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Travis Hill is Very accurate!

My husband recently passed away 2 months ago and since that time I have went to Travis to communicate with my husband on 2 different occasions. He mentioned our wedding song that nobody else would have known other then him. He also validated that he is still very much in love with me, and that he will always have a crush on me! He also mentioned different memories that we shared together. He had a message for our daughter that he is going to be there holding her hand watching over her and protecting her. I have been going once a month lately just so I have an opportunity to speak with my husband, because he is greatly missed and loved and I am struggling with his loss so much. I am excited for my next appointment with Travis! If you are looking for a medium, look no more Travis is the real deal!!!

Far exceeded expectations!

Travis was absolutely amazing. He was so on point with so much and was able to connect me with my ex-husband that recently crossed over. Travis was able to provide so much for me to be able to have that closure I so desperately needed. I literally cannot wait to talk to him again! He really made me feel the love from my ex-husband and I just can’t thank him enough for that. In addition to that he also provided me guidance on additional things I can do to help with the crossing of my ex-husband as we had a connection with each other in a previous life which just made so much sense to me, and also to mend my relationship with my father. I cannot thank you enough Travis!

Travis is great!

I didn't really know what to expect with my appointment because I have never done one before and I was very nervous. Travis quickly eased my nerves. He was so sweet and kind. He has a great spirit and I am so glad I found him. I really was excited to possibly connect with my sister who had passed away a couple years ago. Travis was able to communicate with her and the things he relayed from my sister were so spot on. There was one thing in paticular that he did that was an exact action of my sister. While it was nice to get closure, it was really nice to get guidence from my higher self. I really gained some clarity that the path I am persuing is the right one for me. I am beyond satisfied with my reading from Travis. I will absolutely be meeting with him again. Thank you so so much Travis!


I have gone to Travis a few times and have sent several of my own clients to him. I trust Travis, he has taught me a lot. I have found that if you are self aware and your vibration is high your reading will be more clear. Each time as I have left my reading I make an effort to put in more work into my own life and every time I go back to him my readings are even more clear. I am grateful for Travis, he is a true gift in my life!

Thank You Travis

Travis, Thank you sooo much for putting me in contact
with my family in heaven.. I heard from three people I had not
heard from in the past. You have an amazing ability and share
with people who desperately want to connect with their loved ones. Looking forward to more sessions in the future. Please know that you are loved.

Simply amazing

Travis was amazing. He was so kind and made you feel like his friend. He has an amazing gift. He gave us a lot of closure and we will be coming back again. Thank you Travis for sharing your gift with us and the world.

Simply Incredibly.

I have received a handful of readings from Travis over the last 10 or so years and each time I am so amazed with his abilities. Each time I receive the guidance I was looking for without even being asked. So in tune. and then to articulate what he is reading in a manner that I need to receive it. so so good. so genuine and heart centered. Very grateful for Travis and his ability and willingness to share his gift with us all.

Amazing Person and so DEAD ON

Travis is exceptional. His kindness and care can be felt through the lines of communications. I had a list of questions to ask him but he spoke about every single one I had before I even mentioned. I was truly blown away. Thank you Travis for your amazing gift.


Travis was absolutely adorable and super sweet! The reading i received was fantastic and it Resonated with me! He was spot on with everything! I highly recommend. One thing to remember is have an open mind he's human and only says what spirit and higher-self tell him. I'll definitely be back for a second reading thank you again Travis for the reading and clarity many blessing 🙏

What a gifted teacher !!

I have known Travis for over five years and have consulted with him several times when I needed spiritual guidance. I have always been impressed with his gifts of insight and the fact that he is so very authentic in his intention to speak 'truth' and to help me, is an added bonus. The value of his work with spirit is beyond anything I can write here. Travis has always been completely honest with me even if the responses were not exactly what I was wanting to hear. On reflection, after the session, I am left with exactly what spirit needed me to understand. I am so very thankful that Travis has been my guide to a stronger sense of self and direction. I cannot recommend him more highly. He is absolutely authentic and also, a truly kind soul.

Amazing contact with passed loved ones!

Travis has a divine gift of being able to connect with souls who have passed from earth. He has brought myself snd my family great comfort in sharing details about our loved ones in heaven. I’m so grateful to know Travis, he’s a very kind and gentle soul.


I would love to say that Travis Hill is the real thing he knows what he is doing he connected with my loved ones and knew them just like how they were here in the earth and I was able to have closure in heart with my loved ones passing and knowing that they are together and are happy makes me feel so much better I definitely am going back to Travis to continue to speak to my loved ones

Travis is the REAL DEAL!

I'm what you call a cautious believer. Being psychic myself and at times a spontaneous medium, I am always on the lookout for people who truly have the gift. I was told about Travis by my massage therapist and I had been looking for someone who could provide a message for my best friend, who's father had recently passed. She had been disappointed EVERY time she had a reading so I was crossing my fingers that this time would be different. I had no expectations or need for messages from my deceased loved ones so you can imagine my surprise when my material grandparents and my parents came through with SPOT ON information. My husband, who is a NON believer listened to the reading, commented that Travis "nailed him". The information was specific and relevant. My best friend was so blown away that she immediately booked a reading for the following week and her session was powerful. So much healing and confirmation was had by all. I just adore Travis and look forward to more readings in the future.

Always look forward to our sessions

I have been seeing Travis for years & I am always amazed by his accuracy & abilities. I have had the opportunity to watch Travis grow in strength with his higher self. Every reading is different and beautiful in its own way. I walk away from each one with new profound knowledge, ready to go forward in my life. Travis has such a gentle soul, I couldn't imagine seeking spiritual guidance from anyone else. I am so glad my spirit team guided me to him. If you are hesitant about booking an appointment... don't. You have been guided here for a reason. You are in good hands with Travis. 🙏

Exactly what I needed!

Absolutely loved my reading with him! I got so much useful information about my life and the next steps I should take! Even though it was only an hour I felt like I got 3-4 worth of information, definitely would recommend!


I love Travis! I had another reading with him (few times a year) and today’s was so fun! He was receiving so many things and so fast -all positive and sweet . We laughed a lot! He’s always right on with people and situations. Travis is one of my favorite people! Such a gift!

Consistently good

Aways a great Reading when I ask..
good vibes pay Off!!


Travis is amazing!

I did this out of curiosity (although I've always been open) but scheduled this in hopes of some closure for my twin sister. I didn't even tell him my sister would be there until he called. He absolutely nailed our personal relationships with our parents and the roles we took while they were passing away. My sister and I are very different and Travis nailed our very different experiences and relationships with our parents. Travis also told my sister Happy Birthday at the same time we were born (I scheduled it for our birthday). He was so amazing with the personalities and the level of detail was wild! I really felt bad my sister and myself were so quiet but he literally left us speechless because is accuracy was on point. Travis is a beautiful person and has an amazing gift!

Life Changing

A trusted friend recently recommended that I speak with Travis. I’d been feeling generally unsettled and desired both clarity about my life path and peace related to my mother’s death. I have been blessed with one other positive experience with a medium in a group setting, and it secured my confidence in the spiritual/intuitive gifts possessed by some. Everything that Travis conveyed resonated in a way that brought reassurance and confidence about not only the wellbeing and presence of my passed loved ones, but guidance and encouragement regarding my career and relationship choices. The messages Travis provides are specific. He has an incredible ability to also serve as a conduit for pointed questions and responses between you and your loved ones. Additionally, he elucidates the intentions and purposes of your higher self. That may sound confusing; we don’t often reference the “higher self” in American culture. I think of it this way: sometimes your instincts are interrupted by self-doubt, insecurity, and/or outside influences. But, you know on some level the calling in your heart. When someone you’ve never met speaks to these truths which are personal to you and you alone, it can be an incredibly liberating feeling. The “proof” of his gift is present almost immediately, by the familiarity and validity of his messages. Listening to Travis’ is as validating and empowering as anything I can imagine. I am so grateful, and I recommend him with heartfelt certainty and enthusiasm.

Great Experience

Travis was the second Medium I have seen and the same Grandparents came through but he was able to provide more detail and it was accurate. I liked how he could connect with my higher self and a few others. I enjoyed it and it truly helped me , and yes he is a very nice guy!

All five star reviews?

Travis is very kind a such a nice person.
As somewhat of a skeptic, I found that he missed
quite a few things about me and my family. He does
give positive input and guidance but in all only a fairly
accurate reading.

Best Experience EVAAA!!!

I've gone to Travis a few times and have had such an amaizng experience. First of all, he is the sweetest! His energy is so uplifting and it adds so much to the experience. The first time I went to him (a year ago), he connected to my higher self and dove deep into what my life's purpose was. After that reading, I became so much more focused in my business and what I wanted to accomplish and I doubled my income within this past year! AND, I've only just begun. :)

He knew SO MUCH it was crazy and I am so happy that I took the chance and booked with him. Now, a year later, and without me saying anything, he knew what I had been through this past year and the direction and information he gave me was perfect. I was almost brought to (happy) tears quit a few times throughout this reading.

If you are on the fence about booking with Travis, dooo itt!!! SO grateful that I took the chance. It was seriously life changing and helped me to wake up and get focused on what I need to be doing in my life!!

Thanks Travis!!!

Beautiful and Enlightening Experince

After my mom passing last year, I felt that I needed some closure among other things. What an amazing experience! Travis not only contacted my mom, but also my father that I hadn't connected to until a few years before his death as well as his parents; my grandparents that I had never met. Travis new things that only myself or my wife would know. Travis was so kind and empathetic; what a beautiful soul. We will definitely be scheduling further meetings. Travis, thank you so very much.

Beautiful and Enlightening Experince

I was needing some closure and questions answered after my mom's passing last year. Not only was Travis able to contact my mom, my father came through who I hadn't really known until the last few years of his life. Travis knew things only I would know, he was so kind and is a beautiful soul. The whole experience was amazing and left me with peace. I will definitely be scheduling other readings in the future. Thank you Travis, so much.

Ooohhhhhmyygawwwwwwdddd Spot On!

Travis had so much insight on the connection I have with my loved ones wherever they are. Travis is such a delight! In some way he was able to bring back their energy to me. I feel them strongly again. It was like a big hug which was very needed right now. He gifted me a lot of great insights that deep down I knew but were confirmed by him saying certain things that connected to that place of “home” in the self. Incredible experience. ????????????????????⭐️????????♐️

Peace and Love

I first saw Travis in person while on a vacation in Utah and kept an open mind about working with a medium - I was a bit skeptical but recognized quickly that he has a gift and had indeed connected on my behalf, with my loved ones. I've since had a Zoom session with him, and have set up sessions for my husband and friend. He is simply fantastic, makes you feel at ease and so good about being able to connect with those on the other side. Each session leaves me feeling warm, at peace with my path in life, and feeling very much loved by those who have gone before us. We are fortunate that he shares this gift!

An Excellent Experience

I have know Travis for five years and have had several healing sessions with him either by distance or in person. I would like to say how hard Travis works to give the best to his clients. He is authentic in every aspect, gifted in spiritual guidance, and humble in his way of advising his clients of any information that would help them move forward. I am sincerely thankful to Travis for his help to me over the years and feel that his services are a true gift to anyone seeking enlightenment. In a word, Travis skills are nothing less than "Amazing."

Guidance - Higher Self

Travis was wonderful at connecting with My higher self and loved ones that have passed to help with the life path guidance I was needing.

Helps with guidance

I have seen travis a handful of times. He has always made me feel secure in my life path. I recently have had loved ones pass on and he connected to them for me. They were described accurately and helped me with closure.

Peace of mind.

Travis and I had a medium appointment this week. My grandmother, mom dad and my daughter all came through. He was amazingly patient, accurate and he really helped me ease my mind about my daughters crossing over.


