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Deeply Insightful Readings

The second reading with Angelique is just as deeply insightful as was the first. She got to the very soul essence of the questions and brought clarity and hope to the situations that were discussed. Angelique has a beautiful, calming voice and I will listen to the audio several times throughout the coming months.

Highly recommended!

Angelique is amazing. I've been her client for over a year. Thanks to her messages and guidance, I can always keep moving forward and stay positive. I have a reading with her whenever I need some guidance.

Gained lots of insight and clarity !

I first found Angelique and White Lotus Tarot on Youtube, I love what she does on there and decided to come to her for a personal coaching and I am very happy that I did! She is very sweet and the messages she had for me from spirit were exactly what I needed, I would for sure come to her again for another coaching ! She is awsome!


Angelique is just the most wonderful person that always gives guidance and clarity with kindness and genuine care. I have found all my readings with her so helpful and have given me the advice and direction I've needed.

Perfect for International Clients

6 stars! I've had readings with Angelique several times. She is very insightful and spot on. That's why I always come back to her when I need to make important decisions. Her MP3-style reading works perfect for me who lives outside of the United States. No need to calculate time differences;)

Reading with Angelique

Everything in my reading was exactly right on and reenforced what i already knew to be true. For this reason it has given me renewed energy to pursue the path i am already on and to embrace the changes that are coming.


When reading through the website I was encouraged with the opportunity to work on personal growth, discovery and self empowerment. My session went above and beyond any expectations I had. This was a true spirited enlightenment. Looking forward to our next session.

Thank you!

I've had the pleasure to receive four readings from Angelique in less than a year. The guidance has always been accurate, but more importantly encouraging. The messages that come through her are not only about the energies that are present with respect to the situation, rather how you can move through the situation in the best way possible and shape your life in a better way. The readings are like a road map to lead yourself to a better life, a better you. Angelique has a warmth in her that reflects in her readings. The messages always come from a space of love and light. She's my favorite! Thank you for your heart-warming service, Angelique.  

Beautiful Energy

My reading with Angelique was a lovely experience. Her energy is very calm and nurturing. The messages that came through were exactly what I HAD to hear. Wonderful personal break through. Thank you Angelique.


Angelique is an incredibly gifted, beautiful person. She is very accurate and her guidance has given me the strength I need to move forward in an important stage of my life. She has a beautiful, calming energy and I look forward to more readings with her in the future. Thank you again, Angelique.


"Angelique was very accurate with her reading and gave me insight to what my issue was and how to resolve it. Sometimes we feel deep down inside something isn't right,we don't know exactly what it is and it blocks us from moving forward in life. She helped me to organize a plan of action to tear down that block and really live a happy life!! It's in the works!" Thank You Angelique!

Testimonial #102

When we open our energy to others, trust is absolute. You feel this immediately with Angelique. My readings always ping on the 'aha' things that need attention and changing or just supportive. She is intuitive and accurate and so connected with those Angelic ethers. Thank you Angelique!


I want to say that this woman is absolutely amazing. She is the sweetest person I know and as a medium and a tarot reader she leaves to room for doubts, She's always spot on! I highly recommend Angelique's work!


My reading revealed something I had discovered about myself and hadn't told anyone.  It was an amazing gift to receive this confirmation from Angelique. I felt her guidance comfort me as she answered my question with thoughtful insight. She is the real deal and her connection to spirit amazes me.


This was my first reading with Angelique and I have to tell you that she was spot on. Not only did she confirm things I already figured using my intuition, but she confirmed the signs that I'd already been noticing. It's amazing how accurate she was and the guidance she's provided by giving me the tools and confidence to follow the path to achieve my dreams. 


Angelique is an amazing soul coach and her readings are very accurate! Her guidance has helped me see my situation from a loving perspective and has helped me gain confidence in moving forward.I highly recommend her readings and find that having a recording of the reading is very helpful as I can always go back and listen to it.Thank you for sharing your gift with us Angelique!


I have a few readings with Angelique and they always resonate . She always gives clarity and is very inspirational. I absolutely will continue to have readings with her and I highly recommend her. Thank You Again Angelique . Love and Blessings to you !!!!!

