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I would recommend her services to anyone that want to reinvent themselves...

I cannot thank Ms. Lesley, of I Write Your Vision, enough for her professional care and expertise while customizing my resume! I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be introduced to her by a very dear friend. I would recommend her services to anyone that want to reinvent themselves to a higher level in their profession! Thank you Ms. Lesley, you are a gifted and professional woman with multiple talents! May God forever Bless you, Sarah Horne-Rone

I confidently recommend I Write Your Vision Resume and Website Services

RECOMMENDATION FOR I Write Your Vision Resume and Website Services For Lesley Devonish With well-earned respect, I confidently recommend I Write Your Vision Resume and Website services for Ms. Lesley Devonish. Through word of mouth, I had the good fortune to learned about Lesley Devonish’s talent in the area of resume writing and website development. The key to my next career path is in the success of obtaining an interview and in order to compete your resume and cover letter needs to be exceptional to be recognizable. From the first conversation with Ms. Devonish, she analyzed my old resume, listened to my career aspirations, and applied that to her understanding of various surrounding career paths for me and along with her knowledge of Human Resource process of reviewing of resumes and technical writing skillset, it was only to my highest benefit to hire Ms. Devonish for her services. As a result, Ms. Devonish did an exceptional job. Her resume writing skills are first-rate and super-exceeded my expectations. I have never seen my professional worth displayed in such a manner that I was prouder of my career accomplishments. Now it is with a confident expectation that after decades at one job, I am equipped with the materials to land another dream career without the fear of today’s competition. Lesley Devonish of I Write Your Vision talent is worth far more than she charges for her expertise. Like other Alumni’s, my resume will, too, cross the threshold of HR Departments to the hiring Directors for an interview and I will land the career of choice at a higher salary than even I requested. It is with great confidence that I give my highest recommendation to I Write Your Vision Resume and Website services by Lesley Devonish to write the vision for your next career chapter. She is a highly competent writer with a quick turnaround. I can attest, you will be glad you did. Fondly, S. R. Clark Project Manager Entertainment Industry 10/4/2020

Thanks for your fantastic writing.

I am an Award Winning International Freelance Photographer who truly believes a picture is worth a thousand words! But one of my shortcomings is using words. So I was happy to pass on that responsibility to Lesley of I write Your Vision, and I'm delighted with the results. I'm looking forward to her work on my Bio  and Resume to help take my business to the next level. Thanks for your fantastic writing Lesley,and also for the quickness in getting the result back to me. I appreciate your work.

Lesley is the best at what she does!

Lesley is the best at what she does! I so appreciate all of her work. She has done my resume twice, once a few years ago and then an upgrade and I am so pleased with her work beyond words.

You’re a true representation of professionalism.

Lesley it’s an honor and pleasure to know you and consider you a friend. Thank you for the professional work that you have done on my resume, you’re a true representation of professionalism thank you.

Ms. Lesley is very informative and great at what she does.

I met Ms. Lesley and was immediately intrigued! The outstanding service that she gives is just amazing! My resume is great and it’s so me. Not just words on a paper, but it’s specifically pinpoints my attributes within the workforce. Ms. Lesley is very informative and great at what she does. Within such a small amount of hours, my beautiful resume was created and ready for the world to see! Let Ms. Lesley help you get to where you want to be in your career with a specialty customized resume!

This service was recommended to me and now I recommend it to you.

I Write Your Vision updated my resume because I couldn't find time to do it myself. I am nothing other than satisfied with the services provided. This service was recommended to me and now I recommend it to you. If you are in need of getting your resume put together or updated, you will not be disappointed. There are also other services provided such as Grant writing which I know I have lots of small business owner friends who can utilize this service to take advantage of the opportunities available at this time. Do yourself a favor and look into how you can make this service work for you... It worked for me!

Professional, Superb, and Topnotch!

These three words do not give justice to the wonderful work provided by Lesley Devonish. She tactfully critiqued and eloquently brought to life my resume and LinkedIn page. I highly recommend her and her services. She is patient, open, honest, and progressive in her efforts to assist your business and/or career pathway. Keep up the superb work and client service! Will be utilizing your services again! Spreading the word!!!


Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for her professionalism, individualism based on my needs, and her genuineness to get things right the first time! I highly recommend her and her services to anyone needing Resume services and “brushing up” on your interviewing skills. She takes the time to make the resume a true picture of you and your strong qualities!! Thank you for blessing me and my family! Best regards,

You will not be disappointed!

Great and Blessed Day! Lesley, thank you so much for your professionalism and hard work on my resume! I was blown away with the turnaround of my resume.  I was struggling with the previous look of my resume and how to present myself well on paper. I was introduced to Lesley and my goodness; she has been a blessing to my life! I am so appreciative for her knowledge, expertise, and her professional quick turnaround. It was not a long drawn out process, she interviewed me and completed my document in a few days.  I highly recommend Lesley to anyone who may be struggling with your resume or obtaining the career you rightfully deserve. Please reach out to Lesley to have your resume professionally written, you will not be disappointed; I'm so glad I did! Have an amazingly beautiful and safe day! Warmest Regards, Iris S. Kirksey, MBA

I wish I had your services earlier in life.

