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RAW Juicery + Eatery

MR3 Avenue K Level 2
KL KL , 50450

Best salad bowl in Masjid jamek

Absolutely love this place. Best salad bowl in Masjid ajamek


Great healthy food, especially suitable for those looking for less fatty light dinner. The best of all, you can choose what put inside your bowl. Overall very tasty as mostly this kind of food serve in cold vegetables, but here got hot vege to be served. And the sauce just adequate to cover up the whole dishes.


Hidden gem on LEVEL 2, which is more like 4th floor, I always come in the late afternoon when it is pretty empty.I like their food but especially the choice of fruit/veggie juices, unadulterated, for just 7rm (expect double the price at other brands like Boost and Salad Atelier).A young, friendly and helpful staff adds to the positive experience.I wish they would do delivery with foodpanda or grab.Hope they'll survive the virus crisis of 2020...


It's one of the best places to fulfill your lunch cravings, healthy food at affordable pricing.

The food quality is fresh, the serving quantity has reduced over a period of time.

Don't miss the Curry Lentil and Pink Potato salad.


Our family of 8 ate here many times over a 6 week stay in KL. This is one of our all time favorite restaurants - we love the unique combination of healthy home-cooked delicious food at very affordable prices! This was one of the few places we found in KL with an emphasis on whole grains and lots of veggies. The folks that work here are super nice as well. We are no longer in the KL area and we now are suffering from withdrawal! Make sure you try the sesame sauce - it was our favorite. =)


It’s my Favourite healthy dish in KL , the food taste so good

Things To Eat in Avenue K: Part 2

I was pretty impressed with R.A.W Juicery + Eatery, where you’ll find clean eats that are both flavour packed and hearty. They also offer cold pressed juices at reasonable prices. Definitely an option to consider if you want something healthy.


Freshest, healthiest food you’ll find in KL