Testimonial #95

I am so happy to have had my reading with Angelique. She is very soothing & calm and I was drawn in by her caring. She pretty much answered my questions & brought clarity to the things that I've been going through. I feel positive & I look forward to the future. I encourage you to have a reading with Angelique! I'll be returning for another session in the new year.

Testimonial #94

I have to say, I had the most incredable reading tonight and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with u. You hit everything on target. Thank u so much and I will be calling u again. Love and light.

Testimonial #93

Angelique has a true gift. I had a reading with her and from the get go she was soothing and gentle. She has a very easy going approach to her readings that makes anyone feel comfortable with her. Above all, however, are her messages, which are rich with information and very insightful. I highly recommend her!

Testimonial #92

I just had my first reading with Angelique, and I'm so glad I booked time with her. She was incredibly accurate in terms of assessing where my life is at and what some of my past experiences have been. She honed in areas that I need to develop and provided very specific guidance (even homework from my guide!). The amount of information she was able to deliver in an hour was astounding to me! She has a very special gift, and I already know that I'll book future readings with her.

Testimonial #91

Angelique is extremely gifted. She accurately describes what you're going through and draws information from a higher source and perspective so that the information received can be used to change the situation should you choose. Her guidance and insights are truly a gift and her delivery is clear, honest, kind and compassionate. I've had 2 sessions from Angelique and will have many more as the need for guidance arise in my life. Each reading has brought me a feeling of peace and confidence to know that I am the creator of my life. Thank you Angelique! 

2nd Reading

I just had my 2nd reading with Angelique and it was just as amazing as the first one and it completely resonated with me once again.  She is so very gifted and shines a  beautiful light on life,  Thank you again Angelique !


A pleasure speaking with Angelique as she's patient explaining and delivering her messages. also motivated me to have a reiki session when I felt off balanced in life. I'm much more inspired and motivation after both sessions. Highly professional and gifted messenger. Namaste

Thank you! :)

I was one of the blessed people to have received a free reading from Angelique and oh how beautiful it was. The guidance I received left me awestruck in how true and aligned it was with my life, but what added to the charm was Angelique's soulful voice that was filled with compassion and kind words even during the trickiest messages. The reading resembled and felt so much like a meditation and I felt compelled to listen to the reading over and over again to soak in the wisdom I received through her. It was a heart-warming experience and I look forward to connecting with Angelique soon :) Thank you so much Angelique!

Testimonial #87

Hi Angelique,your reading told me exactly what I needed to hear.I loved your calm and serene approach to delivering the message and I look forward to more readings for the future.

Testimonial #86

I had my first reading with Angelique on May 9th 2016 and, it was amazing. She told me things I needed to hear which gave me hope for the future. Angelique is truly a gifted soul. I cant wait to experience the predictions she told me and, look forward to her reading me again. Thank you Angelique for your insight!!!!!!

Beautiful Reading

I had my first reading with Angelique today and I am in awe at how accurate it was! It has really helped me understand my situation more and I'm very thankful to Angelique for her wonderful messages she has provided for me through divine guidance.
Thank you so much and many blessings to you x

Wonderful and Truthful experience

I had my first reading with Angelique, and right off the bat i'm able to say that it won't be my last. I heard a lot of things i wasn't expecting (some of them i didn't particularly like) But everything resonated with me in a very magical way. Now i know what i need to do to finally achieve happiness and fulfillment in my path, and its all thanks to you Angelique. God Bless you.

Testimonial #83

I had my first reading with Angelique today and she is Amazing. I will definitely come back for another reading . there is no doubt that she is the real deal plus the insight on how to achieve all of your blessings is beyond great! I definitely recommend her to anyone that needs positive insight and guidance. Simply amazing!!!

Testimonial #82

Very intuitive and positive.  Will definitely recommend for a reading

Testimonial #80

I had a reading with her today and she was amazing.  I almost lost faith about my work situation, but she gave me guidance and positive messages.  That all made me feel that I should not give up and not compromise.  Definitely I'll have a reading with her again if I ever need some guidance.  Highly recommended.