A medium has been something I always wanted to do, since the first heartache of losing a family member almost 16 years ago. The day of my reading felt like a huge weight was finally lifted off my shoulders, the words I’ve been waiting years to hear I finally heard from my loved ones; I was finally able to get closure after so many years of pain and feeling lost. There was a recent loss in my life that I knew would be tough to find closure but I was able to hear from him and that to me meant everything. The gift Travis has is unexplainable but I am eternally grateful I can finally move forward with my life and I truly believe I would’ve never been able to do so without his gift.


I had my first visit with Travis yesterday. I have had other readings before and was somewhat skeptical about doing it over zoom. Travis was amazing. He was able to connect with all 3 of my close family members who have passed on. The things he told me were very specific and spot on. I have felt an incredible amount of peace since I have had this reading. It feels like the weight of the world has been taken off of me. I am so incredibly grateful for the amount of peace and closure he was able to bring me. I definitely recommend Travis.

Guidance review

I was led to Travis and given the opportunity to hear some of his session with my friend. What I heard was genuine, sincere, and authentic. Travis has not only energetic gifts, but true compassion. I was able to connect with my loved ones on the other side, a huge blessing. But he was also able to connect to my higher self and give me guidance through her. When we chatted after, he had more guidance for me from his own life. He’s not only gifted as a medium, but as a human being. Whatever leads you to Travis; listen to it, when the time is right take the opportunity to meet with him.


Travis is AMAZINGS!!!!! He gave me the answers I needed. In 1 hour Travis gave me what the police dept. after 2 months of investigating my son's car accident haven't been able to do. They have medical records, the vehicle, watched cameras, etc. Still no answers. This guy is the real deal. He is truly gifted. I can't say enough about him! After talking with Travis I honestly was able to feel some peace. Now I can start my healing. XOXOXO
You're the best!!!!

Returning client

This is my 3rd time getting a reading from Travis. He is detailed and is reading the whole hour. Travis is professional and his readings have been very moving to o say the least. I highly recommend him. One reading was a year and half ago but it’s still impactful. The last two have been over the phone and I actually think they are more focused.

Thank You!

If you're really looking to receive a high-quality reading, Travis is your guy. He is so truly connected and gifted. I particularly love how he is able to so clearly tap into the higher self, as well as connect with any deceased loved ones, to receive answers and clarity. And the details are so specific, it's really helpful. Also, he has such a calming and peaceful presence about him, which makes it easier to open up and be more vulnerable. I'll definitely be getting more readings in the future. ????


I just had another wonderful reading and Reki healing from Travis. He’s been my guiding light for years. As always, he’s spot on with my loved ones coming through to speak to me! It was such beautiful profound messages from my loved ones on the other side. I also had the most awesome Reki healing!! We used the zoom app to connect. So even though it was a long distance healing, it felt like he was in the room with me! I literally could feel his hands on my head. The energy was powerful and sooo healing! I felt so wonderful afterwards! Sometimes we just need a little help to get balanced. Thank you Travis! Much Love to you ❤️❤️❤️

What a gift!

Travis is an extremely gifted intuitive. I have had many readings over the years and most of all what stood out to me about Travis is the way he reads from his heart. He leaves any ego out of his readings and delivers such a powerful and heartfelt message from our loved ones and our higher self. I feel very grateful to have been able to have a session with him. Thank you, Travis for the clarity and direction. I appreciate you.


I guess I am a little disappointed by my reading. Sure, a lot of things did apply to me but some were a little generic. I can't dismiss the whole reading as one or two things did surely strike home but I guess I was hoping for more. Perhaps I did not ask the right questions or did not know what to expect but having read other testimonials it did seem to be a bit lacking.


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Travis. I cannot wait to do it again. He had so much fun energy and I had a great time. I spoke to more family and got MUCH more out of the session that I would have ever expected. What a great man.

The gifts are real!

Travis is the only healer and medium I will see in Utah. He has the most comforting, positive and loving energy. Because of my work with him I am doing the work to heal, and he gave me the greatest gift of introducing me to my higher self. His work is customized, intuitive and healing. During my remote reiki session this week, both of my grandparents came through. Not only did Travis validate what we both felt but he had absolutely no idea that I live in my late grandparents home. If you are seeking guidance, connection, or hope, I would give Travis the opportunity to help. His gifts have helped me more than I can express.

Zoom Psychic Session

There are no words to explain how amazing Travis is!!! He is so kind and gentle. He told me a lot about the situations I have been dealing with in my personal life. He helped me and made me feel a lot better about the decision I am making. He knew a lot about things before I even mentioned them. I highly recommend Travis to anyone.


Travis is so amazing! I go to him when Im feeling down and always leave feeling so much better and refreshed. His readings are crazy accurate! So awesome!

Grateful and Inspired

At a young age I knew my son had abilities, though I wasn't sure of the extent. You validated all of this with a session years ago and offered comfort and peace with suggestions and guidance. He shut those abilities down for quite a while and now has opened up to embracing and wanting to help others with what he sees and hears. You once again validated his abilities were ready for him to open up into through his higher self and a little nudging from a grandfather and great grandmother. Though I have written a lot of words...there are not enough to thank you for the comfort you offered through our conversation the other day. We are blessed to have you in our lives as a friend, mentor, and guide. I highly suggest anyone who is seeking guidance to reach out and schedule a time with this dear man.


So grateful for my reading with Travis. He is so very kind and gentle.
I would recommend you tape your session , as I learned more with each listen . Much love Travis and thank you.


My children’s father passed away on May 8, 2020. He was not the best husband and he tried very hard to be a good father. There was a great deal of trauma and closure that needed to take place between the kids and their father. After his passing I knew that we finally had our opportunity so we met with Travis and he facilitated a long conversation with the kid’s dad to help heal some old wounds. We all walked away feel as tho we had gotten more from that session than we had thought we would. Travis is amazing. He is so gifted. It’s easy to be skeptical until he drops a personal detail no one could ever know. Thank you Travis. I think you have a small idea of what you help do for your clients but Thank you will never be enough.

Forever Thankful

There are not enough words to express my most heartfelt thank you and sincere gratefulness to Travis for bringing my beautiful mom who passed away in 2011 forward. He is such a true, honest and gentle soul with the most clarity and sincere reading he possibly can give. I will have more sessions in the future and highly recommend Travis to anyone with or without hesitations. He is amazing and such a very sweet person. Forever thankful for my beautiful experience. (:

So Inspired

Travis is amazing, I've been to other psychics before and am a intuitive in training. I was impressed with how clear Travis is. I also knew it was accurate because it was also what I had been feeling was true for me. He is also very personable and compassionate, you really feel heard. I highly recommend Travis.
Much love and light to you Travis.

Amazing experience

Travis is great. His energy is amazing and he was able to help me so much. I highly recommend!

Thank you!

Travis provided so much peace and clarity regarding the things surrounding my life. It is so obviously that he works with such pure and honest intentions and truly cares about people and their well being. He is truly gifted and has such a good soul.

Simply Amazing.

Travis is such a sweet soul. I was able to make contact with my late father, and that is one of the sweetest blessings I have ever received. I have been able to take another step towards closure in knowing my deceased love one watches over me and my family still. Travis is truly gifted. He identified certain issues in my life that I have not told anyone, and set me on a path towards healing. ????


April 18, 2020, was my scheduled time to speak with Travis over the phone. I am very satisfied with his service, and what a beautiful personality. I intend to schedule more consultations with him, and I hope to meet him face-to-face soon! Great work!

Like a phone call to Heaven

I recently did a psychic medium reading over the phone with Travis. He connected me to family that have crossed over and always provides clear evidence of who he is speaking to. The phrases or mannerisms or descriptions or memories that he is able to bring up really give you a sense of comfort in knowing that your loved ones are around you- guiding and watching over you. It is truly like having a phone call with heaven. Travis has given me such a sense of peace in my life through his gift. He is wise beyond his years and has such an amazing gift to be shared with the world. Thank you Travis for the beautiful messages you relayed to me from my loved ones and even those who I had almost forgotten about! It really blew my mind.

Usui Reiki

This was a long distance healing. Almost instantly there was a third eye connection. The energy was flowing and powerful. Travis' summation was spot on regarding physical/emotional issues. While this was processing, there was visioning and clearing. No question, this is Travis' mission.


Travis is so amazing and so gifted he gave me messages from loved ones that I really needed to here and worked with my higher self and now I really know what I need to work on to better my life! I will absolutely be making another appointment I wish I would have asked more questions in my session but was just in awe and shock of what came through! ????

He is truly gifted

I have had multiple readings over the years
And he is on the money everytime.
If you need closure with something
Go see Travis. Thank you Travis

My energy session

I’m cured Travis cured my Rheumatoid arthritis he is truly amazing!

Psychic reading

I received a reading as a Birthday gift. I have wanted one for years. I took my daughter with me so she could share my experience. Travis did not disappoint. He connected with my mom and told us things that only we would know. He also connected with my higher spirit and gave me some advice that I really needed to hear. I left the session feeling less stressed knowing that my mom is still with me and that she loves me very much. Travis has an amazing gift to bring peace to his clients. I highly recommend scheduling a session with him. I am going to share my experience with my friends and loved ones and suggest that they go see him. I will be going back for more sessions. Thank you Travis. I appreciate you letting me know that mom my is so happy on the other side.

Wonderful reading

Travis is the most sweet and gentle soul. He has the ability to tap into the spirit world and connect you to past ancestors and your higher self. Wonderful experience and I’d recommend anyone looking for a deeper connection to ones self and soul growth to schedule a reading with Travis!

Travis is truly talented!

As a professional psychic myself, I come into contact with a lot of talented light-workers that have a variety of gifts. I can say, without question, that Travis is one of the very best. He immediately puts you at ease, radiates love and positivity and clearly delivers messages from loved ones as well as your Higher Self.

Travis was able to connect with my grandmother, father, and a sister and was able to pick up on and describe personality traits that fit them to a 't'. I received invaluable advice regarding my own spiritual path as well as a few tips on my health that another completely unrelated Medium also picked up on. I mean, it was VERY specific advice.

I will be booking more sessions with Travis and am grateful we crossed paths.

Thank you so much, Travis!!


Travis Hill is So good I have seen him 2xs and he is right on target. He is accurate and true . I look forward to seeing him again. I recommend him above all.

Travis is the ReAL DeAL!!!!

Omgosh Travis is the real deal!!!! He connected to my Grandparents instantly with just knowing my name. He provided me w so many confirmations of my life in the past, present and helped me me guidance of where I am going. But yet he knew where I already am an headed without telling him. I now know there is a spirit world an life after death! I manifest to anyone Travis can connect to the other side of the vail and your higher self.
The most spiritual experience of my life, I cried tears of joy multiple times during my time with Travis. Thank you Travis!!


Thank you so much Travis for sharing your gift with me. Your messages have cleared my path to a better me. I will forever have a grateful heart for the connections you made and the messages that came from my loved ones. I hope life gives back to you everything you give to others.


As always it was a wonderful reading. It was a long time since I last saw Travis. I could talk to him forever. He is awesome and does a great job. Always very accurate and has a wonderful uplifting energy. You are the best Travis. Namaste


Travis was wonderful. He immediately connected to my Grandmother who recently passed and also immediately tapped into the issues that are at the forefront of my life right now. His delivery was sincere, warm, gentle, and accurate. I received a lot of clarity and guidance from him in a nonjudgemental and compassionate way. I genuinely love this person.

Spot on!

Travis was very kind and welcoming. Not only was he spot on with my relatives from beyond. He also told me about my animals that had passed on right down to the color of their fur. It was very emotional (in a good way). He even had a message for my husband. I didn't stop Travis because I knew my husband needed to hear his message. I highly recommend Travis and I can't wait for my next session

Helped with finding closure

I would recommend Travis to anyone. He was absolutely genuine and I felt very comfortable during the entire reading. I recently lost my husband and had so many unanswered questions. Not only did I get closure with my husbands passing but other areas of closure were also given to me. It was truly amazing and remarkable that Travis gave me so much information without me saying a word. Thank you for sharing your gift and I will definitely return for more guidance.

