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Thank You So Much!

When I met with Aly at The Road To Change I had been out of work for almost a year. I knew I wanted afresh start but I was nervous about considering a change in careers and I wanted to get back into the workforce. I just wasn't sure what to do. We met and Aly listened to me. Through coaching and her guidance I began to see myself in a different way. She helped me see how to let go of fear and trust my inner guidance. I gained confidence. I began to believe in myself. With the life and career coaching I received from Aly I had a vision of a new career and the confidence to study in a new career direction. I applied for that dream job too and I landed it! When Covid-19 hit I needed Aly’s help again. Her personal and professional guidance helped me gain strength, vitality and hope. She helped me see my current situation as an opportunity and not a setback. Once again, I’m refocused on my goals and have a renewed vision of my future. Aly is great at what she does. She has really helped me on so many occasions. She is genuine. Aly is uplifting, encouraging and helped me to keep a positive state of mind through this time of change. I’m on my way to career success as a professional paralegal, I’m excited and very grateful. Thank you Aly for showing me my Road to Change.

Great Career Coach

Alys at The Road To Change vast experience and knowledge in career coaching greatly helped me in getting an understanding of what direction I really wanted in a career. I decided on a position in the government sector. With her guidance, she provided me with various tools, resume formats and valuable information on the different ATS companies use. Most importantly, through her coaching, she provided me the support and insight that one would expect during the whole process.Thank you Aly for giving me the guidance and confidence throughout my career advancement.

So Encouraging

For career services that really prepare you for that next step in your career direction, I cannot recommend Alys at The Road To Change enough. Alys helped me make a professional level resume that accentuated my skills for the job I was applying for. She helped me highlight my diverse experience in a way that avoided having so much information that reviewers get lost, but still maintained important skills and experience. She helped coach me as I prepared for my interview, and gave me excellent feedback on my presentation for a technical interview. She helped me speak confidently
about my experience and explain my weaknesses. She is especially skilled at helping clients speak about their professional experience in a concise way to express their relevant abilities. Following multiple rounds of interviews, all of which Alys prepared me for; I was able to secure a position that was a promotion to the next level from a former position, and an important step in my career trajectory. Her ability to combine life and career coaching is what made this such a successful and rewarding experience.

I've got my Dream Job!

I used Alys’ expertise and The Road To Change services remotely. When I graduated from college and moved to another state, I wanted to change my career path using my business degree. I had worked in Restaurant Management and wanted a career in Human Resources. With Alys’ help my resume got me the interview and I was offered a Human Resources position. I’m now working in my dream job in the Human Resources Department with many opportunities for growth! All during COVID19!

Intuitive with Her Guidance

I made an appointment with Alys at The Road To change to speak with her about forward movement within my career. She was able to help me clarify what I wanted to do and the quickest and easiest way for me to do that. Alys helped me to identify a direction that would lead to the job I needed to complete my hours until retirement. I applied for a position and got an interview. The help I received from Alys was instrumental in the confidence I had going into the interview and acing it. She is very knowledgeable about helping people in identifying a new direction. Alys helped me with interviewing and expanded on each interview component, detailing the questions and answers that were specific to me and my career field.The interview went well and I was offered a job on the spot. The interviewer said to me “You’re exactly what I was looking for.” I found that working with Alys was a rewarding and successful experience that far exceeded my expectation. Thank you Alys!

Helpful and Kind

The Road To Change helped me so much. All I can say is Alys really knows her stuff! When I was up for a promotion, she helped me to see myself in this new role. She created an effective resume for me and because of her coaching and help through the interview preparation I aced the interview and landed the job! She really took the time to work with me as a life coach, to create the vision that helped me see myself moving forward in my career. She also created my resume that I believe stood out from others. If you want a top-notch Life Coach and Career Services Professional, she’s the one!