Testimonial #81

Lovely reading! Informative and made sense.


I am amazed with the accuracy and insight of my reading. It has given me hope and a feeling of peace.Thank you so much.

Testimonial #78

My reading today was very encouraging. Angelique provided me with insight, from my spiritual guides in a professional and honest method. The reading today resonated with me on all accords and I walked away feeling content regarding my recent decisions and excited about the future. I will definitely be back. Thank you!

Another great reading!

This is my fourth reading with
Angelique. I'm always impressed how she brings forth the most needed
messages from Spirit. She delivers her readings in an honest but
gentle manner. I'm grateful for the guidance received that will help
me embrace the new beginning in my life.

Testimonial ##16928

Angelique is a true gift-er. I was very impressed. Even the way she speaks feels very therapeutic. I will definitely coming back to Angelique for guidance and advice.

She was meant for doing what she does!

Words are just too poor to describe what Angelique made me feel while she was conducting my first reading with her.
Listening to her voice and guidance made me feel as if she was that kind of person, full of goodness, that was holding up the lantern, as up as she could, trying to light someone’s path, when they find themselves at the crossroads, in the dark, and they cannot figure out the path. 
Definitely, she will not tell you what decisions to make ( it is only us that can make decisions regarding our lives) but she will “light” the path for you, guide you, and help you to connect with your Higher Self for finding the “light” again.
She did not sugarcoat, which I highly appreciated, but at the same time, I had the impression that a good friend was talking to me. Angelique has indeed that amazing natural gift of being gentle and bringing inner peace with her so soothing voice. She is truly gifted and I do believe that she was meant to do that.
Thank you, Angelique!:-*

Testimonial ##16626

Angelique was amazing!  The session was very professional and it went at a very good pace.  I felt very comfortable to ask the questions that I had... well, Angelique actually tuned in on the different questions I wanted guidance ahead of our session so, she was able to address them straight away.  Angelique was accurate - she was able to speak to the different people in my life as if she has met them before.  My session with Angelique validated that I am on the right path in my journey.  I am blessed we crossed paths, thank you for your/your guide's reassurance and guidance, and for the positive energy!  

Trust her

Angelique is fantastic. My second reading with her. Felt very comfortable talking to her. Will continue seeing her every monthly to update for her guidance in my reading through her energy. Thank you


I happened upon Angelique's YouTube video weekly horoscope for my sign and could not believe how much it resonated with me. I decided to get a reading from her via Skype. The reading was amazing! I felt as though we were friends as she was so comfortable to talk with. She explained the cards in detail and offered wonderful and uplifting predictions!! She also connected with my loved ones who passed and offered reassuring messages from them!  I will absolutely contact Angelique again in the future!!

Simply Amazing

I Just had my first reading with Angelique and I have to say she is truly gifted and amazing. I was so completely amazed at how much I resonated with the reading , it was like she has known me from the start. I highly recommend her.Thank you again Angelique!!!!Bernadette

Accurate & Empowering

I have had two personal readings with Angelique; to say I’m
amazed at how accurate her insight and guidance has been would be an
understatement.  It’s not just that her
readings have been so spot on for me, it’s also that I come away feeling incredibly
empowered and peaceful.  I feel like I
have a better understanding of the energies surrounding me and my situation and
I can see the bigger picture of what’s going on.  I love that she doesn’t tell me what to do
but instead provides insight and guidance and then empowers me to make the
decisions that are best for me.She is a real treasure. I have come to value and trust the
guidance I receive from her, not only from her personal readings but also from her
general readings on You Tube.  Thank you Angelique!


Just had my first personal reading with Angelique. She conveys her message in such a fresh, warm and caring energy, with depth and honesty at the same time. It was particularly such a positive reading that I cant help but looking forward to see life unfold. Thank you!  


thank you Angelique, I am blessed to have met you

Lucky to know you

I just had a very accurate reading with Angelique and she gave me back the confidence which I had fear and worries that made me sad and down for a long time. She is honest and telling the truth with her readings. I will continue to follow her. Thank you very much. 