Loving guidance

Travis us such a loving, gentle soul, and gives such inspiring readings from the other side and your higher self. He has a unique ability to connect with my higher self, husband, father and grandmothers to pass along messages of love, guidance and encouragement. Getting a reading from Travis is always uplifting and inspirational to let me know I'm on the right path to my soul's growth. Thank you Travis for your wonderful gift, and for sharing it with me and the rest of the world!

Magical first Reiki experience!

I just had my first Reiki healing session done with Travis, and it was beyond incredible. It’s hard to find the words to describe such an incredible, nearly out of body experience. Travis, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your inner light and healing energy to help me release so much pent up stress. I left feeling like a whole new, happier human. ????????


I had an incredible experience with Travis. He knew things that only I could have known. I kept telling him how “crazy” this all was because it was just so unbelievable. Travis is also very nice and comforting. I told all my friends and family to try him out!

Just what I needed.

Blown away at the accuracy of this angel. Left feeling so much love. Life changing. So grateful he is willing to share his gift. ❤️ Will be seeing him again.

Spot on.

I felt immediately comfortable with Travis. His energy is so bright and gentle, and I felt at ease right when I met him. He was SPOT ON in my reading. I cried nearly the whole time. He has a gift for sure.

So glad i came to see you

Travis you truly have a wonderful gift. The messages from my loved ones whom passed over were accurate to their characters and their validations sent through you were spot on. I will be back again for more insight to my life path .. thank you for the book recommendation. Have a wonderful blessed day ..

Look no further - Book a Session!

When I first booked a session with Travis, I didn't know what to expect. The session was amazing and honestly, since that first time, I have scheduled over 5 sessions. Travis has an amazing ability to deliver what is needed in each session. Every time, it was what I needed. Not only new information I needed to hear, but also confirmation of what I deep down knew, but somehow could not accept, or was confused about. His guidance is super valuable and he became my trusted guide when I need clarity and guidance.

Clarity rating A+++

My first experience having been read by Travis was filled with no apprehension, as I was recommended by a friend who never had an experience like the reading he had with Travis and was so moved by the fact he was able to connect with his father and grandmother and with such specific detail. I too was gifted with his clear connections, and with the two people I wanted to hear from most, and felt he told me what I needed to hear without any fluff or hesitation. So if you or a loved one needs not only to connect to spirit but also to your higher calling, Travis is your medium!


I so enjoyed and benefited from my reading with Travis. He is such a talented and gifted young man. I was excited about meeting him the day that I made my appointment and was so pleased with the process from beginning to end. His warm personality and positive energy were so appreciated and made the entire experience such a gift. Travis connected to my Higher Self and offered me some wonderful suggestions and guidance for my personal healing and a new career direction. He also was able to communicate with a loved one and share so much helpful information and also confirm what I had been previously told. He has a great sense of humor and I was at ease with his presence and my reading from beginning to end. I feel so fortunate to have found Travis and his work and look forward to enjoying more readings from him in the future. Whether you have had other readings before or this is your first time, I highly recommend Travis as your Psychic/Spiritual Medium. Sincerely Tauna Andersen

Amazing experience!

What an awesome experience! I recently had a personal reading with Travis, which was amazing, so when I saw the notification for a group reading I knew I had to go with my mom and sister. Travis is such a genuine person, and even though in a group setting, he made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. He did a beautiful meditation to begin with and everyone received a reading. It was wonderful to see release and healing take place in a community environment. Travis is truly a gem and you will leave him feeling more grounded and guided than before. His ability to connect with your higher self is both empowering and helps hold you accountable for your actions. I am so appreciative of his gifts and the work he’s put in to share them.

Such an amazing experience!

Travis was absolutely wonderful. Not only did he blow me away with his talent, but he brought issues up that I didn’t know were there. I have gone to talented mediums before but he blew me away. If you are looking for guidance or a sense of direction he is your guy! I highly recommend him.

Travis is an incredibly sincere human, and his readings are inspiring!

Travis is so so so kind! I am not sure if anyone could be around him and not feel comfortable. I can assume how much dedication and devotion he has put into his craft, and relationship with Spirit, because it is obvious in every way. I have never been to a medium that has the type of beautiful connection with Higher Selves the way he does. It was such an honor to be able to have access to messages from my Higher Self via Travis, and I received so much enlightening advice on many parts of my life, some I had inklings about, and many just helped open my heart and my mind almost instantly, on things I had been working to release for years. Thank you Travis for such a loving experience!

The real deal

Travis is the real deal. I’m skeptical by nature but Travis is able to tap into your higher self and relays messages that there would be no way for him to know. His approach is loving, kind, and he has a thoughtful delivery. At first I went to Travis after a woman on an airplane mentioned to me that I “MUST” get a reading. So I thought, what do I have to lose? I gained so much insight and if anything, it’s a really good therapy session. I’ve referred a handful of people to contact Travis, and they have all come back to thank me. So many psychics or mediums will convince you that you need to be healed and they try to upsell you by way of fear. Travis never does that. He guides you. He told me reiki would be very beneficial to me and suggested I should find someone locally, even though that is a product offered through his site. It’s not about the money with Travis. He’s a good human being and I’m grateful I stumbled upon his name. If you’re feeling reluctant, I’d say it’s worth a shot. It’s affordable enough so that anyone can get a reading and it’s cheaper than a therapist. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Travis. I feel so grateful for you and your gifts. I well up with gratitude. ♥️

Much Appreciation

I love the clarity, highly spirited, and commitment Travis Hill brings to his readings and intuitive reiki sessions. He brings a high level of integrity and honoring to the psychic/medium world. I am conscious and intentional with who I choose to sit with, there is never a hesitation to sit with Travis. He truly cares about empowering others in living their best lives. Travis Hill is the real deal!

Genuine and loving reading

What an incredible experience. Travis is such a genuine spirit and his loving energy makes you feel comfortable immediately. His messages are clear and concise, and his focus on communicating with your higher self is empowering. He was able to speak directly to situations going on in my life and offer guidance on healing them. You will leave feeling lighter and that the universe is on your side. I can’t wait to go back and keep making positive changes. I’m so grateful to have met Travis and appreciative of the work he’s put in to share his gift.


I saw Travis Hill and it was one of the most amazing, moving experiences of my life. This was my first experience with a medium and Travis made me feel comfortable and made sure I understood his process. I felt that this one session has helped me heal more than two years of therapy has. Travis is an amazing human and I would highly recommend him to anyone who was interested in a session!

Thank you Travis!


I have had several readings with Travis. Some of them with an exact purpose and some for no reason-which he always soon discovers! He is absolutely amazing! He is so sweet and welcoming- I don’t want to leave! I recommend Travis to everyone for everything. He’s always right on with so many things -and the comfort of “speaking” with a passed loved one is unexplainable! Travis is an absolute gift and a blessing! Can’t wait to schedule my next reading!

Thank you Travis!

I had a reading with Travis on May 30th as a combined Mother's Day/birthday gift from my son. It was over the phone because I live so far away. I was very nervous but Travis put me at ease right away. He was wonderful! He brought through five of my family members who have passed and each had a special and important message for me. When communicating with my higher self, he was able to answer all of my questions and confirmed some things for me that I needed to hear and know at this time in my life. Thank you so much Travis. You have such a special gift.

Travis was great.

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Travis. We even had a friendly chat afterwards. I went to Travis for spiritual guidance needed at this point in my life and not provided by therapists who seem to often speak in platitudes. I was able to communicate with GG and Frank Sr. and have many questions answered by other connections Travis made during the session. I left feeling confident and assured of the choices I had made in the past and the life ahead of me. Travis is truly blessed with an ability to help others with an innocence and kindness that is extraordinary.


Travis is a truly gifted guide to the spirit world and the higher self, and has a wonderful loving energy. The reading really lifted my spirits, and brought many insights into my life situation as well as assisting with closure to my recently deceased grandmother. He communicated with her on the other side while conveying descriptive information that confirmed to me this was real. The interactive quality of this communication made it feel as though she was right there in the room, which was very powerful. I've shared this experience with others in the family which has brought comfort to them as well during this time. The reading was like receiving a special gift, one that I'll never forget. Thank you Travis!

Life Changing

I've seen Travis three times now and each session has had such a positive impact in my life. I've been able to move from the past to a bright hopeful future. Travis is one of the most genuine souls I've ever been in company with. Thank you Travis for sharing your gift with me!

Reiki Energy healing

Travis, I just want to thank you again for all you did for me in my Reiki healing. It’s been days since the healing. I feel sooo much lighter and have much more direction and clarity of where I’m going in my life. I went through sooo much in the last 4 months, that it had me in dark place. Thank you for helping me see that light again! And helping me release a lot of stuff! Your gift is sooo awesome to help others. I am so grateful for that! I send you much love my friend! Thank you ❤️????❤️????


I had such a wonderful Reading with Travis yesterday! He channeled several loved ones that had passed over. And was spot on with sooo many things going on in my life! I thank you sooo much Travis! I especially want to thank you for the most awesome experience I had with the Reiki Energy Healing!!! I knew I was going to experience something I’ve never felt before, as soon as I felt your hands heat up! I felt sooo good after the healing! Thank you sooo much Travis! Much Love to you❤️❤️❤️

Most loving reading

Travis has a most loving, gentle and angelic presence when reading. It was my first time reading with Travis, and he connected to my loved ones on the other side and passed along messages from my dear ones in very much the way they would have spoken to me, along with their humor and funny personality quirks. I loved having Travis pick up messages on my behalf to help guide me along my path, and to also validate that I am on the right path on the physical plane, with blessings from my departed family. Thank you Travis! You are an angel on this planet! Faye


This was my very first reading ever and I loved it. Travis is very professional and puts you at ease. As he gave me information he was spot on-most things I had not told anyone and the facts were exactly what I remembered. He did indeed help me achieve closure on issues I had been struggling with for years! I Highly recommend Travis-provided an exceptional experience!!

Great reading, I loved it!

I had a wonderful reading with Travis, he provided a lot of evidential information that made me confident I was connecting with my loved ones and presented it to me in such a fun yet loving way that I was relaxed all the way through and able to enjoy every minute. Any questions I started out with were answered before I could ask and really feel like I got to spend a little time with family who have been gone a long time. Thankyou Travis, it ment the world to me.


Travis was great, I was very nervous and kinda had some doubts but he made me feel better and also helped me get some closure with a loved one in heaven. I will definitely be coming back and recommend him! Not only was he comforting but very uplifting!


I have had two amazing experiences with Travis. He has an incredible gift. HIs energy is uplifting and his laugh is contagious. He knew things about me and my family that he couldn't have known, blown away. Can't wait until next time

Very detailed

I just had my reading yesterday and I so uplifted. Travis gave me a very detailed connection. My Grandma passed 42 years ago and she came through. This was a very professional yet caring experience. I learned about health concerns as well as being able to hear from my loved ones. There were a couple things I didn’t understand and already realize what the message was.

Nov. 27, 2018

My daughter and I had our first ever Medium reading with Travis in Nov 2018.
It was far more exceptional, intuitive and uplifting than we’d expected. We each received valuable messages and much-needed info to ponder.
Since that reading, I have returned for more help and another of my daughters now subscribes to readings w Travis.
He now has a place on our family’s calendar, for sure!


The accuracy is amazing! It gives A world of relief when worry and doubt Hurt you. Know that answers are close By..Therese Sungail

Above any expectation I could have had

Travis is without question.. immensely gifted. Beyond that, his gentleness and care while facilitating great healing is superior! While knowing that I needed closure from an abusive marriage that ended in suicide, I showed up at his office, a complete mess. The thought of connecting to the memory I had of my ex, was frightening. From the warm greeting, I immediately felt safe with Travis. What transpired was remarkable! The answers, the validations, the beautiful memories that I had chosen to forget were brought up to remember. Messages were given that were so personal and impossible for Travis to have randomly guessed. Our session was life changing. I had held the pain of this relationship for almost 20 years and it has stopped me from fully loving others as well as myself. In one session, forgiveness and love! Travis, I am forever grateful for the healing you gave! You are an angel~xoxo

Excellent Reading! Very authentic!

