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Real indie author services provided excellent service in a quick turn around. I've used them for edits and outline review and they communicate well and often provide the service even earlier than the agreed upon date.

Great service with a quick turn around

Real indie author services provided excellent service in a quick turn around. I've used them for edits and outline review and they communicate well and often provide the service even earlier than the agreed upon date.

Superb Service

I highly recommend working with Frankie. I struggle with plot development and Frankie’s outline showed me the way. It was so nice to have someone else do the heavy work. I added my ideas and Frankie helped me create a fantastic story.

Fast and Efficient

Real Indie Author is great to work with. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend them.


Absolutely the best Online novel outlining course. I completed the course with a detailed romance outline ready to go.

Jump Start

Frankie has been fantastic to work with; she's personable, listens, and works very well with me. Getting help with outlines is a new concept for me since I've tried to outline myself in the past and ended up failing miserably. The framework she has been creating for me is easy to work with, and while I might change it up slightly here and there, she adjusts and keeps on trucking.

Clean Up, Aisle Hell

Frankie was able to tweak my outline to add more paranormal elements and offered her opinion on my suggestions as well. Her outlines are always spot on and help me create a page-turning story. Especially since I'm a pantser and all my outlines I've ever done myself are blah. But she helps me stay focused and create an awesome story.


My writing career is getting un-stuck because of Frankie & Real Indie Author. Frankie's outlines are beyond stellar. Other places I have used for outlines do not come close to these. They are THE BEST. Frankie and her team work relentlessly to support authors and to help with multiple areas of writing. More than outlines; everything is designed to help with success. Covers, blurbs, concepts, consultation - come see for yourself how life and career-changing this place can be!

Best outline ever

Frankie comes up with amazing ideas and plot that she fleshes out in her outlines. It makes my writing smooth and quick when I know where I'm going. As a pantser, I get stuck too often when I'm on my own or chasing down a rabbit hole that leads nowhere. With Frankie's plot outline I have enough to sail through the writing with zero worries. High recommend.

Initial Meeting

I had my initial meeting with Frankie yesterday and she put me so at ease and gave me the confidence to move forward with my project. She was professional and personable and thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. Very prompt and organized which gave me a great feeling about our working relationship. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Partner In my writing journey

Frankie is fantastic at what she does for me. She listens to me, knows what works for me and my readers, and helps me flesh out stories so I can write faster. I live in fear of a day when she may decide not to do this anymore. Please never do that, Frankie.

Don't sleep on this

Love! The outline service is great! The fact you can go basic to ultra detailed, 6 chapters a week or one and done (my preferred) is great! I've purchased many. Not because I don't have any of my own. I have plenty. I'm looking for diversity. It's wonderful to finish with one series and move on to another seamlessly.

She really delivers

I have used Real Indie Author multiple times. Frankie is amazing to work with and delivers a fantastic custom product.

Another Epic Plot

I’ve had the pleasure of getting a few plots from Frankie. Not only are the wonderful, but she’s fantastic to work with. Her attention to detail and little guidances (like section labels) truly help keep everything in order and so easy once it’s time to go. She’s also always on time and willing to change anything (not that I ever have).


Working with Frankie has been amazing. She is super creative and her vision for what I want and need to help structure my visions are perfectly aligned. I’m not a good organizer of my thoughts. Frankie makes sure I don’t have to worry about that. I can just write and let the story come to life. No worrying about the strengths I don’t possess.

Excellent Service

Excellent service!

I have engaged outlining services from Real Indie Author on several occasions for various levels of premades and customs and am always impressed. Frankie, Elly and Nicole communicate well, listen to my ideas and deliver excellent products. The forums and booking system make purchasing and organising booking slots simple and the team works hard to ensure their clients are always happy with the results.

Last Dragon Guardians

Last Dragon Guardians

Working with Real Indie Author Services has been an incredible experience. I recommend their services 110% or more. They are professional, experienced and I have enjoyed every project we have worked on together.

Never Disappointed

I was simply blown away with the detail and thought that went into my outlines. And when something didn't feel right to me, both Frankie and Elly were more than ready to take my suggestions and make a good outline even better. I've worked with a few outliners that ran out of steam, or never actually got to the point of starting, despite typing words on a page, but that is not the case here. I have never received a finished product that I was unhappy with.

Ultra Detailed Outline

Ultra detailed outline

My experience with Frankie was amazing. She took my idea and created a story with characters. The process was excellent. She completed my outline before the scheduled due date. The outline is great and now I have more confidence that my debut novel will be great as well. Thanks Frankie.

Just what I needed

Just what I needed!

Frankie did a fantastic job of creating an ultra-basic outline for my fantasy concept. It gave me the beats I needed to expand on the plot to really make it my own. Frankie is so easy to work with to create an outline that suits your individual style and needs.

10 Stars

Very happy with the outlining service. I worked with Frankie and basically gave her two paragraphs about the world and the names of my MCs and within about two hours of working together, we had developed a full 30 chapter outline.

10/10, would recommend.

Outline Course

Frankie’s outline course is a real eye opener. She covers story structure from Save the Cat to the Hero’s Journey and also shows you how to come up with your own unique beat sheet. And it’s entertaining! Worth every penny.

Very, very happy

Very, very happy with the outline service for an upcoming 60k contemporary romance. I gave Frankie the barest bones of the story and characters, and in less than an hour, she had the main beats mapped out for me. I’d definitely recommend!


Frankie is amazing. I love how she takes simple ideas and stretches them into awesomeness. Her world/character building is creative and Frankie is knowledgeable about various mythologies. I believe she takes things one step further to help you understand things further and she makes you feel as if she cares about your story/outline/characters as well. Additionally, she provides tips and advice to help strengthen the story. Frankie is the real deal!

I love this woman's brain!

I had Frankie Blooding do a world building packet for a new series I’m working on, and O.M.G. - the DETAIL! The HISTORY! The CHARACTERS. I love this woman’s brain. So excited about what she pulled together!