Angelique is lovely! I have had DOZENS of readings and been very lucky in finding amazing people, she is definitely a professional and sensitive to her own guides and yours. I found the reading to be incredibly spot on! We did only 30 minutes and it was very concise, detailed and articulately delivered - also very positive, which is very important. Also, unexpectedly, recieved a message from my ancestors and ones who have passed on, I really appreciated that as I still miss my father and think of him often. I am at major crossroads in my life professionally and personally, so having a bit of reassurance was nice. I let her drive the content for the most part, only asking one question at the end. Regardless of what the universe brings, all will be as it should for the highest good. Lovely work Angelique, you have found your calling, I found it inspiring to work with you! 


Truly amazing,
accurate messages and just at the right time what  I needed to hear.That extra push to
go forward with life  plans, dreams…
thanks to the lovely messenger and her  guides.


Genuine and insightful

I discovered Angelique through her youtube channel and always resonated with her general readings. I can now say I have personally experienced one of her readings, which felt so genuine and insightful. Thank you Angelique! You are amazing x

Thank You for sharing your gift

Thank You so much for such a loving reading. Such a gentle nature and an amazing positive coaching/reading. You def are doing what is meant for you and helping so many in the process. A true pleasure being able to connect with you...
Love & Light x

Wow! Amazing

i received my reading today and wow Angelique it was were right on about my health and going for a second opinion...i actually have an apportionment on Monday with my Dr to get a second opinion....I am also looking forward to the coming year and i understand what you are saying about taking risks and getting out and not to be afraid to be myself....I have been single for 10 years and afraid to get out there and open up and take a have restored my faith and belief that there is love out there and to believe in myself....thank you ever so much.....blessings Angelique...

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the excellent reading.You were spot on about my person/problems. It really helped me, after all my struggles, to continue my journey
:-) Namaste


Thank you for the reading. It provided me with some alternatives to my present situation that I probably would not have thought of. Thank you for providing me your guides insight and to know that within a few months things will start looking better.

Thank you !

Angelique....You were correct in everything you said.  You know nothing about me yet, I feel like you were my best friend and had known me for years.  Your insight into my life was 100% accurate.  In addition, you are such a beautiful spirit...I felt it from the second I started listening to your reading.  Thanks you.

Spot on

Angelique's reading for me was the reassurance that I needed. The messages that my guides gave her were so spot on, I KNOW she truly does connect to spirit. She was so easy to talk to and answered any questions that I had. I highly recommend a reading with her. I know I will be scheduling another appointment with her in 6 months! :-)  Thank you so much, Angelique!

Perfect and divine messages

My session was exactly what I needed to hear from my guides and the universe.  Change and transition is usually not comfortable, but necessary.  My takeaway on this is to not fight it.  Support and embrace this energy and it will pass more quickly.  Things happen for a reason, to rebirth you into a new energetic being that's more in line with your life path.  Release old energies of lack, fear, not being good enough, and self sabotage.  The universe doesn't make mistakes and knows your potential.  Lastly, whatever you are going thru, don't stop believing in yourself and your higher purpose.  Your break thru is a lot closer than you realize and can happen very quickly to transform your reality.


This is my first reading with Angelique. I have had a number of readings and experiences with other Psychics and Mediums over the years however Angelique was the most thorough and professional I have had the pleasure of receiving. Her presentation, her tone and her insight are compelling and enlightening. I am at a crossroads in my life with soon to be 60 yrs experience, and her guidance is most welcome.  The rest is up to me.  Namaste  JG

You gave me hope!

Thank you Angelique! Your reading brought so much to light for me - things that I knew but did not want to acknowledge because the ties run much deeper than my current situation.  I SEE now where I have to do the work!  You gave me hope in the end knowing that there is divine timing! As I listened I continued to hear "be still" - I so appreciate you Angelique.  Namaste.  


Wow Angelique! thank you thank you! You are very much spot on with my situation. I really do appreciate the guidance, coaching, and insights! I will listed to this audio over and over again. Thanks again!