I have now received two readings from Travis. As someone who also performs spiritual services for my life path, I have to say that Travis is nothing short of incredible at what he does. Whether you're looking to connect with a passed loved one, or to receive guidance from your Higher Self, Travis is the guy. He's very kind-hearted, professional, and he gets right to it when it comes to connecting and giving you any and all guidance and reassurance that you're seeking at this part of your journey. I was very pleased the first time, and the second was no exception. I will be continuing to come to Travis when I seek a reading!

Much Needed Closure

This was the most beautiful and enriching experience that I have ever had. I made an appointment because I was holding onto so much guilt and pain from the loss of my beloved grandmother and an unborn child of mine due to miscarriage. The child that I lost came through and I was able to learn that it was a boy that I lost, which was always something I had wanted to know. It was a beautiful experience to connect with my child and know that he wanted to try and join our family again. It brought the closure I needed to move on with my life and look to the future of welcoming him into our family again. When my grandmother came through she let me know that there was nothing more I could have done to make her feel more loved. I was afraid that I didn't spend as much time with her as I should have before her passing, but she said that she cherished every moment with me and that it was enough for her. I was able to let go of my pent up guilt and reminisce about our time together. I wish I could relive this session again and again. I am so happy that I chose Travis to reconnect with my loved ones.

Calm and Relaxing

My time with Travis was very calm and relaxing. He brings you into a small room where he sits on a chair across from you. He meditates briefly while connecting with those on the other side, and then gives you their thoughts and advice on your current life situation. My grandpa, grandma, and an old friend came through and they all knew what I am currently going through and let me know they were there for me. They provided insight on who I am. Then Travis tapped into my "higher self" and was able to give me advice from her...I gave myself advice hahaha :D At one point my grandpa told me that I had a bad pattern with men and that I just needed to stop! and I said, 'Stop, like with men? Should I try girls?" and my higher self said, "Not our path!" lol

Travis is a very sweet soul and very welcoming. I've never been to a medium before and it was a great first experience.

Surprising and touching experience

I made an appointment with Travis after two people I knew personally recommended him. Neither of them had used him as a medium, but knew him personally and stated how much they trusted and loved him. He was able to connect to my brother, who had committed suicide a few months prior. My brother had a very quirky and funny personality, and while Travis was communicating what my brother was saying to me, it embodied his quirky personality so perfectly! It was uncanny.  It was a very awesome experience to have that has added to my healing and spiritual understanding. I ended up making another appointment with Travis a couple of months later for connection to my higher self, for life guidance. This was also an incredible experience and I am grateful to him for his patience, explanations, and time. 

Testimonial #147

Amazing experience! It was especially healing for my daughter who's father she never knew came through for her. He took up most of the appointment, but that's okay because she needed that message. I went to mainly talk to my son that recently died. I was afraid we would run out of time or he wouldn't come through. I asked him to come through at the end and he was right there waiting. Travis gave us extra time so I could talk to my son. He nailed my son's personality to a tee and how he died. I always wondered if it was intentional OD and he confirmed this as we were leaving without me asking. After Travis said something about son & suicide, I did ask "so it was intentional then?" and he didn't hesitate to say yes. I wasn't shocked or upset because I already knew in my heart. I'm just glad he's at peace now. All the other people & things he said were spot on. Even the thing about the cake he wanted my son to ask his Dad. His Dad confirmed the cake today. Great job Travis and Thank You. Oh, and when we got home there was a dime on bathroom counter like we discussed. I'm extremely grateful!  Will be coming back with my Sister in June.

Testimonial #146

My husband and I recently had a reading with Travis. I was able to connect with my parents and receive much needed closure in a few areas. We also received guidance on a few other issues. We left our reading feeling lighter and more at peace then we had in years! We will recommend Travis to anyone and everyone!

An international reading

My brothers and I decided to give our parents a reading with Travis as a present. It was such a beautiful experience not only for them but for us. He is such an amazing person, so smiley and kind. The reading went perfectly and he was accurate, we got peace and joy. He even contacted our beloved parrot =) God bless you Travis, you have a beautiful soul. Once again thank you so much! Greetings from the Bravo Family in Cancun.


Travis is absolutely amazing. He is a kind and genuine person, I trust the guidance he was able to give and he touched on some points of a loved one,  that there is no way anyone could have possibly known. I truly believe he has a gift and I am grateful he can share it.  My heart felt full when I left.  Thank You so much.

Testimonial #142

I was amazed at how accurate Travis Hill was with my loved ones who have passed on and grateful for the guidance that was given which was consistent with what is going on in my life right now. He gave me time to ask any questions I wanted and I got some closure and peace with my dad and daughter. I plan to go back at some time. Thank you Travis! It was awesome!


Travis you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for the reading of a lifetime!  You are the real deal with an incredible gift! Love and Light to you my Friend! Thank you!!!!

I think you can help me

I have been searching for a person like you, I'll need your services soon

Thank you, Travis

I had a reading with Travis yesterday and what an amazing experience it was. I was lucky enough to have both a grandpa, and great grandmother I'd never met come through, as well as a young man I hold very dear to my heart. This reading was more than I ever could have imagined and I'm so thankful for you Travis, for being able to deliver the messages I received from my loved ones. You validated some very important things for me that I really needed to hear and I can't thank you enough, really. Also, I just wanted to add in... I asked my dad, and my Great Grandmother's name was Anna, so although you mentioned you don't usually pick up names... you were right. I can't wait to come back in the future, and even surprise my mom with a reading!

Testimonial #137

Travis, you were the only one that got it right. Thank you dear friend. 

Thank you

I have had a handful of readings from Travis and I always walk away with a sense of peace each time. The messages he shares from angels and loved ones are done with love, respect and professionalism. Thank you for the recent enlightening and healing session.

Testimonial #136

I had a reading with Travis on July 9, 2016. That reading was 100% correct. What he shared with me is such a blessing. He recorded our session and now I listen to it to remind me of my reading and the right path that I'm on. Travis is real. He has such a beautiful gift that I will never forget. Thank you Travis!!!

Thank you Travis

My daughter and I arrived to our appointment with Travis with heavy hearts due to the recent loss of my Dad. Within a few minutes we were certain that my Dad was present. Travis was able to relay little quirks that my dad did as well as little comments that my dad used to make. It was simply amazing. We left with our hearts filled with love and a renewed faith that my Dad was still with us.Thank you so very much Travis. God bless + Love and light,Angie

Testimonial #133

I walked into a session with Travis being open... no agenda, no questions... and what was relayed to me by him thru his guides brought me to a place of utter peace... on the mark, and given with such love and insight that even I was taken back by the details of what was revealed... what a gift this man has.  truly an amazing experience of unconditional love.... from the other side.

Testimonial #132

Travis thank you so much for such a beautiful reading for myself & Brent. You are truly so gifted. Angeles all around you and heaven in your heart. God bless bless. Angeles all around you and Dennis. Much love. Denise

Testimonial #131

I was so honored to have Travis come into our home and do a reading. His energy is beauitiful to be around. He did a beauitful reading for my husband that needed some closure. Travis is very gifted,pure at heart and soul fantastic.Thank you for your light & love. Angeles all around you heaven in your heart & starlight in your soul. Namaste.

Testimonial #130

I met with Travis for the first time yesterday (June 15, 2016). I didn't have to tell him ANYTHING but a name. He was able to connect to my energy. It was very intense. I could feel the connection immediately. Not a usual feeling of this dimension. I went in knowing what I wanted to have validated - not sure that I would hear anything about it - and left with validation and KNOWING that I was life purpose lies within my natural gifts that have been for years misinterpreted as a psychological disorder. I am extremely grateful to Travis for taking time to connect with me, and help me connect - legitimately - to my loved ones. It's okay to have questions ready. I didn't ask much because I was afraid I would interrupt the energy or flow of information...but wow, was I touched. I am so thankful to have gotten some serious validation, with VERY specific details, about things Travis couldn't have known - even if he had known me. Some of the things that came up were not on my mind...I wasn't "meaning" to seek out some of the answers and guidance I got - but I'm already ready for more. I cannot wait to attend the Psychic Trainings! Thank you, Travis. I have a feelings I'm going to get to know you a lot better. Your advice will forever change my life. Sending you and yours peace, love, light and health. Thank you for sharing your gifts with those of us who just need a little nudge! < 3

Fantastically Gifted

I brought a family member to meet Travis for general life guidance as they were interested in seeing what it was like.  This was only the second time I have met him (I first met him 6 months ago).  Once again, his ability to connect with the other side was incredible.  Before the session he knew NOTHING about my family member and almost NOTHING about me - yet once again, without him being told ANYTHING by my skeptical family member he identified and hit right on many key issues and areas that could benefit and enhance his life.  From the beginning of the session and for most of the hour you don't need to say anything to him.  The entities on the other side already know what you need to a large degree, and what will benefit you.  To me - a highly analytical yet spiritual person - this is a big key to how gifted someone is, and Travis is truly gifted with a miraculous gift.  I have felt nothing but light and love from him through both sessions I have sat in on.  Thank you Travis once again.  Some final thoughts - from my experience how much you benefit from a session with Travis depends on how truly open and willing to receive you are.  Always confirm everything that's suggested with your own heart.  And remember that Travis has to attach words to the knowledge he's getting and his choice of words my not be perfect, but I've found the idea or concept he's trying to convey almost always is right on.  Example - if he talks about how the arts could help you meditate and unwind and he focuses a bit on drawing, but you feel inclined towards playing music instead, know he got the concept right (the arts) but might not have used the right word (drawing instead of playing music).  If he says you won't have to worry about money or payments, and asks you what's an "a" word in regards to that - help him out and say "alimony"  (which was the case with us) and see if that's what he's trying to express (it was).  Again, he's trying to attach words to the knowing he's getting and it's not always a perfect process.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going and seeing Travis if you are open to receiving help or want comfort from the other side.  RECORD THE SESSION - YOU MAY BE TOO EMOTIONALLY OVERWHELMED TO REMEMBER MUCH OF IT AFTERWORDS!  It amazes me how we have miracle workers right in our midst and yet they are so overlooked and sometimes sneered at.  Travis, I love you - keep up your great work!


Travis always amazes me with his incredible gift and talent. I would not have healed so much from my husbands death if it were not for Travis. He is incredibly caring, genuine and is a true healer. Travis has brought much needed closure and peace in my life when I needed if so badly. He is one of a kind and the best!


I do not think i could have made it through this last year without Travis.  He helped me so much.  He gave me hope and i knew things would be okay after our sessions.   I think he is a wonderful person and i appreciate him more than he knows, such a great caring person.

Testimonial #126

I received the messages exactly what I wanted with my reading with Travis. He is so good at what he does, I would suggest him to anyone and everyone.

Testimonial #127

My daughter & I went to see Travis - I was hoping he could help her feel some peace after she lost a couple of friends, unexpectedly. I wasn't sure what to expect, going into our session... but, our experience with Travis was incredible! He is truly a gifted and kind person. Travis relayed information that no one else cold have known, and... even more importantly, my daughter left the session with a greater understanding and peace of mind knowing her friends' love lives on. It was a unique, amazing experience - I would recommend Travis' services to anyone seeking guidance or closure.

Wonderful Session!!

Travis brought through a grandfather I'd never met.  It was especially touching.  The things he said to me about caring for his son brought a healing I needed.  He also brought through my dad and a former love who had us both laughing.  He is very accurate in his descriptions, mannerisms, and character of the loved ones he brings in.  I highly recommend Travis.  He is very kind and gentle in his delivery of messages.  Thank you so much Travis!!!!