Hi Lesley, I appreciate what you did with my resume. It was very professional. Highlighting my achievements throughout the years so eloquently will, undoubtedly, assist me in future pursuits. I wish I had your services earlier in life. I know I would have gone further faster. Thanks!

You have blessed me so much!

Thank you Lesley, for you attention to detail and your wealth of knowledge in writing resumes, you have blessed me so much, and I recommend your services at the highest level.

I was amazed at how fast you typed.

Thank you Lesley, for your speedy turnaround with providing me with a template to use and step by step directions for contacting an author for copyright permission. I was amazed at how fast you typed up the letter and emailed me while we were on the phone. Excellent service!

I would highly recommend using I Write Your Vision to breathe new life into your resume.

I contacted Lesley at I Write Your Vision at the suggestion of a good friend who also utilized her services. Several people gave me suggestions for resume writing services but i decided to contact Lesley first and I'm so glad I did! I wasn't sure what to expect as i'd never had my resume professionally written. Lesley and I spoke in detail regarding what direction I'd like my career to go and the results are amazing. She expertly reworded and reformatted my resume so that my skills and experience truly jump off the page. Lesley is professional, personable and her turnaround time is lightening fast. I would highly recommend using I Write Your Vision to breathe new life into your resume.

Exceeded my expectations!

I’m writing this testimony to let everyone know what I experienced working with Lesley at I Write Your Vision. Being completely honest, I was hesitant to use this service. Not for the obvious reasons such as not receiving significant help with my resume or even the results, but the most common reason you may have yourself. This was what I call the “pride problem” which was me thinking my resume didn’t need revising. If this were correct, then I would be getting the jobs that I really want and/or the salary I deserve, which I was not. Thinking about that for a while as well as my mom staying on me to contact Lesley, I sent her my “perfect resume”, thinking she would be impressed by it and changing format problems and minor things like that. Instead I received a questionnaire, inquiring detailed explanation for things I never thought of nor thought would even matter to an employer. Being a manager at a club and having time constraints, I requested that I answer them via text or email but she adamantly asked that I call her. Confused by this I called and boy was I pleased by her genuine interest in me as a person. She turned our conversation into the most amazing resume that I’ve ever seen and being in management for over 10 years I’ve seen plenty. She not only presented my work experience in a way that would impress my future employers but also added my personality to it as well. She turned something that I believed was perfect into something I couldn’t even imagine. Since then, I’ve applied to a few jobs and have received a job offer. The mind blowing part is that it’s hasn’t even been a month. I would recommend her services to anyone who is truly ready to have a career instead of just another job. My new and improved resume will undoubtedly grant me access to the career I deserve and not just a job that doesn’t deserve me. To all those reading this, I urge you to give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Lesley, thank you for everything you’ve done, you have exceeded my expectations and I am truly thankful and grateful for you!

Lesley professionalism, quick turnaround and knowledge was just what I was looking for.

I knew I needed to make changes to my resume, but thought I could do it myself. After searching online for a resume writer for weeks I got stuck. I reached out to a friend and they referred me to Lesley at I Write Your Vision. Lesley professionalism, quick turnaround and knowledge was just what I was looking for. I really appreciated her willingness to listen and I definitely recommend her services.

I must say the experience was amazing.

I was on the hunt for a better position and was referred to Lesley at I Write Your Vision by a coworker who also utilized the service. I had never used a professional to write my resume prior and I must say the experience was amazing. Lesley was professional, personable and really took my vision of what I wanted to communicate with my resume to the next level. Within weeks of updating all of my social media and job search services, I was receiving calls and emails from recruiters around the country. I have secured a new role and I attribute this to the amazing document Lesley created for me, I would recommend her to anybody looking for a document that is crafted to perfection.

Writing is her gift!

After a consultation and some professional advise, Lesley, of I Write Your Vision, did a professional job of rewording and reformatting my resume to reflect more experience and added skills that were not on my resume. It is getting noticed on the job boards! Writing is her gift, and she does it extremely well!! Thank you, Lesley

I was pleased with her work.

I Write Your Vision was recommended by a friend. I did not know what to expect on the first call, but Lesley made me feel comfortable and assured me her commitment to enhancing my resume. I was pleased with her work.

Amazing attention to detail.

I Write Your Vision redid my resume. I was truly amazed at how you were able to bring two completely different industries together and make them into one. I have over 20 years of IT experience and I am also an Ordained Pastor. You work was professional and my resume has been and still is receiving a lot of attention. Thank you I Write Your Vision.

She is a great consultant and designer.

I asked Lesley of I Write Your Vision to work on my resume after being stuck in a position I did not like for 5 years. She consulted me and designed and wrote my resume exceptionally in such a way that now I have a new position I love, paying more and allowing me to grow. You cannot go wrong with her services, ever. Her work is amazing and she has a profound writing gift. She is a great consultant and designer.