I received my first reading from Angelique this week. What she told me gave me insight to what I am currently going through. I love the way she speaks with softness and compassion and her style resonates with me. I would recommend her to anyone that seeks clarity in any situation they are going through. Thank you Angelique! xoxo

reading with guidance

I just had my first message with coaching from Angelique and feel clearer and hopeful! She really has helped to bring perspective to my situation and in a very grounded, honest,  and heartfelt way. Her connection and approach are truly a gift and I think I may seek her out for some Reiki healing next.Many thanks and much love Angelique!

Amazing reading

I had my first reading with Angelique. It was amazing. She read my situation beautifully and really made me feel at ease. I first found her on youtube and fell in love with her general reading so i decided to get a personal reading from her.WOW cannot begin to describe what a beautiful reading she gave to me. I appreciate every moment of it and will return in the future.

Inspiring and Supportive!

I truly appreciated the support and guidance offered here! Her emphasis on free will and the divine was much appreciated and I would highly recommend her! Love and peace!


i just received a spot on reading from Angelique. I was for love/romance and i also noticed that my Mp3 reading was 16:16 minutes long. so i looked up angel number 1616 and this is what it said"Angel
Number 1616 may also be suggesting that a new relationship is imminent,
either with a newcomer or through reignited love in your existing
relationship/s. Be open to giving and receiving love and do not fear the
‘new’ entering your life."  WOW Angelique THANK YOU LOVE YOU.


I really enjoyed my reading with Angelique.  She was able to give me a broader view of all the events in my life which brought me great peace of mind. Her ability to identify with all of the energies around me has been a big help in my decision making, and seems to have given me more direction.  She was able to communicate with my deceased father and I can't even express how wonderful that felt.  Thank you so much Angelique! 


Thank you Angelique, for my first reading!!  You surpassed my expectation and enlightened me in a big way!!  Looking forward to incorporating this reading into my life as I move forward!!  It is so uplifting to have some guidance & direction to help with whatever you we may be experiencing in life!!!  The reading made a lot of sense to me and will definately be reaching out to you in the future!!  Thank you again!!  A Hopeful Client


Iv'e had many readings in the past and i have to say angelique's have been the most beautiful, clear and accurate readings i have ever had. Even just on her youtube readings i find are accurate to me which is what led me to purchase a reading from her and i was again amazed by how much it made sense to me. Thanks angelique!

2016 messages just for me!

This is my 2nd reading with Angelique and it is again an awesome reading.  It continues the messages from the first reading with more in depth and detail as some of the things may be happening closer now.  I am very satisfied with her service and messages and highly recommend her.  Many Thanks, Maria 

Grateful client

My life has been changed by Angelique's readings. I was about to go one way on a matter but changed direction after my reading and I am extremely grateful I did. She is truly talented and shares her talent with warmth, wisdom and compassion. My second reading was as accurate as my first, and I hope to be a client for a very long time. I highly recommend her services. 

Relationship Coaching

Angelique is warm, soothing and "spot on" with the energies she receives from her spirits and guides.  Everyone has a choice to make.  You cannot force a person to do something even if the energy is right; But with her guidance into the situation,  you can make your choice and feel better about any situation you desire as well as have a better understanding in order to think positive instead of negative. Thank you Angelique for all you do!

Intuitive, Authentic & Caring

I just experienced my first phone reading with Angelique, who I have been following for several months on-line.  Firstly, I really like how she conducts the session - laying out the reading first and then asking for input. Things really expanded when we talked and I received extreme clarity on a big fear.  Something I had been stalling on and avoiding.  After the reading, I was liberated to BEGIN what I had dreaded.  You might be wondering......I wrote a book and have been frozen about starting a screenplay version.  Following the reading, I wrote the opening of the film. And it flowed effortlessly.  I believe the reading "released" my resistance and utter fear.  I plan to return for another session and explore more questions.  Angelique is a lovely, utterly sincere and very gifted spirit.

Relationship Coaching

This reading was very insightful and helped me gain a new perspective and understanding of relationships in my life . Thank you so much Angelique you are an amazing soul:)

Healing Heart

Angelique has a special gift of being able to gently communicate the energies she reads for us in an easy, loving, and kind manner. Each time I listen to the Healing Heart recording she prepared for me, I am uplifted and renewed. In gratitude for all that you do.