Healing & Comforting

I first visited with Travis about 4 years ago, shortly after my husband passed away. He was able to connect with my loved one and relayed information that left me in no doubt that it was him.  It was so comforting to hear from him and know that he is okay.  I recently returned for another reading and was able to reconnect with my husband as well as with other departed loved ones.  His messages are extremely comforting and provide closure where needed.  Thank you, Travis, for providing that healing connection.

Testimonial #124

He is the most amazing person I have ever met. I love meeting with him. He is like a ray of sunshine. He has helped me so much since my parents passed away. He has showed me the true meaning of existence. He always has so much love to give. I love his energy, his smile and laugh. Thank you so much for helping me getting where I am now on my spiritual path. Can't wait to meet again. I feel really blessed to have met him. 

Real deal

Travis Hill is the real deal.  His medium abilities are spot on.  I have met with him several times and he is beyond words gifted and unique.  

The Best Experience

Travis is truly gifted. I have been seeing him semi-regularly for about 2 years now. Not just for sessions but also for his excellent energy work. I always know that I will leave my session with a weight taken off my shoulders, and better attitude and look on life. Not only is he so gifted, he loving and caring spirit is so contagious. I have brought many friends and family members here as well (some are skeptics) and they have all fallen in love with the experience as well. Truly nothing like it whatsoever.

Truly amazed

Travis is simply amazing. Went to a reading for my birthday gift to myself. Was definitely looking for some guidance and healing and wow was it amazing. Everything was right on. I would recommend Travis to anyone. I know I will be returning in time for another reading.

Testimonial ##17193

Currently, I have had the pleasure of experiencing one
reading with Travis, as well as completing three of his six class “Introductory
Psychic Development Course”.  I find
myself drawn closer to Travis’ soul, feeling reflection of his sincere honesty
and trustworthiness to be more compelling with each encounter.  Travis is an inherent part of my journey toward
the true meaning of this life and the existence of one hereafter. 

Testimonial ##16588

Travis was very accurate with information he gave during the reading.  He helped me deal with some emotional issues I have been holding onto for a long time, with the help of my spirit guides and a loved one.  I would recommend anyone come visit him, he's so calm and loving, makes you feel very at ease.  Highly recommend.  

A True Gift

I am a natural skeptic, although I believe in abilities, I don't believe all that claim to have them actually do. Travis has a true gift that he uses for the highest good. He is an amazing person and because of his kind and genuine heart his gift is a blessing to all that have the opportunity to know him. 


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Travis has got to be one of, if not THE only person I have ever met that has such an amazing spirit about him. He is genuine, caring, funny, inspiring and so full of love, I wish I could hang out with him everyday. He was such a joy to have over for my family's reading. He said SO many things that my family definitely has needed for a long time. I would recommend him a million times over. Travis, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your inspiring message to us and the direction that we need to take-both on a personal level and as a family. I (we) am sure we will see you shortly!!! Xoxoxoxo- Malisa 


I've had several readings from Travis and if you ever had any doubt as to his abilities, please give him a try. His honesty and integrity are above reproach. The messages I've received from my loved one have taken me a long way on my path of healing. Thank you Travis who I'm proud to now call my friend. If you have any interest I would also recommend his psychic development classes and his guided meditations. 

Satisfied Soul

Travis Hill you are INCREDIBLE ! I'm sure you are aware of how appreciated you are and how thankful people are for you and your work but i feel there are not enough words to to express my deepest gratitude of appreciation i have for what you have done for me! I have been mostly open minded when it came to psychics and mediums but never really 100% sure. Well now, i am 1,000% sure you are the real deal and i am a firm believer. You relayed information that was so accurate and so private and personal how could i not be a believer?! Nobody could have known the detail of information that you relayed to me not to mention the manner and personality in which you relayed the messages were exactly of those whom the messages were coming from. You have helped me know for a fact my loved ones are still around and very aware of whats going on in my life and you have assured me when i speak of them they hear me and that has comforted me and left me with the greatest feeling ever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you yourself are an angel ! I look forward to our next session.

Travis is AMAZING!

After I lost my best friend I needed guidance. Travis was correct about everything. It has helped me heal knowing the things I do. I would recommend Travis and have recommended him to everyone I can. 

The Real Deal

My girlfriend and I met with Travis for an hour in private session.  We both thought it would help elevate us spiritually to get possible guidance from the other side.  I am very grounded, an independent thinker, quite educated, very meticulous, very analytical, and not prone to blindly accept suggestions from spiritual guru's.  I am also very spiritual due to my own personal experiences with God many years ago that dramatically changed my perceptions of reality.  In a nutshell our session was absolutely amazing, very deep, very on point, very helpful, and an absolutely wonderful experience.  Almost everything he told us my soul KNEW was spot on.  He didn't want us to tell him anything about ourselves or to even ask any questions until the end.  He doesn't need to know anything about you as the angels he connects with already know you, what you need, and even what you are looking for to some degree.  He easily connected with my girlfriends parents, both of whom had passed on, and gave her a wonderful treat as she was able to visit with them and learn more about them and their challenges and how that could help her better understand her own life. (He brought up so much about each of them it was obvious he was talking to them on the other side in real time.) He helped us both better understand ourselves, and each other, in a wonderful way that has enriched our lives even more.  I could write pages about our experience, and it was only an hour.  I so so wish I had brought a tape recorder, which he welcomes. Travis is a beautiful soul, who is full of love, and who has truly been gifted with a real deal connection to the other side.  If you want an experience that is out of this world, and that will help you right now in your everyday life, I'd highly recommend him.  I don't know if it even matters if you're skeptical or not - just be open minded to consider the messages he gives you.  We are the only limiter to ourselves - choose to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns and you will be amazed how your life will blossom.  We will for sure be visiting with Travis again ourselves when we feel it is time.  It's wonderful to know that such miraculously gifted people still exist in this world.  Thank you Travis!!

Helped me with my son

This was my second time visiting Travis.  As like the first time, he was extremely helpful in me navigating an emotional event in my life.  Toward the end of the session, i asked him one small question about my estranged son. Travis gave me great detail on how my son is feeling, thinking, etc.  I went home and texted my son and acknowledged to him what i (now) knew about his feelings and why he wont talk to me. For the first time, my son texted me back and he appreciated what i had to say!  Travis helped me understand my son and what hes going through.   


Wow!  That's one word to describe the experience of working with Travis.  He is truly gifted and sincere.   His reading was very much an enlightening experience.  I would recommend Travis to all of my friends that are open to the possibilities. 

Always an Incredible Experience

I have been going to see Travis for face to face sessions as well as for light therapy for the past year. I was even living abroad and had the opportunity to have a reading over the phone with a great friend of mine. Travis is not only so kind, caring, and considerate, he makes you feel comfortable during your readings with him. Going to a psychic was something that made me nervous, anxious, and I was slightly skeptical. I now go to see him every 3-4 months and I am always excited to go and leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Travis has a truly wonderful gift. 


Travis is always so helpful. Gives insight and picks up on deceased relatives that he has no way of knowing. Very in tune and gives great personal advice to questions I have. Have seen Travis 3 times already and will defiantly see him again. 


Travis connected with my husband who had just passed away, and the message of love was healing for both my late husband and myself.  Travis is amazing, and I would (and have already) recommend anyone to go see him.  Thank you so much Travis, for sharing your abilities.

Owner of Superior Coatings

Travis, Is very intuitive and spot on. He's so very kind and warm. Loved loved talking with him. It was like talking with an old friend. 


Travis is truly amazing. I have had several readings done , have attended three classes and attend his guided meditation classes and he has helped me so much. His abilities are incredible and he really helped me deal with my daughters passing not long ago and I'm always learning from him as well through sharing his knowledge . I really look forward to more readings , meditations and increasing my knowledge of all things possible. Travis is the real deal! 

Wellness Coach

Travis is amazing. Those three words do not do justice. My father passed three years ago. I was able to meet with his spirit and my grandfathers spirit through Travis. Immediately Travis and the Angels gave me reassurance of an upcoming move (that I had some fear in). He was able to help urge my shy father to come forward and be with us. Tears of joy, and gratitude still flow. My father told Travis that he loved me (something that he wasn't able to say much during the physical life because of his mental disorders and emotional numbness due to multiple prescriptions). My father told me he liked my hair short (such simple compliments make a person smile) and that he was very proud of me. Travis also relayed info from the Angels that will help me in my relationship with my husband, child, and mother. Thank you Travis!!! I will be returning!


Travis is the best!  I always have the best readings, He always gives me so much hope.  He has the greatest gift and i appreciate that he has shared it with me.  He has made my life so much better.  Travis has the best soul, a wonderful person.  No one better!!

The Best

I absolutely LOVE Travis. I first heard of him 1 to 2 years ago and have
been wanting to have a reading from him for a long time now. I am so
happy that I ended up purchasing a session for my husband's birthday. We
could not have been more happy with the outcome of the reading. We just
had our session and we already can't wait to book another one with him.
He has an amazing gift and was spot on with everything right from the
start. He is very sweet and makes you feel at home during the readings.
You will end up wanting to talk to him all night. If you are looking to
connect with loved ones or need some spiritual guidance, we highly
recommend booking a session with Travis. I have been to a few mediums in
my life and he is seriously the best I have ever been to. He is worth
every penny and more. Such a great experience, thank you so much Travis.


Travis is amazing! My session with him went above and beyond my expectations.I look forward to seeing Travis again and feel truly blessed to have met him.


Always on point with feelings, issues, guidance.  It's remarkable how on target and in tune Travis is with his ability to relay information from our angles and/or loved ones.  It's an experience EVERYONE should introduce themselves to. Open yourself up and it will happen.  He is the real deal and a wonderful person, truly gifted!Thank you, Travis

Business Development

Travis is a gifted intuitive and energy worker.  My session went right to the core of a physical and emotional challenge.  I highly recommend his energy work!

Amazing, I have used Travis' services over and over and every time it has always been above and beyond my expectations.  I have had readings, blessings and even attended classes he holds.  If you have not experienced Travis you are missing out!  Thanks for all you do Travis you are amazing my friend!


Travis is the best he healed alot of us.  And shocked us by what we heard there were nonbelievers who he made believers of.  I loved the atmosphere and the guest can not stop talking about it.  thank you so much Travis you are a wonderful person and we will be doing this again.

Travis really helps

Travis has always been very straightforward and honest with me about things i need to work on to heal my life so I can be a better reader in the future. He has given me a lot to think about, pray about, and meditate over. I am growing very, very fast after taking his Intro Psychic Development cla and after having a one-on-one se ion with him. I am so grateful that my path cro ed with his because he has helped me see the world more spiritually and now the world of Spirit doesn't seem as unobtainable as it once did. 


Travis was amazing he got everything right on. I would recommend him to anyone who wants clousure 

Super Sweet

Thank you soo much!  The time i spent with you was so uplifting and confirming.  Travis has such a pure kind beautiful powerful connection to Spirit.  I was so deeply touched.  I crave to go back, it was sooo insightful & helpful.  Thank you for sharing your gift, you make such a difference! < 3


Travis is so amazing.  I was in need of guidance and clarity. He was on point and very caring. I can't wait for my next reading.I would definitely recommend him to all. Travis your so awesome. 


From the very first time I heard Travis on KBER 101.1 i was blown away by his abilities. He is 100% the real deal and so amazing. We had an incredible session the other day fo my first ever reading with him. It was a marvelous mixture of hilarity, sadness and compassion. He is a true healer and spiritual guide. I can't wait to go back.

production worker

I had such a wonderful experience with Travis, I needed to reach out to my mom, I miss her so much! Travis is exactly what I needed to be able to do that! Her fisty personality came through just like her! I didn't want to leave, so I guess I'll be going back to Travis! Thanks Travis, luv ya

Truly Inspired

Travis was amazing! He was able to pick up on things immediately that he in no way would know unless he was truly guided from the other side.  The information he gave me from my angels has truly helped me with regards to my family.  It was wonderful to be able to hear from loved ones who have passed and to laugh with them and remember their fun, joking personalities that I have missed so much!!  I can't wait to go back to Travis!!  I feel so connected to Travis and he made the appointment so comfortable, fun and easy.  He truly is amazing!!

