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Quantum Healing Journeys with Catherine Wyatt

23541 High Meadow Estates Dr.
Montgomery TX , 77316
United States

Thank you Catherine!

I am so grateful to have had a Quantum Healing session with Catherine! When I first arrived, she helped me feel completely comfortable in the healing space of her home. Her own spiritual connectivity and authenticity were evident from the beginning. I really felt heard and honored during our initial interview. During the hypnosis, when she facilitated the connection with my guides and team, I felt safe and trusted she was with me each step of the way. We addressed all the concerns I arrived with, and much more. She was highly engaged and intuitive to my process throughout our time together. I am still benefiting from listening to the recorded session- reflecting on the information and remembering the deep state of activation and relaxation while in hypnosis. I wholeheartedly recommend her services if you are looking to up-level your spiritual journey. What an important experience and blessing it was for me!

A fascinating, deep experience!

What a profound and unexpected experience! I'm still trying to process everything that happened during the Quantum Healing Journey. Catherine is an extremely thorough guide and very generous with her time! From beginning to end, my session lasted close to six hours. Catherine takes a good deal of time to understand her clients and work through their experiences and interests. She is clearly an expert practitioner and combines real warmth with professionalism throughout the journey. I remain stunned by the information that materialized. I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough!

QHHT Experience

I had a great first time QHHT experience with Catherine. This was something I had planned for some time now and was glad that she was able to provide me with such a wonderful session. I was able to get answers for all of my questions that I had prepared and also provided insight on some questions that came up during the session. Overall, this was a very beneficial and enlightening experience and would definitely recommend it for those who are thinking about it or even curious. You won’t be disappointed.

Love the Soul Journey Experience

Hi Catherine! I want to acknowledge the success of our recent appointment using your latest process! 

For those in need of life assistance, I highly suggest Catherine's expertise. I have been working with her for years, and have had great experience that I have been able to practically apply to my life. She has a natural way of making one feel at ease which she combines with her high level, life coaching methods . 

I can go to her with one question or I can work at a deeper level in a series of appointments to identify, discreate and recreate new programs, and much more! 

Her new process is the most efficient and effective that I have experienced, so far. The positive outcomes and desired results come very quickly AND she has extremely reasonable rates.

Catherine is authentic, compassionate, knowledgeable, deeply wise and conducts herself in the highest of integrity. I truly appreciate my connection with her, and the work that we do together. Thanks so much!

Thank you for an amazing experience!

I went to a private session with Catherine a little nervous and not knowing what to expect. She patiently took the time to explain in detail what the session is about, what to expect, and what to look for after the session. I've attended 3 sessions one group workshop, two personal QHHT and I'm willing to come back again soon! 

She is a very special one of a kind soul. I would recommend Catherine and her healing techniques to anyone who

 is looking to have an impact, change, self- awareness on their life. 

A step-by-step guide!

I was noticing patterns on repeat; patterns I wished to break through and transform but didn't know how. Now I have a step by step guide, from my own higher self. Catherine is an amazing facilitator to these breakthroughs and knows it's the individual's responsibility to do the work. This is an even distribution of energy instead of Catherine being on some higher unattainable level or putting the individual on a higher level. This is work done through the even playing field of the heartspace, and of all the "healing" techniques I've tried, this is the one that truly hit home for me.

AMAZING experience!

I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine at a workshop event and was so excited about the group session that we experienced, that I booked a private one-on-one with her.  I was a little nervous about what to expect in a more intense private session, but really should not have been. 
Catherine is such a welcoming and sweet person - she made me feel at home straight away and led me through an AMAZING experience.  
My session has stuck with me and really made some big impacts in my life and in my thought process. Its a very powerful process of making sense and understanding who we are, why we do what we do and what we should be telling ourselves!!!! It even validated some other thoughts, feelings and enlightenments that I had recently experienced in another spiritual process.
I am sure that everyones experience is different - of course it will be - WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and have different life experiences, but - If you are interested, but have some fears- doubts - reservations about doing this, please don't! Catherine will defiantly put you at ease and guide you on an amazing journey.
Be open to it and enjoy!