Thankful for the truth

Thank you Angelique for your compassionate, caring reading.  I always trust you and your angels, and have enjoyed being your client.  Blessings to you.

Insightful Reading

Angelique's intuitive guidance and card interpretation was spot on with where I'm at in my life.  The messages that came through were very encouraging and have inspired me to move forward.  Thank you Angelique!

With Thanks and Gratitude

Angelique did everything possible to accommodate my request for a reading and was very generous in her time with me.  She took plenty of time to explain the cards/situations and events that were presented in my reading. There was continous open dialogue to ask and clarify any questions that I had.  She has this amazing gift of reading and understanding how the messages are directly related to your life.  A clear and concise story unfolds as she delivers your story with uplifting messages and positive affirmations of how best to navigate what is being shown.  An absolute professional! She has a gift and talent in her genuine care and concern for people and the messages that she so graciuously delivers through the tarot and spirit.


She does an amazing job. Her readings are very in depth and you can tell she puts her heart into the reading and is not there for the money factor. Her readings are insightful and gives the person great amount of information. I am very grateful that my spirit guides have created a path to communicate with her.Very ble ed. 

Wow wow wow

So indepth. Her readings are substantive - jam packed with insights and information.  It is so obvious how much of her time and talent go into the reading. I am amazed and grateful to have found Angelique. This was my second reading with her.  Her cards are beautiful too!

Excellent Reading!

Angelique gave me an insightful reading, that was helpful to me.  She does wonderful work - thank you, Angelique!

Fantastic reading!

Angelique's reading was extremely clear and concise. She picked up on the exact energies surrounding my life at this moment and gave excellent intuitive advice on what actions to check. She is a very goal orientated person which allowed me to focus on what it is I was most wanting out of the reading and out of the guidance. I would strongly recommend her readings to anyone who wishes to gain more clarity and insight into what is going on in their lives and the best course of action to take. Thank you again Angelique, it was extremely helpful and will likely create positive waves for years to come. 

Beautiful, supportive, and accurate

I just had my first reading with Angelique. Firstly, she has an angelic voice and such a softness to her approach, even when she is bringing through the messages of challenge. My reading resonated so strongly with my heart centre, I started to cry several times throughout the reading. I felt vulnerable, but safe and supported. Her messages from my past and present were so precise and accurate. It astonished me. I have 100% faith in her messages of love and guidance. She truly is an angel and made me feel so much more connected to my angels, intuition, and heart centre.

Such Beautiful Messages!!

first want to thank Angelique so
so much for her patience and generosity, and for being such an uplifting agent
for Spirit and the Angels! When I received my reading I listened once and was
blown away by how lovely and encouraging the messages were. It took another few
listens for me to fully appreciate and receive what she was telling me! The
universe is so profound in that time is merely a word, a thought, and divine
order sees us receiving that which we most need at the moment we truly need it.
Thank you so much!

AMAZING ...Can't believe it

Just had a reading/coaching and am in shock as all of my inner feelings were exposed to me from Spirit.  Things that nobody knows have surfaced and have led me to believe that I can deal with what I have to deal with in the future and not be afraid of the outcome.  Thank You Angelique and Spirit!


At first I was skeptical about having a reading done online, but ... WOW ... and with tears in my eyes, is all I can say!  Angelique, gave me the most beautiful and positive reading I could have ever imagined receiving.  The reading she shared with me was so spot on and it gave me absolute inspiration, hope, clarity and guidance for my current situation.  My intuition told me she was good when I watched her videos, but now I know for certain that she is a true blessing that was sent to me directly from my spirit guides.  I will definitely have her do more readings for me in the future and I will certainly refer everyone I know.   Thank you again, Angelique!  Namaste!


Thank you for the beautiful reading you have done! I have no words to describe how accurate your reading has been! I love your calm and sweet voice, it brings so much peace every time I listen to it. You are right! the more times I listen the reading the more guidance and clarity I get. thank you so much...Blessing!

My jaw dropped!