Beautiful Experiences

I have now had 2 readings with Travis that were so very special and brought me messages I was in need of hearing. I, also, just completed a 6 week  Introductory Evidential Psychic/Medium Development Class that completely changed my life. I can't wait for the intermediate course next year. Travis is a true gift to us all!

I Believe!!!

Travis is the real deal, our session was enlightening and healing. I recommend him highly. My session with him has changed my life and made me a believer


Travis is the best!!  My readings are always so helpful and make me feel more positive.  Thank you!

Right on target

I just happened to come across a business card in an odd random place, and i looked at it and it happened to be for Travis Hill-Psychic Medium.  For some strange reason i decided to make an appointment.  I have to say the reading was so accurate it was amazing.  Its like he could read my mind and could tell what was weighing so heavily on my mind.  The angels gave me excellent guidance and my grandmother stepped forward to give me some advice too.  I wish i could go every week it was so helpful and has changed my life.  It gave me the confidence and ability to trust the direction in my life and also to see what i needed to change.  I highly recommend Travis.  He is the best.  


I have had several phone reading with Travis over the last couple of years.  He has guided me through health issues and the loss of a loved one.  Something guided me to Utah.  My sister and I flew to Utah for the Intuitive Energy Work and a Reading.  Knowing that we were guided to Utah was validated through our reading.  As always he was able to give me messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides and my Mom.  Meeting Travis in person was awesome, it was like meeting an old friend.  I feel very blessed to have him in my life and trust him completely.   ***A message to anyone that needs answers or guidance; TRAVIS IS GIFTED AND CAN HELP YOU!! *** 

Halfway there...

The reading that I had the other day was very helpful, just as I had said before..But as is often my Initial reaction, I seemed hesitant to say so because I received so much information at once it takes time for me to process everything. I hope to be able to go over particular points in the letter with Travis that was highly suggested that I write and get clarification on other things that I have yet to understand... perhaps because they haven't happened yet.

Spot on!

I have been to Travis 3 times.  Every time I had been dealing with a life issue.  Travis was caring and compassionate and every time he was spot on. He does not ask leading questions. He is genuine. I would highly recommend him! Every time I go I feel that I was supposed to be there to get his guidance.

Always such a treat to see Travis =)

Travis is always so wonderful....I love his amazing energy that I can feel every time I see him. He leaves me surprised every time, and I can see how much he keeps growing and developing because his readings are deeper and more profound every time..It helps my personal spiritual development to visit him...This time was my own birthday gift to myself to have a reading with him and I loved every second...So did my 7 year old daughter even though she didn't stay still Travis was so patient with her...We love you Travis...See you again soon..

What?! How did you know that?

The first thing I noticed about Travis is how friendly he is; very personable.   He explained his process, how the reading would work, then immediately started to describe things about my grandmother; none of which he could have "Googled".  It was amazing!  Then he described my mother & was able to provide insight as to things that happened before she passed.  The whole process was so helpful & healing & elevating to the Spirit, like going Home to take a rest from all the "muck".  Thank you Travis.  I look forward to future readings.  Many blessings to you.  May you always have the protection, guidance, & love you need. 


To start of, I would like to say Travis is absolutely amazing. I was somewhat of a skeptic, but after losing my husband recently at a young age, I was desperate for answers and closure. I went into the session honestly not expecting my husband to come through, but Travis was able to communicate with my husband on the other side and validated what he was saying by bringing up details or certain things no one would know, and Travis was very specific with each detail. I know for certain he was communicating with my husband on the other side and I got all the closure and answers I needed so badly. Through this tragic event in my life, Travis was my savior and has helped me heal a tremendous amount knowing my husband is in a good place and kisses my daughter's cheek at night when she is sleeping. A big thank you to Travis for changing my life and outlook on my situation, he is brilliant and the real deal. 


I always feel better after i see Travis,  he is always right on.  It is always comforting to see him and makes me feel at peace.  Can't wait to see him again.  

My Birthday

I had a session with Travis on June 12, he connected with my Father.  In the session Travis said that my Dad wanted to give me a gift for my birthday and Travis said that he saw a bird white or gray, and he saw feathers...and to know that if I saw feathers from a white or gray bird it was a gift from my Dad.  When I got home, I was in the yard working around my pool and on the ground was a white and gray feather. I was very grateful for my session with Travis. It put my mind at ease and totally gave me the comfort I needed. Thank you Travis, I will see you again soon.

Fabulously Amazing AND the Real Deal

Had THE MOST AMAZING experience yesterday. Accompanied a dear friend to see Spiritual Medium Travis Hill for a reading. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed, EVER. Travis​ is absolutely amazing and everything he said and that came through him was spot on and absolutely consequential and truly beautiful. I am in awe of such an amazing gift as his, absolutely. If you are thinking about seeing a Medium for any reason, if you wish to hear from your departed loved ones or to receive helpful guidance from your angels, Travis IS caring, kind, AND the real deal, not to mention a truly beautiful soul. Namaste', Travis, and I thank you so much more than words can say. 


Travis is the best.  He was right on with everything and i felt i had a real good reading.  I felt better about my mom who had passed on.  I would recommend Travis to anyone, he is way good.     

Most Beautiful Experience

Travis was amazing, hit everything right on!  I said nothing but my name, and he was able to guide me through my own validations that was much needed, and helped me connect with my deceased mother for Mother's Day.  I will definitely see him again.  Worth every penny!  


I don't even know if I can put into words the impact that seeing Travis has made on my life.  My darling son tragically passed Easter last year, I was devasted and completed broken. I decided to see Travis as I was desperate to understand why this happened and at the time I did not think I was going to survive this loss.  I honestly feel that Travis's gift saved my life and my family.  He allowed my son and I to connect, I actually had a conversation with my child. he explained things to me in specific detail that only my son could know. My son and travis showed me that HEAVEN IS REAL!!!  I am a transformed person, I have found healing and happiness again and I am able to connect with my sweet boy almost daily myself. It has made my life better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Travis!!! My "SideKick"  lol.... The whole family has been to Travis including my 3 young child my husband and my Mom. we all have been blessed to connect with my Stu. Travis is a miracle worker.  I look forward to seeing him for years to come.

Absolutely Amazing

I have never been so impressed with an experience like this.  I did not believe that this could be true.  I was able to talk to my Mom and Dad, my ex-husband and to my grandson Stu Killian who dies last year.  I was told so many things that Travis could not possibly know.  My heart was filled with love and light.  I will work hard to have the funds to go to Travis many more times.  I cant say enough how wonderful this time was.  I am still glowing from it.

Great Insights

thank you Travis!  I am at awe that you know my questions and answers before I even ask.. Can't wait to talk again!  You are Very talented Real Psychic!  Anna

spiritually enlightening

I saw Travis for the first time last week. He made me feel comfortable and helped to guide me in my life. I had many questions as to my life path and how to improve my meditation. I feel a more enlightened and am excited to have another session with Travis in the future. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance.

Concerned Mother

Travis guided me though some much needed information about my daughter.  She has been struggling.  Travis helped me identify some underlining issues she has with her deceased father.


My sister and I had a reading on February 20th 2015 Travis was very understanding due to the fact we had got lost but he stayed on the phone with us until we could find him. Our reading was so much more then we expected,he really knew what he was doing, he gave us so much insight, we will definitely go back to see him again, he is an amazing person with a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing with us. Thanks so much Jenny Easley and Sheila Shetty


Travis is wonderful. I was nervous and apprehensive about my visit, but he certainly made me feel at ease. Not only with his kind demeanor and personality, but also with the things that came up in the reading. I feel like I have a little more direction in life, and feel very at peace. 

Such a gift!

Travis did a reading for me and my friend Sara a couple weeks ago, and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Travis very gifted and has an acute sensitivity of the messages from the loved ones, spirit guides and angels that came through.  I feel very blessed to have been able to visit him and will making an appointment for another reading soon!

Thanks Travis!!!

Exceeded all expectations

I saw Travis for a reading and energy healing two days ago. Now only did I get to learn about a few relatives, including my husband who passed 4 months ago, and their progression and happiness I learned a lot about myself. I learned things I can choose to improve and/or develop. I learned a lot about my body and how to more effectively go about some changes I'd like to make.  I look forward to learning more about meditation, future readings, and healings.  I thought I was not ready for Travis' class on developing my psychic abilities but since the reading I find I am. I so look forward to these classes.  I highly recommend anyone who is searching for answers, or has that feeling that something is missing in life to pay Travis a visit.  Thank you Travis for so sharing your gifts.


Truly an authentic experience.  I have seen Travis a couple of times now. His guidance and ability to bring through the loved ones whom have passed has been so comforting. Each time he has been able to give me specifics of who was coming through without a doubt. I have been able to make peace and heed some amazing guidance with Travis' help. Travis has a beuatiful gift!

Thank you so much!

Group reading was so much fun(:

I had travis give a group reading at my birthday party with all of my close friends. It was really fun and amazing to hear about all the people he connected to. There were a lot of funny and emotional moments throughout the entire session(: I would reccomend Travis for any type of reading! I really enjoyed the private reading with Travis after the group reading as well, the detail that comes through is truly amazing. Thank you again!


I want to thank you soooo much my dear friend Travis, for the awesome reading yesterday! It was the best birthday ever! You have such a wonderful, true loving gift that you share with everyone. I felt so much love from the other side. And sooo much validation of my path in life from my spirit guides! It was the best reading ever!! I was feeling the love all day! I am so truly blessed to have you in my life my dear friend. Thank you for all you do for so many people. Love and light, Namaste


Travis is exceptionally gifted. I learned a lot from my spiritual guides and heard from my step-mom who passed away last year. He described how she looked when she was healthy. He also told me that if I saw hunting birds, she was close by. Since the day she passed, there has a been red-tailed hawk living in the tree behind my house. I always thought of that bird as her and I had named it after my step mom. It was confirmed for me by the reading with Travis, she is with me still. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us Travis. 


I went in to see Travis with an open mind but still skeptical. There were unanswered question I had for my loved one who just passed away. I wanted to make sure I didn't go in asking leading questions so I was mostly silent. But Travis began saying stuff right away and some of the things, there is absolutely no way Travis could have known by any other means. I wish I would have had more time. Next time I'll know it's safe to ask more questions. Travis is gifted and I just felt right at home with him even though I had just met him.


I am a natural skeptic.  I believe in data - and hard facts.  But you cannot avoid the obvious!  Not only is Travis a kind and supportive individual - but he is quick to answer questions to be sure you understand the process.  Most of all - he is the REAL DEAL!  Nobody else could know the things that Travis brought out in the sessions.  NOBODY else!  If you are searching - search no further!  Travis is THE MAN!  :):)   

Highly Recommended!

I have had two readings, and two energy healing sessions
with Travis, and have to admit, I was really nervous the first time in, because
I had never done anything like this before, and did not know what to expect,
especially since it would involve being alone in a room with a total stranger.
Travis has an amazing energy that can immediately be felt, and I instantly felt
safe with him. I have never met a more humble, down-to-earth, compassionate,
caring, happy individual, than I have with Travis. He has helped me in my
spiritual journey more than he can ever know, and I thank God there are such
good souls like him in this life to help us with this journey called life. I
can’t recommend him higher than I am, and promise you will not be disappointed.
He is an absolute delight and joy, and I wish him nothing but love, light,
happiness and joy. Thank you for all you do, Travis.


I have had several consultations with Travis and am pleased to say that he has been very accurate about people and things that happened that no one else could possibly know.  I TRUST HIM IMPLICITLY!!  His connection with the other side is divine and pure.  He has a true gift and is selfless enough to share it with the world.  We are truly blessed that he does!

