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WOW!!!!! I am so happy I ran across your product, the video of this process really enlighten me and actually had me in joyful tears. Keep up the great work and continue to educate us. Stay blessed and I will surely share this with my friends and family as I grow. love Phyllis.

I am a FIRM BELIEVER of these products

I am a FIRM BELIEVER of these products!!! I will forever be a customer...this palm soap, and oil has changed my life and skin as well!!! I highly endorse these organic products!!! The mission that you and your family/employees are on, is working and helping people like the gentleman in this video and myself!!! I am more than sure that you will receive many responses to this video like mines. Thank YOU for your wonderful Palm oil Gorgeous!!!!

Heals and repairs my eczema hand ams makes my skin so soft!!

I absolutely love this Shea butter!!! It came in clean nice packaging.
Product also had sanitary vacuum sealed lid once opened it pops off.
They also draw lines in product to prove no one contaminates the

The smell is absolutely delicious and not too "nutty" at all. The Shea butter is pure
And doesn't have any additives or dirt specs it also does not feel grainy like other
Shea butter I have used.

This Shea butter is definitely worth it and it isn't even expensive especially knowing it is GMO free, organic and fair trade which is extremely important when you are buying Shea butter. Believe me I did hours of research and comparing Shea butter. Juka's Organic Shea Butter is hands down the best Shea Butter out there!!! And a great deal!!

I will definitely order from them again!! Love this Shea Butter it is the only product that has actually healed my eczema and softens my skin but not too greasy to where you leave a stain of grease on everything I touch. It is amazing just a little goes a long way too!!


I was thrilled to find Juka's Organic 100% Extra Virgin & All Natural Red Palm Oil in capsules. I had previously purchased the liquid form and was impressed with the quality of the product. However, it is this incredibly rich, vibrant, practically glows-in-the-dark, reddish orange color. I know, I know that's a good thing, but since it's also an oil, I was totally paranoid about it staining everything it touched. I used it in my morning smoothies and occasionally added it to soups & sauces. I love the convenience of the capsules.

Love the taste of your wonderful red palm oil

Having learned to love the taste of red palm oil years ago, when I spent some time in Sierra Leone, West Africa, I was very happy to find this hard-to-find high-quality product online. It tastes wonderful. It's been a while since I've been able to make my favorite peanut stew the way I like it, since it requires this special flavor. And high quality red palm oil like this is hard to find here, in the U.S. I love using red palm oil in various African dishes, particularly chicken or fish stews (or soups) involving peanuts or peanut butter. I don't use it for frying, I use it mostly as a flavoring toward the end of cooking. A little bit goes a long way. Friends who have tasted the oil are generally surprised that it's nothing at all like typical palm oil. People assume that it's a version of regular palm oil, when it's really a completely different product.

Natural Hair | My Favorite Products

OMG this product is awesome for my 4b hair. Since I went natural my texture has changed has gotton more curly. This product I used last night for a conditioner and sat under a plastic cap for about 1 hour and my curls where sooooooo soft and springy. I literally could run my fingers through my hair with no kinks. Its smells so fresh like minty lemons which I love for the summer.

Best red palm oil ever, will be buying again!

I did a lot of research before ordering Juka's Red Palm Oil. It's a nutritional and inflammation fighting powerhouse! I have a lot of inflammation in my knees and hips from arthritis and bursitis. It has MCT's! (Medium chain Triglycerides). I first learned of MCT oils when I started living the THM lifestyle. I use a Tablespoon a day in my morning Tea. MCT's mobilize stored body fats and increases the metabolic rate which is a great source of energy.

Red Palm Oil has vitamins A and E, it has better health benefits and taste than Coconut oil. It also provides fatty acids essential to proper growth and development. I like to cook my eggs in it. It makes them a rich, beautiful golden color and the taste is amazing! The dark red comes from it's carotenes (Alpha and Beta) healthy antioxidants.

If it's dark red, like Juka's; it tells you that it's natural and unprocessed. In some areas, people know it as a powerful medicine. It's really amazing stuff! I still use my large bottle of MCT I got from Amazon a while back, in my tea...but I have added Red Palm oil in my cooking for its awesome flavor. I also still use my extra virgin coconut oil in some things, but I add this where I can.

I highly recommend it, and it will be the brand I continue to purchase!

Great Products!

"The health benefits of red palm oil are readily available online with a simple search. I was looking for a good quantity and quality for a good price after reading about it and Juka's fit the bill. The taste takes some getting used to, as it's more earthy than more popular oils, but we like it a lot and are trying to find more ways to incorporate it in cooking. The only downside is it leaves a nice red residue on fingers or pans or whatever it touches. A small detail that I will gladly take for such a great product though.”

Product Review- Natural Hair Food

Juka's Organic Company was nice enough to send me a free jar of their Natural Hair Food to do a review on it. The product is extremely moisturizing and had the wonderful aroma of peppermint and lemon. The product appears to help with breakage and compacted dryness.