The reading was a great comfort for me. Having followed Angelique on youtube for a while, I am familiar with her calming style. I thought oh I will receive her guidance with a grain of salt. Then she said something about me, that is not directly related to my reading but more an assessment on me and my jaw dropped. Even I had never been able to describe myself so acutely. I am grateful for Angelique's messages and really appreciate her approach. She is a kind air aorund her and that made the entire experience just better. 
Thank you Angelique!

Healing Heart Feedback

Angelique is absolutely fantastic at what she does!  She is the real deal.  She knew nothing about my situation and was able to provide spot-on guidance for my issue.  She is calm, clear, direct and compassionate in her communication.  I am and will continue to be a regular client.  She is wonderful!!  Namaste!

Awesome detailed Reading

I just received my reading this month and I am so amazed at the depth of the reading and accuracy Angelique produced.  She is incredibly gifted and intuitive and has the unique ability to articulate the words to be meaningful in our world.  I downloaded the audio and am listening to it again and again.  Advice and guidance were given to help me along, which I am taking to heart, along with personal messages that are truly amazing. I am very happy with my reading and will see how things develop.  Thank you Angelique for my wonderful reading and personal coaching. Continue doing what you are you are truly amazing!

Enlightening and positive soul growth experience

Angelique prepare the readings with great care and

Her messages of guidance is always honest but in a loving manner.

Every interaction with her is enlightening and positive and
is a soul growth experience.

She more often than not do much more than what was in the scope of the original

Her focus is on doing whatever she need to, for people to
hear all the messages they need to hear from their guides.

Highly recommended!

Oracle Reading and Soul Coaching

True beauty & wisdom shines through from both you as a reader & the reading itself. And so much synchronicity - your gracious, kind special offer; timings; cards; and the messages/advice from you & from spirit.  Loved everything and am very grateful for your calm, generous & authentic advice.  Just a wonderful, healing reading, thank you so much Angelique, thank you xx

A new fan

I loved my reading. At once I realized I was being guided by someone authentic and skillful. Each message was delivered with grace. I will seek her voice again in my life. 

Personal Love and Personal Soul Coaching

I am trying to find the words to express how I feel about the
readings Angelique did for me. They were right on point and beautifully given
with love and support.  There were many times while listening to the
readings that I was touched by the information and sobbed.  A lot of the things brought up, have been on
my heart and mind for a while and the readings from Angelique covered all of
these things and more.  I didn’t give her
any information or ask her any questions. 
We get stuck trying to figure things out, not knowing what to do to move
forward in our lives and Angelique gave me the things to work on and let go of.  Our Guides and Angels are here for us, always
watching over us and Angelique has an amazing gift to bring forth the
information.  Thank you so very much

15 Minute Tarot Reading/Coaching

  Very good reading, Angelique is clearly gifted. Thanks.

This is my second reading from Angelique and again it was so accurate

This is my second reading from Angelique and again it was so accurate. I know I will go back to the reading many times over the next year to glean more wisdom it. The reading was so affirming -- even when challenging cards came up Angelique gave great advice on ways to turn the challenges into opportunities for growth. Angelique's connection to Spirit is deep and true and that came through in the reading. I am grateful!

Angelique is just amazing

Angelique is just amazing, and i think her name if not a coincidence! My reading was so uplifting, encouraging and practical, it felt like confronted in a parents arms. Will definitely go back. Namaste! 

I received a wonderful birthday reading from Angelique.

I received a wonderful birthday reading from Angelique. I did not ask specific questions, but she was able to touch upon situations that I am currently experiencing; and offered wonderful guidance about having a positive outcome to my new birthday year!

The reading I received was a true gift

The reading I received was a true gift. Angelique has a way of touching your heart, sharing messages we need to hear. Her guidance and messages are delivered with such kindness and genuine caring, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in search of clarity. 

Hands Down the BEST reading I've ever got in my Life!

