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Assisi Retreats

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A Spiritual Experience

My wife and I spent the week with Didi in Assisi and I feel my meditation and faith have been brought to a higher level. Assisi is such a special holy place. When we arrived back in Rome we really appreciated how special Assisi is. Didi is a person of strong faith and she led us through a week of meditation and touring Assisi. She is very special and I will never forget her. If you are looking for a spiritual retreat and a life changing experience you should travel to Assisi and join this retreat. I also will say that the hotel was outstanding. It is simple but so is all of Assisi. The owners are special people who made us feel like members of their family. The food was outstanding and the discussions at the dinner table were a highlight of the trip. I will never forget this trip and my wife and I are so grateful that we are able to experience this type of retreat. We are also grateful that in this crazy world people like Ruth and Didi are out there trying to do their part to make our lives better. Thank you Ruth and Didi. Have a blessed day. Mike

Peace and joy, stars and moon

A way to bring peace into your life and heart. DiDi helped us to find this peace. She walked with us on our journey of St. Frances and St. Clare. From mountains and forests to farmland valleys and the silent beauty of churches. I found the peace I've been looking for through heart centered meditation techniques, something I can bring home to continue to use in my everyday life.


It was a truly transformational week for me in Assisi. Andrea, our guide, is the true embodiment of Simple Peace. Her gentle nature, her beautiful voice and accent, and her wise and touching words; together, it was all so deeply touching. Many a tear did flow in our group, just from the sheer beauty and depth of her meditations that gently, yet deeply, touched emotions. I am a certified Mindfulness/meditation Instructor and I have experienced many wonderful teachers, but Andrea has an exceptional gift. I am so very grateful that she was our guide, both spiritually and around the sacred sites of Assisi. The city truly is full of spirit magic. Every sacred site we visited was so rich with history, beauty, and presence that touched me deeply. I will definitely return! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this gift of Simple Peace that you offer. It may seem simple, but I came back to the US with a palpable feeling of transformation. I have been duly inspired in many ways. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A Lasting Wonderful Journey

My wife and I were greatly moved by our time in Assisi. Our leader David artfully allowed us to move into the Peace and Joy that permeates the silence, the light and the wind. All we need is to be peacefully present. We are left in complete gratitude and awe. Our hearts have been expanded. Our compassion and empathy for others is strengthened. We are more content and expansive in our living. Thank you for helping us to see.

Peace Peace Perfect Peace

I have been drawn to Assisi for years and the Simple Peace Retreat gave me just what I was looking for and much more. Time slowed down and I found peace, peace perfect peace!  My retreat leader Andrea is a loving, kind & gentle soul. With her guidance I was filled with peace & great joy during daily meditations, our moments of silence and our visits to all the sacred places in Assisi.  The retreat center at the Hotel Posta Panormaica is in a perfect location close to the town center with a wonderful host family that sends you off with hugs. I look forward to my next retreat!

A poem

The gift of life.... Drink it in, drink it in.

The beauty of life ....  Drink it in, drink it in

The love of life ..... Drink it in, drink it in.

The peace deep inside.....  Drink it in


By Willeke

A life-transforming retreat

I have just returned home to the UK from a week long retreat in Assisi with Ruth and Bruce Davis. Words cannot begin to describe the miraculous nature of this retreat. Not only did I receive a deep healing for a very old emotional wound, but I also felt incredible love, peace and joy flooding my heart. I am now filled with so much gratitude to Assisi and to Ruth Bruce and Diedre who looked after us all with such unconditional love and meticulous practical care. I cannot wait to return to another out of this world Simple Peace retreat in the near future.

Inside journey

I am full of gratitude as I carry in my heart the light I experienced Assisi - every day. You feel a PRESCENCE when you are in Assisi and it becomes a part of you. I have always expected people, places and things to give me love, satisfaction, joy, success, you name it, but I kept feeling this void in me ever since I was a child and tried to fill it with whatever I could from the outside. The pain became unbearable.  Then I started to look inside and discovered the most fulfilling loving Source within me, in my heart. The Assisi Retreat was a milestone in this journey. Ruth and Bruce showed me & our wonderful group, the most loving path to the TRUE SELF.  They were/are endless channels of light. I have never traveled so deep with self love. My mind was blocking me with pathological fears on the surface. There is a great freedom and joy to this and healing SILENCE. The journey of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, the meditative walks with our lovely guides, the beauty of nature...white doves literally following us into meditation! The hotel, the food, were superb, felt like family. It is also great that after returning home I continue to receive guidance from Ruth and Bruce to be able to practice the presence of NOW, keep the light in my everyday life with self care.  It is challenging but works if you are willing to open your heart for it...

Pure Peace

There’s so much more than living in our own heads. I have just returned from my first visit to Assisi and brought the peace back with me which was the biggest revelation.It exceeded all of my expectations in every way and I felt gently guided by my retreat leader David. I enjoyed the company of my fellow ‘retreatee’ Anthony. I understand why people return and now I too will be one of them..

Pure Joy

Everything about this retreat was pure joy. The rooms were modest with a breathtaking panoramic view of Assisi. The meals at the hotel were delicious and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants and cafes nearby. The retreat schedule was perfectly balanced with meditation time and time to explore Assisi. The program includes daily tours of the historic and most sacred parts of this beautiful town. Our tours were informative and fun and led by our exceptional retreat leader David. The meditation sessions led by David were divine and helped me deepen my meditation practice. The entire experience really shifted my spirit more towards joy. Assisi is a special place and this retreat is a special program. I loved every minute of it and hope to return again very soon.

