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RAQ Solid Soap

P.O. Box 5619
Lake Worth Florida , 33461
United States


I often get minor eczema like patches on my hands from washing them regularly, this is NOT the case with RAQ SOLID SOAP!! I ran out of RAQ soap for two days and had a flare up! Went to pick some up as soon as I could and less than week later my skin is healed! I'm going to have to use this stuff forever! The smell is amazing, they're beautiful and they're a life saver!


absolutely love the soaps!!! They last a while, and smell amazing!!!
Dreamy- is a perfect soap for a bath and right before bed. The smell just helps you unwind and relax, almost spa-ish. My favorite for Charlie right before bed definitely helps settle him, for the evening.
Sunergy- IS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It just reminds me of FL, the smell the colors. It's smell is a nice boost of energy in the morning to start the day. almost like coffee in the shower.
Naked- I think I shared with you my thoughts on this when you were here... it is so pretty almost too pretty to use, BUT I LOVE IT just to have in the kitchen when washing hands just look down and smile because it is so pretty and smells good.

BONUS: Charlie has severe eczema, after using these soaps it is like he never had. We have used EVERYTHING recommended and even gone to dermatologist and specialty doctors only to be disappointment his eczema just gets worse but since using (these soaps)