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Psychic Readings | Twin Featherz

Bowen Street
Spring Hill Queensland , 4000

Awesome Reading and Geniune

What can I say , literally blown away by my reading , it’s given me the reassurance I needed and even though things are manifesting , I’m excited for the near future . Accurate and genuine, so much I’m sending of 2 more questions to clarify a few more unanswered questions.

One of the best

Amazing life changing experience, Donna you are a true angel with an amazing gift. Accurate, genuine and wow did you go above and beyond in your deliverance. I needed answers and boy did you nail it. You have lifted a huge amount of worry and cleared my path to be able to move forward in my life minus the worry and stress. You are a very special individual and feel so lucky to have been given this experience. With a less heavy heart, thank you 🙏💫💫💫 Laree

Amazing Lady

I have just had my first reading with Donna and wow she is totally on the money.. Donna came through as a genuinely warm happy lady who really cared about giving me the best reading possible..Donna from a photo and a couple of questions was able to pick up details that were so accurate. I look forward to having more readings in the future with Donna.xo

Donna is an amazing reader guys, I have taken a lot of readings from her and she has always gone out of her way to help me. She is very genuine and helpful and always gives so much positivity.

Highly recommend Twin Feather, she truely hit the nail on the head about the questions I asked and even picked up a few things which not many people know about.

Real connection

I received my reading through email. And it felt like I was in the room with Donna. It has really given me something to work toward and she mentioned words that only my dad would say. The energies around my family were spot on and I had a laugh. I would 100% recommend Donna!! Thank you so much


Donna’s reading was spot with how I was feeling and the personalities of my children. I highly recommend Donna.


Thankyou Donna for the reading you did today you have given me hope for the future and helped me feel a bit better about my life situation and that it is going to improve and get my life back on track.

I have been receiving readings from Donna Marie for almost 5 years and the reason I keep coming back is she is so accurate. She told me that I would meet someone after leaving my marriage and told me 15 was the number, 15 months or weeks. She told me this man would have 2 young children similar ages to my own. She told me he loves to travel a lot and I would travel and go on adventures with him. She told me I would end up getting married to this man and having a long life with him. 15 weeks after leaving my husband I went on a first date and it turns out it was this man, and it was 15 months after leaving his wife. I got a reading before the date as I was nervous about going on a first date in almost 10 years and Donna Marie told me he suffered from depression which mean he would need his space and times and also not cope with 4 kids in the beginning, but this was the man for me and retold me the above. Everything she’s told me plus so much more has come true. However, Im yet to know if we will ever get married, but time will tell, we are a year into our relationship now. I highly recommend Donna Marie! Sometimes she might tell you things you don’t want to hear, but that’s where the learning is pay attention to that. Sometimes she might tell you to go ahead with something and it doesn’t come out the way it was meant in your mind, but you had to have that experience to learn a lesson and Donna Marie has always helped me with that. I’ve evolved so much as a person with her guidance. I highly recommend her!

I found Donna to be a kind & caring person. She was able to confirm something important about a specific circumstance in my life & help give me some clarity around the issue. Thank you Donna

Was quite disappointed with this entire experience. Walked into apartment and there was an odour of something cooking, not what you would expect prior to having a reading. Very informal setup and to be honest got absolutely nothing out of this reading. Waste of money in my opinion

Donna is amazing, she has provided great information about things. I would like to keep my discussion private so I won't post anything here. But I can tell that at some point it bring tears in my eyes when she said certain things. I will come back and edit the review if the future predictions come true but I have a feeling it will surely as it relates. I hear everything that I wanted to hear - so lucky me. But you can't expect to hear what you want to hear. So be prepared to receive real messages. Love it. Keep it up Donna.

Donna is such an amazing reader, she answers all your quarries pretty accurately. I have had several readings from her and she has always been so helpful. I would highly recommend Donna an accurate reader and very kind person. Thanks Donna, hope to see you soon once you are back. cheers

Spot on

Need to add she’s very spot on. Thank you Donna. Raj

Donna is compassionate and a beacon of light when in need of what’s right to do. I always leave with clarity. Cannot recommend her enough. Raj

I felt instantly connected to Donna when searching for a reading and trusted psychic - I've only had a couple in the past but upon meeting and settling into the reading with Donna, she made quite accurate statements on myself and others in my life before asking or confirming. Her warmth, persona and spirit connection is captivating to watch. She felt more like a mentor or friend than anything else with great perspective for the future and I appreciate she went over a little time too. I'll await to see if these directions will take place in the future, if they're anything to go by in her already predictions of current / past situations. I highly recommend xx

This was my very first encounter of any kind of reading. Not gonna lie my stomach turned many times prior to the appointment. Not long after sitting down, I felt completely at ease, understood [already before the reading had started] and immense warmth and kindness from Donna. Donna is a lovely person and her reading for me was beyond reassuring, receiving a lot of solid directions that I can act on. This reading helped me in more ways than I originally thought. Thanks again Donna! This is an amazing experience to remember for a longtime. Having an open mind prior and patience post reading go hand-in-hand with any process. Donna has an amazing gift and I’d recommend her services to anyone considering.

I had a face to face reading with Donna in her home. She was warm, friendly and made me feel so comfortable. She gave me some amazing insight and clarified some of the questions I had about aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Donna. She is definitely a very gifted woman