Powerful Reading

I had a wonderful reading with Travis.  My great grandma came through, and provided answers to many questions I have been facing.  The way in which Travis interpreted that information, and provided answers was powerful. It is clear that Travis does this work because he has a powerful gift and wishes to share it. I recommend Travis to anyone who is seeking a connection to their guides and answers to life questions. 


I just want to say Thank You so much.. It was everything I was looking for. Not really knowing what to expect, and leaving there with no doubts and a comforting feeling was amazing.. Travis truly has a gift that keeps on giving, and I am so grateful to be a recipient of that gift..  


Sitting with Travis was such an amazing experience. He was incredibly accurate and his work has really helped me a great deal with a very horrible tragedy I've experienced. I would highly recommend Travis for anyone who needs any guidance or has questions for a passed loved one!

This is the REAL DEAL!

Travis was not only informative, courteous, and professional - but he guided us through the entire process in a sensitive way that allowed us to ask questions and feel better about our overall experience.  It was instantly evident that Travis was there as one to relay information being provided - but to do so in a way that provided an extensive amount of empathy to my wife and I.  What a great experience!  Not only are we going to schedule again - but we are going to do so again and again.  Travis - great job!  You have two (2) gifts.  One is the ability to "interact" with loved ones that have passed on.  The second is your ability to help the people on this side deal with what could be an overwhelming experience!  You da man!  Thanks!! 


Travis is a one of a kind person, the work he did with me was amazing. this was the first time ever that i had a reading ,he was right on with everything. He has set me on a new path and I thank him for that. I have found a good friend in Travis hill. he cares about who you are and what you can become.

Thanks Travis so much.


I never thought in a million years I would ever visit a psychic medium. However, I have always felt that some people really do have that gift. After a series of personal events and my "gut" feelings really prompting me, I decided to give Travis a try. Wow, what an experience!! The first time was so incredible, I ended up coming back a month later and brought my teenage son who was a huge skeptic. His dad came through on my first reading and again when I brought my son. It brought us so much peace knowing he was okay and being able to hear his words of encouragement for us. He mentioned things only my son would know and it blew his mind! Travis basically described my son's personality and views on things perfectly and answered a lot of questions he had. I also had grandparents come through and that was incredible. There have been many times where I have felt guardian angels or somebody protecting me, and Travis acknowledging that through them was so cool! He even mentioned specific times when they were helping me. Travis said so many things that nobody could ever know. Its like he can see into YOU and your past with his gift, and he helps you see your life so differently. What he told me about my life and my future path was so incredible, it has honestly changed my life. If every person could have even one reading with him, our world would be a very different place, people wouldn't have as much fear and worry. I figured I had nothing to lose by giving him a try and I'm so glad I did, I learned so much! Travis is such a genuine, loving soul. He wants to help people, and I do believe it is his calling on this earth. Regardless of your past, what religion you are, or what is going on in your life now, do yourself a favor and go see him, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Thanks Travis, you are the BEST!!!

Beyond words...

much was said and shared  by/through Travis. Things that had been safely guarded for years inside myself; not even my husband (who was present) was privy to them... Travis Validated these beliefs and images to me in a manner of which I have no words for...  guides and angels must speak to him in order to know what he knew about "me" and who I am.....  I left lighter and more importantly with renewed faith , thank you Travis for your gift, and sharing it with us all to better our path here. God bless and continue on with your good works.....I will be back for sure for your assistance to understand, acknowledge  what surrounds us untiringly at all loved ones...... thank you.

Total mind blow

Travis is the real deal. It was my first time getting a reading and I was amazed at everything he told me without me telling him anything about myself. He is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I will definitely see him again. I highly recommend him. 

Exactly what I needed

My reading with Travis was so inspiring.  I really wanted to hear from my Father and when he came through, there wasn't any doubt, it was him.  Travis is the real deal, he was able to rely messages from my loved ones, with compassion and clarity.  


Travis was amazing. I went in just last week and my father came through.. travis was so great, I know without a doubt I was talking to my father. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!! he is amazing.

Valuable Info

I have had a few private readings with Travis and much info from my dad and brother came thru.  This last one he told me who my guardian angels are, and I was so glad to have my thoughts confirmed that one of my angels is my dad.  I have felt his protection so many times since he passed.  Travis also told me about my upcoming grandson (we are on baby-watch for his impending birth!!!)  I value Travis and his amazing ability and his friendship.  He is truly amazing.  Much love Travis.

Frequent customer, Great experiences

I have been seeing Travis for the past 3 years at least once a year. This last time I had been having a rough few months so I thought it would be helpful and healing for me to pay him a visit. It was very healing I went in a mess and all over the place. I came out feeling like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of my chest. I did not even have to tell Travis what was going on (as I never have had to), he picked up on it and told me how I was feeling and what was going on and the spirit guides offered suggestions. Travis is great I recommend him to people all the time because I say he can't make you feel any worse only better. So if you are hesitant just give it a try because it could be exactly what you need. 

Travis is the Real Deal

Travis is the Real Deal, I had a great reading and awesome healing session.He had so many small details about relatives that have passed away, there is no way he could know those things unless he was actually talking to them.The healing was incredible, my wrists and ankles have not been this pain free for 2 years. I highly recommend Travis if you are looking for some guidance from your guides or loved ones that have passed away or in need of some healing.Christine

Tears of Joy and Comfort

I had a reading done by Travis over a year ago and I will never forget the experience.  He was able to give me a message from a loved one that I desperately needed to hear from.  There is no way that Travis could have been privy to the information prior to the reading because it is something that only a very select few people are aware of.  The comfort that the reading brought to me and the tears of joy and love is something that I will never forget.  Travis is genuinely gifted and being able to sit with him in a reading is a blessing in itself as he is the epitome of pure goodness, light and love.  Thank you and I look forward to another reading soon.


Travis is truly a gifted person. He exhibits such a pure heart, love and compassion for others. His readings are always beneficial and uplifting as well as a huge comfort. He is the most talented meditation guide I have ever experienced. amazing. 


I have seen Travis three times now -- he is so kind and caring.  He was able to get closure on something very important to me.  I am so looking forward to taking he class on spirit communication.  He has a gift that I wish I had and I am so glad he share's that gift with other people.  He is terrific!!!   


I went in to Travis because I really needed closure and guidance. I have always been very skeptical of afterlife, spirits, and even God. My reading was so spot on, I can't possibly deny anymore. There are things in the reading that I wasn't aware of, and later got confirmation by speaking to family members. I am truly grateful for this experience. Thanks so much for everything



I have always believed in this and have had my cards read a couple times. But when my brother told me that he had been to Travis, I knew right then that is where I needed to be. I made my appointment and was on my way. It was the best time I had spent in a very long time. It was great to come in contact with my Mother-in-law, my Father and my spirits. My father stated that he did not like my eyes, I was not sure what that met until later, I had permit eye makeup done. This was done long after he was gone. I still not sure what the vase met, but I will keep working on it. There was many things that came through that eased my mind and thoughts. It was a great and rewarding time and so glad that I done it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Travis. I am so blessed you have you in my life.  

Life changing!

The entire reading with Travis was great! The most amazing part for me was  the first person who came through for me. I did not recognize this person at all, but when I was telling my mom about the reading, she said it sounded exactly like my grandfather who died before I was born. I didn't really know anything about him, so I certainly couldn't have given Travis any "cues." Travis insisted on the information he was receiving and didn't waiver despite me not knowing who the person was. The other people who came through were described exactly as they were in life.Travis contacted my guides as well and really helped me answer some questions I've had for a long time. He essentially helped me find the permission I needed to create the life I've been wanting. Very helpful! I've now been able to push past my own resistance to take steps toward that life. I will forever appreciate his assistance.

wow right on target

my niece hannah and i had a reading today with travis. it was amazing ., he was right on target with hearing from loved ones we hoped to hear from and a few surprises . he was very accurate on a cousin and her husband that came through .. i checked with my cousin who was their daughter and he really did a great job getting the facts right. he also healed our grieving hearts and gave us comfort .. i just could not begin to to tell you how much better we felt after talking to him . we can't wait to see him when he comes to vegas , we will talk to him again . hugs to Travis if  Geri hasn't gotten him yet  ( he knows what this means ) .. thank you again travis you are our hero !!

An indescribable experience

I hired Travis to come to a house party with me and 10 girlfriends. At first I was a skeptic of psychics because I had never had a reading before but I thought it was something I should try out. Not only did Travis prove himself to be 100% real in his psychic abilities, but he gave everyone there, including myself, a reading that helped them heal. Everyone heard from someone they love and he accurately identified them. The information he gave is nothing you would be able to know unless it came directly from those spirits. I will be making an appointment with Travis soon and have been encouraging my friends and family to go see him as well. I can't thank Travis enough for this amazing experience. 

Truly amazing

We took my mom to see Travis and he was amazing.  The experience was more than we could have asked for, I will always remember that experience and plan on going back for myself. I would reccomend him to anyone and everyone. 


I loved going with Travis Hill i took my dad in and my grandparents came to speak to us it was the best feeling. He said a lot of things on the spot and everything made sense. I am planning to attend again but this time for me . Give it a try, in a way he makes you feel relax and stress free.

Words Cannot Explain

A session with Travis is something everyone should
experience at least once in their lifetime.  His accuracy is incredible and his genuine
caring nature shines through. This was my second reading with Travis (almost
two years from my first reading), he is the real deal, and I’m glad that he has
chosen to share his great gift. Thank you again Travis and I thank God for
blessing such a wonderful person with this amazing gift.  

Heaven On Earth!

What an angel!  I am very fortunate to have Travis in my life as a dear friend. I'm so thankful our paths crossed and I had an opportunity to get a couple readings done with Travis. Each one very unique and precise with life events from the past, present, and future. Not only did he share messages from my ancestors and spiritual guides but he also took the time to explain some things about the spirit realm which helped bring comfort and reassurance to know I'm being watched over each day! The messages he genuinely shares from spirit is priceless!  Thanks again Travis, you're amazing! 

One of the best experiences of my life

Travis is a very caring and kind gentleman that made me feel very comfortable right away. He gave very specific details and insight about my past family deaths and  tragedies as well as what was currently bothering me. I only wished that I was able to find him sooner as he was very accurate and helpful in my healing process. I have no doubts that I will see him again and will recommend him to my family and friends!


I feel so grateful to have met Travis for a reading. He is surely a kind old soul.  Travis is authentic and nurturing which helped me to feel connected and comfortable. The reading was wonderful and healing as many of my loved ones came through with important information and advice. I heard an apology from beyond that will impact the remainder of my life. Thank you Travis for being you, a very special man! 


I recently spent  time with Travis.  He makes you feel totally at ease and was able to make connections for me and give me insight  into difficulties I had been encountering.  He was spot on with everything he told me.  I look forward to more readings from Travis.  All I can really say is "WOW"


I have had Travis cleanse my business 2x now and has done amazing work each time.   Each time my business has flourished after.  I have also had a personal reading that was just amazing and accurate.  I also have been to a group reading where he was so accurate it scared one of my nonbeliever friends that went with us and truly brought her to tears of excitement.  It is always a blessing to have Travis around and his amazing spirit.  Thanks again Travis keep up the amazing work! 


I could tell right away that Travis is a very loving and kind person.  The first thing I noticed was the positive energy in the room before we had even started our reading. I'm somemwhat skeptical about mediums/psychics, but I was amazed at his knowledge of things he couldn't have known.  The reading was amazing.  Thanks Travis, hope to see you again!

Great Experience

I had a really good reading. Right off he answered my questions and explained what was going on in my life without me saying anything at all. It was very spiritual and a unique experience. I would definitely recommend him to others and also its a good idea to bring a recorder so you can listen later.

The Real Deal

Travis is kind, compassionate and legit! He is honest.  He touched on things that I have not told to anyone. I was blown away. Thank you Travis. 

Travis was great!

Travis was great! He answered all the questions I had at that time, now I have a few more I need answered.  Can't wait till I see him again.  Charlene P.

Travis is the BEST!!!

