always ping on the 'aha' things that need attention and changing or just supportive. She is intuitive and accurate and so connected with those Angelic ethers. Thank you Angelique!

I want to say that this woman is absolutely amazing. She is the sweetest person I know and as a medium and a tarot reader she leaves to room for doubts, She's always spot on! I highly recommend Angelique's work!


My reading revealed something I had discovered about myself and hadn't told anyone.  It was an amazing gift to receive this confirmation from Angelique. I felt her guidance comfort me as she answered my question with thoughtful insight. She is the real deal and her connection to spirit amazes me.


This was my first reading with Angelique and I have to tell you that she was spot on. Not only did she confirm things I already figured using my intuition, but she confirmed the signs that I'd already been noticing. It's amazing how accurate she was and the guidance she's provided by giving me the tools and confidence to follow the path to achieve my dreams. 

Angelique is an amazing soul coach and her readings are very accurate!
Her guidance has helped me see my situation from a loving perspective and has helped me gain confidence in moving forward.I highly recommend her readings and find that having a recording of the reading is very helpful as I can always go back and listen to it.Thank you for sharing your gift with us Angelique!

I have a few readings with Angelique and they always resonate . She always gives clarity and is very inspirational. I absolutely will continue to have readings with her and I highly recommend her. Thank You Again Angelique . Love and Blessings to you !!!!!

Testimonial #95

I am so happy to have had my reading with Angelique. She is very soothing & calm and I was drawn in by her caring. She pretty much answered my questions & brought clarity to the things that I've been going through. I feel positive & I look forward to the future. I encourage you to have a reading with Angelique! I'll be returning for another session in the new year.