Hands Down the BEST reading I've ever got in my Life! I am (so) very thankful to have come across Angelique. Her ability to deliver messages Clear, Calm, Kind, Positive, & Informative information speaks to my Energy & soul which I understand everything completely. She Clearly is an Earth angel here to Guide, Deliver, & Help everyone who is in need. My reading was SPOT on. She was able to pick up on every important detail which I was wondering about. My soul was put at ease tonight & I am forever greatful for that. Every week I look forward to her YOUTUBE videos and her weekly guidance. Angelique has such a Pure, kind soul and I think anyone who needs a little help or guidance should most definitely get a reading! I can't say enough about this lady. She has been a huge help to me and guided the road full of Postivity & we all know the World needs some of that. What a breath of fresh air! There is a Warmth about her soul! Keep doing what you are doing. You are Great! Thank you again! God bless you & the Angels. 

I found Angelique through her YouTube channel and I'm so glad I did

I found Angelique through her YouTube channel and I'm so glad I did. I've listened to my coaching session several times and each time, I get something new and useful out of it. Angelique is very connected, very intuitive and very kind. The information she provided in my reading was so helpful for my situation - very practical and down to earth. I know I'll be in touch with her again, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone interested in gaining more perspective.

30 Minute Tarot Reading/Coaching

Angelique is a wonderful special person who is very detailed to what she does. Before requesting this reading, I had a lot of confusion, fear of what was coming towards my life and she made me understand and see things in a different perspective. Thanks again Angelique :)

30 Minute Tarot Reading/Coaching

Angelique truly has a gift and the reading provided me was accurate in every respect concerning my life path at present. White Lotus Tarot is definitely an asset in I will continue to use as I grow spiritually. Thank you again Angelique....Namaste

Healing Heart Tarot Reading/Coaching

Again Amazing! Gave me the insight to make a great decision :)!!

30 Minute Tarot Reading/Coaching

Angelique is amazing an spot on!!! Truly an amazing person :)

SKYPE 60 Minute Tarot Life Coaching Session

Dear Angelique,Thank you for the care and dedication with which you have prepared the answers to my questions.I have indeed heard messages of guidance, comfort, and have the clarity that I sought.Overall, this was one of the most enlightening and positive interaction I have ever experienced.It was truly a soul growth experience for me.Angelique ended up doing much more than what was in the scope of the original deal, because she will do whatever she need to in order for people to hear all the messages they need to hear from their guides.Thank you for that.

Relationship Potential Tarot Reading/Coaching

Angelique is a compassionate, detailed wonderful reader/coach. She is full of knowledge and insight and I always look forward to my helpful readings with her. She knows her cards and has a beautiful connection with our angel guides and can gently guide you into the best future for you.

Oracle Reading and Soul Coaching

Good reading, good advice, interesting!

12 House Zodiac Tarot Reading/Coaching

Thank you for the reading. It was right on! It affirmed what I have been experiencing and gave me another 'go ahead' to take action on my dreams. I appreciate the thoroughness of the reading. Your clear explanation of the cards and how they relate to each other gave me a 'touchstone' as I move forward. The soul card was just what I needed to hear -- not particularly what I wanted to hear but sure needed to hear! I appreciate the loving and healing energy of the reading and you sharing your gifts with the world. 
I look forward to listening to your weekly and monthly soul coaching videos on YouTube.

Finding Love Tarot Reading/Coaching

Every word of Angelique's reading spoke directly to my heart. I did not give her any previous information about me or my situation and she described the current situation perfectly. Her advice was also right on target as these are the things i have started working in. Everything was aligned with my intuition regarding my journey. The messages from the angels and my guides were very healing and it gives me confidence and strength to keep focused and moving forward. Angelique is truly a gift, a bridge to shine the light brighter on the path we are being called to take.

SKYPE 60 Minute Tarot Life Coaching Session

My reading was dead on with what is going on in my life and the way I am feeling .Thank you so much for your insight and great advice :)

30 Minute Tarot Reading/Coaching

Angelique gave me a beautiful reading that has helped me tremendously. She has a genuine warmth and is very professional. I would highly recommend her.

Heal Your Heart Angelique was spot on

I received my reading in a timely manner as promised by Angelique. I didn't mention anything about my situation at all but Angelique was spot on with every aspect. In fact some of what she stated would come to pass has already began happening just a few weeks after the reading. I highly recommend Angelique for her accuracy and her compassionate style of advising.