I had a life changing reading with Travis today. He is so professional and legit!  I know for sure that he connected with my family that has passed, he knew things no one could know unless they were really talking to my family. Travis is caring and warm and I felt completely at ease with him. I can't wait to have another reading!

Calming and Reassuring

It was awesome to hear so many of our family come through to Travis.  He provided specific details that obviously validated his gift, but enabled me to reconnect with my family.  I was also about to confirm that the business decisions I am making are "Right where I should be" through communication with my spirit guides.  I am always careful and skeptical of people and Travis was accurate, upfront and very comforting.  He has a great spiritual manner and I felt like I was talking to an old friend.  I feel that Travis is a gift to the people he is able to connect with.  I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to connect with him and I will be seeking his assistance through my life.  Thank you Travis!


It was suggested by a friend that I visit a spiritual person to help me with grievance. I had never considered a psychic, in fact, I didn't really believe in this sort of thing. I came across Travis online. I was not sure what to expect. I didn't tell Travis anything.  All my concerns were addressed . I have visited Travis several times and each visit is very helpful. Travis has such a big heart and passion for what he does.


I just want to thank you,Travis, for yesterday's reading.  It really restored my faith (though "spirit" tried hard to prevent it from happening).  So many of my questions were answered - and you helped me in ways I hadn't even thought about.  Most of all, you brought my Mom forward...and I needed that so much.  You are blessed with such a wonderful gift.  I feel privileged to have met you, and I look forward to many more meetings / readings in the future.  Thank you, and God bless you.


After seeing Travis I felt so at ease about life. He was extremely accurate about everything! He was extremely personable and was open to any questions I had. He really brought out my relatives in a way that only I would of known them. When my fiances dad came through he immediately knew it was for him without knowing whose father had passed. I will most definitely refer him! He and the spiritual guides really help me understand a lot of things I wasn't understanding. It was extremely life changing for me and I can't wait to do another visit with him!

House Party

I just had a house party, and not only was Travis amazing and accurate with my guests and myself, but he's such an amazing person all around. 

I have had personal readings done too, and Travis hits it right on the nail every time. 

Travis is amazing at what he does and I would tell anyone to go and see him.

Loan Coordinator

I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted fro me. Travis was so "in tune" with me and what was going on in my life. I had never met him nor did I tell him anything about me or why I was there. He is truly a gifted psychic and a healer. Highly recommend!


I saw Travis for the third time today and all I have to say is wow! He's truly amazing at what he does. Every time I have a reading done by Travis he is always 90%-100% right on everything he says. After I see him I always feel like the whole world is off my shoulders. I will always continue to schedule readings with Travis.

Insightful Phone Reading

After attending a gallery reading event with Travis at the Las Vegas Paracon earlier this year..that was for me 'life changing'... i booked a 45-minute phone session with him recently. The information and insight provided was extremely timely, useful and accurate..covering many areas of my life in the past present and future.  One particular important 'life monent' he mentioned during the reading has indeed just recently become a reality-  something that will bring me great satisfaction and purpose in life.  I highly recommend Travis' services and appreciate his professionalism, positive attitude and the obvious love he has for his gifts.

Party Reading Testimonial

I booked a party for November 2, 2013. Travis's web site said we
could have up to 20 people attend, which we did. I along with many who attended
wondered how he was going to get around to everyone in the designated time
period and if the information he was passing along was going to be vague.
Travis not only spent the extra time to speak to everyone, he met with one
person privately. Travis talked about very specific things that no one would
know, except the person he was talking to there was nothing vague or general
about his readings. All of us had a great time and look forward to doing it

Priceless / Way beyond my expectations

My sister had Travis read her.  I had the opportunity to be in the room with them. Watching and listening to Travis read my sister, and having him read emotions and events that have, and are occurring with her was the ultimate hour my sister and I have ever spent with such a special, talented, caring, professional medium.  Travis helped my sister far beyond anything we could have thought or asked for.

 Travis is the bomb-diggety of Mediums!!!


Very cool, I'll return for sure

At first I
was skeptical about Travis's abilities and if they could help me or not, but two
friends recommended I visit with him after their positive experiences.  I was so happy after meeting with Travis
yesterday for psychic reading and empathic healing.  He did help me and I've been thinking over my
experience with him over and over. I've never met with anyone for this sort of
thing in the past.  This one ups a
regular tarot card reading. 

Travis was
down to earth, honest, and genuine.  He
was up front about what I should expect. 
I felt a very comfortable rapport with him and enjoyed my time very
much.  I left my appointment feeling calm
and satisfied.  I felt comfortable in his
office space and will certainly return from time to time.  Travis has a gift and it's really cool to be
able to share his time and learn from him. 
It's not the kind of experience one has every day.  Open your mind and be amazed.  I grabbed a stack of his cards and handed
them out to several friends today.  To
contact my loved ones who have  passed
on, was very comforting to me.  There's
no way he could have made that up, as the personality traits were right
on.  It's so incredible that he has this
gift and is willing to share it with others. 
It must be exhausting and lonely at times to hear the things his mind
hears, but he's so relaxing to be with. 
Great personality, and enjoyable experience.  

Right on about everything!!!!

When I first went to Travis I was skeptical, I didn't know what he would see or if anything was true. Within the first 10-15 minutes everything that he had mentioned about my life, family, relationships was right on. He and the spiritual guides help me me understand more about myself, and helped me find my way. I am definitely going back for a cleanse. Would recommend Travis to anyone! 


Travis is AMAZING!!! He is very accurate but more importantly he is personable. He takes his time and truly invests into the person he is reading. I believe so much in him and his ability, I constantly refer him to others needing assistance. I HIGHLY recommend him and his services!!!!


27, 2012 by:  julie HoodI
went to see Travis with a great friend that had been tellingme
how amazing he was. But what i didnt expect how truly great he was.
He was spot on through my entire reading. He truly has an Amazing
talent. I cant wait for my next reading with him.

Great Phone Reading

phone reading

26, 2012 by Cindy ArnoldTravis is amazing. You really tuned into
my grandfather. After you talked to me about him and I mentioned he
had gone through a lot of tragedy in his life but always kept a
positive attitude I thought I would tell you a little about that. He
was injured as a volunteer firefighter when a chimney
exploded----killing one and putting my grandfather in a coma for
several weeks not expected to live. When you mentioned a possible
stroke on his left side they do suspect that he had a stroke right
before he passed, but it was his left side that sustained the biggest
part of his injuries during that fire. I think I also figured out
what you meant about him saying "he was there"----although
he was still living at the time my son was born his accident happened
exactly 27 years before to the time and date that my son was born.
This accident also robbed him of most of his eyesight and hearing.
Later in his life he got throat cancer and had to have his voice box
removed. Those are just a few things he went through but always had
that happy positive attitude that you were able to tune into.
Everything you talked about concerning him was 100% accurate. The
other things you talked about hit home as well. Thank you. I
definitely recommend your services. I wasn't sure how it would work
over the phone, but it really did. II look forward to talking to you

First Timer


21, 2012 by TiffanyI had walked in with an open heart as well as
an open mind. It was interesting to watch Travis perform his gift. I
was shocked to listen to Travis contact a friend who had passed when
i was a teenager. This person means a great deal to me, for he has
NEVER left my side. My reading was definately something i will never
forget. I am so glad i recorded it because i can hear it over and
over again.Travis you are truly an amazing star and i am so glad
I finally got to meet you (for reals) this time. :0)..... To many
visits to come......

So Happy I Went!

Happy I Went!

12, 2012 by HeatherAfter loosing my grandma 3 years ago,
I have had a really tough time coping. I was so close to her and it's
been really hard to not have her physically with me. I heard Travis
give a reading one day on the radio, and I told my husband "All
I want for my birthday, is to go see the Travis guy."
rel="lightbox81" I had 2 motives... First, I just really
wanted to hear from her. I know she's with me, and I know she's
happy, but just getting to say hello makes a difference sometimes.
Second, I wanted my mom to go with me. Since my Nana passed at her
house she has always felt like there was something she should have
been able to do to save her. We all knew this wasn't true, but she
just couldn't accept it. I knew she needed some answers. All I can
say is that we both left feeling so much better. It was the best
birthday present I have ever had. I got to say Hi and my mom got to
release her guilt and have a little bit of closure. I can't wait to
go again. Thanks Travis!!!!



01, 2012 by Elizabeth peckTravis is one of the most amazing
people I've ever met! He's not only super sweet, really positive, but
he is amazing at what he does! He was about 95% spot on with
everything. I definitely have closure now because of Travis and I
definitely recommend him to everyone! I'm definitely going to make
another appointment with him :)


24, 2012 by CristynAfter
my sister's passing, I wanted to find a medium to hopefully get some
questions answered. I found Travis online and was excited but also a
little skeptical about never meeting him before my reading. Needless
to say I was very pleased and very comfortable with him. He told me
about some pain I have been having and said I needed to go get it
checked. I decided to go see the dr and found out I have
endometriosis. He's very good at what he does.


a Treat!

14, 2012 by Marguerita Davilla-TelckI feel so lucky today to have
finally gotten a chance to sit with Travis and allow him to read me.
Travis is incredibly blessed and willing to share the love and light
that comes through him. I'm a skeptic, but I chose Travis because I
had seen his work on Psychic Kids and he's the real deal folks! One
can not help but be touched by his level of compassion and care. My
gratitude is indeed great today as my cup overfloweth! What an
positively grand experience! Thank you Travis!


totally rocks!

01, 2012 by Becky HasnaWent to a reading with my friend on
Thursday. Travis was very nice and positive. There was nothing evil
or dark about him. He has an amazing ability. He didn't ask for
information other than is there anything you want to ask or do you
have any other questions. He brought up things that surprized me that
he knew about my youngest son. He also seemed sad to tell me some
information I was asking for. I highly reommend him. In fact I
already have. It was nice to feel such positive energy and good
vibes. Oh yeah don't forget to sit in the BLACK chair. Travis you

Didn't think my Mind Could Be Blown.....but it Was

25, 2012 by Sammee PearsonI had the pleasure of having a reading
with Travis at his home yesterday. I am a believer in the afterlife,
psychics and mediums but had only ever had one reading before. That
person turned out to be a fake so I have spent the years wondering
would I ever find a REAL medium. Travis has answered that question
with a resounding YES! Before my appointment I had written down on a
piece of paper the people I love who have passed who I hoped to hear
from. I kept the paper folded up inside my purse and my purse never
left my side. Even as a believer, a small part of me was sceptical.
Would he really be able to speak with my loved ones? Would he really
be able to pass on their messages to me? Again, the answer is a
resounding YES!

our session started he felt a female energy on the other side that
was pushing to get through. He said he felt as if we were friends,
more to the point that we were so close in life that we were actually
best friends. He then went on to relay information that only she and
I knew. I had been hoping, no, praying that I would hear from her but
I never mentioned any of that too him. This wasn't just my best
friend, she was my sister-in-law who passed at the age of 29. All the
things that I missed about her came out in the reading. Her pushing
me to better myself, her encouraging me to be open and honest with my
feelings towards my loved ones. I couldn't believe it, but again,
there was no way for Travis to know this since we had only met
minutes before the reading.

our reading he also touched on my illness that I have been dealing
with, all he knew is that I had been sick (which I had been upfront
with him about). Through reading my energy, he actually pinpointed
that area that my illness is affecting. He talked about the energy in
my house and this is where it really started to blow my mind. First,
he talked about a male energy in my kitchen, ok, I can go with that.
Second, he talked about a female energy in my bedroom, who passed
from what he felt was cancer. He said her energy was affecting me
which is why my health has been slow to recuperate. At first I
thought I knew who he was talking about with the energy spirit....but
when driving home, I remembered things that I hadn't during the
reading. I continued my drive home completely blown away and I can't
wait to share with Travis the things that I remembered AFTER I left
the reading.

is not a hoax, he is the real deal and can turn any skeptic into a