Another Wonderful Retreat

I have just returned from my fourth Assisi Retreat. Each time we go to the same sacred sites, but my experiences are always totally fresh and miraculous. This time, David led us in some incredibly heart-opening meditations and I experienced my heart gently opening more and more to experience love and peace deep within me and all around me. I cannot wait to return to Assisi for another Simple Peace Retreat this August!

Amazing experience

My wife and I did the retreat in Assisi on the week of my birthday and it was an amazing experience. It was great for me to deepen my meditation practice and really connect to Assisi, a very peaceful and beautiful place. The retreat leader David not only guided our meditation, but shared with us his love for Assisi in beautiful daily pilgrimages to the city sacred sites beyond the religious content. I highly recommend this retreat for everyone, specially those new to meditation looking for a retreat experience that is joyful and relaxed.

Profound kindness

It was the most fruitful and joyous retreat I have ever been on. The fact that it was held in Assisi at a beautiful family Pensione means that we could also go to the many spiritual centers within walking distance. We meditated at each center and the effect was overwhelming. You quickly learn that Assisi is one of the power spots of the world. Add in David's kindness, tailoring your experience and you have the ingredients for a most profound and life changing experience.

A spiritual pilgrimage, even for those who aren't religious!

What a powerful experience in Assisi. The hotel was quaint and very clean, with the most amazing views and friendly owners, and near the town square. The meditation room was simple and conducive to meditation. David was divine as the retreat leader and meditation (and travel) guide. We were a group of 5, each coming from diverse backgrounds. It was a good size group- not too large, allowing for intimacy. The days were full enough for visits to various shrines, and opportunities to meditate at each, but with time on our own, and flexibility within the group. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was, for me, a sacred experience in a miraculous and storied city! I’ll do it again. pace e bene!

Memories for a lifetime

What an incredible experience! I was part of a small group over the Christmas of 2018. Each one of us came to Assisi for different reasons, different backgrounds, different countries and various meditation practices. But we all shared our thirst for a spiritual experience that will allow us to discover more about ouselves via this journey. And our incredible guide, David, was exactly the leader we needed for the week. We strolled the streets of this quaint beautiful town under his expert guidance, gently meditated with him in various holy places, and enjoyed peace and quiet time togeher that helped us heal and grow. David is a true spiritual leader, a wise man, a gentle soul and funny and delightful person to spend time with. I’m incredibly thankful to Ruth and David for an unforgettable journey that just ended, but in so many ways has only just begun...Thank you and I will be back - see you soon

A retreat into the heart

Urvashi had learnt St Francis' prayer as a child and since then she had harboured a deep desire to visit Assisi. Finally the opportunity arose this October, on her 60th birthday! We discovered the Retreat by chance and what a wonderful find it was. Our 5 day stay in Assisi was the highlight of our marvellous trip to Italy. The Hotel Posta Panoramica is most conveniently located and dinner on its terrace while enjoying the sunset is wonderful. The Assisi Retreat Center is located just off a quiet garden (in the Hotel) which is dedicated to the retreat participants only.  The space has a feeling of peace and sacredness. Our guide was Brenda, a wonderful, warm and gentle soul who lead us through meditation in the morning and evening and guided us through Assisi bringing the spirit and message of St Francis alive. Assisi is wonderful. Its centuries-old buildings and narrow paved paths seem frozen in time and each place linked with St Francis has been lovingly preserved and radiates the love of St Francis and the devotion of the millions of pilgrims who have come here. Being here in the retreat with Brenda and the wonderful group of co-pilgrims who had come for the retreat was a very special experience that will remain with us for a long time. We would love to return and bathe once more in the joy and beauty of Assisi. Rupin and Urvashi Mumbai

Bridges to Heaven

About 10 years ago I visited Assisi for the first time in search of a deeper Retreat experience. During the retreat I visited San Damiano and it's evening Vespers. As I started walking down to this sacred site I experienced a type of meditation. Every stone gate I passed felt like an inner gate leading me into deeper meditation - I felt a blessing upon me - As I passed the olive trees and entered the monastery garden I came even deeper into this space. I felt somehow time was outside of this space and was full of loving beautiful beings. Since then San Damiano has been the place of ultimate love for me - every stone of it is made if love. I am so thankful for the retreats of Bruce and Ruth that helped embed in me this deeply touching experience. Thank you so much !

Transformational week

This week was an amazing time of sharing, listening, reflecting, and expanding inner and outer awareness of the divine. Our guide, Brenda, so gently and wonderfully shepherded our little cohort of spiritual practitioners in Assisi. The impact of this brief but amazing week leaves a mark, a necessary mark, a mark that beckons our deepest and true selves to return to the time of silent reflection so that such a spirit might permeate our lives more and more with each breath, not simply those we breathe in our practice. The twice-a-day practice was great and something Penny and I had been wanting to do but had not incorporated at that time. The close ties formed by our group will last long into the future, and Brenda’s spiritual acumen is largely to thank for that. A big shout out to Savita, our gentle and healing masseuse. Don’t miss this opportunity to take this journey in Assisi.