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Epic Placements

1312 17th Street, Suite 727
Denver Colorado , 80202

Fantastic Company

Working with Epic Placements has been a very positive experience. I have worked with both Heather and Michaela and have found them extremely helpful, kind, and encouraging. Heather is wonderful to check in and offers any help I have asked for. I highly recommend working with Epic Placements.

Great agency!

A highly professional and effective company.

When I first decided to look for another job, I did a big search not only on all the job websites but also soul searching for what I would like my next job to be, what environment I want to be in. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to go back to college and so I needed a job that I could also study at, or at least have reduced hours (less than 60) like I was currently working. What Epic Placements offered me was a short-term contract with the possibility of extension or hire later on, with hours and days that worked with my school schedule. All the terms were laid out clearly, the handbook was well written, and the app used to track payroll was easy and clear to understand, which was refreshing. Their HR team and recruiting team worked together to answer all my questions, and when the company that I was contracting for asked me to apply for, and then offered me a permanent position, the Epic placements response was to be overjoyed. Not only was my career moving forward, but I represented Epic Placements well as a contractor. Overall I would recommend Epic as a highly professional and effective company.

Awesome Staff Members

I just moved to Colorado at the end of October 2020. I applied for several jobs on line and had no luck. I received an email from Heather and she was so amazing and worked fast on getting me a job, I started my temp job within a week or two of being in Colorado. Michaela was just as fast on getting the necessary documents out to me and processing them as quickly as she could. The staff with Epic are amazing people, they check in on you see how your doing and always say, "if you need anything don't hesitate to ask."
I am now an employee of an amazing hospital. If it wasn't for EPIC Placements, I would probably be job hunting still.
Thank you EPIC Placements for my job placement and for being amazing people. Best experience ever, hands down.

Beautiful opportunity

I have been with Epic Placements for a little over a month now and I’m very grateful for the opportunity they have given me! Thank you Epic Placements and everyone involved in making my dreams come true and giving myself and my family a better life. ????

Grateful for Epic Placements

I am so thankful for this company. Without you, I'd be out on the street due to the pandemic. Terrific people who care and found me a great opportunity. Thank you to everyone at Epic Placements!

Praise for EPIC Placements

Jared was an awesome recruiter from start to finish with my employment through EPIC Placements. He will always go above and beyond for whatever you may need. He also will always make sure you are prepared for whatever is coming up in your career and is a great pep talker! Thank you again!

Amazing experience

Epic made the job search incredibly easy. I always felt they were being transparent and straightforward with me about the positions. If all recruiters worked in this way than it would drastically improved the way contract positions are viewed.

Jared's Great

Jared has been great to work with. He is very responsive and has kept me up to date with the entire process. Definitely one of the better recruiters out there.

Epic found me my position!

I contacted Jared about a job I saw posted on a Slack channel, and while that opportunity was no longer available, he asked me to send him my resume. Just a few days later he found a contract position for me that was a great fit, and they hired me after that! Breaking into the User Experience field can be tough, and Jared was crucial in making the connection I needed.

Working with Jared and Epic Placements...

Working with Jared was an absolute pleasure! From his first contact via email about the position to my placement for a contract position. He has been quick and responsive when clarifying issues and questions.