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5345 Lena St
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United States


First of let me say I love Asia & all the products I have used from her brand (which is almost everything LOL!) I started off buying the tea bags from Asia because of the severe cramps I have been having since my son. I mean, I was taking ibuprofen for 3-4 days, every 4 hours. That's so bad for my insides. When she posted on FB about the tea bags, I hit her right up, especially since I was having one of those terrible cramping days. She delivered the tea to me, and I was hooked! Almost as soon as I drank the tea, my cramps lessened. By the time I was done the tea my cramps were gone. The tea flavor is nothing like any tea I have tried before. PussTea is my go-to tea every day. The next month (or so) I was talking to Asia about cramps and how that particular month they were worse. She recommended CBD oil tea bags, so I bought them. The CBD tea bags relax your entire life!! I drink one cup early in the morning, and that's it. No ibuprofen, no cramps. I'm so grateful to Asia and PussTea. (Oh & last month I can honestly tell you that I did notice a lighter period than previous months. I'M HOOKED!!)


I had my first cup of tea after I got my first period after labor. My cramps weren’t too bad so I wasn’t all that sure if it really worked. Wasn’t until my second period when the Holy Gods of all cramp Gods struck me like lightning. I had two cups of hot tea and next thing you know I forgot I even had cramps . Took me a good minute to say “oh ship it worked” . The cramps eased it self a way that I didn’t even realize it . Until PussTea let’s me down , I won’t be picking up another bottle of pain relievers !